Listening to undocumented people

Visit with Juan’s mother

By Larry Love

In 2009 my wife was arrested by ICE in front me and we scrambled to hire lawyers and fill out forms to prevent her deportation. ICE entered our home using false pretenses without showing a deportation order or an arrest warrant. I have come to find that this type of behavior from ICE is typical and many individuals once they hear our story open up to me, many of these undocumented people are fairly closed lipped when it comes to their experiences. Since then my wife has been issued a visa although it was a difficult road to get to this point in the process.

This is where most of the food is prepared

For years I have been involved with Hispanic scout troops, Hispanic Churches and I have worked with Comuidades Unidas as a volunteer and I have been an activist for Human Rights as well. The stories we hear are shocking, sad and at times almost unbelievable. The stories that I have written about have had the names changed although these are real events as they have been told to us.

I dropped my son off at his friend’s house in Glendale Utah ( June of 2010.) I always like to meet the parents so Juan said his mom was in the back yard and I proceeded to go back to introduce myself and meet the Juan’s mother. I jokingly said wow that carne asada smells so good and the next thing you know I was sitting down with a plate of food in front of me and approximately 12 other people around the long tables looking at the only white guy eat tortillas and meat. I had asked for a Jalepeno pepper and they were laughing that I liked the food so much. My son was embarrassed that I had stayed so he quickly went into the house with his friend.

I like to practice my Spanish whenever I get the chance so I began asking them about the food and I asked her about her family and other children. Personally I don’t go around divulging personal information about our family very often but the topic of illegal immigration came up and they were all ears wanting to know this gringo’s feelings and thoughts were about the topic. After I told them how ICE came to my home and arrested my wife all of a sudden it seemed that several of them opened up one at a time with their own stories. There were still about 5 of them that just sat and listened without saying much.

Juan’s mother has 2 little girls besides Juan and she has started a college fund for each of the children and she has saved up over 15,000 dollars in those accounts and she wanted me to reassure her that the Government would not take that money in the event that she was deported. I of course told her that I could not promise that it would not happen but I told her it was unlikely. It was also unlikely that I thought ICE would ever lie to get into my home.

She had heard of some people that had their money in their accounts taken because they were accused of being drug dealers. Keep in mind that many of these people come from countries were the corruption in the police departments is something that is common place. You can imagine the conversation that followed. In 2010 we were in the middle of paperwork and up to that point all of forms that we had submitted had been denied.

USICS forms

Sometimes the forms are like 4 pages long and the instructions can be 12 or 13 pages long.

I pulled a paper out of my wallet and showed them how ICE had required me, a US Citizen to get fingerprinted and they issued me an A# (Alien Registration number) Obviously this was an error but they issued me one still the same. They passed my folded copy of the A# around the table making comments of disbelief yet here it was in front of them.

One young man about 35 told me how he had come across the border about thirteen years ago with headphones on and dancing. He walked right past the Border Guards and kept walking and they just let him go. He even got up and demonstrated how he did it. Another time he had walked back through the entrance at the border in Tijuana. The fences now have been upgraded and such and I don’t think this technique will work any longer.

Another told me of how he was blindfolded and had paid a coyote more than normal and had supposedly been brought though underground tunnels that the drug cartels use. If you are wondering how poor people from other countries come up with the money to get to the US I can clue you in. Many of them have friends or family here in the US already working and they loan them the money and after they get here they pay that money back.

They discussed how they used to go back for funerals and vacations where they would visit family for a month and now they can’t risk going out of the country because it is so dangerous coming back in. Just the thought of them not being back in so many years brings many of them including my wife to tears. My wife was not with me on this visit but she cries just thinking about her family that she has not seen in 19 years. When her grandmother passed away there was no way for her to go to the funeral.

I told them it would be smart to hire an immigration lawyer to help with their cases and some of them don’t have children born in the US and for others they did, and this means there is hope but they would have to wait 10 or 12 years until their children turn 21 so they can petition their parents and even then many of them would have to leave the country for that to occur and after they leave the wait time after applying can be over 16 additional years.

For many of them they expressed the fact that they could not afford to go back and wait for the applications to be processed. Many of these people are working full time here in the US and some of them work 2 jobs. Most of them send money back to their countries every month to help support family members there.

Interestingly enough people that believe it hurts the US to send this money out of the country have not studied Macro-economics. It actually helps the US dollar when they send dollars out of the country and many of these countries use the dollars within their own country even though they have their local currency.

My daughter goofing off with her friends

Hispanics never have a hard time having a good time especially when it comes to food.

I had gone to drop my son off and the next thing I knew I looked at my watch and 2 hours had gone by. This conversation had opened my eyes and when I told them that I was paying my lawyer $250 per hour and they should also hire an experienced immigration attorney I realized how stupid I had been to open my mouth with that bit of information. Looking at the conditions in which she was living as a single mother with 3 children I realized that $250 per hour might as well have meant $2000 per hour. Granted she had saved over $15,000 for her kids college but that was her investment in their future and that could be used for a lawyer although many of these people that don’t have family members here in the US don’t qualify for any of the 9 legal ways you can enter the country so getting a lawyer may not be of any help to many of them. I really try to think before I speak now but many of us Americans take so much for granted and we don’t understand the real stories about these people and what made them come to the US.

Gas savings riding a scooter

Scotter gas savings

My 150 Scooter gets 74-76 miles per gallon compared to my 4 wheel drive truck that gets 13-16 miles per gallon

The above site is where I purchased my DongFang 150 scooter for a total of $1,057 which included shipping. Just make sure to tighten all the bolts and screws after it arrives and put oil in it and check your brake fluid.

My 150cc Scooter gets 74-76 miles per gallon which comes out to about 5 cents per mile yes about FIVE CENTS per mile so driving to work only costs about 36 cents.

My 4 wheel drive work truck gets 13-16 miles per gallon which comes out to about 28 cents per mile and driving to work and back costs over 4 dollars a day.

To take a taxi here in Salt Lake City is $2.20 to drop the flag and $2.20 per mile or .20 cents per 1/11th mile and $22 per hour when they wait. So the 15 miles it takes to get to work and back costs 75 cents on the scooter and $4.20 in the truck or $35.20 in taxi for a quick trip there and back or $18.70 plus $18.70 or $37.40

These figures only deal with the cost of gas and but if you figure in the cost of tires,oil changes maintenance and such the price per mile is a bit more. Others would say when you figure in the cost of getting in accidents and an ambulance ride then the cost is much more. My mother recently had the Fire Department respond and take her to the hospital and just that was over $1,800 not to mention the rehab place being $7000 per month and the hospital bill was much more.(She did not get in a motorcycle accident although the costs would be similar in some respects.

Five cents per mile on the scooter then add changing the oil every 1000 miles instead of every 3 or 4 thousand with a vehicle and new tires every few years really does not add too much to the cost of driving a scooter when comparing it to a car or truck. The drawbacks as mentioned before is that a helmet messes up your hair and you cant carry as much stuff or passengers and there is a higher danger so you have to drive very defensively on a motor cycle or scooter. You can figure in wear and tear on this scooter and at just over $1,057 dollars I have already gotten my moneys worth this summer alone.

Now I rode the scooter in the rain the other day just for kicks to see how it would handle. Well I have to be honest with you it did not handle well in the rain with the stock tires that came with the bike and the brakes did not work well when wet either so I slowed down to about half of normal speed and I was very careful the rest of the way into work. As far as speed goes this bike can get upto 60 but on the local roads I keep it at about 40 and it is plenty for what I need it for. The 150 has the get up and go that it needs unlike the 50cc which I believe is a bit too small. See my other article on scooters since you may benefit from the information in that review as well. I have now put over 1000 miles on the scooter and it is still running well. I changed the oil after 300 miles just like the book says and now it will be every 1000.

The other day I was in a medical supply store re-stocking my kit because I had used supplies on my daughters road rash when she fell while running downhill. There was a gentleman there buying first aid supplies (Stat medical) and his wife had been in a scooter accident and it was not her fault but she did happen to have her helmet on but she was hurt quite badly and she said she wanted to save gas by riding the scooter but now she never wants to get on it again. I remember falling off my horse and getting right back on but I can understand this may be a difficult decision especially when you consider her age. My other neighbor got in a scooter crash as well and he was out of work for months. I saw him on the scooter the other day and he was back on it and he also had his helmet on.

Immigration reform is a personal issue for Sandra

A flawed immigration system

Many young people that have done nothing wrong live in fear of deportation. Now hope may be here with the Obama plan yet there is still much fear and worry.

Sandra’s story: Suspicion of small steps toward immigration reform

Larry Love has direct experience with flaws in the U.S. immigration system. Larry interacts with people all over Salt Lake City and hears many personal stories of the wrenching consequences of a system badly in need of reform. The following is Larry’s account of an important conversation and personal true story:

I spoke with Sandra on July 14th, 2012 for over an hour about her goals and challenges. Sandra is a beautiful 17-year-old young woman that helps her father take care of her 3 younger siblings. Sandra has long jet-black hair and almost black eyes. She is athletic and quite tall considering her parents’ heights. As far as attitude is concerned, she can be obnoxious at times most likely due to being kept in the house without many outside activities that are allowed other than church or school.

Sandra and her brother were born in Mexico. Two other siblings were born in Salt Lake City. The family came to the US on visitor visas 15 years ago and they never left. They know that the visas have expired and that they are at risk of being deported. They live with this fear.

Two years ago Sandra’s mother and father explained to their children that they would be getting a divorce. The younger children were too small to understand what that meant although the short of it meant that mom would be leaving to live on her own and Dad would keep the 4 children with him at the home. Their father had bought 2 homes with his individual taxpayer identification number, issued for the purpose of paying taxes, and was renting one home out. With the divorce came the need to sell one of the homes. Financially it has been a struggle for both parents especially now that they have 2 sets of bills to pay rather than one.

The two younger boys are not mature enough to understand what “undocumented” means, so the explanation will have to come later when they are old enough to understand. Sandra is very leery to discuss immigration with any of her friends. Most of them don’t know she is undocumented. She wonders what difference if any this would make in their friendships, but she has followed her father’s instructions and kept her status very hush hush.

Sandra is taking AP classes to get as much college credit as possible while in high school. She has been going around to different businesses trying to find companies that offer private scholarships although she has not had any luck as of yet. Sandra cannot qualify for any loans or government scholarships because of lack of documents. Sandra would like to get a job to help her father with the expenses, and she is debating whether or not to go buy a $100 dollar false social security card. She knows in her heart that doing so would go against her principles of honesty, yet she feels the pressure of the bills and the need to begin saving for college. She knows that such a card would not help her with any jobs that require E-Verify although there are still many jobs that you can get where a card like this would work just fine.

Sandra acts as the mother to her younger brothers and sisters since her mother left, and this really puts a damper on her social life. Still young, Sandra has great responsibilities. Sandra considers her studies a high priority, and she is hoping with all her heart that reasonable immigration reform can be passed soon. She does not feel comfortable giving her information to the government to qualify for the new Obama program because she fears that in 2 years she may be deported. In addition, it would also reveal information about her family members. So, for now, she is going to lay low and do her best to live in the shadows.

An American citizen who is at least 21 years old can petition for brothers and sisters. That is a long wait until Sandra’s brother turns 21, and even after that, there is presently a 16-year waiting list. And when her time comes, Sandra might have to leave the U.S. and be prohibited from coming back for 10 years.

Until reform comes, Sandra tries to live with a good attitude. Some of the neighbor girls overtly show their disdain for her, and this is very hard for her to understand. Why do they consider themselves better than her because of where they were born or the color of their skin? Sandra tries to make sense of these and other things as well but the reality of her situation speaks much louder than the voices heard at church, voices that that speak of equality and love.

Best Facial in Salt Lake

Healthy skin like a child

Take care of your skin not just to look younger but the skin is the largest filter in your body and it helps your overall health

Call 801 521 3330 and make an appointment with Vesta for Sat between 9AM and Noon on Saturdays.

Vesta at the Utah College of Massage Therapy gave my wife and I a facial this morning. We got the 2 for one deal where you pay $25 dollars and get 2 massages or 2 facials. Not that I get facials all the time but I have had a few in the last 48 years and this was the best one ever. Vesta extracted my blackheads and it was very relaxing in fact I started to fall asleep and she said that was the best complement she could get from a client.

Vesta is there every SAT from 9AM to NOON and you can make an appointment ahead of time. The 2 for one deal is over now but when you fill out the paperwork they send you a notice of when the next 2 for 1 will come out. The facial was totally worth $25 without the 2 for 1.

Vesta’s specialty is getting blackheads out and helping you get your skin healthy again. Many men don’t think it is manly to get facials although they should really think about it closely because when you are in a business meeting and you have nose hairs sticking out and blackheads on your nose or chin the client or prospect is not thinking about business but they are thinking how gross it is that you have hair coming out of your ears or that your face has not been taken care of. I know just the thought of this is not appealing and does not put a good image in your mind so do something about it and call 801 521 3330 and make an appointment today with VESTA for next Saturday between 9AM and NOON.

Every once in a while I will take my daughter or my wife and we will get a facial, massage, pedicure or even a manicure. The experience is really great and is worth the small investment. Did you know many policemen get manicures because people are always looking at their hands? Strange ehh? If you let your toes and feet go without taking care of them it can lead to other more serious problems. Some people say that a guy that has these things done is metro sexual or they may say other things as well. Really when it comes down to it guys, women love it when a guy takes care of his feet or his face or for that matter his overall health.

All the students are great although from time to time you will find one that is better than the others. When you want a massage on the weekend you need to physically show up early and get an appointment. The cost is $25 each unless they are running a special. Where can you get almost an hour massage for $25 dollars. The students are trained and after they speak with you they tell you to undress to your comfort level, they step out and then you undress and get under a sheet and at no time do they see you naked or touch you in areas they should not touch you. This is a worry that many people have and they let this keep them from experiencing a wonderful massage.

When they massage your legs they pull the sheet up around your leg to expose the leg and keep you modest and after they are finished with that leg the pull the sheet back to it’s position. Most women remove their bras to allow the back massage to be done correctly. You can request a man or woman if you feel more comfortable by so doing. I personally have had both and I thought guys would have stronger hands and be able to do deep tissue massage better than the girls but I have not found this to be the case. If they are not using enough pressure don’t hesitate to tell them so. I personally don’t like too much pressure to be used on the back of my calves so I tell them that up front. If you have had an injury let them know.

If you have had problems with blood clots in your legs and your doctor does not want you having a full body massage then consult with them and they can work something else out like a hand and arm massage and feet or a facial massage and scalp massage. If your neck hurts then they can concentrate on that area the entire time and you don’t have to have a full body massage. There are also different types of massage and you can request those as well. They are all happy to explain the different types of massages that you can get. Now a warning to you, after you have done this once you may get hooked. If you don’t have a good experience the first time don’t worry because each student is different and the next time most likely will be better. You can’t really complain very much when you only pay $25 and you end up relaxing to soft music for an hour and getting your mind of the normal everyday grind. So let them know I sent you in and have a great massage the next time you go.

Fire Alarm Companies in Utah and Salt Lake City

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary brand many times you may end up paying higher costs.

I will list different Fire Alarm Dealers that are here in Utah and some of the brands that they install and service. This list is not a complete list and when you see something that needs to be corrected or updated we welcome your feedback and we will make those corrections.

Company name will be listed first and then the brands of Fire Alarm that they sale and service will be listed after. They are not in any specific order on this list.

American Security & Fire, Inc. – BOSCH, Silent Knight and Firelite (801)263 6002 in business for 16+ years. Call 801 263 6002 or 801 898 6002 and ask for Ron.

Alarm Control – Siemens, Cerberus, Pyrotronics,Silent Knight, Firelite. Suppression Panels: Fike, Ansul and Fenwall – (801)486 8731 Ask for Brad. Alarm Control installs and services Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems as well.

Alarm Tech installs Silent Knight Fire Alarm 801 568 6757

BEST – GE Vigilant and MIRTONE Fire Alarm ask for Al 801 352 0743

Booth Fire Protection – MIRCOM

CERTIFIED FIRE PROTECTION – Farenhyt Fire Alarms and Silent Knight (Janus Fire Systems) Call (801) 281 0746 or (801) 694 1215 Certified Fire has been in business over 11 years and also is a full service company that offers Fire Suppression and Fire Sprinkler Systems.

ADT (877) 809 3274 A Tyco Company. ADT has 7 Central Stations in the US and over 6 million accounts.

PEAK – MIRCOM Commerical Fire Alarm Alarm. DMP and Hochiki Commerical Fire Alarm Systems. They also install Firelite and Silent Knight. Peak is also a Bosch dealer as well. (801) 428 1384 Ask for Larry Love cell is 801 898 6003 or the office number is 801 428 1384. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, is licensed, insured and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peak has a full service Patrol and Guard division and an AV division. Peak Alarm installs Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control (DSX) and cameras.

Siemens – Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics (801) 590 7373 (Alarm Control and GSL Electric also service Cerberus as well)

Fire Engineering – MIRCOM

Firetrol – Gamewell FCI, Radionics, Bosch,Silent Knight, Firelite, Digitize, GE-EST (801) 485 6900

Honeywell – (801) 886 2957

Mountain Alarm or Fire Protection -Notifier is their main brand although they can also do Bosch, Silent Knight or Firelite as well. Mountain Alarm is their security division and Fire Protection does the fire alarm installations. (801) 363 9696

Nelson Fire – FCI and Gamewell (801)468 8300 Ask for Steve or Ben Nelson. Nelson Fire also is a licensed security company and does quite a bit of work for the school districts.

Johnson Controls (801) 973 4001-

PST – GE – EST – Ask for Greg (801)649 6696

PCS – Power Control Systems – MIRCOM Commercial Fire Alarm ask for Gary Powers (801) 560 6423 –

SIMPLEX Grinell – SIMPLEX, Grinell, Thorn and Autocall ask for Dave (801) 633 9830

STATEFIRE has been in business since 1989 as a strong full service fire suppression company.

StateFire services Simplex, Fike, GE-EST, FCI and Silent Knight. StateFire Is an Authorized dealer in EST, GE-IO Series and Fike. StateFire installs Fire Alarms, Clean Agent Suppression Systems as well as service and monitoring. State Fire is full service fire suppression company which services fire sprinklers, extinguishers, kitchen hood suppression systems. Call (801) 288 2100 X5221 Ask for Brad Teerlink.

Wasatch Electric Comtech division (801) 487 4511 – GE EST

Many times when using a larger company you will end up paying more and many times having to wait for longer periods of time for Service sometimes getting through on the phone is more difficult as well. If the larger company is more stable than the smaller companies that is another factor to be weighed when making the decision of what fire alarm to have installed.

Many times an owner will hire an architect who in turn hires and electrical engineer who ends up designing the fire alarm system and most of the time the specification book will list different brands of fire alarm or companies that can bid on a project. Many of these brands are proprietary meaning they are the only company in the state that can sell parts or service the system therefore the cost tends to be higher. At times you may find another service company for some of these brands but often those companies buy their parts from the first company so the prices are not to much different and sometimes they are higher. When you deal with very large companies many times you end up having to wait longer for service and often you end up paying more for service. Some sales people will tell you the cost is higher because the quality is higher and in some cases this is true so doing your research is vital.

Radionics is BOSCH now. is the web site. Bosch now has several different lines of equipment to meet your needs. In most areas they have an entry line product then a mid range and a high end line. Bosch offers a full line of Fire Alarm including Analog Addressable panels, Addressable only panels that are also UL Listed to combine Security and Access. Bosch offers a Full Access Control line, Camera Systems and Intrusion/Security also in entry lines, midrange and High End lines to meet most price ranges and they have a 3 year warranty.

For some small businesses having your Fire Alarm and your Security system combined can be done although it is recommended to keep them separate. DMP has a panel that can do fire and security as does Ademco and Bosch has a full line of panels that combine security, fire alarm and access as well.

There are different Central Stations in Utah and 2 of the ones that are UL listed are PEAK ALARM and AVANTGUARD. There is a requirement if you are doing monitoring for Fire Alarm that you use a UL listed Station. When a Station is UL listed it means they have jumped through many hoops including backup generators, backup receivers which normally cost over 10K each and it includes many other requirements making the Station have to be a cut above the rest.

Fire Alarm inspections need to be done by those that are certified through the State Fire Marshals office and they will have an AE number. NICET is another certification for National Institute of Certifying Engineering Technologies. Those certified in Fire Alarm are either NICET I,2, 3 or 4.

Faraday is another brand of Fire Alarm and at one point Rydalch Electric was selling and servicing this brand of Fire Alarm but it has been many years since I was aware of this so this may have changed.

Secutron is another brand of Fire Alarm although I do not have information as to who the dealers are in Utah. Not to be confused with Securitron which refers to locking hardware

Look up the companies on the Better Business Bureau to check complaints and their grade A through F

This is a list of the Major Fire Alarm Brands that most Electrical Engineers will place in their specifications. If I have left any out please feel free to let me know. If I have left your company off the list please let me know your contact information along with the Brands of Fire Alarm that you sell and service along with a short blurb of your company so I can update this list Call Larry at 801 428 1384 or my email is

Although wireless detection is getting better it is still recommended that Fire Alarm be hardwired when possible. The new innovations such as Radio, Internet monitoring and High Supervision Cellular Monitoring are also good options.The high Supervision Cellular monitoring dials out every 4 to 5 minutes and analog phone lines are becoming a thing of the past so considering these new methods can help you stay on the upside of technology.

When installing a highrise building there are certain fire alarm systems that are better than others and the Electrical Engineers will know that important information. It is true that paying more for certain brands of equipment can mean a higher quality and a better warranty and then on the flip side some companies take advantage of this and raise their prices after you are locked into their brand of equipment.

If you have a Detection Systems Brand Fire Alarm you can try to service them although they are quite outdated and most of the time it is best to end up replacing the panel and the devices and appliances. Many times you may be able to use the existing wire. There are other Brands that are quite old as well and you can try to get them serviced although you may consider having them replaced.

Ayuda con Inmigracion papeles

Visita nuestros sitios porfavor

Life Style in Guatemala

When the power goes out, shortly after you loose your water too unless you have a tank like this on top of your home which very few can afford.

La manera en que podemos ayudar es de compartir nuestro conocimiento y nuestras experiencias. Mira y escucha nuestros archivos de MP3 para saber acerca de los desafíos, el costo, y que pasamos nosotros para que Ustedes puedan superar y para que no hagan los mismos errores que hemos hecho.

Tenemos mucho informacion gratis y tambien la informacion que tenemos viene de expieriencia.

Despues de hablar con su abogado escucha nuestra informacion y lea nuestros consejos y van a tener mas conocimiento para poder preguntar su abogado mas acerca del asunto.

Restuarant Food review in Salt Lake City

Flowers in Salt Lake City

If you need flowers in Salt Lake City call us and we will help you with what we call Flower art.

Saturday I took my wife to Oh Mai 3425 South State Street in Salt Lake. The prices were all around 7 dollars. The food is excellent. This is what you might call a Sandwich kitchen. The food is from Vietnam and it is fresh. The eating area is a bit small but the atmosphere is fun and the people are nice as well.

We had honey pork BUN always a winner and we also had the fresh tofu sandwich and the lotus salad which was a bit small but it was only $5 and very tasty.

Immigration update dream act inmigracion

Obama Dream Act

Many hispanics are leery of programs such as these where they may be deported at a later date after releasing personal information.

Do the benefits outweight the risks? Los beneficios son suficientes buenos para ignorar el ariesgo?

Beware of anyone trying to get you to fill out applications for the Obama Dream Act since first it is not available yet and many people may take advantage of trying to make money. Another caution is that this opportunity can give you a social security number and a work permit but only for a short time and after that know that the government has your information and you could still risk being deported. I believe that sometime more solid in the form of immigration reform may pass after the elections.

Tenga cuidado porque todavia este programa no esta activa y si hay alguien que dice que tu puedes llenar aplicaciones para “El Dream Act” tenga mas cuidado. Muchos solo van a tratar de tomar ventaja de este tiempo para hacer dinero. Es verdad que puedes tener un numero de seguro social y un permiso de trabajar pero tambien tienes que intender que despues de eso el gobierno tiene tu informacion y puedes ser deportado despues. En todo hay ariesgos. Creo que algo mas firme va a pasar despues de las eleciones.

unspoken scooter club

76 Miles per gallon

More and more scooters are being driven here in the US

Interestingly enough there is a scooter club that you don’t even have to join, all you need to do is purchase or drive a scooter. It is a similar club to the Motorcycle club but not quite as prestigious. Although the other day a guy on a very nice motorcycle gave me the nod even though I am normally just part of the scooter club. Apparently this guy did not read the rules of the scooter club but that’s ok with me. You will notice an unspoken acknowledgement sometimes in the form of a quick wave or a nod from others riding scooters and this is the sign that you belong to the scooter club. I believe it occurs in many different groups of people naturally. It is kind of like being outside of the US in a foreign country and seeing another American, someone you would not normally speak with here in the US but since no one else around speaks English now all of a sudden you are part of a new club at least while you are near this person in the strange land.

They actually have real scooter clubs not that I have time to be in one but since we started riding we have had some interesting experiences. The UPS man asked me if I felt less of a man when I rode the scooter. Actually I don’t feel anything of the sort, when I am riding the scooter that gets 76 miles per gallon I really don’t care what I look like. The helmet sometimes messes my hair up so that is a down side of riding and using a helmut. Next time when you are on a motorcycle or a scooter and you ride around for a few hours pay attention to others that are on two wheel vehicles or even three wheel vehicles and see if what I say is not true. So welcome to the scooter club.

Hit in the head while cycling

Tory Sheyn

Getting things thrown at you while cycling is not fun.

My son was cycling at over 30mph and all of a sudden something heavy hit him in the head and almost knocked him off his bike. He found out it was a water bottle thrown from a car that could have caused his death. My son rides sometimes over 60 mph coming down hills. Apparently it was some young kids thinking they were funny that threw the bottle at him as they drove by since he caught up with the car when traffic slowed. (This is when I wished I could carry a paint ball gun with me and fire off a few green permanent paint balls at the car ) That being said the driver was upset with the person that threw the bottle, we were just lucky Sheyn stayed the course.