Don’t look back your not going that way.

Move forward in life only using the past as a reference point of what we have learned so we don't make the same mistakes again.

Move forward in life only using the past as a reference point of what we have learned so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

Last week I went to meet the parents of Gabriela because my daughter wanted to spend the night at their home and we don’t allow that very often and only after we meet the family. Upon entering their home I felt it was a very calm and peaceful home. I saw books lining up two sides of the walls and lots of plants and a wonderful smell of Polish cooking. The mom had been watching a Hispanic Novela (Soap). I could tell they do more reading than watching TV and her mother had been watching the soap in order to improve her Spanish because they have family in Peru. They have two dogs that are incredibly smart and fun. She told one of the dogs to go get the snake toy and she explained he had just got it a few days ago but the dog went into the other room and came out with the snake toy. The mother is a professor of Political Science at the U of U and her father commutes and teaches in New Orleans. I spent time speaking with both the father and the mother and found them to be very intelligent, welcoming and accepting. The daughter seems to be following her parent example. According to my daughter Gabby is super smart and has great goals in life. The parents have given Gabriela the tools she needs to be successful in life.

Cause and effect with balance Saykoshta Seikoshta

Learning about jobs in Guatemala. They work in the rain, heat and 6 days a week for about $60 to  $200 per month

Learning about jobs in Guatemala. They work in the rain, heat and 6 days a week for about $60 to $200 per month

Today in class we explored balance and spoke about cause and effect and how it can affect you. Too much cheese and milk for example when you are sick can cause an over production of mucus (snot) and yet our bodies need a certain amount of mucus. My wife tested low for vitamin D part of the reason is she does not get enough sun nor does she drink much milk although there are other sources of vitamin D. If your body produces too much or to little insulin the unbalance can cause problems even death. The intake of too much sugar or too little can affect you.

Too much of anything can be bad or detrimental . If your body gets too cold or too hot you can die. If you get too skinny or if you are overweight then your health will suffer. If you get too much or too little exercise your body can have issues so you need a balance. Moderation in all things. We then went over some of the ways you can breath and discussed meditation and self talk. When you talk to yourself don’t say things like “I am skinny” many times your mind will pick up on a lie before you say it. Rather say something like this “Why am I so healthy?” Your mind will work on why questions and look for answers all day long whereas just a positive statement does not give your mind anything to solve especially if it is not true.

One method of breathing is to sit with your legs crossed, your spine straight and rather than breathing in so your chest goes up in the air (your lungs to not completely fill up this way and same with singing) simply put your hands on the side of your ribs and breath in through your nose and you will feel your rib-cage expand hence you will fill up more of the lungs this way and when they are full hold the breath in for a few seconds then let your breath out when your chest is in the up position and then repeat. You can take yoga and many instructors will teach stretches and some of them will teach different breathing methods.

As you breath strive to empty your mind and concentrate on your breathing. As time goes on you can connect or associate your medication with music and then when you hear that music the meditation thoughts will flood back to you on your self talk. I did this over 30 years ago and when I hear that music I have all my Karate moves come back to my mind. Problem is much of that music was from the 1970s.

You become what you think about all day long so think positive thoughts. It is a wonder that young boys don’t turn into young girls is the joke about that saying. Whatever you concentrate on will increase. If you concentrate on problems you will get more of them so change your attitude and stop complaining.

We went over how when someone does something to you, you have the ability to react in different ways. You don’t have to get angry, you decide to get angry. Change your thoughts and change your reactions to things people do or say. You don’t have to let anyone walk all over you but then again you don’t need to allow someone to make you upset. Ulcers many times are caused by stress and worrying yet doctors treat the symptoms rather than the cause. With meditation you can increase the blood flow to your entire body. Include stretches in this routine as well.

We also spoke about putting a colored dot by your door and touching it with the tip of your finger each day and then in a few weeks change the position of the dot. As time goes on you will be able to touch a small dot with the tip of your finger quite easily with good aim. Your fingers should be close together and all of them should be slightly bent and you can touch by shooting your hand straight out or with swiping to the sides. It would be best to see this done but we went over soft blocks and reactions to eye jabs and how a poke in the eye can end a conflict quite quickly although to the younger students we spoke about how this move should never be used in school.

We had a great lesson today and practiced the soft blocks with checks as a setup for additional moves.

Concealed Weapons permit

Concealed Carry information

Concealed Carry information

At this time people speak for and against these type of permits for obvious reasons. Tragedy brings out many emotions and we need to consider what will protect children and be open to those ideas. We need to sit down and discuss all options. Can we get rid of guns entirely? No that would not be realistic.

If guns are taken away from the law abiding citizens then the only people left with guns would be criminals and police. Obviously they would not comply with any laws that were passed. Those people involved in these terrible tragedies each time have ignored a long list of laws so having more law would not have stopped them although people will argue that since guns are so easy to purchase it would reduce crime and incidents like this if guns were not so easy to buy. Private gun sales are another issue and almost impossible to control. Guns are not controlled like cars although maybe they should be. Even if they were you still have a wide range of guns without serial numbers so when someone has mal-intent they are going to commit the crime no matter what.

Getting your permit is a big responsibility. Think about it very clearly because when you carry a loaded weapon you have the ability to take life and if you pull the weapon you need to be ready to use it. Personally if I were armed and I were in a corner store and someone came into the store to rob it I would let them and I would not draw my weapon. It’s just money and on top of that it is insured. The most they normally get is a few hundred dollars and it is not worth the fight, the court drama nor is it even worth the time you would waste with interviews with the police so just leave it alone. I personally would even give the person the money in my wallet. If you do shoot someone you will need to live with that the rest of your life. You need to think about the person as a person. This man may be someone’s father, brother or son. Sure if he was going to kill you or someone else you can protect yourself or others by using deadly force if that is the last resort. Many people escalate or increase the chances of problems if they verbally get involved and make the person more angry than they already are. The physiology of people that are threatening you sometimes is briefly touched in concealed weapons classes but it is not a topic that is given any type of time so consider all the affects of your actions on your life and the life of the family of the person you shoot. Police officers that are entirely justified in taking life many times still go through great emotional trauma after killing a person. It is nothing like the movies, it changes you and it affect you.

Besides learning the laws of where you can and cannot carry, you need to learn to use the weapon effectively. Now using it effectively under stress is an entirely different issue. Police go through years of training and when they have a confrontation where they draw their weapons they react differently many times missing the subject they are aiming at entirely. Part of this is nerves, part is adrenaline and this is with all the training they have. The concern many people have is if there is someone shooting a weapon do we really need more people out there with more bullets flying around going who knows where? This is a valid concern. On the other hand if you can take the shooter out before he or she kills more people would that be a good or bad thing? Most of the time the conflict is over by the time the police show up hence they make a case for arming the public.

Keep in mind whatever weapon you have not only can cause damage to the armed person that is threatening you but this same gun when aimed at the subject will sent a projectile sometimes through walls or even through a person and into another person. The bullet may end up going across the street and killing a child if you miss the shot. This is a serious consideration that you need to think about. If you are in a busy area with people you need to think about this and even when you are in an area that does not have lots of people it is still a possibility that the bullet may not go where you intend it to go.

Besides learning where you cannot carry your weapon like courts, airports and other specific places but you also need to learn to think ahead and plan for the possibility that you may end up killing someone. If you do there is a strong chance that you can go to jail even if the shooting was justified. Most of the time the police will arrest or detain everyone that was involved in a shooting and sort it out later. If they determine that you did not need to use deadly force you may be put in jail or even prison. Your entire life will change. Would your wife be able to support the family with you in jail? Are you willing to take this risk? When a shooting occurs you should call the police. Be very careful what you say on the 911 call. If the person is still alive you need to request an ambulance. Keep it simple and only give the information that is needed to get help to respond. Do not say “I just shot someone” but rather “Someone has been shot” I am not telling you not to cooperate with police but you need to know that “Anything you say CAN and WILL be used AGAINST you.” So wait and speak with your lawyer before speaking with the police.

It has happened time and time again where facts get mixed up and the wrong person goes to jail or gets blamed. One of my friends was arrested by a policeman and the policeman wrote him up for a DUI and cuffed him when in fact it was a different man that was drunk that had hit him (Car) so when they sorted it all out in court my friend got off and the court paid for the tow truck, his 2 days of lost work and the policemen came to his house to tell him he was sorry. This is the exception but thing like this do happen.

Some people feel that if more people are armed the community will be a safer place because the response time of the police taking so long that they normally respond after the shootings happen. They use incidents like the one in Colorado where a man opened fire on the crowd in a Church and one of the women in the congregation was armed and stopped the rampage in its tracks by killing the armed man. The use statistics that show when a state passes concealed permit legislation crime goes down in those areas and up in areas that don’t have concealed permits. They say that making more laws against guns will not solve the problems because the people involve in these horrible shootings never obey the law anyway so it would not make a difference. Those involved in shootings like these broke long lists of laws that were already on the books. Passing more laws is not the answers. Enforcing current ones is and education. The points about schools having armed guards or even armed teachers have also been brought up and are being discussed.

Others say why would anyone need to buy or have the right to buy armored piercing rounds? This is a very good question. The right to have weapons in our homes has been deemed a personal right and not just for the National Guard or local militias but personally do we need assault weapons? Many of the people that are pro gun rights will say that once we start limiting the rights that it is only a matter of time before we loose the right altogether.

You never know who may be armed.

You never know who may be armed.

So you get the training, you go out and practice shooting, you have the new gun and the holster so when do you carry the weapon? My advice is this: If you go to court because you shot someone and they ask you why you had the gun on that particular day they can trick you into saying something that might get you in trouble. The best answer is this: “I carry my weapon at all times where I can legally carry it.” This way they are not going to trip you up and try to say that you planned to carry the weapon for a specific purpose on a specific day. Now if you decide you are going to have a few beers and go out dancing my advice is to leave the gun at home locked in the safe. I still carry a pager many times I meet police and the fire department on site in the middle of the night. This is one reason I never drink. Another is that I have 5 kids and anyone of them can call me at any time of the night to come and get them and I will be there and I will not be too drunk to drive ever because I have never been drunk. My Dad drank all the time and I said I would never be like that. I saw how it tore the family apart and weakened their marriage. I don’t think that having a few beers is evil, it is just not for me. I don’t even like to take medicine that makes me drowsy for fear I could not be responsible in a time of need.

Get a gun safe and lock your guns up while you are not using them. Children and guns do not mix. I do however advocate responsible education with children. You want them to respect guns instead of having a horrible fear of them. I have taken my kids shooting and we set up a table and we make sure there is back stop of dirt or a berm or in a Shooting facility. Then before we even touch the guns we go over the rules. You don’t have to use the same ones but they are prudent. No more than one shooter at a time, you always aim downrange, never aim and shoot into the air and never, never, never turn around with a gun so the barrel could pass by anyone even if your finger is off the trigger. With the safety on we put the guns on the table and walk step by step what is the proper way to hold the gun. We all wear ear protection. My kids like shooting the 22 pistol and rifles the best. There is no kick, the sound is not loud like larger guns and what I like about those is that the ammo is not expensive. Going over the safety rules for guns is very important. If someone wants to see my weapon I unload it then hand it to them.(Still never aiming at them or others) Good concealed weapon classes go over these items. During the 1980s we had a friend of the family who was a sheriff at the time who shot himself in the foot while cleaning his weapon. Accidents happen therefore always take the rounds out of the weapon before handling it, before cleaning it and before handing it to anyone. Learn how to use the safety. Take a hunters education class in addition to the concealed weapons course. They spend quite a bit of time on safety.Take a first aid course from the American Red Cross and take a CERT class and in both of these classes you will learn valuable information about how to react in emergencies.

You need to be very careful when buying a weapon that you will use for hunting, target shooting and especially one that you will be carrying concealed. There are guns on the street and guns that are available for purchase in gun stores that cost very little. Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for”. Years ago I purchased a couple of these cheap guns and found that one of them almost fell apart in my hand while shooting it. I was very lucky it did not blow up in my face. If you pay $100 for a gun then you better do the research and find out how they can sell these weapons so cheap without cutting corners and then you will see the reality of it. I know of a few specific brands that cost very little and they not only jam more often but they are not safe. Another google search will allow you to find out quickly which brands these are but I would suggest that if you are serious about getting a concealed weapons permit that you purchase a decent reliable weapon. I will give you an example: A Ruger revolver is very reliable, revolvers do not jam. It only has 6 rounds and a decent weapon like this will cost you around $300 used. A Semi Automatic 45 will also cost you $300+ and a really good one will be around $1,200 going with a good midrange one at around $600 will get you a decent gun. Pick up some gun magazines and go to gun stores and talk to people there. Guns are tools and can be used for good or bad. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Another word of advice is to get to know the weapon you will carry very well. If you buy a short concealed carry 45 many times it is much harder to hit a target with such a weapon than it is to hit a target with a full size 45 (1911 model) I learned how to shoot in the Army Military police so I got very used to the old 1911 type weapons. Don’t just get the new gun and expect it will work when you need it. Also learn how to clean it and take care of it because a weapons that is not maintained will not only jam but will not be reliable when needed.

During the war in the Philippines solders were getting attacked by natives that were high a natural drug that they used and when they attacked and the solders shot them with a 38 caliber the round would go into them or through them and they would keep coming, often they would die later but not before having killed one or more solders. The change was made to the COLT 1911 45 caliber semi automatic weapon which has larger round but the velosity was a bit slower so it had knock down power. Many say that if you shoot someone with a 32 or a 9mm or a 38 they have a chance of going to the emergency room but if you shoot them with a 45 caliber then they normally go to the morgue. This knock down power allowed the solders to stop the attackers in their tracks because it would knock them back. Later these weapons made their way into civilian sales and now we have more guns than anywhere in the world. My boss says if it were possible he would click his fingers and make hand guns disappear and the world would be a safer place and this is true but realistically that is impossible. People now are even making their own guns and in some areas people will use a tube or pipe with a nail and an old fashioned setup to shoot one round at a time and the concern is these are not safe at all for the person shooting it or for those around him or her.

Many of us remember the old Death Wish movies and we understand the anger and the mentality that Paul felt. I have had 2 cousins murdered, one shot and my Aunt’s grandson was also shot and killed. So violence comes close to home in our family. We wish someone had been there to protect my cousin even if it would have been a concealed weapons permit holder and yet vigilante killings are not the answer to the violence. Many of the problems with mental illness are not made better with poor home situations and violent video games. My wife and I allowed video games although we set rules about the killing games and I would much rather prefer them to be jumping, hopping and trying to get points with cartoon games that for them to be playing killing games that can harm the mind and soul. So our home environment, what we learn in school, what we learn at church all affect us in good and bad ways. Spend time with your children and don’t just ignore them. Sure we need to keep track of people that are not mentally stable and we should not issue them concealed weapons permits but in the majority of the cases we are not dealing with people that ever even applied for concealed weapons permits. The people that break the law with such a high disregard for the law normally don’t ever try to get permission to carry a weapon legally.

Getting your permit is only one of the steps

Getting your permit is only one of the steps

Factory 4 U independant review Salt Lake City West Valley City

Great place to get words, pictures or letters printed for shirts or other things.

Great place to get words, pictures or letters printed for shirts or other things.

On the West Side of Redwood Road just South of 3500 South you will find Factory 4 u. This is where we just got 8″ numbers put on 25 soccer shirts for just over 113 dollars. Sometimes there is a long wait so if you go during the day you have a better chance of getting your project done. The mother and daughter in front of us were showing off the cute shirts they just had printed for a baby that had not been born yet. They cut pictures out of a magazine that they wanted and the man at the counter scanned the pictures, printed them and added words including the name of the baby to the shirts. They are very good at what they do and I would give them 3 stars because we had to wait for at least 30 minutes just to place the order. I would suggest that when the man that is doing the work is so busy they could get other employees to take the order so you could leave and come back later. My wife said he is great at what he does but he lacks customer service skills. We even asked after about 20 minutes if we could just have him write down the order so we could come back later and he could not break away from the current job to do that. There were other employees in the store that did not appear to be busy so I would say it is just a matter of a bit of cross training and organization so they could be more effective. The prices were fair and the work done was very professional. We are not complaining too much since we did get to go eat a wonderful steak soup just down the street at Pho Hoa which warmed us up. (3460 South and Redwood)

This independant review was done by Larry Love and I would encourage you to visit this store since they have a large selection of shirts,pants,coats,men’s and women’s clothes,hair accessories,belts and the list goes on. The printing services are very professional although you should plan on a longer wait if you go during busy times. Try to go during the work day if you can. Custom printing is their forte.

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup in West Valley City Utah 84119

Great noodle soup especially good on cold days.

Great noodle soup especially good on cold days.

Last night we went out on a cold night to get some errands done. While we were waiting for some soccer shirts to have numbers put on them at Factory 4 u. We went to the Pho Hoa Noodle Soup place on the corner of Redwood Road 1700 West and 3300 South. The steak hot soup came with herb leaves, lemon, fresh bean sprouts and jalapeños on the side to add if you wanted to add them. I got the bun and it came with barbequed pork and fried egg rolls sitting on top of a rice noodles and fresh vegetables. It felt healthy just looking at it and the taste was fabulous. I do need to mention that the service was really with a smile or I should say smiles. Everyone there seemed especially happy. On the menus it says “Health Conscious Choice” and after we finished we really did feel great. The address is 3460 South Redwood Road in West Valley City 84119. The phone number is 801 972 9000 and this is a great place to catch a quick bite and know it is more healthy than fast food.

I would give them 4 Stars and kudos for their smiles and good service. This has been another independent review by Larry Love

My wife got this and loved it.

My wife got this and loved it.

New Breakfast experience Rancho Market albondigas

Rancho Markets are clean and a great place to get great meal ideas without waiting in long lines.

Rancho Markets are clean and a great place to get great meal ideas without waiting in long lines.

I would encourage you to try new food other than the same old things we normally go for because we are used to them. Sometimes you might have a bad experience although many times you will find great food that you have never had before.

This morning on my way to work I was going to stop in at Burger King and get a muffin when I saw the Rancho Market on 200 East and 3300 South in Salt Lake City. I pulled in and entered the store to find the fresh bread being brought in, the smell alone on this cold morning made me want to stay inside the store. I noticed the bananas on for 2lbs for a dollar and I also noted how clean the store was and how well the vegetable displays were organized. I headed over to the food counter and looked for something hot and found what looked like a beef stew. I was told it was called “Albondigas” It is meatballs in a tomato based sauce with carrots and potatos. I said I will have some of that and they brought me a plate to the counter that had enough for two people including rice, beans and hot tortillas on the side and green chile sauce if I wanted to add it. To top it all off I ordered a cup of champorado which is a hot chocolate drink made from Rice,milk, chocolate and cinnamon. I ate about half and took the rest with me for lunch. I was impressed by the store and the food. Normally when we go in these places we get burritos or tacos but if you look and ask you will find hidden treasures that you have never tried like “Albondigas”

So I give Rancho Market on 200 East and 3300 South 4 stars for their “Albondigas” Meatballs over rice and beans. Give it a try and while you are there pick up some fresh bread and vegatables in their small but friendly market. This is another review by Larry Love.

Meatballs with a wonderful tomato based sauce including carrots and potatos. Not normally spicy either unless you add spice.

Meatballs with a wonderful tomato based sauce including carrots and potatos. Not normally spice either unless you add spice.

Generational Spine & Health Chiropractor

I have had pain in my back and left leg for the past 2 weeks. I have had two massages, I have stretched, used a electric therapy unit and even at times pain pills.


Yesterday I called Generational Spine & Health (801) 972 0393 that is located at 1251 West 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 Email is and the web site is

I told them about my pain and they were able to fit me in their busy schedule at the last minute which was impressive. When I arrived everything was very straight forward including the forms and the discussion about money. It took about 10 minutes to fill out the forms they needed.

Normally the first visit that includes the X-Ray session costs $300 and if you are in a car accident the insurance picks up the entire bill but if you don’t have insurance Doctor Frogley offers a $39 dollar membership with ChiroHealthUSA which allows him to offer discounts off the normal price to you and your family. (Dependents under 25.) The cost of the visit after paying for the $39 dollar membership was $175 and instead of paying $140 per visit after the first visit the membership allows you to only pay $65 per visit. An hour massage is $35 for your first one and will stay $35 if you purchase them in packages of 5 otherwise they cost more. They have their own digital X-Ray equipment and the whole set up was clean, well kept, orderly and up to date.

Doctor Frogley is a very nice and caring guy. He is young although he is very knowledgeable. Doctor Frogley is a runner and appears to practice what he preaches. Hey, this means he will be around for a very long time. He took time to listen to my concerns and he asked about other areas of my life that could be affecting my overall health since his approach is a whole health concept including exercise, stretching, massage, diet, water intake, breathing, adjustments and therapy as needed targeted at the areas of concern. His whole health approach included him explaining how the Brain and Spine work together with the body. The basic information about how the brain sends energy and signals through the spine to all the cells including the organs, muscles and such was very helpful in order to understand that when you have problems many times they are caused by other underlying issues. If you don’t get enough sleep or good food this can affect your overall health. If you have problems with your urinary system, thyroid or any other organs or systems many times the cause can be treated rather than just treating the pain. He went through this with me after I told him I just needed to get rid of some of the pain in my back and leg so I could get through this funeral. He was concerned about the pain but also expressed an interest in my long term health rather than just a quick adjustment or quick fix.

A word about his staff, mostly I was with Lyndsey in the X-Rays and check in and she is a lovely young woman. I dealt with 2 others on the staff that were also very outgoing and pleasant. There is a play room for the children in the front area. I give Doctor Frogley and his office very high reviews and encourage you to stop in and see him. The idea of treating your health with a preventative outlook rather than waiting till you get sick is obviously the wave of the future that will allow us to live more productive lives into our old age.

Interfaith Statement on Immigration

A home or a house

Many people come from places where the cost of living far exceeds what they could ever make so they come to the US for a better life.


As members of different faiths in Utah, we respect each other’s differences and embrace our shared values. Our common roots in the teachings of Scripture guide us to certain universal truths. Thus:

We believe that every person has value and must be granted basic human rights. One of our basic rights is to emigrate to escape from poverty, political strife, or any other life or dignity-threatening circumstance.

We believe individuals and families should be treated with dignity, not taken advantage of or called criminals because they seek food, clothing, shelter, and education.

We believe in providing rational, reasonable opportunities for immigrants to become full participants in our nation.

We believe we have a moral obligation to not just greedily accept the contributions of our immigrant neighbors, but to open paths to citizenship for immigrants seeking full legal status, with all of the rights, responsibilities, and protections that entails.

We believe immigration reform must begin at the federal level and must ensure that families are united, rather than separated.

We believe a basic principle of a civilized society must be that we will not tolerate inhumane treatment, exploitation, or the creation of shadow societies where people are used for their labor, then left to live in fear.

We believe in the value immigrant workers, students, and families provide to our country and our moral obligation to work for the common good of our neighbors across the street and around the globe.

In faith,

Jean Hill, Government Liaison, Catholic Diocese

Rev. Eun-Sang Lee, First United Methodist Church

Rev. Steve Klemz, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Rev. David Nichols, Mt. Tabor ELCA

Rev. Libby Hunter, Deacon, The Cathedral Church of St. Mark

Fr. Ken Vialpando, St. Joseph Catholic Parish

Rev Mary S. Janda, All Saints Episcopal

Fr. Elias Kuocos, Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox

Rev. Jerrod Lowry, Community of Grace Presbyterian

Rev. Curtis Price, First Baptist Church, SLC

Rev. Tom Goldsmith, First Unitarian, SLC

Rev. Yvonne Lee, Centenary UMC

Rev. Dr. David Henry, Presbyterian, retired


I am sure this statement that I received 12/18/12 will be torn apart by those on the far side of one of the political parties. The LDS Church here in Utah has also signed the Utah Compact which has similar verbiage. The LDS Church has encouraged legislators to be more compassionate when drafting laws that can affect the treatment of all people whether they are here lawfully or not. The fact that coming over the border without permission is a crime if you are caught and is not considered criminal if you are not caught but only CIVIL also has bearing on the matter. Does this statement above in fact justify breaking the law unjust or not in order to seek a better life? Do we as Americans take advantage of the cheep labor in order to keep the prices down on hotel stays, food and construction? The answer is obvious because without this cheep labor all of our prices would be higher. The fact that they paid over 10 billion into just the social security mismatched funds last year alone also is a factor and they may be why combined with all the taxes collected such as taxes from false social security cards and property taxes that the US is turning a blind eye to this. Even the US Supreme Court in 2009 ruled that if they are working using false ID it may not be considered identity theft as long as they were not using the ID to take out loads or commit fraud. Is it wrong to break the law and come over without permission when so many people are in line legally? Is this the question we are debating? Is it legally wrong? Is it morally wrong? When you make $60 per month in your country and the cost of living is $600 is it wrong to come across the border and work in order to put food on your families table? Others argue that you can’t be a religious person and say you support the laws and still be breaking them. Others like the people that signed the document above think differently and feel that we can’t be religious and stand by and let these families be separated when all that many of these people were doing was working.

Bosch Keypad instructions D1255

Security Keypad

D1255 Keypad from Bosch. Radionics is the old name and they were bought by Bosch years ago.

Training for managers – Have your account number and password ready for the dispatchers. The D1255 Keypad allows you to use CMD commands as well that are shortcuts when they are programmed or turned on. An example of this is CMD 47 (Reset) The Bosch systems can be programmed in many ways so the following is a general instruction sheet. Your system can be customized to turn functions on or off in the keypad menu. Also the new D1260 keypad which is the ATM style has buttons on the sides to take you to where you want to go faster and it has the users manuals built into it with a large screen. It does draw more mA current to operate so a new power supply may need to be added if you do more than one. The D1256 Keypad is a Fire keypad and has very few buttons so employees can view, silence and reset alarms. The D1265 is the new virtual keypad with a touch screen. You may want to simplify these instructions and post them or put them in a procedure notebook. You can also get the instruction sheets off of for each product.

Dispatch phone ___________________________

Account #____________________

1. Secure all points on system such as closing doors and verify that no balloons or moving displays are in areas with motion detectors then ARM system by TYPING IN YOUR CODE and pressing enter. Even hanging signs can set the system into alarm.

2. Disarming is also done by TYPING IN YOUR CODE and pressing enter. Normally this should be done in the first 30 or 60 seconds whatever your delay time is. Make sure you enter in the door that has a delay programmed.

3. For other functions press MENU then scroll using NEXT and PREV, once you get to a menu item you would like to use press ENTER then the keypad may or may not ask you for your code, if it does enter your code and then press ENTER.

4. If the system will not arm up then press the NEXT button and note the message, press the NEXT button again and note all the messages. This will tell you the faulted points and problems.

5. In order to clear the Keypad memory buffer simply enter your code and then press the ESC button and it will clear old events that have restored.

6. Bypassing and Un-bypassing can be done using the instructions on #3, when you get to bypass or unbypass it will ask you for your code and then the point number you want to bypass or unbypass. If you don’t know the point number just press NEXT and the keypad will take you through the available choices. There are limits as to the amount of points you can bypass.

7. If an employee gives his or her code to another employee for even a day then that code should be deleted and another one added for that person so it does not stay compromised. Avoid codes such as 2468 or 1234 or 3333 or even date codes such as 1976 or 1985 since these are too easy to guess. Even using the last 4 of your employees social security numbers is not recommended. We recommend changing codes periodically as well as changing the main store password.

8. The sheet where you keep your codes should be kept locked up and it is best if only one or two people have access to that information. Our dispatchers have access to your password but they will never ask you for your code and they do not have access to your codes.

9. If a panic switch is depressed it will not restore until it is reset. Some switches simply need to be pulled back out and others need a reset key and others need to be taken apart to be reset.

10. If a door contact is damaged it can be bypassed until repairs are made. Please send us notification of the problem in writing by email or fax and confirm that we have scheduled a date to come out and service the issue.

11. Other important information: This panel can autoarm at several different times. This panel can have multiple areas and multiple keypads so you can arm and disarm a cashroom each time you go into it etc….Please ask us about additional options that are available.

12. We sell all of these keypads and the D1255 is $150 dollars and when you need pricing on the others just call 801 428 1384 Peak Alarm or email or visit our web site at Peak has been in business for over 45 years has an A+ BBB rating with the Better Business Bureau and does not run credit checks