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It’s more than just the pricetag

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Bosch automation options D9412GV4

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1. GUI Computer Interface option – 3rd Party software and some have to downgrade Bosch panel to the GV3 8.05 firmware to have it work. The GV3 panel Cannot do the IPHONE interface and do the GUI together. There are several options and we would need to know which automation you would use in order to try to interface but most likely you would need to change the panel to a GV3 Version and firmware 8.05 unless the automation company had worked on a solution to the newest panel.

2.(ReadyKey PRO is being discontinued 2014) The Bosch ReadyKey Pro Hardware and Software used in Conjunction with the D9412GV4 will allow you to have a GUI interface where you can arm and disarm using CAD maps. That option requires you purchase the equipment from a ReadyKey Pro dealer. You will need a dedicated computer that meets the requirements and it will communicate over the network using the SDI bus of the GV4 panel also communicating over the network using the B426 module. You would need The RKP-6210-INT software and the RKP6200 S-32 software with a dedicated computer as well the Estimated cost on this package would be approximately $5,000 installed but currently Bosch is working with Lenel and in 2014 changes will be made to the manufacturer agreements so it would be best to verify this equipment after the first of the year.

3. (Remote access manager software) RAM lite would allow the guard or manager to arm and disarm via the computer tied to the panel via modem or network. They could bypass and un bypass points as needed. The part number for the lite version is D5500C-lite-USB and the cost is $450 plus $77 per hour setup and training estimated at 10 hours or $770 labor and $450 parts for a total of $1,220 – This is done in a list format not using CAD maps. The customer needs to open the ports to allow incoming and outgoing traffic to work over the network for port 7700 so we can remotely connect to the Panel over the network.

4. The full version of RAM will allow programming changes to all the software and that model number is D5500C-USB and the cost is $1,200 and the estimated labor for that program is 15 hours or $1,155 labor for a total of $2,355 – This is also done in a list format not using CAD maps.

5. The panel would need to be tied to the network via a B426 Ethernet module which costs $230 and the labor to program and install of 3 hours $231 or $461 total. This requires that the panel have a static IP if you will be accessing the system off site or a DNS Service. This labor does not include pulling or installing wire nor does it including any HUBS or internet or network connections.

6. D9412GV4 that is installed can be armed and disarmed via IPHONES or Android phones. What would be needed is we would have to issue a certificate to each phone that would arm or disarm by sending out an email and they would have to open that email only using that phone and it would have to correspond to the code entered into the panel for arming and disarming. This would cost $15 per certificate when you provide us with the cell phone number, the corresponding email address and the person’s name and code that is already entered into the panel. For this option the panel has to be tied to a phone line or to the Internet so we can access it over the network. If it is a phone line connection we would bill out $77 per hour for programming as needed. If it is tied to the Internet then we would bill the $15 per certificate as needed.

7. Options wanted by customer to arm and disarm in different modes could require programming changes when trying to do 4 different things.

8. Mode one option to arm up at night and have all points send signals to the Central Station and Zetron works fine.

9. Mode two option to disarm and have specific points report to zetron and certain points report to the Central Station also works fine because you can program specific points such as outside doors to be 24 hour points that always alarm when opened and other points and be programmed to be local while disarmed.

10. The challenge comes when they want to program points to do other actions while armed or disarmed. The option exists now for the GUARD to go to the Keypad and press MENU, scroll using the NEXT button to BYPASS A POINT and press ENT then enter the CODE then scroll to the point they want to bypass or simply enter the point number and the point will be bypassed. It is the same procedure to un bypass a point.

11. One way to overcome part of this challenge is to use the built in central station software at your Central Station which when programmed once with time schedules will ignore signals if not within the parameters. Example: You could program the central station to ignore signals from 5AM to 10PM and only react to signals that came in from 10:01PM to 4:59AM.

12. Trying to do functions that go outside the limits of the system then becomes quite hard to accomplish without installing more equipment such as the RAM interface or the GUI interface.

13. Using the IPHONE or Android phones or IPADs to arm and disarm the D9412GV4 is an option and I mentioned the certificates above but one good option to consider is which offers 3G phones from $99 to $199 with unlimted text, talk and internet for only $23 per month without a contract. They offer the 4G phones for $300 with an unlimited talk, text and internet plan for $40 per month without being locked into a contract. (Just an option and the phones operate on the Sprint network and have the ability to work over wifi as well.

14. The Bosch D9412GV4 panel can dial out via phone or communicate via Internet using the dial out format of CONTACT ID or MODEM IIIa2 or using the digital options over the Ethernet. Almost all manufactures are moving away from any analog line support and moving to the digital protocol.

15. Bosch has the ability to connect to the Zetron over the network avoiding all the hard relays that were installed but some zetron systems do not have the connections needed for that integration but Bosch can integrate to automation systems and Zetron is one of those systems.

Pricing examples are valid for 30 days from the listed date and after that please contact us for a current price.

This information was for a specific project and I felt some of the information may be helpful to others so I am posting it without any job names or other information. Bosch dealers when working with customers specific needs often have to consult with Engineers and other 3rd party companies that have integrated their software in such a way as to be able to accomplish some of the things customers would like to do that the Panel itself cannot do. The IPHONE and smart phone arm and disarm is very basic and is not set up for individual points so you may want to use the RAM or the RAM lite if you need more control.

List of Commercial Alarm companies in Utah

See below for a list of Specific licensed Utah Alarm Companies that are recommended

Peak Alarm 1534 S Gladiola Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 – Commercial Alarms, Fire Alarm, Access Control, Intrusion Security, Cameras and Repairs. Bosch Dealer. UL listed Monitoring from $26.95 per month. Ask for Larry Love 801 428 1384

Alarm Control – Siemens, Cerberus, Pyrotronics,Silent Knight, Firelite. Supression Panels: Fike, Ansul and Fenwall,Cerberus – (801)486 8731 Ask for Brad. Alarm Control installs and services Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems as well.

BEST – GE Vigilant- Access Control, Security, Cameras ask for Al 801 352 0743

ADT- Security, Cameras – Call for additional information (877) 809 3274

PEAK – DMP Security,Qolsys, DSX Access Control, Salient/Axis Cameras, HOCHICKI Fire Alarm as well as Silent Knight, Firelite and DMP Fire Alarm- – UL listed Monitoring (801) 428 1384 Larry Love email Peak Alarm has been in business for 45 years, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and does not run personal credit checks like many other companies.

Siemens – Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics- Fire Alarm (801) 590 7373 (Alarm Control also services Cerberus as well)

Firetrol – Notifier & gamewell- EST – Bosch- Firelite – Silent Knight- Digitize – Fire Alarm (801) 485 6900

Honeywell -Security, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Cameras (801) 886 2957

Mountain Alarm or Fire Protection is the company name for their fire alarm division -Notifier is their main brand although they can also do Bosch, Silent Knight or Firelite as well. Mountain Alarm is their security division and Fire Protection does the fire alarm installations. (801) 363 9696 Mountain Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has only had one complaint filed against them in the past 3 years.

Nelson Fire – FCI and Gamewell (801)468 8300 Ask for Steve or Ben Nelson. This company does quite a bit of work for the school districts.

Johnson Controls (801) 973 4001-

PST – GE – EST Fire Alarm, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Security – Ask for Greg (801)649 6696

PCS – Power Control Systems- Access Control, Security – MIRCOM Fire Alarm ask for Gary Powers (801) 560 6423

SIMPLEX Grinell – Fire Alarm, Intrusion Security, Access Control, Cameras. SIMPLEX, Grinell, Thorn and Autocall Fire Alarm ask for Dave (801) 633 9830

StateFire has been in business since 1989 as a strong full service fire suppression company.
StateFire Services Simplex, Fike, GE-EST, Notifier, FCI and Silent Knight. StateFire Is an Authorized dealer in EST, GE-IO Series and Fike. StateFire installs Fire Alarms, Clean Agent Suppression Systems as well as service and monitoring. StateFire is a full service fire suppression company which services fire sprinklers, extinguishers, kitchen hood suppression systems. Call 801 288 2100 x5221 Ask for Brad Teerlink.

Wasatch Electric Comtech division- Cameras, Access Control, Security and Fire Alarm (801) 487 4511 – GE EST Edwards System Technology

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