Family Survival guide Jason Richards

My  wife and I

My wife and I

I am a CERT instructor and I always keep my eye out for practical information to help people prepare for whatever situations may arise. Recently I bought an e-book called Family Survival Guide by Jason Richards. I was leery about buying off the internet because many of those type of marketing ads just want to up sell you other programs after they get you in. So if you want more information about this just let me know. I am even thinking about printing it out but they are also sending me a CD.

I clicked to leave the site and the price went from $49 to 27.50 for an eight section book that is full of great information so I bought it. I am going through it now and finding a wealth of information on many subjects that are not taught in CERT. Granted some of his ideas may seem a bit far fetched when it comes to Marshal Law being put in place and scary things happening but it could happen. CERT is a great program and I recommend it to everyone and after you finish CERT I would recommend that you get additional training in first aid and other areas. This book will open your mind a bit to some of the other items you may want to concentrate on. Stephen King says in one of his books “Perfect Paranoia is Perfect Awareness”. So “if you are prepared ye shall not fear” also applies.

There is even a section of using specific herbs as medicine and quite a bit of information on different methods to purify water. Jason goes over short term, medium term and long term planning for food storage, rotation and medical. There is even a section on keeping your stress level down. I tried to find a good review on the book but they have done extensive SEO so most everything you look up takes you back to his main page.

I can tell you that there have been a few things I have ran into that I did not fully agree with but they were minor and the bulk of the information is great. You can read it and apply what may work for you. Many of us don’t have the money to buy everything and he even points this out but says that much of your preparation should be your knowledge. So even if this book was put together for him to make money, that’s ok because the practical information is worth the $34 dollars it cost me. I have it on the icloud so I can access it from work, home or the IPAD.

Jason has a bit of cynical view when things happen that the government may not be our best friend. He says that we should be very careful about what information is shared with people and says we should not advertise that we have items in our home such as food storage. Since I have been involved in CERT many people obviously know that I have some items although in Utah many people are more prepared than the average person in other states because the Mormon Church as stressed preparation for years now. Jason does not say we should not share and even at one points says that we should have extra if possible in order to share with those in need. So whether or not you agree with all his ideas makes no difference because the bulk of the information is very good.

Some of the suggestions such as rotating your water every so often are not bad ideas but water that is stored properly does not need to be emptied and refilled every 6 months or even every year. Granted it may improve the taste so your water does not taste like plastic. Jason has a section that discusses prescription medications and that is also interesting. Other practical advice about not showing off your fancy backpacks but making your gear look more plain so you don’t attract attention is also prudent. So I give a thumbs up to this 8 section book that is worth the investment.

IP DNS information for dummies

My five year old niece knows how to use an IPHONE and IPAD better than many adults do although her knowledge about what DNS, HTML, HTTP and subnet mask is limited and as she grows up that portion of the technology hopefully will become more hidden with time just as the old programing languages have with Windows.

DNS or Domain Name System keeps track of web addresses and IPs. So as an example in the security industry here is a simple practical use for a DNS SERVICE

If you buy a Static IP address from your internet service provider ISP then you can dial into your security system and even control the system with your IPHONE.

If you don’t have a static IP address then it would be like having your phone number change every day, you could still dial out as can the security system but people would have a hard time calling you or you would have a hard time dialing into your system if the IP addresses changed all the time.

So you can get a DNS Service that keeps track of the changing or Dynamic IP addresses and forwards you to the new one each time.

Doctor Peter C. Nielsen M.D. Salt Lake City

Review of Doctor Peter C. Nielsen M.D. at 324 10th Ave STE 100 SLC, UT 84104


Three years ago I had a colonoscopy from this doctor and recently his office sent me a letter saying I needed to be seen again. When they billed my insurance 3 years ago I ended up having to pay several hundred dollars because of the way the insurance got billed and the plan that I have. Rather than preventative I got billed as diagnostic or something of that nature so we had to pay a larger portion of the bill. Everything seemed to go well so I have no complaint with the Doctor or the medical procedure or how it was done. I do however take issue with their office procedures.

Last week I had a pre appointment for my colonoscopy. It is interesting because many people that I speak with say they make the appointment and don’t have a pre appointment or consult appointment before having the procedure done. This is my second one so they are just checking to make sure everything is ok after waiting 3 years from the last colonoscopy.

I arrived exactly on time for the appointment at 3:45PM only to find out that the doctor was running way behind because of something that had happened in the morning at the hospital putting him behind all day. The desk could not tell me how long the wait would be and she had just explained to another group ahead of me that she did not know when he would be available. I had opera tickets that night and I could not stay very long although I was prepared to wait but the desk did not have any information as to how far behind he was.

My appointment card says right on the back that if I cannot make the appointment I need to call at least 24 hours ahead of time. So if the doctor expects this of us can he or his secretary not call us at least an hour before an appointment that he cannot make?

I had to take off work early for this appointment so if I take off for another pre-appointment consult and then another time for the actual procedure then I will end up taking off work 3 different days for this doctor. My time is valuable just like his is. I have 15 doctor or dental appointments for my family just this month alone.

I wrote the doctor a letter and I will be interested if he sends me a reply or not. The front desk said that 2 of the doctors at that location do not require a consult visit appointment like this doctor does but I would need a referral from my doctor to see one of those doctors.

When I called the office for directions to the appointment the girl told me the address was 324 10th ave and I asked her what East that was and she said they don’t have an east but when I got up there looking for the building I found out it is on D street and 350 East and 10th Ave. So right on the signs it does have an East.

I am saying that this Doctor is a bad doctor because I understand emergencies and I also understand that a doctor office could get behind, What I don’t understand is why they could not call me an hour before the appointment to let me know they were running behind.

The Prodigal Son Musical

Salt Lake City 1400 W 700 South, SLC, Utah 84104

Salt Lake City 1400 W 700 South, SLC, Utah 84104

Don't miss this limited time engagement where neighbors came together to create something incredible.

Don’t miss this limited time engagement where neighbors came together to create something incredible.

This story teaches not only forgiveness but many other lessons

This story teaches not only forgiveness but many other lessons

I will be playing the part of the Father which is a small part when compared to the part of the son played by Daniel Tuutau who is a professional opera vocalist. We have a full choir and a few instruments as well as some dancers and a great cast. Andres Paredes wrote all of the music for this production. Colleen McKnight is directing and the scenery was done by one of the neighbors that does this type of thing professionally. All of the materials and time have been donated. There will be no charge for admission so free is always good. There are no plans to extend the performances so this is a one time shot.

The musical will be done at an LDS Stake Center on 1400 West and 700 South in Salt Lake City. The Dates are May 10th and May 11th of 2013 The times are as follows: 7PM both nights and 3PM on Saturday. We would ask families with small children to plan on attending the 3PM performance on Saturday so we can try to keep the 7PM performances more reverent.

The musical is moving and also fun. The music has a bit of a Jewish feel. In fact one of the members of the Choir is Jewish and we had her consult with her contacts to make sure we would not be doing anything sacrilegious because our goal for this musical is to have this production touch the hearts of people with a message of love and forgiveness.

Don’t miss The Prodigal Son Musical May 10th and 11th

Fire Alarm information for dummies


Basic Fire Alarm information

Basic Fire Alarm information

Manual Pull Box or Pull Station: This is the Red square box with the handle you pull when there is a fire. The fire alarm box.

Horn/Strobe: This is the flashing light that also has an obnoxious sounder on it. Many times it will sound in threes beep, beep, beep then repeat. These can be white or red depending on the building. New requirements are coming out where some of these may have a clear flasher for fire and a colored flasher for other type warnings for disasters or something else. There are also Speaker Strobes that look similar that have a speaker with a voice message telling you to leave, stay put or giving other information. These were known as VOICE EVACUATION SYSTEMS but now many are going to what is called MASS NOTIFICATION because sometimes these systems don’t evacuate people but tell them to move to another area of the building or stay put.

Duct Detector: This is a smoke detector mounted to the ventilation system so you know when there is smoke in the air distribution system. It can also shut off equipment if the motors are burning up. When there is smoke it can send a supervisory or an alarm, it can shut down all the air handler units or just one. Shutting them all off is called global shut down.

FLOW SWITCH: This is an electrical low voltage monitoring switch that tells the fire alarm panel that water is flowing. This switch activates and alarm and normally the fire department is dispatched.

TAMPER SWITCH: This is an electrical low voltage monitoring switch that tells the fire alarm panel that someone has shut off the water to the fire sprinkler system. This could also indicate a problem with wiring or sometimes when construction or service is being done these signals are activated to indicate a problem.

PIV: Post Indicator Valve, this is normally found outside a building and monitors whether or not the water is turned on or off for the fire sprinkler system going into a building.

HEAT DETECTOR: This does not need much explanation other than to say this is not a life safety device but these are meant more for protection of property and the structure of the building. There are fixed temperature sensors that go off and activate the fire alarm at normally 135 degrees F or 194 or 200 and there are Rate of Rise heat detectors that (ROR) that are activated if the temperature goes up very quickly within a certain amount of time and within so many degrees. There are also one time use heat detectors and others that that be reused over and over. You cannot test a one time use heat detector. It has a eutectic metal that melts at a specific temperature. The other heats can be tested with a heat gun. Sometimes the fire marshal will let you use a heat detector where you would normally find a smoke detector if circumstances require it. Example: If you normally have a smoke outside of an elevator which is code you could put a heat there instead if the elevator opened up to the outside where a smoke could get cold or dirty.

SMOKE DETECTOR: Everyone knows what a smoke detector does although many people don’t understand there are different kinds of smoke detectors. Two types are the ION and the PHOTOELECTRIC type smokes. ION is not the best choice here in Utah because they false alarm more in higher altitude areas. ION detects invisible smoke better like burning wires and such. ION detectors have a small portion of radioactive material inside so you can’t just throw them away in the garbage. Photoelectric sends a beam of light out though a maze inside the chamber and when smoke breaks that beam of light the alarm is activated the problem is that dust and steam can also affect these detectors. There are new detectors out that also have a CO sensor in them to avoid alarms in steam or dust environments. Some of these are not UL listed as CO sensors so you may need a separate CO sensor as well.

Annunciator: Also known as a Keypad where you can see your alarms and troubles.

CODE WORD OR PASSWORD: Code requires that you have a password for your alarm system so not just anyone can call in an put it in test and then arson the building and not have the fire department show up. When people are let go or fired this password should be changed.

Monitor module or POPIT: This is a small little device that will send a signal to the alarm panel telling it where the device is. If you have a smoke detector in the SW back of the building and you have one of these modules on the system it will give the panel the exact location after it is programed to do so.

LOOP or WIRE RUN or CABLE LOOP or WIRE CIRCUIT: When we install fire alarms or security alarms we can install them in a zoned (conventional) manner or an addressable manner this means that wire goes out to each device in a loop and if you have addressable modules tells the panel where each device is. If you have a zoned system then there is a wire that goes from the panel to each device using much more wire and if you have 15 devices then there are 15 wire runs and that is not in a loop. One circuit may have 15 smokes on it and still be conventional or zoned but you will not know where each device is or which one has gone into alarm without going out and looking at each one so the addressable configuration has an upside to it. Class A wiring means the wire goes out to all the devices and then comes back to the panel in a separate conduit or path. Class B means wire can go out and then stop at the last device. If the wire is cut on a class A loop then all the devices will continue to function and the panel will show a trouble. If a wire is cut on a class B loop, you will get a trouble and none of the devices after the cut will function.

NFPA 72 or NFPA 70 (NEC) and IFC: NFPA means National Fire Protection Association and the 72 is the Fire Alarm Code and the 70 is the Electrical Code or National Electrical Code NEC and IFC is International Fire Code. These codes have been adopted by Utah with some exceptions in R710 which is the Utah Code although Fire Marshals can require additional items or give you exceptions and all of these should be in writing.

ANSUL TIE IN: Alarm systems normally just monitor the ANSUL or the systems that dump chemical or liquid out to put out a fire in a kitchen.

GREEN TAG: The sprinkler system and the fire alarm system should be inspected and tagged separately. There is a different certification for each one of these. If one company does both they need to indicate the proper inspection and the numbers on the Green Tags. When the sprinkler system is tested they also test the functionality of the fire alarm where the sprinkler system is concerned and when the fire alarm system is tested they also test the flows, tampers and PIVs on a system although most fire alarm companies will not flow water but that is normally done by a sprinkler company. Most fire sprinkler companies do not test all of the fire alarm components as a fire alarm company does.

NFPA 72 INSPECTION FORMS: You should ask for these forms when your system is installed and inspected yearly as per code.

Elevator Recall: The fire alarm system has a smoke outside the elevators and if smoke is detected say on the first floor then the fire alarm system tells the elevator system to send the elevators to a different floor where there is no smoke. It is a bit more complicated that this but this is basically how it works. If there is a fire on say the 5th floor then the elevator will be sent to the 1st or ground floor so people can exit.

Shunt Trip to shut down power in the elevator shaft: If there is someone working in the shaft and say a detector indicates a fire or extreme heat then the fire alarm system tells the electrical system to shut off the power to protect the people working in the shaft from being electrocuted.

DAMPERS: There are vents in the ventilation system and some of them can be opened or closed and these can be tied to the system so they automatically shut or open. This could be done so smoke would not spread throughout the building.

SMOKE CONTROL SYSTEMS: In large buildings this is similar to dampers but more complex because the fire department could respond and enter a safe room normally on the perimeter of the building that had controls where they could open and close vents and dampers and turn on and off fans so they could move smoke from one area of the building to another area.

When you find errors in this information or something you feel needs to be clarified more please comment so corrections can be made. I have tried to make this information easier to read for those that are not involved in the industry and by so doing it may appear that some of the information is not complete.

DOOR HOLDERS: These are magnets that hold the doors open and they drop power when there is a fire so the fire does not spread.

SECURITY MAGLOCKS : These are also tied to the fire alarm, these magnets do the opposite, they are holding a door shut but when there is a fire alarm power should drop to these as well so people can exit the building.

24 HOUR BATTERY TEST: This is a test that is done to make sure your batteries are big enough and good enough to run your fire alarm system after power has been out for 24 hours. The system will run on battery and then the fire marshal will have the contractor set off the alarm for 5 or 15 minutes and all the horn/strobes or speaker strobes need to function for a specific time period. If they don’t then you may need new or larger batteries or even a new power supply. Most circuits can only have about 8 horn/strobes tied to them so if a contractor puts too many on one circuit then the last ones may not work if there is a voltage line drop. This means there may not be enough power at the end of the wire if the first horn/strobes took all the power. Some of the newer systems can have more than 8 on a circuit so that is why the fire marshal likes to see the battery calculations and the voltage line drop calculations. It is like putting 150 watt bulbs into a lamp that is rated for 60 watt bulbs. The wire size matters and the distance matters and the appliances you put on the wire also factor into these calculations.

I hope this has been of some help to those that are new in the industry or for an owner that would like to get more involved with his building. Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for more information 801 428 1384 or email him at I welcome corrections and comments.

ReadyKey Pro Access Control Different levels


This is a high end access control system. Bosch also offers two other lower end systems.

This is a high end access control system. Bosch also offers two other lower end systems.

A high en enterprise access control system that does not have limits to how many doors you can add normally costs about $2,700 per door. One example would be ReadyKey Pro by Bosch.

A mid-range access control system normally runs around $2,000 per door

A lower end door control system costs less than this of course depending on how far your doors are from the headend and the exact door hardware you will install it could be around $1,500

Door Access Control systems are not Security or Intrusion systems. Access Systems can be integrated into the intrusion although these systems unlock and lock doors and allow people / employees access during different times of the day. For example your Janitors Proximity card or thumbprint may only allow them to enter the area between 5 and 7 PM on Thursdays while the managers can enter Monday through Friday from 7AM to 6PM and the Owners prox card or thumbprint will allow them access 24 hours per day.

Cameras can also be programmed and integrated with the access control so when people present their card the persons picture will pop up on the security screen so the guards can compare the person entering the building with an employee photo that is on file side by side.

Cost of Security Intrusion Systems


To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

We get this question all the time of how much does a security system cost? The answer is very similar if you were to ask this question: How much does a CAR cost? It depends, so I put some basic figures together for an answer.

On a home system the figures are a bit different than for a residential system. The example here is for a home system. Keep in mind that when you purchase from one of these security companies that gives you a free system you still end up paying for the system over time because you are locked into a firm contract of 3 or 5 years.

Option 1 – Bosch B4412 with ATM Style Keypad, siren, 6 Doors and 5 Motions and a keyfob would be about $3,200 *

*******Depending on your home, it could be slightly more or less according to how accessible it is to run the keypad,siren, power, phone or internet wires.

*Option 2 – Bosch B4412 same package but only one motion $2,400

*Option 3 – Bosch B4412 same package but only 2 doors and one motion would be about $1,900

*Option 4 – We have packages that can run around $1,200 but once again it all depends on your home and your needs.

We have a great PeakLink package available with updated prices and the panels are up to date on the technology. Call Larry for current Pricing 801 428 1384

The motions included in this bid are the High Traffic Bosch motions that have a very long battery life compared to other competitors.

Monitoring is $26.95 per month with no set contract
Standard cellular adds $10 per month with Peak Alarm and much more from other companies
High Supervision Cellular for commercial fire alarm costs $22 per month
Elite control costs $5 per month (Smart phone control)

Monitoring that costs $50 per month adds up to $3000 in 5 years
Monitoring that costs $50 per month adds up to $1800 in 3 years
Monitoring that costs $42 per month adds up to $2520 in 5 years
Monitoring that costs $42 per month adds up to $1512 in 3 years

A wireless smoke detector, motion or glass break would be about $200 each programmed and installed. A door contact is about $120. When I say about this all depends on the brand we install and these examples are given using the Bosch B series panel with inovonics wireless. The Radion wireless system is also available.

The wireless fobs to arm and disarm are $115

We can buy panels that cost a bit less than the one listed but they don’t have the IPHONE features nor do the have the same features to send text messages or tie to the Internet the same way. This panel plugs into your router. For many panels you need to purchase a separate module to connect it to the Internet or network.

Apple has said they will be putting out 14 million low cost IPHONES, only issue is that they won’t have all the same features so many people will still want to buy the better IPHONES that have all the features, the same applies to security systems.

PEAK ALARM – Call Larry Love at 801 898 6003

“Conflict cannot survive without your participation in it.” ~Wayne Dyer

“Conflict cannot survive without your participation in it.”
~Wayne Dyer

Doves are the symbol of peace

Doves are the symbol of peace

Others will point out that when you follow this statement or advice that you will get walked over by those that would take advantage of you. They will tell you that you must learn to be assertive and stand up for yourself. There is a middle ground and there are ways of dealing with mean, rude or even evil people without using violence. Wayne is pointing out a very good point and with each situation you should decide if it is a conflict that is worth getting involved in or not. If not then don’t waste your time with it. Ask yourself is it worth getting arrested for? If the answer is no then that will help you decide what path to take. Is it worth losing a friend over? If the answer is no then don’t participate in the conflict. If your friend is involved in something that they should not be doing then it may be worth standing up and letting them know how you feel and you may not end up in that relationship any longer after the conflict but that may end up being a good thing considering that you become like the people you hand out with.

protesting causes conflict which may be needed

protesting causes conflict which may be needed

April is Dental and Medical Month for our family

Fun to watch

Fun to watch

This month we have 12 appointments scheduled just for Medical and Dental with our family. I had a dental appointment, Michelle had a dental appointment, Josh has a dental appointment, the dog has a spay appointment and vaccinations, my wife had 2 doctor appointments and a dentist appointment and my youngest son had 3 doctor appointments for his hand, one orthodontist appointment and one dental appointment. This adds up to 12 appointments.

Even with 3 of our five kids out of the house right now life is still very busy and full. I will be in a May musical so I have been growing my beard and hair long and I have practices 3 to 4 times a week and I still work a full time job and two part time jobs as work arises.

I am thankful for an understanding boss that allows me the time I need to take care of all of these items. I try to schedule most of them before or after work but that just can’t be done most of the time. My son needed a growth removed and we had to go to a normal doctor then a specialist 3 more times to get it taken care of.

My wife needed a procedure done and we had to go to the regular doctor and get a referral to another specialist and they gave us a referral to yet another doctor and they would not do the procedure until they saw her and had a consultation, hence more and more appointments. The consultation was suppose to explain the procedure to make sure it was needed and yet they just want to bill the insurance more and more and we have a 3000 dollar deductible so the bills are coming back to us each time.

When we are involved in anything it becomes the center of our attention and we feel that it is important. We have to remember that others also have similar circumstances where they are involved in activities as well and they consider them to be important. When a doctor wants to meet to discuss a procedure that another doctor recommended it is frustrating because with 11 other appointments this month we don’t seem to have any free time to relax.