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1. When you need Immigration help click IMMIGRATION above. If you want Rosaries or Necklaces choose additional products above or another link. My day job is selling security, fire alarm, cameras and access control systems. I also teach CERT classes for Salt Lake City Emergency Management.

2. Para cambiar el sitio a Español haga clic en la bandera Español al lado más abajo. Tenemos archivos en audio MP3 y escrito. Presiona Inmigración para ayuda o productos adicionales para collares y rosarios etc...

3. To read more about our immigration experience stay on this page and continue reading. We offer audio files and written information to help you as well. This information may appear boring unless of course you are in a similar situation that we were in and in that case it will be worth your time to continue reading.

We have had actual experience filling out 29+ USCIS forms and we were awarded a visa after 2 years of filing immigration paperwork. You need to get our PDF 21 page report that is in English and Spanish as well as our audio files before you start filing your immigration paperwork. You should also listen to our MP3 files that will help you avoid some of the immigration pitfalls and mistakes that we made and that many people make when filing the paperwork and dealing with USCIS and ICE.

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Click on Immigration help just above for more immigration products including free information as well. You can read more about our family below when you are interested.

My wife was arrested without ICE showing a warrant or deportation order and then we began the process to stop deportation. Obama said he was going to pass an immigration reform bill and when he took office he had the house and the senate and could have done so, however he said later that he was too busy with the economy to get to immigration. Trump plans no passing immigration reform and I believe he will do so with a republican house and senate so we will just have to wait and see how that goes. Trump has said he will deport 11 million undocumented people and I highly doubt the he will follow through with that. Obama deported more people than any other president although he said he was specifically going after criminals although about half of those he deported were not criminals.

We filed 29 forms because I did not know what else to do. We learned quite a bit from the process and we decided to share what we have learned via MP3 files and PDF files so others can avoid some of the mistakes we made. We are not lawyers nor do we fill out the forms for you as some companies do. The amount that we are charging for our services is very fair and reasonable.

We are excited to share our knowledge and experience. The products we offer here are a culmination of years of work.

We offer many free items on this site just check the additional products, Immigration Help or Learn Spanish links above. We also have CERT information at no charge as well as budgeting for youth and advice to parents of teens for free. The rosaries and gemstone necklaces we offer are quality products made here in the US. The items we charge for are also very reasonable. Below is our actual story and how we got to know more about the immigration forms and the process with lawyers and such.

check out our line of products including products under additional products

ICE knocked on our door early in the morning on March 18, 2009 and told me they were looking for a woman who was illegally registering cars using our address and they showed me a picture of the woman and I told them I had never seen her. They then asked me if my wife could look at the picture to see if she had seen her. When my wife came to the door they then said, we are not here for this other woman we are here to arrest your wife and they took her.

The deception they used in order to enter my home without showing a warrant or a deportation order signed by a judge was disturbing. I thought that we were the good guys and did not have to resort to lies and deception. I called the ICE office and was told there was nothing I could do to stop her deportation and that she would be sent to Guatemala within the week. I then called several lawyers and finally found one that would take payments and begin to file paperwork to stop the deportation. We filed over 10,000 pages of papers and spent thousands of dollars. My wife's story is complicated and she never attempted to hide, she never worked under a different name or identity.

The fact that she married a US Citizen in 2006 still seemed to make little difference was also a difficult thing to deal with. Our small children cried for many nights and worried that ICE would come again to take their mother away and that in and of itself caused more trauma. When your family is suffering something like this the kid's grades go down and their behavior can change drastically. My son began getting into more trouble every day during this time.

There are a few things you should learn as time goes on. First, ICE agents are not your friends, don't take advice from them and you don't need to go on explaining things to them. Their job is to deport people not to help them stay. Listen to your lawyer's advice not the advice of an ICE agent. In our MP3 audio files for immigration we go over some of the pitfalls and issues that you can run into and advice on how to avoid them and what to ask your lawyer and some of the different forms that can be filed. When a lawyer tells you there is no hope go get a second opinion and you might get the same answer but at least you will have all the information. Sometimes they are being honest and other times some of them are trying to get more money from you. Not all lawyers are dishonest so you need to look for a good one that is an expert in immigration.

We posted high resolution pictures of our products because people like to see what they are buying. Although it may take a few minutes to load the picture it is worth the wait to have the detail on the pictures. If you don't like this please let us know in the feedback or in an email. We have lower resolution pictures that would load much faster but you can't see the high quality materials in the lower resolution pictures

Queremos compartir nuestro conocimiento y nuestra experiencia. Los productos que tenemos aquí han tomado años para juntarlos.

ICE toco la puerta muy temprano 18 de Marso, 2009 y ellos me dijeron que estaban buscando una mujer que estaba registrando carros ilegalmente usando nuestro dirección. Ellos me mostraron una foto de la mujer y yo dije que nunca había visto ella. En este momento los agentes preguntaron si mi esposa podía identificar la foto y mi esposa también dijo lo mismo que nunca había visto la mujer de la foto.

Los agentes entonces dijeron que no estaban allí en mi casa buscando la mujer de la foto pero estaban buscando mi esposa y ellos arrestaron mi esposa y la llevaron con ellos. La decepción y mentiras que ICE uso para entrar mi casa sin mostrarnos un orden de deportación ni una demanda firmado por un juez era horrible. Yo pensé que éramos los buenos y honestos y después de esto vi y oí muchas cosas. Yo llame la oficina de ICE para ver qué podía hacer por mi esposa y ellos me dijeron que yo no podía hacer nada y que no había manera de parar la deportación. Ellos dijeron que mi esposa seria deportada dentro de una semana.

Yo llame varios abogados y por fin encontré uno que dijo que aceptaría pagos y el empezó con los papeles para parar la deportación. Hemos puesto más de 10,000 páginas con USCIS y hemos gastados miles de dólares. La historia de mi esposa es complicada y ella nunca trato de esconder y nunca trabajo usando otro nombre o papeles de otra persona. El hecho que ella caso conmigo un ciudadano Americano en 2006 no era un ayuda cuando hablamos con ICE. Nuestros niños lloraron por muchas noches con la preocupación que vendrían otra vez para arrestarla y sus notas bajaron y también empezamos a tener otros problemas con los hijos. This site includes information on Immigration assistence,immigration suggestions,lots of free information in CERT,Learning Spanish including Spanish Profanity for law enforcement,MP3 files for immigration advice, gemstone handmade rosaries,Catholic rosaries,Catholic Crosses, gemstone handmade necklaces, Salt Lake City Immigration, Utah Immigration, Salt Lake City Rosaries, Salt Lake City necklaces,Spanish Profanity, Spanish Profanity for police, Spanish Profanity for medical and Karate video lessons.

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