Eagle Machine in Midvale near Salt Lake City Welding business review


Eagle Machine

My son Osmar

I just used Eagle Machine to weld my scooter. Eagle is located at 7940 South State Street in Midvale Utah call and ask for John, Jack or Heber (801) 566 2171

The Guys at Eagle Machine know how to weld Iron, Steel, Aluminum and other metals using several different methods. They are also well known as artists with metal work. When I was there I saw a beautiful piece of mixed metal art that John was working on. I would trust this group to do any type of welding project. Give them a call.

Why I deleted comments on all my posts


Why I deleted comments on my blog

Comments were deleted because they were not actual comments

I deleted all the comments off my blog, threads and posts because they were not related to any of the topics. Comments were made on immigration were about weight loss, male enhancement and such. Comments on my music blog had nothing to do with music, answering the post or anything remotely close to it.

Comments that are general in nature like “I really like what you wrote” will be deleted since they don’t apply to any specific topic but were used just to get pings and trackbacks posted.

If you want to post a comment and have it approved then it should have something to do with the blog, thread, post or the site and it should make sense and I will not approve any post that promotes anything sexual unless it is a post to help stop circumcision of women or some valid movement. I will not approve any comments that are only trying to promote that persons website unless it relates so the topic. I will however approve comments that relate to the topic and are deemed relevant to me but if it appears to be spam it will be marked as such and deleted.

I delete over 15,000 comments and if your comment got deleted and was a valid comment then I apologize and ask that you resubmit again with appropriate comments that are on topic. Comments that just praise my writing style or knock my abilities will also be deleted since they do not apply to the topic.

Larry Love Memories



What memories stay with us the most?

What memories typically stay with us the longest or tend to be burned into our minds? Fun times as shown in the picture? Abuse or not so fun times? Regrets of things we have done that we should not have done? Memories of being with family when we go on trips to see the ocean, National Parks, major events in our lives such as baptisms, first communion, weddings,funerals, Christmas, music, special birthday parties, first kiss, first love, being scared, getting in accidents, Nature, Religious events, work events such as first jobs and other memories of work, parties, traveling, military service, voluntary service, TV shows as a child or even adult, memories of food, happy events, tragic events, deaths, births, memories of cars or motorcycles, hobbies that your parents had and included you in and the list goes on.

My first kiss was in the middle of a field where I was playing with my best friend Launie Sperry when I was 9 years old. (~1973) I don’t remember all the details but I remember the feelings, I remember her breath and how it felt. I felt safe in the middle of this field and so did she and we were just playing and I don’t remember why we kissed because there was no pressure to do anything like that at home and we did not see it in the movies and there was no internet so all I can say is it came naturally. I laugh when I think about it now, being 9 years old is so young. I talk to my children now about all sorts of things and in 1973 neither one of us was thinking about sex or anything to do with it. We kissed as innocently as could be and it did not ruin the friendship as it sometimes does to kiss.

Memories flood back to me at times for no reason at all or sometimes they are brought on by a taste or smell. Drinking out of the hose brings back childhood memories of how good that water seemed to taste. Now that I am 48 I sometimes forget things and it may be by choice. We take in so many stimuli at once that memories seem to be in layers made up of the location, smell, tastes, who was involved and our emotions at the time. Laying on my back up in the treehouse in our back yard and feeling the sun on my face, picking and eating the plums on top of the scalding garage and then jumping down only to repeat it again. Holding hands with Rochelle Richardson and feeling the energy run between you, just a simple touch yet so powerfull. I remember looking into Rorie Tafoya’s eyes and thinking that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Rorie never ended up being my girlfriend although I was more attracted to Hispanics,asians and girls of color than white girls. I can’t figure that out even now. I remember being inside Tammy Salazar’s house and not being able to understand anything yet I felt just fine being there with her. Once when I was sick Tammy brought me a record as a get well gift. Music is such a large part of my life and most of my memories are tied to music. I remember as a member of the Utah Youth Symphony playing at events all over Salt Lake City, I remember as a member of a National Wind Band playing all over Europe and the feelings I got after a concert once when a girl asked me for my autograph. I also remember locking eyes with a beautiful Belgian girl (Jose) and talking to her after and even writing letters to her. These connections created deep impressions within me. Jana Trinniman was one of my best friends in Jr High and we used to ride bikes together, sing together and we could talk about anything. I also glimpse memories long forgotten that I suppressed because I would pretend and go into my own little world as a child when my parents were yelling or better put when my Dad was yelling and drunk. I don’t remember much at all from Kindergarten,1st or Second grade, I have more memories of 3rd grade and up.

Father’s day report


Family Picture

The Love Family

Tory Sheyn and Dazholi are in Cancun today, Kaneasha, Josh and Grandson Parker Hess are moving to Idaho tomorrow, Josue (Josh) Mejicanos lives in Orem in his own apartment and has two jobs but has other plans in the works for school and starting up a new business, Michelle is now working more hours and has plans to move out in two years and go to Long Beach to go to College and study physical therapy, Junior (Osmar) is in Guatemala till Aug 20th with Grandma playing soccer and being immersed in Spanish and we miss him quite a bit. (Michelle even misses him) Osmar has plans to be a lawyer when he gets older. Lizeth has been sick and gone to see the doctor twice in the last 2 months and now she is getting better. We even went to have acupuncture done to see if that would help.

I have been helping the City teach CERT courses two nights a week along with my full time job and part time job as a medical interpreter for Linguistica International. I am also a County delegate this year. I have been in 3 Choirs and lead two which has been really fun. We are still making gemstone necklaces and rosaries at home and we have them listed on our site above. I got the chance to help my brother in law Augie with a Safety training class with his new business and that was an eye opener. My mom has been in the Hospital and now is in a rehabilitation center to get her strength back after having a pacemaker put in and various complications.

I have kept up with the Saturday Karate classes although I am almost ready to end this session and start a new one up. When you don’t charge many times I feel the student take the lessons for granted by coming late and not practicing. This year I would like to clean up my house, work and life by getting rid of things I don’t use and spending more time with my family. I have also spent some time writing here and there about different topics. Some of those items are here on my blog and others are not. I am very proud of all my kids and the best part of father’s day was getting a hug and kiss from my wife and then having Michelle come up and hug me from behind while I was making breakfast.

Goddaugthers ahijadas




Dani and Daphne

My two beautiful goddaughters

These are my two beautiful goddaughers o mejor dicho ahijadas Dani la mas grande y Daphne la mas chiquita que todavia no esta bautisada. We have made handmade rosaries for the past 20 years+ and you can see those on my site which is the first link. We also provide immigration information to help with filling out the forms and answers to questions.

Suffering increases your faith?


Mom and her brother Lyle

Lyle Gordon and Marilyn Gordon

Marilyn Sheppick


Michelle and I went to visit my mom at the care center last night. My mom started out at Marilyn Gordon, then married David Love and was Marilyn Love then divorced him and married Ronnie Gillett and became Marilyn Gillett and then he passed away and she married Bill Sheppick and she became Marilyn Sheppick. I posted on my site 7 voice recordings of her telling about her childhood.

Last night she told me that in the past year she has suffered incredible pain and her faith in Christ has increased 10 fold. I asked her to explain it and she has a hard time explaining it verbally and holding back the tears she said that now she feels she knows a tiny bit of how Christ felt suffering for our sins. Personally I don’t understand exactly what she is trying to say or convey and she said that her pain levels recently on a scale from 1 to 10 have been 13 and 14 levels and she said that she appreciates God and Christ more every day and her faith keeps getting stronger. I told her she should write about it and yet she said she cannot explain it and it is all she can do just to read a bit. She also said that her nephew has been a quadriplegic for the past 40 years and always looks at life as the glass half full rather than half empty and she said he still enjoys life and it is so hard to grasp. Many people feel they would not want to continue if others had to change their diapers and clean them etc… Many say such as my Brother that he would prefer to be shot than suffer through that. Do you think we have to suffer to end up appreciating what Christ did for us? Do you really feel that is part of the plan? Do we have to endure to the end to win the prize? No amount of our suffering could cleanse us from our own sins although she feels that it has helped her learn things that she never dreamt of learning. What say ye?

Marilyn Gordon, Marilyn Love, Marilyn Gillett, Marilyn Gillett passed away the morning of Dec 14, 2012. Her suffering ended and she is now at peace. I posted lots of pictures on my facebook of her and the funeral will be Dec 21 in Magna with the details in the Tribune.

Rosaries a family buisness


Family rosaries

Handmade rosaries

Rosaries have been a part of our lives for over 20 years now and I have been married to Lizeth for almost 6 years and most of the time we have over 50 rosaries in the house at a time. Many times they are hanging here or there and we are sitting together beading and creating these sacred rosaries. We go to the gem shows together to pick out the best materials for the rosaries and many times it takes more time to design them than to make them because we want them to be just right.

You can read more about my rosaries or better said our rosaries on our web site link. Many people have a lack of understanding when it comes to the rosary. When done properly you pray the rosary by meditating on the birth,life,ministry,death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and this not only brings one closer to God but brings God closer to us when you pray the sacred rosaries. Many people by not understanding this have the wrong idea about rosaries and hence a misunderstanding about Catholics as well.

Handmade Rosaries in Salt Lake City Utah are elegant and beautiful.

Fire Alarm Systems in Salt Lake City

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms in Salt Lake City

Additional Fire Alarm Information

Many companies currently have outdated zoned Fire Alarm systems that do not provide you with the exact location of problems. Sometimes the code does not require that you have an extensive fire alarm system. This of course depends on occupancy, size of building, whether or not it is sprinkled etc… In all of these cases, it is still a good business practice to install smoke detectors that automatically call a monitoring station to alert the Fire Department in the event of an emergency for when you are not there. This can be combined with the security system and Radionics/ Bosch has new addressable panels that can be used in retrofit applications DMP also has UL listed Panels that can monitor security and Fire Alarm as well. AS&F can add any other type of detection such as flood, gas or temperature detectors. Many times you will receive a reduction in your insurance after adding these systems. Please consider PEAK ALARM when you are thinking of upgrading to an Addressable or Analog system.

Much of the time , water damage caused by the sprinkling system is much greater than the fire damage. Many times when heat detectors are activated it is too late to stop the fire from spreading. On the other hand, photoelectric detectors are activated much sooner and steps can be taken to reduce fire damage.

Fire Alarm Systems in Salt Lake City refers to PEAK ALARM

Call Larry Love at 801 898 6003 Larry@PeakAlarm.com www.PeakAlarm.com for a no cost consultation

Security Systems in Utah


Security in Utah

Security Systems in Utah

call Larry Love 801 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com for pricing

GENERAL OVERALL INFORMATION : Many important issues are normally overlooked when you purchase a security system. Peak Alarm can help you design and configure a system to meet your needs. We do not offer free systems nor does any company really because they charge you quite a bit more in monitoring per month to make up the cost over time so you end up paying for the system now or later. Call 801 428 1384 and ask for Larry. We deal with all sizes of homes and commercial work.

A.Purchase a Security System in Utah that can expand to meet your needs. Don’t get a six zone system if you have a large home or business just because it is a free system. The systems that are “On Sale” can still have 12, 24 or 32 zones if you make sure you tell the Salesperson that you want the ability to expand. GET PRINTED INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCTS – You get what you pay for. Require UL listed equipment this will give you assurance that the products are high quality.

B..Having the PREWIRE done at the correct time is essential. The prewire should be done while the building is in stick phase so all of the wire can be installed, hidden and labeled. If the prewire is not done correctly and if the correct wire is not installed this can cause problems that will be difficult if not impossible to correct. Low voltage wire is not as strong as high voltage wire to be careful during install.

C.If you are paying $26.99 per month for monitoring you should get your full value out of the system by monitoring SMOKE (FIRE), CARBON MONOXIDE, FLOOD (WATER), TEMPERATURE and BURGLAR. If you are paying more than this you either have special features such as two way voice, guard response, you are paying for the system over time or you are paying too much. Many companies charge over 30 or 35 per month for 24 hour monitoring. We have stayed at $26.95 per month and our customers stay with us and refer AS&F to others. This helps us keep our rates low. We do not lock you into a contract as most others do. We also offer High Supervision Monitoring where the cell phone dials out every 5 minutes so over 4000 times a month and there is a cellular bill included with that as well so plan on an extra $600 in equipment as well as another $30 per month for the cell bill on top of the monitoring cost. You can also have your monitoring done via radio but that costs a bit more for equipment (apx $1,200). www.PeakAlarm.com

Peak Alarm can have a radio communicator installed for about 1/2 of what the normal cost would be so call us for a quote.

D.A professional Security Installer will take time to walk through the project with the owner and discuss their needs before recommending an exact panel or system. The owner should be encouraged to ask questions as well as providing the information needed for the assessment. Paying a professional electrical engineer is another option for your commercial project. Even when you do this it is wise to have an alarm company review the specifications and the plans before you put it out to bid since many of the engineering specifications are older boiler plate specs that are missing information because technology changes every few months.

E. There are systems that need to be wireless such as systems installed in historical buildings and areas that cannot have wire installed. The newer wireless systems by Inovonics and some of the other high end brands work quite well. The drawback is that you need to change the batteries every few years. Hardwired security is preferred where possible. If the wire is cut you will know immediately at the panel. We have long range wireless systems but repeaters are needed in some cases.

Cell phone backup, Radio communication and Internet communication of your systems is now available so ask your dealers about this. High Supervision Cellular dials out every 6 min so normally this will allow you to get rid of the phone lines altogether and just use Cell. Internet also poles every few minutes unlike the old POTS lines (once a day) Keep in mind there is a Cell phone bill with the service so you would pay about $30 for your monitoring and as much as $30 for the cell bill, Peak offers Standard cell service for as low as $10 and high supervision for $22 per month. If it dials out once a day it could cost a bit less. If you are paying for your equipment with the monitoring you monthly bill may be higher.

SECURITY – Doors, Windows, Glass Break detection, High Security Contacts for the vault, gun storage, sirens, keypads. ( Motion Detection is offered as an option but not recommended. )

1. Contacts for windows are now available that will allow you to open a window several inches without setting off the perimeter alarm. This will allow you to have fresh air and still be protected by the system. If the window is opened more than a few inches the alarm will go off. (It is extra for this type)

2. Understand that Motion detectors tend to produce more alarms caused by user error, animals, spiders, balloons moving around and several other causes. It is best if you can have contacts installed on all windows and doors. If you cannot afford this then install one or 2 motions strategically placed in rooms that are shut most of the time to trap an intruder rather than having motions installed in each room. We do have more expensive motions that are less likely to activate with pets, spiders etc…(ask about these)

Watch Points
3. Your security company can turn certain points on as “Watch Points” this will make the keypad beep whenever this point is set off. You may want to have the front or back doors be watch points so you know when people are coming in and out of the building while the system is off. Windows can also be on watch point so you know if your teenager is going out a window.

4.Partitions allow you to use one panel like it was several different security systems. The code for the main system may or may not be programmed to work on a vault or other area. You could also have partitions on your system so you could arm and disarm the vault separately with a different keypad. This can also be done with special areas such as gun safes or areas of the building that need to be kept secure.

5. Certain security panels can be programmed to page you if certain events occur. Many of the systems can also be programmed to page you in the event of other problems such as flood, fire or security breach. Central stations can now send out texts or email as well and some systems interact with your smart phones.

Gates or Doors with Electric locks
5A. We can install an access control system controlled by a keypad, proximity reader (Where you just pass your card by the reader and the door or gate opens) or a Biometric reader (You simply place one of your fingers on the reader and the gate or door opens) These keypads can also be used to arm or disarm your system. The same holds true with the eye scanner.

Install extra lighting

Security Lighting

Additional Lighting recommended
5 B. Motion lights are always a good addition to your home especially in dark areas such as back yards or pool areas. Ask your Electrician about these options.

Pool Sensors
5. C. Pool sensors can be installed to inform you when someone gets into the water. Motions can also be used and contacts on the gates.

These type of alarms can warn you when a child falls in a pool

Pool Alarms

Barn or workshop sensors
5. D.It is a good idea to add sensors to the areas that you don’t normally think about such as tool sheds or barns. These sensors may or may not be programmed to dial out. You may just want to know that you left the barn/shed door open. Security Systems in Utah and Salt Lake City.

6. Encrypted systems cost a bit more but give you the peace of mind that hackers are not defeating your system from out front of your home or business. DMP, Bosch and Qolsys are encrypted systems and Peak Alarm is a dealer of these manufactuers. www.Qolsys.com

Faith in a real God


Handmade rosaries http://www.larryloveutah.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=83_71

Is Church more boring than it used to be?

My daughter listening to her music

I just watched Immortals with my daughter and the way it portrayed the unbelievers in their faith had an obvious connection to our day. The violence is also commonplace and disturbing yet the youth find it more entertaining than watching any of my favorite old musicals. Even now I find that people make fun of religious people and our children find it harder and harder to continue to believe in what they feel are dying ideas and a dying faith.

Religion and Church are different and many Churches associate being reverent and respectful with being boring and today’s youth are not going for that. Some people have religion in their hearts or the way they apply what they learn in Church. Most Churches teach good things when they teach from holy books yet as I stated the youth need to be entertained when they go to a Church or they will not stay because today’s media also has the same challenge and they are meeting it unlike the different Churches that are falling short for the most part.

Teaching the youth about Christ should be exciting, it should be interesting and fun and when we tell them about God we have to convince them that learning this has made a positive difference in our lives or why would they want to invest time into a church, a way of life that just adds something more to their lives that is not positive?

In our Churches we have beautiful stained glass pictures that used to be used to teach and now we have books and electronic books yet most of our youth spend no time reading those books but spend far more time playing games where they kill people or robots or monsters. Church leaders say they won’t give in to new music and ways but if the kids are listening to the destructive music anyway I don’t see the point in not coming up with better more modern music at Church that children can enjoy. We should enjoy Church and want to go back. It should not be a chore or a duty, well maybe a duty but it should not be boring. God is not boring why do we make him out to be mundane?

In our churches we insist in maintaining the old ways when it comes to choir music and this is a mistake because our children need more than that. Music can touch the soul and when we hold onto very old music then Satan wins the youth with his alluring music that has a beat and destructive messages. Our children don’t want to listen to organ music and we are loosing this battle. The Priests of the world need to wake up and take heed of the new generations that need, want and require something better than old people singing praises in slow old style tones. I mentioned this and even the Choir music I posted on my own site lacks much of what the youth need. If you really strive and listen during mass or a Church meeting you can normally extract a good message but those giving the messages should spend more time making it interesting so we don’t have to struggle to get the message or try to stay awake. God deserves more from the people that preach and so do our youth.