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New office 110 W 2950 So, SLC, UT 84115

New office 110 W 2950 So, SLC, UT 84115

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ACCESS CONTROL (Electronic locks and readers – Card Access)


VIDEO SYSTEMS – (Cameras for property protection,record of theft, accidents, employee safety etc…) DVRs, IP Camera, NVRs –

We are BCSD Dealers for Bosch and Bosch offers a full line of all of the above equipment in different price ranges.

Fire Alarm systems from Bosch also have different levels of protection and price ranges. We have a small panel that will monitor your flow switches, tamper switches, a smoke at the panel and a pull station for a very low price. If you need smoke control and an analog addressable panel the price is higher and we can come out and give you a free estimate.

Access Control from low end tied to your security to higher end access control that can connect many buildings to the same system. You can limit certain groups of people to different times that can get into the buildings.

Security low, medium and high end
Access Control, low, medium and high end.

Camera systems from $100 dollar cameras to higher end $8000 per camera depending on your needs

The D7412GV4 Bosch Panel will allow you to combine Security, Fire Alarm (up to 75 points) and 2 doors of access control on the same panel.

The D9412GV4 Bosch Panel will allow you to combine Security, Fire Alarm (over 200 points) and up to 8 doors of access control on the same panel.

The AEC access control system from Bosch will go up to 32 doors and is a very competitive product even competing in the price range of some of the lower quality products but Bosch still overs their great 3 year warranty with this product.

The ReadyKey Pro access control does not have a door limit as the other products do but is not limited. Normally access control runs around $2000 per door but ReadyKey Pro is a bit more than that and the AEC system is a bit less than that.

It also comes down to the Brand, quality and features that you want when you install equipment. You can buy a $150 dollar electric strike or you can spend $650 on an electric strike. You can spend $150 on a maglock or you can spend $700 dollars on a maglock and the same is true with most products depending on quality etc…

Religion values young people and life

Are the youth really different than they used to be?

Are the youth really different than they used to be?

So, two thumbs up for the Latter Day Saint LDS Mormon Young Women’s values program. I give this 9 out of 10 stars.

My 17 year old daughter thinks that Church is stupid and that going to her youth group is a waste of time. We went with her to what they call “New Beginnings” Where the girls welcome the 11 year old girls into the program so they will know what it is all about when they turn 12. With youth being lost inside cell phone city constantly this program gets them involved in the community if for but a few hours a week.

I, not knowing much myself decided to pay attention. The leaders took some time to explain what they have been working on and that the girls should also be working on these project on their own and with their parents throughout the year as well as in class and the weekly activity.

The main areas were then explained by the girls themselves and I made up my mind to see if this really was a waste of time or not. For the boys they have been doing the scouting program which I am not real keen on although I feel it can be a great program when ran properly with good leaders.

So, they started out explaining that all the activities that they do are geared on the focus areas and that the girls are to decide on their own projects that will quality to help them meet their goals. It takes about 10 hours to complete a project and there are 8 areas so there are eight projects or 80 hours.

The leaders explained that if a girl is in a school play she can count the practices for that or if she is on the swim team she is bettering herself and that counts so anything worth while seems to qualify. Their activity this week is a combined activity with the boys where they will go ice stating. They are encouraged to start healthy relationships with group dating when they are 16 and this helps lessen problems if they will limit time they are alone with boys and do things in larger groups.

Many of the youth don’t follow the guidelines but those that do seem to be more on track with their school work and their personal progress charts. A recent graduate just received several scholarships for college and seems to really have her life put together well.

The values they are working on do not just apply to religious people but it seems to all people and that a young person that participates in a program like this will be far more prepared than someone who does not. Each value has a color associated with it and they earn ribbons and finally a medallion at the end. It does not seem to be equal to an eagle scout although it does seem quite practical.

1. Faith – White
2. Divine Nature – Blue
3. Individual Worth – Red
4. Knowledge – Green
5. Choice and Accountability – Orange
6. Good Works – Yellow –
7. Integrity – Purple – More than just honesty
8. Virtue – (I don’t know the color since this was recently added)

So I was expecting a bunch of religion and there was some although all of these principles are positive. A non religious person could adapt this program quite easily yet having the religion these seems to integrate it smoothly. Teaching these girls their worth and to stay away from drugs, sex and alcohol for the right reasons seems to be an awesome program but my daughter thinks it is lame. I bet when she is 30 and has kids she will look back and regret not participating and if she does not have her girls in something like this I am sure she will regret not doing it. The girls also do activities having to do with cooking, the proper manners and way to eat, serve and be served in a restaurant. All of these adult leaders volunteer their time willingly.

I was expecting a boring presentation and what I got was “Interested”. I commend the LDS Church for their great program on concentrating on the positive in life and helping the girls mature into women. Women that are strong women with values, women that demand respect from men. Women that know who they are and place their priorities in line with these values.

So, two thumbs up for the Latter Day Saint LDS Mormon Young Women’s values program. You can learn more about it on
Also kudos to Christie Spencer, Sister Haggard, Sister Burris and the other adult leaders that put so much time into this program to help it to work in our area.

Click on Personal Progress on the right to learn more about this program. Many of the materials at the Church distribution center are free and others are at a very low cost. I only mention this in case you decide to get involved with these programs if you don’t have interest in the Church aspect of the program.

Independant review on Mountain Medical Billing in Murray Utah

Please enter 200 numbers

Independent Review of Mountain Medical web site and payment options

This morning I called my insurance company and they explained that even though I met my $3,000 deductible for last year I was still responsible for 20% of the bill on a recent procedure that was ordered by the doctor in December 2012 because we met the deductible but not the $8,000 out of pocket that we had to pay before insurance pays.

The bill was $2,448 and the insurance told Mountain Medical they would only pay $846 yet they told Mountain Medical to bill the patient for the other $212.60. Now I know why Doctors don’t like dealing with specific insurance companies that want to pay less than half of the bill. I do think many doctors and facilities are over charging just for this reason so they can collect what they feel they need to collect and that is sad too.

I then called Mountain Medical 801 262 8120, don’t bother calling because I was on hold three times and got cut off twice and I got into a voice mail loop so as encouraged by the voice mail to pay my bill online and save time (Yea right) I logged on to

Ok, so I thought this will be easier than being on hold because this office must be really busy.

I had to enter

the 8 digit CODE ID found on my bill
then I had to enter the 13 digit Access # found on my bill
then you have to enter the 13 digit account number on your bill
there is also a 7 digit invoice number on your bill.

then you need to enter the 16 digit VISA or CARD number
then you need to enter the 4 digit expiration date
then you need to enter the 3 digit security code

then they issue you an 18 digit reference number
they also issue you a 13 digit order number
they also give you a 6 digit authorization code

by the way after all that I finally got a receipt but they left the account number off the receipt, oh they put the first four of my visa and the last four but they left the account number blank. You would think they could at least get the computer program to transfer the last four of the account number for reference but I guess they don’t need that with an 18 digit reference number and a 13 digit order number.

Ok, see how easy that was (NOT!!!!) Why can’t they make it intuitive and less complicated. This is similar to the service numbers you call that require you to enter in your phone number and your account numbers and when you finally get a live person they ask you for all of the same information all over again.

Well I give a thumbs down and 2 out of 10 stars to Mountain Medical’s phone system and their web site because it was not a good experience and I am sure that they really do need all of those numbers but give me a break, can’t they hide them all like computer programers do with everything else? I will be happy to do another article on Mountain Medical once they change their system to make it a bit less complicated.

Troubles on your alarm system

Don't leave the smokes taped up. Don’t leave the smokes taped up.

I got a call yesterday from a customer who explained that a tenant is moving into half of the building and doing some remodeling. Apparently they took some of the motion detectors down because they will be using their own security system.

When they did this however they caused troubles on the main building system because they did not just move the detectors but changed the wiring. There is a resister on many of these systems on each zone and if you cut the wire the panel will go into trouble because it is supervising each point.

It is best to have a professional do this work so they can get the proper resisters put on the detectors, address the keypads properly and move the wires out of the way so construction people don’t cause more issues with the system.

The week before we had a sheetrock employee begin sanding and since he did not tape off the smoke detectors with plastic bags and tape as instructed the system went into TROUBLE and sure enough as we said if the detectors get dirty they will go into trouble and if they are not cleaned they will go into alarm.

Normally after you clean the detectors and do a RESET the troubles will go away.

When you are going to have painting or remodeling work, tape off the smoke detectors with plastic and after the work is done have them professionally cleaned. Do not disable the smoke detectors without notification of the proper people. Always get them back in service before you leave the site. If they do not reset or come back to normal or out of trouble they may need to be replaced. Your local AHJ Fire Marshal will be able to give you the local guidelines for doing something like this.

When a fire alarm system is down you should have a fire watch. A fire watch is a person that has no other duties than to watch for fires. The Fire Alarm System should be installed after all the other work is done such as drywall, sanding, painting etc…if this is not the case the AHJ may require you to take all the smoke detectors down and install new ones.

The obscuration level of a smoke detector basically means how full it is of dirt and dust and if you have a new building and the smoke detectors start out dirty it will only cause you more problems later on. Many of the new fire panels will allow you to print a list of which detectors need to be cleaned and the obscuration level and sensitivity of each detector.

Your fire alarm system will last much longer if you have it regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained as well.

PEAK ALARM can help you with your smoke detectors and fire alarm systems. 1534 South Gladiola street, SLC, UT 84104 (801) 898 6003 ask for Larry

Positive thinking life karate and health

You become what you think about all day long. All of us have heard these type of statements and as we talk about the law of attraction we can see how thoughts affect us physically and emotionally. I always said that if this were true then teenage boys would become girls or a slice of pizza. Our thoughts stem from our environment. Seek good environments.

When someone is in shock, we cover them with a blanket, raise their feet 6-10 inches and just having someone their to hold their hand especially if it is a family member really makes a difference in bringing them out of shock. Likewise a major change can occur in your life when you direct your thoughts properly.

What we see, hear and read determines what we think about and what we think about turns into our actions so we should be very picky about what we see, hear and read. My mother always asked me if what I was watching, listening to or reading was uplifting so it would direct my actions in a positive way.

Please that complain about something will normally get more of the same. If you complain about never having enough money you will get more of “NOT HAVING” any money.

What we SAY is a result of what we see, hear, read and THINK and after words come actions.

This morning we had this discussion in our Seikoshta class because breathing and meditation can really help your life in a positive way. We try to empty our mind of all distractions. In music TACET or lack of sound can be some of the most important parts of the music to make it beautiful. The rests or what comes between the notes really does matter. In life the same applies. Constantly being busy does not always make for a productive life. Take time out to REST, take time away from work to recharge and meditate.

We talked about how to sit with your spine straight for proper energy flow, we discussed how to breath in through your nose and how you can intake the most air by expanding your ribcage rather than lifting your chest. Breath in through your nose and then breath out through your mouth slowly taking long breaths and allowing time in between. Empty your mind of all your cares and take time just to breath properly. It is best to stretch before you meditate. Get rid of all distractions around you so you won’t be interrupted. Sometimes I put on soft music and other times I meditate in the silence. There will always be sound so just be part of everything and of nothing.

There is another type of meditation where you can incorporate what you learn and go over it in your mind. Practice your Kata, practice your strikes, kicks and moves in your mind over and over. Years ago I did this to music and now when I hear those songs I remember the movements and the techniques.

Take time to listen, listen to nature, listen to what others say. It is a wise man or wise women that listens more than he or she talks. Seikoshta or Saykoshta means successful so listening can make your more successful. Take time to observe nature, observe others and take it all in.

Rather than saying “What a bad thing has happened” change your attitude and don’t say it aloud or make a judgement that what has happened is bad because there is always a lesson to be learned within any experience. Speak positive words or don’t speak. When the time comes to say something that may offend or be taken hard by others, think it through first and practice what you will say so you can say it effectively. Sometimes it is needed to offend others when you feel that it is for their good and that they may change. When you know they will not change it may be best to guard your words and not speak.

Take time to sing to dance and to love. Open your soul to love. Many of us have been hurt by those that practice a false love where they take and do not give, where they call something love that is not love. See the good around you, take more time to view the beauty in life and enjoy it. Appreciate art. Look at the face of an innocent child and see the art in life.

Most people do not take time to read and many times those that do spend their time reading fiction or those that spend their time reading non fiction to gain more knowledge don’t take time to appreciate life. Back off from the norm and take time to smile, observe and listen. Enjoy the moment.

Stop worrying about money or lack of money. Change your attitude about life and what the purpose of life is for. Practice moderation. If you notice most people when they eat too much cheese will get flem because they did not practice moderation. When you drink too much not only does it bring pain and addiction but it can affect others around you. When you practice moderation the opposite occurs.

Always leave a place or person better than you found the place or person.

Start today to practice your listening rather than speaking. Start today to take time to enjoy the silence, rest and understand that what appears to be bad in your life may be a learning experience instead. Cease to be negative and say negative statements. Then you will notice a grand change in yourself and others.

Take time to observe

See the beauty in everyone and everything and hurt no one

Tips for blogging

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure

Tip of The Day: Captivate Readers with a Well-Structured blog — There is a right and wrong way to blog. To do it right, follow this outline.

1. Bait readers with a hot headline
2. Provide a compelling intro that describes the post
3. Wow them with your information in short paragraphs
4. Sum it up with an interesting conclusion or observation
5. Don’t forget a call to action —
Question: What draws you in to a good blog?


This module can send signals from your alarm panel over the Internet to the monitoring station

This module can send signals from your alarm panel over the Internet to the monitoring station

Is it stable to monitor your Security and Fire Alarms over the Internet?

The most common form of monitoring a security or fire alarm system is using traditional analog phone lines. On fire alarms you have 2 phonelines in case one fails and the systems dial a test every 24 hours. If your phone lines get cut or go down you may not know about an alarm on the weekend until it is too late.

When you monitor over the Internet the systems communicate every few minutes rather than once a day. If you have a communication failure your monitoring station can alert you much sooner than before.

The cost to upgrade is normally around $300 to $500 dollars but then you can cancel the two phone lines you were paying for which in many commercial cases ran over $600 per year.

In the next 5 years they will be changing all phone lines to digital rather than analog and the old dialers are not listed to work with digital lines so it is imperative for you to upgrade to Internet monitoring to avoid a break in service and also to save money on your phone lines. (CALL TO ACTION) Call us and we can come out and give you a free estimate on upgrading your system to communicate over your Internet using a Static IP address.

Be sure to check back often because we regularly post hints and information about security, fire alarm, cameras and access control systems.

American Security & Fire, Inc. 110 W 2950 S, SLC, UT 85115 call us M-F 8-5PM (801) 263 6002

Bosch Radionics Security Parts Pricing from American Security & Fire, Inc.

Call for a current quote today

Call for a current quote today

American Security & Fire, Inc. is a BCSD Bosch Certified dealer here in Salt Lake City. Prices will vary depending on the project and the date when you receive the quote so be sure to call for a current quote. (801) 263 6002 and our address is 110 West 2950 South in Salt Lake City, Utah 84115. Shipping would also need to be added to the order.

Examples of general costs for these items is exactly that an example so be sure to call for your current quotes. Since we are a dealer we offer the limited 3 year warranty which most times you will not get when you buy used or from some sites where the equipment may be “B” stock which many times is refurbished. It is also good to go over your equipment list with a professional because many times depending on your needs and facility you might need additional equipment.Programing is $77 per hour plus $62 per hour travel.

D7412GV4 board only without an enclosure is $252
D7412GV4-A is $338
D7412GV4-B is $400
D7412GV4-C is $300
D9412GV4 board only is $450
D9412GV4-A package is $533
D9412GV4-B package is $590 – The B package (Fire Alarm)
D9412GV4-C package is $500
D1255 Keypad is $154
D1260 Keypad ATM style is $225
D1256 Keypad is a fire annunicator $154
D1265 is a virtual keypad – touchpad $300
D192G is $68
D263TH smoke is $38 – This is a 2 wire smoke
D273TH four wire smoke is $40
D298S base is $29 – check if it is 12V or 24 V D278S (12V)
D300A Duct Detector $170 call for tubes or remote test switches
There is also a High Voltage version of this same duct detector
D8125 Addressable loop module $70
D8125MUX $63
D9127U without tamper (Popit)$25
D9127T with tamper switch $29
D8129 Octorelay $100
B308 SDI2 module for Octo relay $100
D8128D Octo Input module $91
B208 SDI2 Octo Input module $91
D9210B $197
D928 dual line dialer $71
B420 Internet monitoring module $209
D7044 Monitor module for D7024 panel $31
D7050 Smoke head for D7024 panel $50

These prices should give you an idea of pricing for your project. Understand that when you put a project out to bid depending on the specifications the pricing may go up or down. We have been called in to fix many a job where the low bidder did not do the work or programing correctly and we as a BCSD Certified Bosch dealer went in to fix other peoples mistakes.

Some of the best Wireless Security systems with pricing

When you need long range wireless security go with the best.

When you need long range wireless security go with the best.

American Security & Fire, Inc. can get most brands of wireless security although we lean toward Inovonics which is one of the better ones although the prices are slightly higher the range is also quite a bit better than most residential wireless systems in fact when the Government uses wireless security much of the time they use Bosch with Inovonics. If you already have a Bosch panel you can add wireless security. Many times when you have a wall in between the device and the panel you cut your distance/range down. Starting out with a better range in the first place makes it less likely that you will need a repeater.

The ENKIT-01 kit includes the ISW-D8125CW-V2 and the EN4200 Receiver and the cost is only $233 this kit works with the GV3 and older systems such as the GV2 and G panels it is also compatible with the D7412 and D9412 panels version 6.30 and above and it is compatible with D7212 version 6.41 or higher.

The ENKIT-SDI2 is the Inovonics kit you need to integrate a Bosch GV4 panel to the Inovonics devices. This includes the B820 and the EN4200 and can go up to 1000 feet from the panel. The cost is the same. The GV4 panels have many new options such as connecting to your system with your IPHONE and such.

Double button water resistant panic/duress/ EN1223D $77 each

Door window contact with transmitter is the EN1210W for $59 The EN1215 has a back tamper for UL if needed $63

Wireless Smoke detector EN1242 for $133

Glass Break detector EN1247 for $133

Motion detectors are EN1262 Pet for $142, The EN1260 for $140 the EN1265 for $150 which is a 360 degree detector or the High Traffic motion where the batteries last longer EN1261HT for $138

If you are trying to pinch pennies then this may not be the system for you. If you have a facility or large home where security is important but you can’t cut holes in the walls to install security then this is a good option for you. Keep in mind that the kits listed here require that you tie them to an existing or new Bosch panel. We recommend the D9412GV4 or the D7412GV4. The D9412GV4 can do up to 8 doors of access control and over 200 points and the D7412GV4 can do 2 doors of access and upto 75 points of security. Both of these panels are also UL listed for commercial Fire Alarm as well. When you have an interest in any of these options please call our office at 801 263 6002 or email us at

American Security & Fire, Inc. is now located at 110 West 2950 South in Salt Lake City, Utah 84115.

Security Intrusion Access Control Fire Alarm Cameras in Salt Lake City Utah


Ameican Security & Fire, Inc.

Peak Alarm Installs commercial Fire Alarm Systems using high quality Bosch equipment or DMP equipment.

Bosch dealers, Certified in Fire Alarm and Intrusion Systems, Licensed, insurred and Factory Trained.

Peak Alarm is a family owned business since 1969.

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary system many times you may end up paying higher costs. 801 428 1384

Words of wisdom from my wife

Wise words from a wise woman

Wise words from a wise woman

My wife says keep explanations to a minimum because your friends and loved ones don’t need them, your enemies won’t believe them and otherwise foolish people won’t understand them.

Mi esposa dice no hay necesidad para explicar much porque tus amigos no las necisita, tus enimigos no van a creerlas y los necios no van a intenderlas.

If you have not heard the story of the donkey then here it is: (The story basically explains that no matter what you decide someone will be there to criticize you and your choices)

An old man and his granddaughter were walking to the next village and they had their items on their donkey’s back. They passed two people and overheard one of them telling the other person that the old man must be cruel since he was overloading the donkey with a heavy burden so the old man pulled half the load off and began carrying it himself on his back. They went a bit further and someone actually shouted at them for how foolish they were for carrying things when they had a donkey that could do the work. As they went on someone else said that the old man was not being a gentleman because he was making the young girl walk instead of riding so he put the granddaughter up on the donkey and they kept moving, next they heard someone say how disrespectful the young woman was for not letting the older gentleman ride instead so they switched places. No matter what they did someone else questioned their decisions and that is the same in our lives. We should listen to suggestions and weigh them out in our minds and if the counsel is valid we can decide to follow it or not to follow it although in the end it is our own decision and we will be held accountable for it.