Video Analytics in Utah

Video Analytic software solutions can help alert you when someone is climbing a fence or going the wrong way. New license plate cameras can now read the plate numbers and enter them directly into a computer program. Video solutions are coming a long way in a short time. IP video is the way to go but don’t go with a contractor that is just going to install a quick camera system or the least expensive system.

You don’t look for the least expensive look alike I-Phone you go for quality not only because it is a brand name but because the features, quality and options that it gives you.

IP cameras take up more storage but storage options are getting less expensive all the time.

Camera systems allow you to view accidents and have video for court, view security video incidents, use the video as a training tool for employees to praise them for a job well done. When you use video in this way it become a positive force that your employees appreciate. Call Larry 801 428 1384 direct for pricing or a video solution.

What do you need to view?
How much motion occurs in these areas each day? 9 hours out of 24 or 15 hours of traffic?
How long are the wire/cable runs?
Is drilling required?
Is a lift needed to install the cameras and or wire?
Do you need heater blowers in your outside cameras?
Do you need to see in the dark?
How is your lighting laid out?
Do your trees need to be trimmed to get the best camera views?
Do you currently have analog cameras that need to be updated to IP?
Do you know that you can purchase a hybrid DVR/NVR that will allow you to connect both analog and IP cameras to the same unit
Did you know you can view your cameras from your Iphone? Or smart phone?
How much storage do you need on your DVR/NVR? 2TB, 6TB or more? Let us help you with this.
Did you know that commercial, industrial video equipment is different from what you buy at the big box stores?
Did you know that commercial systems backup video on 2 separate drives in case of failure?
Did you know you can integrate your video system with your access control and security systems?

call Larry for an appointment today.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years

The least expensive options are often poor business decisions

American Security & Fire Installs Camera Systems

Camera Systems in Utah

Cameras are like cars they come in different brands, different qualities and prices ranges. Price will vary with warranty or lack thereof.

All the following examples may look very similar to the picture but the prices are all different the the functionality will vary greatly. Get help from an expert rather than just buying from a big box store. Would you buy your new I-PHONE from a swap meet for $100 even thought it said new in the box?

1. Analog camera 420 lines resolution 4mm lense (Dome)

2. Analog dome camera 700 TVL lines 2.8-12mm lens

3. Analog dome camera 700 TVL lines 2.8-12mm lens with vandal resistant outdoor housing. (Some come with heater and blower)

4. 2.1 MP IP camera dome (Takes up 3-4 or more storage space on your DVR/NVR)

Camera will look the same but the four options can vary greatly in price although the labor and wire will cost the same so it is best to have a decent camera installed the first time.

Keep in mind that you can even match the above specifications and have a large price difference if you buy from a no name brand compared to a good name brand like Axis or Bosch. Not only is the price different but the quality is different as well.

Don’t go with the least expensive purchase and make a poor business decision. Get your options and make a good decision. You may not purchase the most expensive but it is best not to purchase the least expensive option either.

You have heard the saying “You get what you pay for” In Spanish they say “Lo barrato siempre sale caro” Or the least expensive things always cost more in the long run. (Not exactly but similar). Cheap always come out expensive.

Learn about what options are the better choices for your facility. I would suggest a midrange camera not the $4000 dollar Bosch unit but not the $50 dollar camera either. Just holding the $50 dollar camera in your hands and the $350 dollar camera you can feel a difference in weight and in how it is built. Then there is a marked difference in the $600 or $700 dollar camera from how the $350 one feels.

camera cost + cable cost depends on length and cable type (CAT6 verses RG59 with power wire) + labor cost to install camera
Add cost of Power Supply or switch/router etc..
Add cost of drilling if we need to mount outside
Add cost of wiremold or conduit if needed to hide or protect cable
Add cost if you need heater blower in outdoor cameras. (Some come with a heat strip)
Add to cost if you need a vandal resistant camera
Add to cost if you need day night capability
Add to cost if you need other special features
Avoid going with just a 4mm camera especially if it is outside. Best to go with a 2.8 to 12 or even a 5mm to 50mm so you can adjust the camera after installation.

If you get PTZ then understand there is a price range from about $1000 to $8000 depending on your needs and brand and features 10 times zoom or 36 times zoom and day night options or tracking options or if you need a camera that can read license plates and enter the plate numbers into a computer program then that will cost more.

Add the cost of a DVR or NVR. Make sure it is expandable if you need to cameras. Make sure you get enough storage to save what you need

Setting the cameras to record on motion will help save some storage capacity as will planning on the camera resolution.

Do you need to see faces and zoom in after the fact? If so then IP Mega Pixel cameras would be best.

What is the distance you are looking at and how far across? I have a special program and a hand calculator to figure out lense sizes and there are even verifocal lenses on IP cameras. can help you find a good solution for your home or business. 801 428 1384


Home Show Oct 2014

Home Show Oct 2014

A few weeks ago I met with a customer and a company from Utah County sold his company a 2GIG panel but they did not tell him that they cannot legally monitor flow and tamper or other commercial fire points using that panel. The fire panel was not tied in and the security panel was functioning but the customer was quite upset. I explained that the 2GIG is a great system but limited to certain aspects.

Another customer had already signed up with the same company from Utah County on a large building and this 2GIG panel was being used as their security system. Now that company wants to add keypads and several more users since they rent the building out. They also want to add access control and when a valid card is read they would like to disarm the security system. The system they were sold does not have the ability to do any of these things and they are locked into a 3 year contract. Be very careful when signing a contract to make sure the company that is selling you the system is reputable. Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the BBB. Some of these other companies that have the IN and OUT business model are being sued in several states.

The 2GIG panel is limited to 32 users and currently will not partition into different areas.

Some companies just use double stick tape to put the contacts up and Peak Alarm uses screws. Our techs are trained in commercial and residential alarm systems and they are all licensed by the State of Utah and go through the FBI background check.

The 2GIG panel is a great little system for certain types of business or homes. It allows you to connect using your smart phone and control locks, lights,tempurature, arm and disarm and even view cameras. (Not record them but view them) It has a device that is an image sensor that will take still shots during an alarm or anytime using your smart phone although the basic plan allows 30 images per month and it would cost more to get more than 30. If you need commercial fire alarm you should consider a different system, if you need partitions then you should consider a different panel. Linear is working on a new version that will have partitions but it is not out just yet. The wireless points are limited as to how far they can be mounted from the panel. Peak Alarm sells lots of these 2GIG systems and the price point is perfect for what they do.

The DMP 550 panel is UL listed for commercial fire, access control and burglar alarm and will allow 10,000 users, 32 areas and 16 keypads/access control doors. Bosch offers a similar system and is coming out with some new panels that are larger. Both DMP and Bosch can integrate with high end wireless which can be long range.

The DSX Access Control system we use will allow thousands of doors so there are different levels of system according to your needs.

Finding out the customers needs before you sell them a system is very important because if you find out that they have plans to expand and then they will be required to buy a larger system will not be good news to them after they have purchased the first system.

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email

Here is a link to a cut sheet for the DMP 550 panel

I took this picture

I took this picture

Peak Alarm is my new home

ABOUT PEAK: Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, Peak has over 270 employees and five offices, 2 in Idaho, one in Saint George, one in Park City and our Salt Lake office as shown in this picture. I have been in the Alarm industry for 18 years and in the Guard industry for a few years as well. So I have been in the security industry over 20 years.

ABOUT CURRENT PACKAGES: Peak Alarm has experts in Fire Alarm, Intrusion Systems, Access Control, Door Control and cameras. We have entry level options in each area and mid range then enterprise systems for large facilities. Peak Alarm’s new PeakLink and PeakView packages make it easy to get the newer technology with a low monthly monitoring rate. We have packages that start out at $99 installation and $39 per month monitoring. We can add Elite control for only $5 per month that allows you to arm and disarm your security system from your smart phone. You can also control your temperature controls, cameras, lights, garage door and even locks from your smart phone through your security system.

CAMERAS: We have great packages that allow you to view and control your cameras from your smart phone. We have analog systems still, although IP cameras will allow you to zoom in after the fact much better than the older technology. If you have color cameras that are 700 TVL (some of the higher resolution cameras) know that the small 2.1MP cameras are much better although they also take 3 to 4 times as much storage but the DVR/NVR units are getting much more affordable now. We have entry level systems in both IP and analog and DVR/NVR in both and even ones that are Hybrid allowing you to have both IP and analog cameras on the same unit.

MONTHLY MONITORING : Peak Alarm has a UL listed Monitoring Central Station (Only one of 2 UL listed Stations in the State of Utah) Peak Alarm offers monitoring of your home security systems, business security, fire alarm and monitoring of elevators. We have an extensive radio network that will allow you to cancel your analog phone lines and install a radio, cellular or high supervision cellular to monitor your fire alarm and or security systems.

SPECIAL PRICING : I can get special pricing for friends and family on the monitoring. Most of our contracts are 36 months although we offer options for 24 months, 12 months and even month to month. When the contract is changed to lower the months the amount of the equipment that we can subsidize is changed so the equipment would be more expensive if you did not want the longer monitoring contract.

GUARDS AND PATROL : Peak Alarm has a Guard and Patrol division. Our prices are very competitive and in Salt Lake City where the Police do not respond to Alarms unless they are panic alarms Peak can help protect your residential properties and businesses at an affordable rate.

AUDIO VISUAL: Peak also has a full service AV Audio Visual division that installs home entertainment or full size theater systems for businesses. We have special speakers that can be built into your walls and big screens as well as very large touch screens that allow interactive use just like a tablet but much larger.

Call Peak for all your security needs

Call Peak for all your security needs

Eliminate your analog phone lines for fire alarm



High Supervision Cellular or AES Radio communicators will allow the owner of a business that has a Fire Alarm System to eliminate their analog phonelines which can save them the cost of the dedicated line and they can cancel their analog lines.

The cost of these units will vary slightly depending on the location of the service but a close estimate here in Salt Lake is right around $600 for either unit.

Central Station Monitoring is as low as $25 per month

AES Radio Monitoring is $15 per month

High Supervision Cellular that communicates every 6 minutes is only $22 per month. (Normal cellular is only $10 per month through Peak Alarm)

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 today to switch your monitoring to Peak Alarm.

Peak Alarm contracts are normally 36 month contracts because it allows us to subsidize some of the cost of the equipment into the monitoring. We can do 24 month or 12 month contracts although the cost of the equipment is a bit more.


Picture I took in Guatemala

Peak Alarm Monitoring options

Home Show Oct 2014

Home Show Oct 2014

Did you know you can control your garage door, lights, security,cameras & thermostat using your smart phone? Call Larry Love for a free consultation
(801) 428 1384

Basic Rates
36 Month Contract – Systems as low as $99 installed and $39/mo

The $39 per month is $29 monitoring and $10 cellular communication

We can do a 24 month contract or even a 12 month contract although the equipment would cost more because we could not subsidize the cost of the equipment with the monitoring.

Monthly monitoring charges can very depending on several factors:

Normal Monitoring $35/mo (can be less depending on adding other options)

Elite remote control of your arming and disarming including cellular only $5 more which comes to $15/mo.

Alarm response includes 4 guard patrol responses/yr at $10/mo. This is great for Salt Lake because the police do not respond to alarms because of their Non Response Policy.

Remote Camera Control up to 4 Cameras $10/mo with PeakView. We have other camera systems that will allow you remote viewing in other ways. Our Systems come in entry level, mid range and enterprise systems.

Standard Cellular $10 per month

High Supervision Cellular listed for Fire Alarm $22/mo and this sends out signals every 6 minutes.

Elevator Monitoring $15/mo

If you want the cost of the annual fire inspection we can have you pay that monthly so it is not a large charge annually.

Lighting control $4/mo

Garage door control $4/mo

Lock Control $4/mo

Openings and Closings with User ID $5/mo. This is what I have at my home so I get an email every time my home security system is armed or disarmed so I know when the kids get home and when they leave.

Partitions $12/mo when it is a different call list. If it is the same call list then we don’t charge any extra. Partitions allow you to say put in one security panel and rent out 8 units and all would be connected to your same security panel and each keypad would have codes that only work on that keypad allowing your renters to have their own security system and you could charge them say $20 per month and we would only charge you $12. This is a great option when you lease out areas in your building.

Repair agreements allow you to reduce the cost of any future repairs so you would not pay the normal $100/hr residential labor rate or $130/hour commercial rate but if you have a repair agreement we would come and and repair your system without the labor charges. The equipment that we provide and install has a one year warranty and the labor has a 90 day warranty. Keep in mind that acts of God and vandalism do not fall under the repair agreement. If your employee or someone else smashes your motion detector with the fork lift that would be a matter for your insurance company etc…

Service Retainer – When we do not monitor your home or business and you would like Peak Alarm to come out and fix your system we will need $120 and a signed contract or $10 per month for a year so you will then be a Peak Alarm customer.

Schedules $10/mo (Early to open, late to close or late to open) If you have a store and the employees are getting their late you will be notified if the system is not disarmed by a certain time. If they stay to late or open up too early you will be notified.

WEB ACCESS $5 allows you to go into your account and view history events so you could check on these things yourself.

Radio Service $15 per month. Peak Alarm would install an AES radio communicator that would take the place of your phone lines. The great part about a Radio or cellular unit is that if your phone lines are cut the system can still send alarms with the Radio or Cellular. Many businesses pay over $30 per month for analog lines especially if they are dedicated analog lines for fire alarm.

Text or email notification $5/mo

Video Verification $10/mo

PeakLink Image Sensor $15/mo – This camera takes snapshots at the time of the alarm allowing you to view what is happening at that moment. This is separate than the IP Cameras on PeakLink or PeakView systems.

Emailed reports $5/mo

Managed Access for access control systems up to 100 cards $35/mo Peak Alarm would enter new users and delete employees cards that you let go. This small charge will help you manage your access control system. Access control systems allow you to give an employee a prox card and assign them specific doors that they can access and specific hours that they can access those doors. Typically access control doors cost anywhere from $2000 to $3000 each door depending on the system you buy and how far the door is from your system and how difficult the wire is to get from point A to point B. Call Larry 801 428 1384 and he will come out and give you a quote. Peak Alarm has entry level access control systems, midrange systems and enterprise systems that would allow you to control several buildings of access control instead of just one building.

These prices are subject to change so please call to get current pricing. The prices are also subject to special discounts for things such as how many buildings you are monitoring. If you have 34 accounts we can arrange a bulk discount on some of the services. If you add Guard Patrol or Standing Guard service we can arrange a package deal with Don in our Patrol division.

Be careful about purchasing specific systems for your business that might be better suited for a home or a small business. An example would be our PeakLink system which is the 2GiG panel. It allows you to remotely control the system using your smart phone but it cannot partition and has other limitations so if you want those features and your building is larger we have a great higher end option that would still allow remote control of your system using your cell phone.


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Information provided from S2 and published by Larry Love with Peak Alarm email 801 428 1384 Peak Alarm is a DSX Access Control Dealer and for entry level Peak Alarm uses DMP.

If any of this information is incorrect or if you would prefer that your company not be listed on this blog please notify me and I will take your information off. If any pictures get posted that are private or have a copywrite please let me know and I will remove them immediately.