MANDT Training notes – Larry Love SAT 8/17/13 (8 hour class) Taught by Perry Garzo

Mandt Certificate

Mandt Certificate

People skills, behavior management, Principles, concepts, what is expected, everything is practical, how to apply, in 2 weeks we will discuss how to handle people in a physical way without harming them or yourself. Recertification every year so 11 months from now is best. How to manage people when they get upset. The more upset you get the less intelligent you are. You also can’t see as well when your upset you lose part of your peripheral vision. (lose 30 degrees of vision) Wait your turn to speak and listen. All listening is attending. Model appropriate behavior because all of us are ongoing examples. Do not make fun of co-workers because the clients will model this behavior.

I just typed the notes so understand they are not exactly in order but they were a mess and then I just typed them out.

Perfection is a direction of travel not a state of being

Treat all people with dignity and respect and manage yourself first.

Most of us are co-dependent and will put up with allot so the standard of treating others as we would want to be treated is not a standard to live by.

The golden rule squared or on steroids is to treat others as you would demand your loved ones be treated.

It’s about relationships – Emotional, Mental , Physical and Spiritual
Trust, commitment, loyalty, fun, consistency, stability, well rounded and balanced, communication patience, praise, safe, friendship, respect, dignity, empathy, love, fairness, equity, understanding, justice, open minded, sympathy, affection, sincerity, acceptance, teamwork, honesty, compromise, humor, courage, listen, approval, appreciation.
(Pick some of these you could live without) (NO keep them all )

RADAR – Recognize, Assess,Decide (plan), Act (Implement), Review (followup)

Be aware how to make things better


Guidance, Assistance, Protection and Direction. HAVE A GOAL – Know what our affect is on others.
Recognize and validate Emotions and feelings of others and encourage expression. Teamwork.

10. Special
9. Lift Carry and Lower / LCL
8. Support / Restraint
7. Accompany / Escort
6. Physical Touch
5. Verbal and non verbal
4. Lift carry lower
3. Body Position (to the side is normally best)
2. Physical Presence
1. Philosophy / attitude

Choose the least intrusive action that you can

Know the rules, consistent and genuine
Make a choice, take a chance or never change
WHAT IS MY ROLE: Father, Teacher, Religious Leader,
Emotions verces behavior – Emotions are not problems but behavior can be. Cope with anger
Acceptance approval and appreciation

lower needs must be met first

lower needs must be met first

Maslow’s Theory
Lower level needs have to be met first or the other steps cannot be met. Interestingly enough if you get to the top and some of the lower needs are not met many times you don’t fall like when you are on a lower level.

TOP – Self Actualization (This is when you turn your time to others ) This is not being co-dependent this is very different although service is involved. Buddha and Christ come to mind.
Personal Achievement – Job – School – Sports
Safety and Security
Survival- Food, Water and Shelter (These needs should be met before others can be dealt with)
A child in school who has problems at home may not be able to even think about grades until other needs are met first.

Humor Reduces stress – Humor is a mechanism to deal with stress but proper humor should be used only laugh with someone but we should not laugh at them. Be on the same team. Don’t make fun of others. Your ego can’t take a joke. Don’t make fun of others. Sarcasm should be used very selectively. We are not against them and we are always role modeling.
Be aware of the negative
SAY : I didn’t say I told my friend (Now say this placing emphasis on the first word then try it again placing emphasis on the second word then the third and you can get several different meanings from one sentence. )
7% of communication comes from WORDS – 55% is what we SEE and
38% is from Vocal Quality, Tone, Pitch, Resonance, Breath speed, volume and inflection.
This is why you can get mixed messages when talking on the phone because you can miss what you don’t see.

Stick Rock GUN BOMB
Fight – Flight or Freeze
YOU messages PUT DOWN
I feel _____________________________
When we try to get someone to do something even as simple as brushing their teeth we need to keep a positive dominant thought in our minds. ( I want you to brush so your teeth don’t rot and so you don’t have to go to the dentist for painful visits) This dominant thought is to help them so you are on their side.

Antecedent – Behavior and Consequence

Do not power Struggle


Stimulation/Trigger(Huh) / / Escalation(Fix it) // CRISIS (Freak out) //De Escalation (cool down) //
Remove Trigger – Offer options – During Crisis safety first least amount of interaction
During cool down – structured cooling down

Next: Stabilization (talk) (coming out of bedroom phase) // Post Crisis ( Observation and support) Recharge batteries

Active listening – Eye Contact – Body Orientation (ALWAYS USE THEIR NAME )

What I hear is that you are being strong because….

Personal Space – how close is too close

When your made your personal space bubble is larger and it is egg shaped so in the front it is larger than the side.


If you say DON’T RUN they think of RUN if you say please WALK they think if Walking

MEET THE NEED – What do they want and what do they need? Do they need to feel safe? How can you help meet that need? Do they need
to feel that someone is listening to them? Listen

Safe and Secure — Who , What , When, Back, Where

This is the way I feel because…. Take Responsibility Overwhelmed

Get the emotional need met frist

Feel Felt found

Get to know them and respect them

Los Diez Mandamientos The Ten Commandments

Éxodo 20 – Los Diez Mandamientos – Aprenda (Ingles más abajo)


The Ten Commandments

Exodo se encuentra en la Biblia (Segundo Libro)

English in the middle of the page.

Este año estamos enfocando en los mandamientos de Dios – Jesucristo vino y nos enseño acerca los dos mandamientos que contiene todos los diez mandamientos Jesús no vino para quitar la ley pero para añadir :

30 aAmarás, pues, al Señor tu Dios con todo tu bcorazón, y con toda tu alma, y con toda tu cmente y con todas tus dfuerzas; éste es el principal mandamiento.
31 Y el segundo es semejante a éste: Amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo. No hay otro mandamiento mayor que éstos.

Si amamos nuestro prójimo no vamos a mentir, ni dañarlos ni robar de ellos y lo mismo con Dios.

__________LOS DIEZ MANDAMIENTOS__________________________
Éxodo 20:3

3 No tendrás adioses ajenos delante de mí.

(Nuestros carros, nuestro tiempo o cualquier cosa que pones en posición delante de Dios puede ser otro Dios)

4 aNo te harás bimagen, ni ninguna semejanza de cosa alguna que esté arriba en el cielo, ni abajo en la tierra, ni en las aguas debajo de la tierra.

5 No te ainclinarás a ellas, ni las bhonrarás, porque yo soy Jehová tu Dios, fuerte, cceloso, que visito la maldad de los padres sobre losdhijos hasta la tercera y la cuarta generación de los que meeaborrecen,

(No debemos arrodillarnos y orar a nada ni a ninguna persona si no es Dios) La Biblia lo dice pero tenga cuidado de no burlar de la religión de otros porque muchos crean diferente y no debemos juzgar otros.

6 y que hago amisericordia a millares, a los que me aman y guardan mis bmandamientos.

7 No tomarás el nombre de Jehová tu Dios aen vano, porque no dará por binocente Jehová al que ctomare su nombre en vano.

(Si decimos que seguimos a Cristo pero nuestros acciones no muestra esto esta tomando el nombre de Dio en vano. Si decimos el nombre de Dios como “O Dios, o O Dios mío” cuando no estamos orando esto es tomar su nombre en vano. )

8 Acuérdate del adía del reposo para bsantificarlo.

9 Seis días trabajarás y harás toda tu obra,

10 mas el séptimo día es reposo para Jehová tu Dios; no harás en él obra alguna, tú, ni tu hijo, ni tu hija, ni tu siervo, ni tu criada, ni tu bestia, ni el extranjero que está dentro de tus puertas.

11 Porque en aseis días hizo Jehová los cielos y la tierra, el mar y todas las cosas que en ellos hay, y reposó en el séptimo día; por tanto, Jehová bendijo el bdía de reposo y lo santificó.

No debemos hacer compras los domingos. Antes de Cristo el Dia de Reposo era Sábado pero como Cristo resucitó Domingo hemos cambiado el Dia de Reposo.

12 aHonra a tu bpadre y a tu cmadre, para que tus ddías esealarguen en la ftierra que Jehová tu Dios te da.

Este mandamiento viene con una promesa de vivir mas tiempo. Honrar nuestros padres y madres es muy importante.

13 No amatarás. (No tomar o quitar la vida de alguien inocente)

Matar es tomar o quitar la vida de alguien inocente. Habla con su Obispo si tienen preguntas. Cristo nos trajo una le mas alta y el Dijo “Moises te dijo no mataras pero yo digo no debes estar enojado con su hermano.” Entonces la ley de Moises es la ley para preparar a vivir la ley más alta que es la plenitud del evangelio.

14 No cometerás aadulterio. (Sexo sin esta casados)

Jesús dijo “Moisés te dijo no cometerás adulterio pero yo digo que no debes mirar una mujer con pensamientos malos (o pensando en sexo etc…. Entonces Jesús nos enseña de vivir una ley más alta como en el Templo. Debemos esforzar a ser limpios moralmente en nuestros pensamientos y acciones.

No debemos tener relaciones sexuales con nadie que no sea nuestra esposa o esposo legalmente casados. Aun que la ley reconoce casamientos de homosexuales la Iglesia mantiene que tener relaciones sexuales fuera de casamiento entre de hombre y mujer es un pecado. También es pecado tener relaciones con personas casados o no casados. Ejemplo: Dos personas que no están casados no deben tener relaciones. Dos personas, uno que está casado y una mujer que no está casada no deben tener relaciones.

Pecado – Cualquier relación sexual es pecado si no están casados (hombre y mujer)
Cuando están casados sexo es una cosa muy bonito y Dios nos dio este poder para usarlos entre Esposo y Esposa para traer niños a la tierra.

15 No ahurtarás. (No Robar, no debes tomar ni quitar cosas de nadie sin pagar si estas cosas no son de Usted)

16 No dirás contra tu prójimo afalso testimonio. (No debemos mentir)

17 No acodiciarás la casa de tu prójimo; no codiciarás la esposa de tu prójimo, ni su siervo, ni su criada, ni su buey, ni su asno, ni cosa alguna de tu prójimo.

No debemos querer las cosas de otras personas. Podemos decir en nuestra mente “Algún Día me gustaría tener algo así” Pero no debemos decir “Quiero esta cosa que pertenece a otro.”

Cuando Pecamos debemos arempentirnos y dejar el pecado. Si el pecado es muy serio debemos hablar con el Obispo o Presidente de Rama y confesar. Tenemos que reconocer que estábamos pecando y hacer resituación. Muchas veces tenemos que comprar o pagar por la cosa. Tenemos que orar por perdón y pedir que la expiación trabaja en nuestras vidas. Cuando no puedes hacer restitución debes hablar con el Obispo para tener un plan. Aborto es tomar una vida inocente y matar el niño. Debemos alejarnos de cualquier cosa como esto. Si tienes adiciones puedes ir a la estaca los Lunes, Miércoles y Vienes a las 12 (mediodía) y ellos pueden ayudar con los pasos para cambiar. Tal vez debes dejar de tomar la santa cena hasta su Obispo dice que debes tomarlo otra vez. Cristo quiere perdonarnos entonces debemos esforzar de cambiar y aprentirnos para que la expiación puede limpiarnos de nuestros pecados.

Disculpa mis errores de autografía porque quise poner esto y no tenia mucho tiempo de escribirlo. Mándame correcciones por facebook o email.

Exodus 20 – The Ten Commandments – Exodus is the second book in the Bible

This year we are focusing on the Ten Commandments and the two great commandments

Jesus came and explained that all the commandments basically fall into the two greatest commandments – Jesus did not come to take from the law but to add to it
: Mark 12:30-31

30 And thou shalt alove the Lord thy God with all thy bheart, andwith all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy cstrength:this is the first commandment.
31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thyneighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

If we love our neighbor we won’t steel, lie or hurt them and the same with God.

_THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ____________________________
3 Thou shalt have ano other bgods before me.

(Your cars, your time or whatever thing you may put as a higher priority than God. )

4 Thou shalt anot make unto thee any bgraven cimage, or anylikeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earthbeneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

5 Thou shalt not abow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for Ithe LORD thy God am a bjealous God, cvisiting the diniquity of theefathers upon the fchildren unto the third and fourth generation of them that ghate me;

(We should not bend down and pray to anything or anyone if it is not God) Be careful not to make fun of others religion because we feel strongly about this and we should not judge or make fun of others or how they worship. Read verse 5 above right out the bible and we should live the commandments but once again don’t talk poorly of anyone else’s religion or practices.

6 And shewing amercy unto thousands of them that love me, andkeep my bcommandments.

7 Thou shalt not take the aname of the LORD thy God in bvain; forthe LORD will not hold him cguiltless that dtaketh his name in vain.

If you say you believe in Christ and are Christian yet your actions do not show this you can be taking his name in vain. If you say “Oh God or Oh Jesus” without referring to them in prayer you are taking the name of God in vain.

8 Remember the asabbath day, to keep it bholy.

9 aSix days shalt thou blabour, and do all thy work:

10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in itthou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter,thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thyastranger that is within thy gates:

11 For in asix days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, andall that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore theLORD bblessed the sabbath day, and challowed it.

Saturday used to be the Day of rest or the Sabbath day (Sabado in Spanish) but after the Resurrection of Jesus (on Sunday) they changed the day we worship to Sunday. We should not buy things on Sunday we should not go out to eat on Sunday and we should strive to keep life and meals simple on Sunday trying to remember God and go good things on his day.

12 ¶aHonour thy bfather and thy cmother: that thy ddays may beelong upon the fland which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Although many of the commandments have blessings that come from living them this one actually has a promise attached to it. Not only should we honour and respect our parents but we should treat them with kindness.

13 Thou shalt not akill.

Killing is the act of taking innocent life. If you have questions talk to your Bishop

14 Thou shalt not commit aadultery.

Jesus said “Moises said don’t commit adultery but I say unto you don’t even think bad thoughts about a woman (lust or sexual thoughts) So Jesus teaches us to live an even higher law the same law we have in the Temple. So don’t even look at a woman with lust in your heart. We should strive to stay morally clean in our thoughts and actions.

Any sexual relations outside of marriage are considered sins. The Church maintains it’s position that even though Homosexuals may marry that having sex with a member of the same sex is a sin. We love all people and we should not ostracize anyone for how they are and it is not our job to condemn them so we should respect all people. Sex between a married man and a single woman is adultery for the man and fornication for the girl but it is of the same serious nature.

15 Thou shalt not asteal.

Do not take anything that does not belong to you. We should pay for anything that we get unless it is a gift.

16 Thou shalt not bear afalse witness against thy bneighbour.

Do not lie, gossip or cheat it all goes together into the same type of sin.

17 Thou shalt not acovet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt notcovet thy neighbour’s bwife, nor his manservant, nor hismaidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.

We should not want something that belongs to anyone else. We can say “I like that and I would like one like it, therefore I will work hard and buy one of those one day” But we should not say “I want that” this is the sin of coveting.

When we SIN we need to REPENT or turn away from SIN. If the sin is very serious we need to confess to a local Church leader to obtain help with the repentance process. We need to recognize that we have sinned and promise not to do it again. We need to stop the sin or stop the action. We need to make restitution and give back or pay for what we damaged or stole. We need to pray for forgiveness and ask God that the atonement of Jesus work in our life to help us be forgiven. When you cannot make restitution because of the seriousness of the sin you need to consult with your Bishop or Branch President. Abortion is the act of taking innocent life and is very serious so avoid anything to do with such practices. Many times if we are in addiction we need to get help from others and replace the problem with something positive. There is a group that meets at the Stake Center every Monday, Wed and Fri at Noon to help with any type of addictions. We also need to forgive ourselves after we have done all we could do to repent. Many times your Bishop may ask you to stop taking the sacrament until you are farther along in the process. Work with your leaders and Bishop to get out of Sin and get on the right path.

False ID Court Jail ICE deportation

Using fake ID can complicate your life and cause many problems

Fake ID can be a 3rd degree felony in Utah

Fake ID can be a 3rd degree felony in Utah

1.In Utah using or being in possession of a false or fake ID can be a 3rd degree felony and you can get from 0 to 5 years in prison. I have a friend that just got put in jail for 6 months for being in possession of 3 fake ID cards so there are 3 counts against him or 3 felony charges so it could be 0-15 years in prison. He got ordered to serve 6 months and he also has an immigration hold from ICE on his name at the Jail. If you are going to be locked up for more than a year they normally send you to a prison.

The Police arrest you and then you go into the jail and the court system. The court handles the hearings and the sentence and the jail enforces the punishment. ICE is a federal immigration agency so they have more authority than local agencies yet the court is separate from the jail or prison and the ICE is also separate. You may have charges with the city or state and different ones in a federal court. The court nor the jail can tell you what ICE may or may not do to a person as far as deportation. This friend of mine has a family yet most likely he will be deported. The Judge told him he would not be deported but now he has an immigration hold on his name that is listed in the public record portion of the jail records.

In 2009 the US Supreme Court ruled that just working with a false ID did not mean you would have to be charged with Identity theft or other charges although each State has different laws so if you have a really good lawyer and pay them lots of money then there is a chance they can get you off of the charges or have the penalty reduced but understand that lawyers for criminal cases are normally different than lawyers for immigration cases. Although the feds may not charge you if they find that you have a false ID the State or City may charge you and it can be very serious.

*Pointing out that the US Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that undocumented people using a social security number just to work will not be charged with fraud unless there is proof they were using the false ID or numbers in order to steal. Most of the undocumented people using false social security numbers do it solely so they can work and they have federal, state, med and FICA (Social Security) taken out of their checks that they will never see. In 2009 over 9 billion in social security was paid into the mismatched funds and most of that is attributed to undocumented people paying social security using made up numbers or the numbers belonging to others.

Illegal aliens using false social security numbers may not be charged with identity theft if they were only using the number in order to work yet there is a chance they will be charged depending on the circumstances so don’t look at a Supreme Court ruling and assume it is a get out of jail free card.