Fire Alarm Inspections in Utah and Salt Lake City

Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire Alarm Inspections in Salt Lake City and Utah need to be done by a certified tech that has passed the test through the Utah State Fire Marshals Office. I wrote up some notes today from an inspection I did and my Office Manager read through the notes and she said that it was very clear to her. I felt good about that because many times people complain that I write too much and put industry words in that only Fire Alarm industry people can understand.

First I start off by doing a visual inspection of the system, the panel, batteries, devices and appliances (Horn/strobes that flash and sound). I notify the people on site that there will be a test, I notify the dispatch center so they don’t send Fire Trucks and then we begin the test. There is an electronic switch inside the sprinkler pipes that tells you when water is going through the pipes and they call this a flow switch and we set those off to make sure they work. These set the main alarms off and the noisemakers. The strobes are for those that are hard of hearing and the horns are for those that may be visually impaired. Then we test all the smoke detectors and at this time it is also a good time to clean them out. When the smoke detector by the elevator is activated with smoke it recalls the elevator so it will not function. If the fire is on the second floor the elevator will go to the first floor and shut off, if the fire is on the first floor the elevator may go to the second floor and shut off. Fire Alarms can also be wired and programed so dampers or metal vents open or close to let air in or out. They can also shut off the air handlers so more air would not be brought in. There are also switches on the sprinkler pipes in case someone shuts the water off and if the water is off and there is a fire the system will not work. This is called a tamper switch and most of the time these just send a trouble not an alarm so all the noise makers don’t activate but it does send a signal to the central station who can then notify the owner or the Fire Department depending on the situation. For the most part the alarm system is meant to get people out of the building to safety although now fire alarm systems can be programmed to do much more. We test the batteries to make sure they are still good, we test the panel to make sure the charging circuit is still charging the batteries and we check the wires and modules to make sure all is functioning well. We can then call dispatch and verify that all the signals were sent. Sometimes the panel will send signals over the Internet and other times over radio, phone or even high supervision cellular service which poles every 5 minutes. Analog phone lines or the lines that are on copper wire are becoming a thing of the past and changing to internet and other items. A pull box, manual pull station or otherwise known as a Pull Station also is part of a fire alarm system. Voice evac can be another part where speakers give you specific messages to leave the building or other instructions such as to stay put or take a certain route.

The wiring on a fire alarm system is very important and a certain type of wire needs to be used for many of the systems to work the right way. Plenum wire when burning puts off less toxic fumes and that is FPLP wire there are also different sizes of wire and depending on the job you may need to use thicker wire so there will not be so much of a voltage line drop. FPL wire is fire alarm wire and FPLR is riser wire which means it will hold it’s own weight in an elevator shaft or other shaft meaning the outside of the wire is stronger than normal. The wire can be ran out and back in a circle and this is known as class A and many people like this best because if the wire is cut in the middle all the devices will still work even with the cut in the wire. If you run the wire out and just stop then when the wire is cut all the devices after the cut will not function and this is class B. It is a bit more complicated than this but that is the simple explanation. If you have questions on a Fire Alarm inspection in Salt Lake city Utah please give me a call or email me. These systems are known as life safety systems. Smoke detectors will activate much sooner than heat detectors. By the time the ceiling reaches 165 degrees when some heat detectors or sprinkler heads activate the smokes have already gone off and notified the dispatch who immediately calls the fire department.

Older and also newer less expensive systems tend to be zoned systems and many of the newer or larger systems are addressable systems where the panel tells you exactly what has gone into alarm instead of just telling you what floor the alarm was on like a zoned system in some cases.

Fire Alarm System Inspections in Salt Lake City. Fire Alarms in Utah. I welcome suggestions, corrections or other input about Fire Alarm Inspections. I understand there is much more to it than what I have outlined but this may give you a good overview of a fire alarm system even though I have not included all the devices an appliances that can be part of a system. The green tag for a sprinkler inspection is different than the fire alarm green tag even though they do include some of the same procedures in them

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Health Insurance in Salt Lake City

Health Insurance in SLC

Let us help you live well

This review on Health Insurance in the Salt Lake City area will help you decide on a plan that will meet your budget and needs. Health Insurance covers less and less now and your monthly payments seem to cost more and now it will soon be mandatory so you should get into a plan that meets your needs and your budget for Health insurance in your local Salt Lake area. We have done the review and posted the link and site for the company we choose.

Heating and airconditioning in Salt Lake City HVAC


Let us make you comfortable

Heating and Air Conditioning in Salt Lake City is a review on companies in the Salt Lake City area and we only picked one company and we will post it on the link. We are constantly doing business reviews for many different types of companies.HVAC companies in SLC, Utah. This web site deals with HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning in Salt Lake City using a local company that is honest and does a great job. They also have several plans to fit your budget in these hard times for your heating and AC needs.

Carpet cleaning near salt lake city area

carpet cleaning

Let us take the dirt away

We reviewed many companies on the Internet and chose this one as the one we would recommend. We welcome different points of view on this blog in the comments. Thank you for taking time to read this blog and I can only hope that someone in the Salt Lake City area can benefit by it. Carpet cleaning in the salt lake city area.

Our first choice is a local company as you can see and it has been in business for many years and their pricing is competitive as well.

Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City

In doing these reviews I have found many companies that appear to be good honest companies although we only picked one per review to focus on. Many times we buy a new washer or dryer and we don’t get the warranty thinking that nothing will happen to them only to find out that the unit needs service and that service is not cheap. Appliance repair in Salt Lake City is something that many companies do but few do well.

appliance repair

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SEO and my web sites

Handmade necklace

Gemstone Necklace

It seems a bit misleading when you type in your URL and it comes up on the first page yet when you do a ranking it does not even come up. Well I believe my site coming up on the first pages is generated through the geographic information of my computer and the keywords combined. It seems like all my keyword effort has worked because I am getting over 3000 hit a day now but the conversion is still extremely low.

Spending time blogging has helped increase my hits as does adding videos and pictures to different sites. Everyone seems to be selling something that can help you and when you buy one thing they are right there to hook you to buy the next item that you cannot do without or “if you really are serious” then you should buy this.

I have put important keywords in the titles, 1st paragraph, picture titles and last sentence in order to help raise the position and ranking of my sites. On one site my ranking was 1 out of 10 and on most of my sites my ranking was 0. Even the one out of 10 showed no google ranking at all. Within my own community I did show up on the first page although I am sure that is not the case if I were to go out of state and search the same words.

Visit my site for Immigration assistance, Rosaries, Gemstone necklaces, Free Cert information, budget information, Karate Video lessons, Fire Alarm and Security Alarm information etc…..

Interview with wise old Dominican

Yesterday I sat down and spoke with a wise man from the Dominican Republic and he is very ill currently and he firmly believes that God sends us down to earth and our only responsibility is to live and learn. He said some of us have the trial of being ugly, others the trial of being beautiful, fat, skinny, short, tall, rich, poor and so on. He feels that whatever trials we go through help us gain the knowledge and experience that we need in order to be perfected and return to God. Some would argue that Religion is a way to control the masses and keep people content. If they have faith in a better afterlife they will be less likely to complain about what they have now. Thereby keeping the poor from rising up against the rich. Keeping the poor content with their current situation in life. The lack of faith on the part of this second group of people could indicate that they are secular and knowledgeable or it could indicate that they have missed the boat. Would having the attitude of the wise man I interviewed make you a happier person? Would having the attitude of the other group of people make you have a different attitude? Would believing that you could be with your God and your family again after this life give you hope in the future? Would believing that there is nothing after this life affect how you live your life? If you have no thought of consequences after this life then why care about being honest if you can do things without getting caught? When you believe God is watching does that deter you from certain actions if you really believe in him? This question of God arises often today since belief in a God is becoming less and less common. Especially belief in a loving caring God.

What think ye of God?

What think ye of Christ, is he God, is there a God?

Florists in Salt Lake City


Flowers in SLC

Many people when they think of a florist they think of funerals or when you get in trouble with your wife, others that really know the value of a good Florist in Salt Lake City understand that a good florist can arrange flowers just like an artist can create art. Florists in Salt Lake City

Review of Quixtar Amway business

I joined Quixtar years ago when it was a Sister Company to Amway and now Quixtar and Amway are one company. The business opportunity goes like this: Shop online and make money. It sounds simple enough although the challenge is that to make money people should sign up for automatic shopping and you will make commission off of the purchases from the web site when you have more than one leg or line that is buying from the site. I still make some money in Amway and the products are very good and the Vitamins are very high quality and every time I checked had passed the consumer lab tests.

Amway training is very uplifting although many young couples get the idea that if they purchase all the training materials and a book a month they will build a successful business where they can quite their normal jobs. Sometimes this can happen. In our case we had over 130 people under us and at one point we had over 60 come to the big training meeting. The concern is that not everyone is actively involved in getting new people and the prices on the site are not as competitive as they could be because of the commission structure. This is a business decision that has been made and recently there have been some law suits filed against Amway but that is the case with any large company that has money. They never promise you outright that you will get rich but the training does talk about how you can move your business forward and gain wealth. In my opinion the company is not a scam and their products are good products and the training is also very good but many times people will end up buying books and CD training modules when they really don’t have the extra money do be doing that. We were showing the business opportunity about 7 times a week for years and that is how we got so many people but those people did not stay solid nor did all of them continue to buy.

My advice if you plan on getting involved in Amway is to stay balanced so you don’t neglect your family because this can easily happen when they tell you that if you work hard today you can have more time with your family later and yet the years still pass by and time move on so don’t get to over extended with this program that you are missing life and your kids sports games and such. There is quite a bit of negative written about Amway but there is also quite a bit of positive written as well so you can make money and I got to where I was making sometimes over 700 or 800 a month but on the flip side we were going to several meetings a week and one large meeting a month and one two day meeting every 6 months and we spent lots of money on gas to go and show the plan and we were also buying product off the site just like we were supposed to do so just be careful and I would say to investigate the business just like you would before you purchase a stock and talk to some people that have been in and quit and talk to some people that are still in it. Many people quit because they just don’t have that type of personality to work with people or they are lazy and others quit for other reasons. Review on Amway as a business.

Amway review

Amway review

Acupuncture Clinixoft in USA

Acupuncture in the USA. Clinixoft Corporation Shenzhen from China has an incredible new USB key for $599 that has the combined knowledge of 5,000 years of traditional Chinese medicine and 41 M.D. Specialists. The software program can probability-diagnose nearly 9,000 illnesses from 9.500 symptoms and it suggests over 4,000 medical & traditional chinese Medicine Treatments including acupuncture and acupressure.

This Clinixoft program from China allows you to compare current medical treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and give you the most options to design a program that best meets your patient’s needs and requirements: Pharmaceuticals, lab test, X-Rays, surgery, acupuncture, herbal and other TCM treatments or a combination of different treatments. This program is not a replacement for a regular doctor but can be used by a doctor giving him or her all the options for treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is inexpensive, effective and has no side effects. For example, acupuncture can be effectively used for anesthesia. TCM doctors can effectively use herbal remedies for Multiple Sclorosis (and prednizone may not be needed) The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first TCM compound for extensive Phase III testing and is expected to approve the compound in 2013. We hope that traditional Chinese Medicine can be adopted worldwide so the world can benefit from thousands of years of experience. Acupuncture in the USA.



5000 years of Chinese experience in one program