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RE: Notes on Bosch D8128D input module D8129 output module, B208 input module, B308 output module and D9127U, SDI etc….


Just to clarify, the twists (12) per foot is just on the data loop if you are installing popits (D9127U or T using the D8125) Otherwise if you are installing the D8128D or the B208 input modules or the output modules then use 4 conductor cable stranded non-shielded. 14, 16 or 18 will work. Battery calcs will be affected a bit by the distance since resistance goes up the longer the wire is.

Let me know the exact counts so I can do a battery calculation to make sure we are good on power and such. Here are some notes that might be helpful concerning the security panel and modules.

EXAMPLE A: If you run out 100 feet to the D8128D module and then another 100 feet to your door then you have gone the 200 foot max. You can go out to 7 more doors that are 100 feet from the module. This is why it is best to use the B modules instead because you can go much further or the popits and go even further still.

B Module EXAMPLE B: If you run out 500 feet to the B208 module and then another 500 feet to your door then you have gone the 1000 foot max. You can go out to 7 more doors that are 500 feet from the module.

It is normally best not to run more than 500 feet from your module to your point. If you need to run really long runs it is best to install a POPIT LOOP then you can go out several thousand feet.

D8128D – ZONEX 200 Feet from panel- 200 Feet total – 4c – Two wires are power two are data (14 modules tops on each zonex) 28 total for the panel

The D8129 output module (64 Relays on each of the Zonex) Although maxing out the zonex and the SDI bus modules can cause issues if the calcuations are not done right.

B208 goes on the SDI up to 1000 feet from panel – unshielded —-Can’t do point numbers that end in 9 or 0 so this limits your points somewhat. The B208 current draw is 35mA.

B308 Output max relays that you can use —— SDI#2 = 96 relays (loose relays 9 and 10 ) You will need a separate power supply for the output modules as well, otherwise you may get missing points and such. Do battery calculations with the exact amount of modules you will have on the system. The B308 current draw is 22mA per device.

Can put 24 of the B208 (191) input modules on a system and 12 of the B308 output modules (96)

Relays on Zonex one and Zonex D8129 outputs (64 relays on Zonex 2 and 64 on Zonex 1) But this depends on what else you have on the panel. You would have to be right on with everything and you would need additional power supplies. Bosch tech support explained that you would need to do your calculations very carefully because if you have 3 keypads on your SDI bus that alone will be more than the 1.4 amps the panel gives you so add additional power supplies for aux power.

Battery calculations have to be done as well for current draw.

1.4 or 1amp out of the panel – current draw – do calculations on modules and on all your devices

Most likely use a different power supply if you have additional Keypads.

Panel will use 225ma just sitting there so you have 1 amp available and this gets taken very quickly when adding modules so do battery calculations before your installation.

D1260 Keypads draw 420mA each (with 3 you have maxed out- in Alarm they draw 750mA each so just the 3 keypads will draw 2.3 Amps) So make sure you have a separate power supply for your keypads and motions. The D1255 keypad draw less

B208 and B308 – point to module – 1K on the end 500 feet from module to the point

If you need to go more than 500 feet to the point it is best to use an addressable loop. The Longer the wire the more resistance so add up the device types, wire gauge and distances.

D9412GV4 (246 points)

SDI #2 bus: SDI one is for keypad and SDI two is where you would install B208 Input modules (eight points each) and the B308 output modules. Points with a 9 or 0 are not used on these modules so you loose 47 points from the 246 points available 19-20, 29-30, 39-40 cannot be used etc… These modules need to be installed within 1000 feet of the panel. So you would use 47 points out of the 246 points giving you 191 points total.

SDI#1- Keypads

Use 4 conductor wire on the B208, B308 or the D8128D or the D8129 modules. When installing the B208 input modules you can use 14, 16 or 18 gauge wire.

You can combine inputs and outputs from the different types although as pointed out before there are some limits on the outputs on the SDI. (If you used 12 of the input boards then you would only use 6 of the output boards that is why using the Datalink with the Zetron would be best)

It would be best to use the DATALINK so the panel would communicate with the ZETRON that way you would eliminate all the relay modules and just use the logic. We would need a non-disclosure signed with Bosch to release the Automation Protocol.

POPITS/ADDRESSABLE MODULES – LOOP (Normally 18 gauge 2 conductor although we normally install 4 conductor in case you want to power any motions or glass break sensors)

D8125 expansion has D9127U popits (addressable modules) tie to this addressable loop

On 18 awg wire you can run the loop out 4,600′ for popits
On 16 gauge wire you can run the loop out 7,320 feet for popits (D9127U)
On 14 gauge wire you can run the loop out 11,650 feet from the panel

Popits need wire that has 1 twist per inch for data transfer

The D9127U can also be ordered as a D9127T which has a tamper built into it. These popits or addressable modules only require 2 conductor but we normally pull a 4 conductor in case you have to power anything.

Example Configuration:

3 of the D1260 Keypads 420mA x 3 = 1260mA or 1.26 amps

12 of the B308 output modules at 22mA each is 264mA (96 output relays)

24 of the B208 input modules at 35 mA each is 840 mA or almost 1 amp (191 points)

? Motions at ? mA = ? amps

? Glass Breaks at ? mA= ? amps

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The Prodigal Son Musical

Larry Love in Center with Beard

Larry Love in Center with Beard

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

Prodigal Son


Andres Paredes wrote all of the music and Daniel Tuutau directed the Chorus and Colleen McKnight was the cast director. There was a chorus of 25, 6 dancers and a cast of 10 as well.