Surety do it yourself Security equipment

There are web sites you can go to and purchase security equipment and install it yourself. One of those sites is

I installed my own security system and it took me about 8 hours or all day long to read the book and do the programming and install all the sensors and such. If you are mechanically inclined it may take you less time.

Ask yourself what your time is worth and then it would be prudent to get proposals from licensed, trained security companies and use a UL listed Monitoring station.

For this example I have included the following equipment that was priced off the above web site :

2GIG PIR Motion $51.65 each (2) = $103.30
2GIG Panel with touch screen $268.50
3 Door window contacts $23.50 each or $70.50
Yale Touchscreen Z Wave Key Free deadbolt $226.95
LiftMaster MyQ Control panel for garage door $46.95

Total off the site was $716.20

This site is a great resource for security equipment although you can check all of your options to make sure you are getting a quality install done by licensed professionals and monitored by licensed professionals.

Using the same part numbers and signing a 3 year contract through Peak Alarm you can have this system installed for under $500 dollars. Research the monitoring well because some of the monitoring stations are not UL listed and some do not offer the remote apps that you need to control your locks, lights, thermostats and security system. When getting the locks you end up having to pay another monthly fee and when getting the garage door opener the same applies and there is an additional charge for the camera. Many sites will quote you a monthly monitoring fee but not include the cellular plan which we are $10 per month for but many companies charge over $20 for per month. If you want Elite control or smart phone control it is $15 per month for the cellular and elite plan.

The 2GIG is a great panel and can have many different options added to it to control lighting, thermostats, locks and much more. 801 428 1384

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years
Peak Alarm is insured, licensed and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Peak Alarm has 5 offices in Idaho and Utah
Peak Alarm has the ability to do any size installation
Peak Alarm can subsidize a portion or all of the installation and equipment on your security system
Peak Alarm can do a 60 month, 48 month, 36 month, 24 month or 12 month contract depending on your needs
Peak Alarm can even do a month to month contract but we could not subsidize the installation or equipment in that case.

If you have any corrections to this information or need information removed please contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 or email him at

Fire Alarm companies in Utah and their corresponding manufactures

Video about new security system

Alarms come in various brands with different features.

Alarms come in various brands with different features.

This information is provided by please update me if you need any corrections done.

Ademco by HONEYWELL, (Peak Alarm and Most Fire and Security companies can install these panels they are not proprietary)

Ademco by HONEYWELL (Peak Alarm and Most Fire and Security companies can install these panels)

Bosch, Radionics, Detection Systems, (Bosch bought Radionics and Detection systems years ago there are 6 Dealers in Utah) Peak Alarm, Nelson Fire, Inc. Yamas Controls, Kenco, Firetrol, Bosch also offers high security panels with encryption. Bosch also has combined fire alarm and security panels and they also have lines of fire alarm that are not combined.

Cerberus Pyrotronics, Siemens,(Alarm Control, GSL Electric and Siemens are dealers for Cerberus)

DMP – There are 4 DMP dealers in Utah and DMP also has high security panels with encryption. Peak Alarm is a dealer. DMP is UL listed for Fire Alarm although it will not do class A wiring on the SLC loop. DMP also can do UL listed combined fire and security systems which are best used on smaller buildings since larger systems would be best served using one of the other brands on this page that are dedicated to fire alarms.

Digitize Fire Alarm is installed by Firetrol

EST, (Was GE now UTC Fire & Security), Firetrol, State Fire 801 288 2100, Wasatch Electric 801 487 4511 and PST 801 649 6696

Fenwall, (Alarm Control)
Fireworx, Edwards, (If you have information on who the dealers are for this and other brands please let me know)
Firelite by HONEYWELL, (Peak Alarm installs Firelite and so do several Fire Alarm companies in Utah this is a non proprietary system )
Faraday, ( I do not have any current information on a Faraday dealer in Utah so please contact Larry Love with new dealer information 801 898 6003 )
Farenhyt by HONEYWELL, (Alphacorp is a Farenhyt distributor here in Utah ask for Kent)

FCI by HONEYWELL, (This brand is installed by Nelson Fire, Inc. 801 468 8300 ) See link to their website below under Gamewell.

AAA Fire, Certified FIre, Delta Fire, Nelson Fire and Firetroll area also FCI/Gamewell dealers

Fike, Alarm control and United Fire

GE Vigilant, (Best) UTC – Alpha Corp, Inc. Delta Fire Systems, Inc. Fire Suppression Services, Inc Interwest, Mountain West Security, Professional Systems Technology, Inc. and Why’rd are all Vigilant Dealers. This GE project is Edwards United Technologies.

GE-IO Series, (Statefire)

Gamewell by HONEYWELL,(Installed by Nelson Fire 801 468 8300, Inc. and Firetrol also says they install Gamewell systems) See FCI

Harrington – JBP Enterprises out of AZ, Automated Fire and Security (Certified) , Wasatch Controls, and Statefire. United Fire also can get it from out of State. On 9/13/18 Harrington got back with me and Protek Fire & Security is a dealer here in Utah. Call Steve Darling at (801) 870 6276 

Hochiki, (Peak Alarm is one of the four Hochiki dealers in Salt Lake City) You can call Hochiki direct for the full list of dealers. There is a dealer in Bountiful, one in West Jordan and Two in Salt Lake City.

Honeywell = Notifier, Silent Knight, Firelite, FCI Gamewell, Onyx, Farenhyt (Firelite and Silent Knight are non proprietary and the others have specific dealers listed on this page)

Keltron ( No known dealers in Utah)
Mircom, (Installed by Peak Alarm 801 428 1384, PCS Power Control Systems 801 560 6423 and Booth Fire Protection and Fire Engineering are also Mircom dealers. )

Mirtone – Installed by BEST 801 352 0743 and Peak Alarm 801 428 1384
Notifier by HONEYWELL,(This brand is installed by FPS Fire Protection Services otherwise known as Mountain Alarm )

Potter – Potter has some great new panels out including a panel that will provide you with several zones of fire combined with an AES radio all in one. They also have some new power supplies NACs that will recognize different resister values on different circuits for takeovers. Peak Alarm can install Potter and there are several other dealers as well.

Onyx – (I do not have current information on any Onyx dealers in Utah so please call Larry when you have updates)
Secutron, (No known dealers in Utah) Not to be confused with Securitron (Locks)

Siemens – This is Cerberus Pyrotronics –

Silent Knight by HONEYWELL, (Installed by Peak Alarm and several other Fire Alarm companies)

Silent Knight IFP 1000 or IFP 2000 Proprietary by Honeywell known as Farenhyt (Installed by AAA Fire)

SimplexGrinnel by TYCO 801 262 9406, (Also Thorn and Autocall)

UTC Fire & Security – Main company for GE companies such as Vigilant and EST

Vigilant (was GE now UTC), (Best or Best Access) Alpha Corp, Inc. Delta Fire Systems, Inc. Fire Supression Services, Inc Interwest, Mountain West Security, Professional Systems Technology, Inc. and Why’rd are all Vigilant Dealers. This GE project is Edwards United Technologies.

Zettler Fire Alarm Systems by Johnson Controls (TYCO/SIMPLEX GRINNELL)

This sheet was provided as an information sheet only as a service to the public to provide a fairly complete list of fire alarm companies in Utah. If any of the information needs to be corrected or updated please let know and he will get the changes made.

Peak Alarm installs Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Camera Systems, Access Control Systems, Intercom and other low voltage systems. Peak Alarm is the only company in Utah that has a UL listed Central Station, a full Guard and Patrol Division and a full service alarm business including Fire Alarm Design and Installation. Peak Alarm has been in business since 1969 is a local family owned business. Peak installs both commercial and residential more than half of Peak’s business comes from commercial work. Peak Also installs encrypted security systems such as  which now has power g ability (BY DSC) which can extend the range up to 4 times the distance. and Bosch also have encryption. As about frequency hopping.

ADVICE – Before doing business with any of the above companies please check the Better Business Bureau for ratings and complaints

Call Larry Love for pricing on the following product 801 428 1384

For additional information check out my new web site at

Fire Alarm manufactures

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary many times you may end up paying higher costs.

Ademco by HONEYWELL,
Bosch, Radionics, Detection Systems, (Several Dealers in Utah) Bosch is approved by the Government for high security. (UL2050)
Cerberus Pyrotronics, Siemens,
DMP, (Does not do Class A Fire Alarm), (Several DMP dealers in Utah) DMP is approved by the Government for high security. (UL2050)
EST, (Was GE now UTC Fire & Security), (3 EST Dealers)
Fireworx, Edwards,
Firelite, HONEYWELL,
Faraday, – Siemens,
Farenhyt, HONEYWELL, (Silent Knight)
FCI, BY HONEYWELL,(Mostly done by one company)
GE Vigilant,
GE-IO Series,
Gamewell by HONEYWELL, (With FCI mostly done by one company)
Hochiki, (Four dealers in Utah) One in Bountiful, one in West Jordan and two in Salt Lake including Peak Alarm.
Notifier by HONEYWELL,

Siemens, (Proprietary- Cerberus Pyrotronics)
Silent Knight by HONEYWELL, (General distribution)
Silent Knight IFP 1000 Proprietary, (Farenhyt is also Proprietary)
SimplexGrinnel by TYCO, (Proprietary)
UTC Fire & Security,
Vigilant (was GE now UTC?),


Please help me update this list with current names and websites. 801 428 1384

If any of the information is not correct I would appreciate help updating the relationships of the companies.

How much does a security camera system cost?

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

How much does a security camera system cost?

A four camera system can run from $,3700 to $5,000 installed using quality equipment.

This question has a wide variety of answers but the general answers is “it depends” just like it would with cars or phones. I will give you some general answers.

If you buy a $500 dollar car, buy two of them so you can get to work when the first one breaks down. If you plan on purchasing a camera system from a big box store buy two systems so you will have replacements for when the cameras and DVR go out. It is best to invest a bit more and not have to worry about replacing equipment very often. The installation will cost the same if you purchase decent equipment or if you buy poor quality or less expensive equipment.

As with anything else camera systems require maintenance and if this is ignored the system will fall into disrepair. Some companies offer repair agreements and for a low cost it is like purchasing an extended warranty to avoid high labor charges.

Be proactive with your camera system. Approach employees and let them know you saw how they handled a specific situation. Example: “John, I saw you on the camera system the other day and how you helped Susan reorganize the pallet that fell over. I appreciate your dedication and helpful attitude. “

Incidents like this will help them feel less nervous about the cameras but also aware of them. Most theft is traced back to inside jobs and employees so having them know that you review and watch the cameras is very important. Word get around when the DVR stops working and word gets around when the camera systems are used effectively.

Camera systems are not considered security systems although they can be integrated into your security. If you use inputs and outputs you can begin recording at a different frame rate when an alarm is tripped or have the camera show a view of the person’s face when someone comes through a specific access door.

The amount of days you can record will depend on how you set up your DVR/NVR. You can have the system recording all the time at a lower frame rate and jump up to a higher frame rate on motion which will allow you to record more of the video that will be needed.

Camera systems help mitigate and reduce situations of theft. After installation of camera systems there is almost always a reduction of theft and shortages.
Camera systems can be used for insurance purposes to show accidents and what really happened.
Camera systems can provide you with video for court or for identification purposes in police cases.
Do some research:

Before you get bids on a camera system do a bit of research just like you would before you make a major car purchase.

What do you need to see and why? Do you need to identify faces and plate numbers?
Do you need to connect to your cameras remotely or view them from your phone?
Learn the difference between analog camera system options, HD camera options and IP camera system options. Most IP camera and even HD will have 3 to 5 times the resolution. (They also take 3-5 times the storage.)
Make sure the correct cable is specified and installed so it will last. If the cable is to be buried or put in conduit underground it will get wet so it has to be special cable or it will only last a short time. If the cable will be out in the sun a special UV cable is needed. Many companies have lower bids but they also take short cuts.
Is a lift required, will penetrations in the walls be needed?
Do your outside cameras need heater blowers?
Do your cameras need to be vandal resistant?
Do you need day/night cameras? How is your lighting at your facility?
What are the distances to each camera?
Do you need any of the cameras in conduit or wiremold?
Having plans and specifications will help you obtain the best proposals but keep in mind that low bidders are not always the best option because many times the low bidder has left something out and will need to try to cut corners so they don’t lose on the project.
These are a few of the items that will determine which camera system and options will best fit your needs as well as the cost of the system.

Ask your camera installation company what the advantages are for purchasing cameras with verifocal lenses such as 2.8 to 12mm even in IP options.

Know that Utah does not require a security/burglar alarm license to install camera systems or access control systems so those individuals don’t have to go through an FBI background check. Consider hiring a company that requires their installers to have a security burglar alarm agent licenses and one that has a company license since they also have to prove that they are insured and many other requirements.


Color analog indoor verifocal 2.8 to 12mm lens 600 TVL .5 Lux installed with upto 100 feet of cable. $260 each (does not include penetrations)

Color outdoor analog camera $462 each installed (penetrations not included)

Large outdoor analog camera with enclosure $529 each

4 Channel analog DVR 1TB installed $642.00

8 Channel analog DVR 2TB installed $1,038.00

16 Channel analog DVR 3TB installed $1,222.00

16 Channel analog DVR 3TB unit installed $2,257.00 (higher quality faster processer)

8 Channel power supply installed $250

IP Camera examples:

2.1 MP Ball Camera 3.6mm 60’ IR installed $302

2.1 MP Vandal Dome 2.8 to 12mm lens 65’ IR Micro SD card slot camera -$603

We have hundreds of cameras to choose from depending on brand, features and quality as well as price. A quality AXIS camera will cost more than a no name imported camera from overseas.

4 Channel NVR 2TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $870

8 Channel NVR 4TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $1,712

16 Channel NVR 6TB with 16 Port POE switch installed $2,386

Monitors, network connections such as routers and internet connections will be provided by the owner unless otherwise requested and proposed.

IP and HD cameras have 3 to 5 times the resolution.

There are also HYBRID DVR/NVR options for facilities that currently have analog camera systems and they want to begin to go to an IP solution. I can put together a system where you can put all your existing analog cameras on a DVR and the new cameras will be IP and the license for the IP cameras will already be purchased so you can change out the old analog cameras one at a time and not have to purchase a different head end.

HD solutions will allow you to use your existing Coax instead of running new CAT6 cable and you can still improve your resolution drastically.

HD camera pricing examples:

HD Indoor cameras starting at $322 installed outdoor HD option starts at $482

HD recording unit $2,257 with 3TB/ 16 channel 1920 x 1080)

Include power supplies as needed

4 Camera system examples:

Analog 4 outdoor analog cameras and 8 channel DVR $3,656 installed

HD – 4 outdoor camera system $4,441 (cannot mix analog and HD on this system)

IP – 4 outdoor camera system $4,684

We also can provide you with leasing options when requested.

This includes up to 100 feet of cable on each camera. Each facility will be a bit different on pricing depending exact equipment but this will give you a general idea.

Pan Tilt zoom cameras range from just over $1000 to $65,000 with a very good quality 30X PTZ IP camera that only costs $2,500 installed.

We have special cameras to identify license plates. We can even have the cameras set up to record and enter these plate numbers in a data base.

We also have video analytics that will allow you to set off alarms when a car drives down the street the wrong way or when someone climbs a fence.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peak Alarm has 5 offices and over 270 employees. Peak Alarm is licensed, insured and has the experience and capability to handle any size project. I welcome any corrections and comments on this information.

Larry Love has over 18 years of experience in the security industry

Please call Larry at 801 428 1384 for a no cost site visit and evaluation.

Security camera pixels and CIF what do I need?

Commerical Camera Systems

Install camera systems to reduce theft

Pixel, short for Picture Element, is a single point in a graphic image. Graphics monitors display pictures by dividing the display screen into thousands or millions (MEGA) of pixels, arranged in rows and columns. The pixels are so close together they appear connected. The more pixels your have, the more resolution, or “clarity”, you have in your image.
HDTV/megapixel technology enables cameras to provide higher resolution of video images than analog CCTV, giving you the ability to see more detail and a wider coverage area. While the cost per camera may be more, you can see larger areas with fewer cameras. With an HDTV or megapixel camera the resolution is a minimum of three times better than an analog CCTV camera. The increased resolution allows for you to zoom into archived data and extract details such as license plates, faces, lettering, what a suspect may be holding, and much more. Yes, you can do all these things with a zoom analog PTZ camera, but what are the chances it will be aimed and zoomed into the right location at the precise moment an incident occurs.

How Many Pixels do I need?

A conventional CCTV camera providing 4 CIF resolution offers a resolution of 704×480 pixels (NTSC) after the signal is digitized in a DVR or video server, which corresponds to a maximum of 400,000 pixels. In the surveillance industry 20 to 30 pixels enough to represent one foot of a scene in most applications. For facial identification the demands are as much as 150 pixels per foot. This means to be able to Identify a person passing through a 7 feet wide by 7 feet high area the camera needs to provide a resolution of 1,050×1,050 pixels, which is slightly more than 1 megapixel. There are many other considerations that need to be taken into account including, lighting, available bandwidth, available storage and camera placement. You will also need to create a separate network for the surveillance cameras to prevent bandwidth problems.

2.1 MP cameras are an excellent choice right now for the price and for the resolution. We can install cameras that have a much higher resolution although they also eat up your DVR/NVR storage. Being able to go in and zoom in after the fact is a great feature of these megapixel cameras. We have 2.1 MP cameras starting at $322 installed with our FLIR systems and we have a 3MP Axis vandal resistant HDTV 720p 2.5mm to 12mm camera for $1,400 so the range will vary with your needs and budget.

CIF Resolution (QCIF, CIF, 2CIF, 4CIF, SIF)
CIF – Common Intermediate Format – a set of standard video formats, defined by their resolution. CIF resolution is 352 x 288 pixels, also known as Full CIF (FCIF). QCIF is Quarter CIF (resolution 176×144) 2CIF is Two-times CIF (resolution 704 x 288) 4CIF is Four-times CIF (resolution 704×576) SIF has a number of name definitions e.g. Standard Input Format, Source Intermediate Format, Source Interchange Format. The resolution provided by SIF for NTSC video is 352 x 240 and for PAL it is 352 x 288 pixels.

Larry Love 801 428 1384

The Truth About Peak Alarm

It's the combination of different ingredients that make this so good.

It’s the combination of different ingredients that make this so good.

It’s much more than just a sandwich.

When researching any large company online you will find negative comments, reviews and complaints. Every large company is a target for law suits and attacks by competitors. Sorting through the comments and getting at the truth is difficult at times. Deciding to use the lowest bid security company can also have its drawbacks because many times they are low bid because they left something out, they cut corners or they don’t have the proper licensing. Oftimes they don’t pay taxes and insurance or their overhead is much less because they operate out of their home or only have a few employees.

It is less expensive to have a security company like this do your installations although it is more risky. Finding a reliable company that will be in business for years to come, has the cash flow to complete your projects, the proper insurance, the proper licensing and the proper training is very important when you want the job done right.

Let’s look at the Facts before we get into the negative

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Look it up

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years when many competitors come and go.

Peak Alarm pays their taxes, insurance, current licensing, workers compensation, general liability and offers their employees great benefit packages. Recently a local security company was investigated for not paying their taxes, licensing or insurance. You won’t have that problem with Peak Alarm.

In the last 3 years Peak Alarm has only received 5 complaints at the Better Business Bureau and all of them have been closed out. Only one of those five complaints was filed in the last year.

Peak Alarm has over 270 employees and five offices in Utah and Idaho.

When you deal with a large stable company like Peak Alarm you can be assured that they will follow through, have the ability to order and provide the needed equipment and labor for any size project.

When you look up many of our competitors on the Better Business Bureau web site you will find that the complaints filed are copious. Two of the larger Peak Alarm competitors have over 3000 complaints that have been filed in the last 3 years.

Exploring the negative comments about Peak Alarm we have to concede that Peak Alarm is guilty of being a larger company and whenever you deal with a large company sometimes it is more difficult to get your projects scheduled quickly if there are customers waiting for installations. Peak Alarm customers overwhelmingly feel it is worth the wait to get the project done right. When a customer does not pay their bill the Peak Alarm accounting employees call them, send them letters and as a last resort send the account to collections because Peak Alarm is a business and we have not stayed in business by ignoring accounts payable. Customers with valid complaints can file those with Peak and the Better Business Bureau and have them investigated. The owner of Peak Alarm is an honest guy and has refused to cut corners and he insists that the company stays current on all their licensing, insurance and taxes. Peak Alarm listens and reads all the negative complaints, reviews and comments and when they are found to be something that Peak Alarm can improve on, changes are made and at times employees have even been fired if a solution could not be found. Peak strives to become better each year. This month Peak is holding another in house training using Stephen Covey’s teachings about the 7 habits of successful people.

Peak Alarm is in business to make money and sell Security Systems at a fair price. Some customers compare the Peak Alarm pricing to competitors that are offering similar equipment and feel that Peak is charging too much. That is the beauty of a free enterprise system. Those customers are free to go elsewhere and find the cheaper systems. Many times it comes down to what my mother taught me as a child. “You get what you pay for.” Peak is proud to offer much more than just the installed equipment. Peak Alarm offers a whole package: Equipment, Installation, Ongoing Service, A full Guard and Patrol company, A professional AV division, A local UL listed Central Station and a Professional Alarm Company.

Another criticism of Peak Alarm is that we only offer 36 month contracts or agreements. This is not true, Peak Alarm can do a 60 month, 48, 36, 12 or even a month to month contract. When you sign a 36 month contract Peak Alarm can subsidize some of the equipment using the monthly payment allowing us to give you a discounted price for the system. No matter what companies tell you the equipment is not free. You will pay for it now or later but you will pay for it. Read your contracts and work out a deal that you are satisfied with before you sign the contract.

Peak Alarm installs Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Intercoms, Camera Systems and Security Systems. DSX, DMP, Bosch, Axis, Silent Knight, Firelite, Hochiki and Honeywell are some of the brands that we use. Peak is one of the few companies that is certified to do High Security UL 2050 installations. Peak Alarm is one of the only two UL listed local Utah Central Stations. Peak is a solid choice when deciding on your full service security solutions provider.

UL 2050 installations in Utah

Peak Alarm is certified to install UL 2050 installations for rooms and vaults. UL 2050 installations are for special secure facilities both private and Government.

Our UL 2050 installations don't look anything like this. I took this picture in Guatemala.

Our UL 2050 installations don’t look anything like this. I took this picture in Guatemala.

Peak Alarm has a A+ rating with better business bureau.

Contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 for more information and pricing on these services. Peak Alarm is a Bosch and DMP dealer both of which meet the requirements of such installations.

Some of the installations practices for such installations are as follows:

1. Screw head cut off of the conduit piping
2. Balanced Magnetic Contacts on the doors. Normally these cost about $135+ each
3. Tamper switches installed in all the junction boxes
4. All devices in conduit
5. Motions in the room and above the ceilings
6. Tampers on the back of the security enclosures and inside the can as well.
7. Special attach resistant enclosure that cannot be pried open easily.
8. Optional weatherproof covers for keypads and cans
9. We recommend motions that have anti masking so if they are spray painted they go into trouble.

Peak Alarm is certified for these special UL 2050 installation and we also have a UL certified room and vault here at our facility and we can arrange to have you tour our facility if needed. Just call Larry Love for more information 801 428 1384

Reviews good and bad Peak Alarm

Reading through the comments for any large company you will always find some negative although it is interesting that several of the comments posted are anonymous and some of them use very similar verbiage making me wonder if they were not written by the same person. Below you will find some of the complaints and you can decide for yourself how valid they are.

Peak Alarm as of 120414 had 5 complaints filed with the in the last 3 years and only one in the last year and all of them have been dealt with and closed out with the Better Business Bureau. Many of the large competitors have hundreds and 2 of them have over 3000 complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Please get on the BBB web site and view the information for every company that you get pricing from.

Having been in business for over 45 years, licensed, insured and factory trained the Peak Company and all 270 of the Peak employees are part of a very professional group of security professionals. Sometimes mistakes are made and problems occur. Recently a Peak Alarm installer damaged the glass stove top of a customer during an installation. Peak Alarm immediately took care of this issue and the customer. Peak Alarm has a very positive image because they are professional.

Peak Alarm does not run credit checks on their customers. Most security companies do run credit checks and the customer ends up paying for this one way or the other.

I recently spoke with the CEO and the President of Peak Alarm and they take all valid feedback seriously whether it is positive or negative. They use valid complaints to bring about positive changes in the company and improve the way business is done. Peak management does not tolerate employees using bad language on the phone with anyone. All of our central station dispatch conversations are recorded and can and are reviewed to see how our dispatchers are acting professionally. The sales and accounting phone calls are also recorded for training and for exactly this purpose to make sure that Peak employees are treating the customers with respect.

There are different types of complaints such as someone that is upset because they had equipment problems and Peak strives to deal with these issues the best way possible. When parts are out of the warranty there is a service charge just like there would be with anything else.

One complaint says that Peak Alarm does not hire good employees: Well all Peak Alarm employees are drug tested and go through an FBI background check and hold current licences with the State of Utah Division of Occupational Licensing. Peak also has 12 employees that are certified with the State Fire Marshal’s office and 6 employees are the NICET Certified. The quality of Peak Alarm employees tends to be higher than many other security companies because Peak Alarm offers a full benefit package and retains many of their employees for over 20 years.

When someone signs up for a monitoring agreement and if you terminate the agreement early there is a charge. Peak Alarm will work with customers that are moving or going out of business to either move the contract so it continues at a new location or take payments or even have someone else take over the existing contract. If you signed a 24 month contract and you are moving a year later you can move the system or have a new system installed and continue the same contract until the end or you can pay the balance which would be 12 more months. Peak Alarm also has the option of someone doing their monitoring on a month to month basis but the equipment costs are higher going into the deal, that is why most people opt to sign a 36 month agreement so Peak Alarm can subsidize part of the equipment.

People that don’t pay their bills end up complaining that they are not being treated fairly and they file complaints. Out of all the complaints on the Internet only 5 were filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years because the complaints that don’t have a leg to stand on did not call the Better Business Bureau because they know the complaints (Both sides) will be investigated and they did not want the truth to come out. I have worked for a security company that went out of business back in 1996 and part of the reason was that they did not collect money that was owed to them. This has happened to many companies that only concentrate on the installations and ignore collection of money that is due.

One complaint said that Peak Alarm only offers a 36 month contract and only 90 days warranty on their labor and a one year equipment warranty. This is simply not true. The 90 day warranty on labor applies to many of the installations but not all of them. The customers can buy an extended warranty which covers many things including batteries. Specific projects are done with a full year warranty on the labor. I did one of those yesterday.

Peak Alarm has many plans including a 60 month, 48 month, 36 month, 24 month, 12 month or even month to month depending on how the equipment and installation are paid for. When a security company tells you that you are getting free equipment don’t believe it. You will need to sign a contract and many times the companies that claim they give you free equipment will charge you more per month in order to make up for the equipment they gave you for free. Peak Alarm can do it either way, they can lower the price of the monthly monitoring if you pay more up front or they can lower the price you pay up front and you will have a higher monthly monitoring cost. (It is the same when you buy a phone or a car.)

Horrible service and dependability

Not reliable. The person who drives truck #184 drives lazily around the parking lot and does not open the doors as he is assigned. Seriously they need to hire decent reliable employees.

Posted by Anonymous on August 27, 2014. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

(Why is this anonymous? When calls are made to Peak Alarm directly and complaints are made, action is taken. If an employee is being reported for poor driving or problems repeatedly by verified sources action is taken by Peak Alarm. In fact whenever there is a car accident the employee is drug tested right then and there is an investigation. If an anonymous person is calling to complain about someone’s driving that does not carry very much weight because it could be a person that is upset about a personal matter. I was with a Peak employee the other day and a driver flipped us off and we had not done anything to provoke that. Just having the phone number and the car number on your car many times makes you a target for people that complain all the time about anything. )


I had a home security system installed a few months ago from Peak Alarm. My sales rep was very knowledgeable and helped me plan a system that fit my home and my security needs. Peak Alarm’s…
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5 star

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Use someone Else!!!

This is a nasty company with nasty personnel that are totally un professional. If you value your walls and business or home do not trust this company to install. Their system will not work and when you try to resolve any issue billing or otherwise they will call you names and sue you. Totally family ran and over their head cannot provide a decent service. HORRIBLE SERVICE AND YOU HAVE NO…
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Do not Use Peak Alarm Co.

(The word NASTY is used in this post as well as the next one which could indicate that it was written by the same person. I met with the Staff that handles the law suits and before Peak Alarm will take someone to court Peak employees go through a long process of letters and trying to work out payment plans with the person. When it does go to court Peak Alarm does not waste time taking a case to court that is not a valid case. If the person was finished with their contract and had paid in full Peak would not waste time taking such a case to court. Peak Alarm is a business and as such needs to be paid for their services and when someone does not pay what they have agreed to pay there are consequences. It is true that this is a family owned and operated business and I have met with these family members and they are all very professional. I also know that family member have been let go when there were problems. I feel bad that this person does not feel that they were treated fairly.)

Do not use this company use any one else. Their office staff and service personnel are mean and nasty to you. They have an antiquated billing system and they will over charge you then will not settle any dispute without calling you nasty names and upsetting you. If you refuse to pay they will sue you for as little as 100.00 Steer completely away from peak alarm!!!!!!!!
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Editorial review from Citysearch

(Peak Alarm has updated many of their systems and just hired another IT person to help maintain the systems. There is no name on this complaint and I know that management would be very interested in the details of the name calling and they would review the phone recordings and take action upon any customer service person that was calling a customer names. If a customer feels they are not being treated fairly they can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as with Peak Alarm. )

Don’t use this company for your home protection. They are nasty about there billing, there system does not always work, and if you have a billing dispute you will end up in a nasty legal battle in district court even over 200.00 of bills in dispute for services not provided. I set my alarm off accidentally 5 or 6 times it did not work, now i’m in the court system battling a 300.00 bill they charged me.

Use adt.

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Don’t Do It

( If this person set his/her system off accidentally 5 or 6 times how did it not work? If alarms were sent then it did work. When you call in and put the system in test then you should set the system off and if it does not work then it needs to be repaired. If the equipment was damaged or if the batteries had not been changed that could be an issue. Alarm systems need to be maintained and in years past I have dealt with customers that did not want to pay to have their systems inspected, tested or repaired when they had issues. When an installation is done every point is tested and sent into the central station and logged as verified. We have had customers get their sensors wet and of course they stop working. We have had customers smash their motions and they stop working and we have had customers pull the window and door contacts off and of course those stop working as well. Much of the equipment that Peak Alarm installs is also used by other security companies and when maintained it works well for years and years.)

Sad to say it after 6 years of being with Peak Alarm we moved into a place that we didn’t need an alarm. I called and cancelled. We were out of our contract. We moved and they kept billing us. They finally stopped billing us as we were out of our contract and they wanted us to pay more after we had already cancelled. After we refused to pay they sent to collections. Look up these guys. Edwin B Parry who has a admonishment from the utah state bar as an attorney for his collection practices and Express Recovery just do a search for them and that should tell you enough. I am a fan of working…
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Serial harrassment

(Peak Alarm has made changes to the company that they used for collections. The customer mentions that they called and canceled. All cancellations need to be done in writing many of the contracts auto renew for one year and as with any contract you need to pay attention to the details and you can have changes made to your contract before you sign it.)

Peak Alarm is the worst possible choice you could make when selecting an alarm company. Their equipment invariably breaks, and then they’ll receive some unknown “trouble signal,” and thereafter they will proceed to call you every two hours, even throughout the night. They are over priced. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone to help you. Even when I finally got through to the “general manager – some…
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Peak Alarm. Theives!

(Worst Possible choice? Every employee is licensed “Unlike many other Utah companies”, 45 years in business means Peak is doing something right, Peak has always been current with their insurance with workers compensation, General Liability and vehicle insurance. They say the equipment Peak Alarm uses invariably breaks. If you don’t change your oil on your car it will break down. If you don’t maintain a security system it will have troubles. It is not impossible to get help because we schedule service calls every single day to help people. The Central Station will call you if you have a trouble signal because there is a liability if we don’t call you. If you give us the permission to ignore or put a signal in test dispatch can do that until you get the item fixed. Peak management are very reasonable people make reasonable decisions every day. Peak Alarm does a great deal of business in Utah and Idaho with thousands of customers a fair prices. Peak Alarm has to be competitive in the market place in order to sell jobs so saying Peak is over priced is like saying the same thing about a cable or dish company. The customer has the ability to compare prices before they purchase and then decide which company to have do the installation. In sales I have the ability to sell a customer the least expensive equipment or a mid range system or a very expensive high quality product and that is up to the customers. Peak Alarm has entry level options for people that don’t want to spend as much and they have very expensive options and we sell what the customers ask for and what they can afford. I am sorry this customer felt that they could not get service and we are striving to become better at customer service on an ongoing basis. We recently had company training on this issue and Peak Alarm is improving.)

You will regret ever calling this company. Beware, they just want a signed contract and then they do no give service and you are stuck with their equipment
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Worst company ever!!! Does not monitor their accounts

(By Law Peak Alarm has to keep records of the monitoring,when the test signals are received and when they are not. We constantly call customers that have had their phone lines disconnected because we stop getting the test signals and it is the customers responsibility to have active phone lines, radio, internet or cellular methods of communication installed so we can get the signals. Any professional company in the security industry will have contracts and it helps protect the customer and the company since it lists clearly what Peak Alarm will provide as far as equipment and service. We alter contracts on a regular basis upon customer request to either change the renewal dates or the length of the contracts. If the customer does not agree with something in the contract we can make adjustments. If Peak Alarm is the worst company ever then they can only get better. Peak Alarm is improving using regular employee training sessions, recorded phone calls that are reviewed to see how dispatchers are interacting with customers and to assure that alarms and handled appropriately. Peak Alarm is one of only 2 UL listed central stations in Utah and the only Alarm company that has a full Guard and Patrol division including an AV division as well as the UL listed central Station. )

Worst alarm service. If you want someone to break in and THEN they call you 2 weeks later to tell you, this is the company for you. If you want to be overcharged, this is the company for you. Warning. Stay clear of Peak Alarm
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( Customers should test their system regularly. Personally I have my security system set up so I get notification on my phone so I get a phone call and an email when there alarms. If a customer has an alarm system that is set to send one test signal a month and they have their phones disconnected Peak Alarm will not get a signal. The keypad will say COM FAIL on it and if the customer ignores this there is a problem. It’s like ignoring the ENGINE light on your car, it can be very serious. If you have a state of the art cellular backup or cellular system that would solve this problem. Peak Alarm called this customer as soon as the test did not come through. If you only have your system sent up to send one signal a month this is what can happen if you don’t have supervised phone lines. Your system can be programmed to have the phone lines supervised or not. Many customers complain when we set them up for supervision because the panel will beep over and over when the phone lines are out and that frustrates customers. Fire Alarm Systems send daily or even 4 tests daily and we know much sooner if the communication goes out. If you install a cellular back up on your system and your main phone lines go out then dispatch would get a call as soon as your phone line went dead. If you don’t have cellular, radio or internet communicatinos on your security system then you are the one taking the risk because if a burglar cuts your phone line there is no way the security company will get a signal and they won’t notice until a self test is missed. If you want a daily test set up Peak Alarm can do that but you need to request it but even then if the system tests at 11PM and then the phone line is cut at 1105PM any dispatch won’t know until they miss the test signal the next day. Security systems do not have to test by code each day like fire alarms do so most are set up for a monthly test and the customers should check their panel constantly. Web access is a great way to review your signals and Peak only charges $5 per month for this. )

Peak Alarm Company Inc. provides Electrical services (Not high voltage) in Salt Lake City. Call them at 801-486-7231 for more details.

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As the only full service company in the region that offers sales, service, installation, monitoring, guards and patrol service, Peak Alarm Company has grown to become the largest independently owned security company in Utah and Idaho, protecting nearly 10,000 residential and commercial customers. The company specializes in selling, installing and monitoring fire alarms, burglar alarms,…
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Electrical work, nsk

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100 Largest Security Dealer Companies In The United States;Security’s 100 Largest Installing/Monitoring Companies;100 Largest Security Installation And Monitoring Companies;100 Largest Security Dealers Operating In The United States;100 Largest Electronic Security Providers
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Patrol Division, U/L, Monitoring, Medical, Guard & Patrol, Fire, Card Access, Cameras, Burglary
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PEAK ALARM CO is one of the largest full-service security companies in inter-mountain area. We specialize in Access Controls, CCTV, Burglar, Hold-up, & Fire Alarm Systems. Patrol & Guards services also available.
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Peak Alarm offers everything from small $99 dollar systems up to enterprise class security. Contact your local office at 800-444-7231 for a free no cost survey/estimate.

Peak Alarm offers the following:

Alarm Patrol Response
Burglary & Fire Monitoring
Closed Circuit TV
Access Control
Residential & Commercial
Medical Systems
And much more!
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Fire Alarm installation (Hochiki, Silent Knight & Firelite)

DMP Wireless Pricing in Utah

RE: Pricing examples for DMP Security using an expandable Security panel (DMP XR150) when access control, multiple keypads, partitions or over 48 zones is required. Be sure to call for current prices. Each Project may have specific requirements that will require the pricing to be altered slightly. To get special Pricing on your commercial or residential project contact Larry Love at 801 428 1384.

Basic DMP 150 Panel, battery, wireless receiver, 3 wireless door contacts, 1 wireless motion and a wireless remote fob. (Communication over analog phone line or see cellular below)

$499.00 install price and $39.00 per month for 36 months.

Pricing for additional DMP devices:

Door/Window wireless sensors $75 each installed
Wireless PIR 90 degree motion or wireless Glass Break Sensor $130 installed
Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector $134 Installed
Wireless Carbon Monoxide CO Sensor $135 installed
Additional Key fob $65
Z-Wave module $85 installed
If a repeater is needed add $260
Cellular communicator $338 installed and $22/mo extra for High Supervision cellular or $10 for standard cellular or $15 dollars for Elite control with Cellular. (Allowing control from your smartphone)
Indoor HD Day Night wireless camera $350 installed (Works with the smartphone app)
Outdoor SD Day Night wireless camera $400 installed (Up to 6 cameras using app +$10/mo )
DMP wireless IP router with WPS $168 installed
Wireless Locks $400 installed – Pricing will depend on each individual model number and installation time.

Other Z-wave devices can be quoted upon request (Lighting control, locks, temperature control etc…)

NOTE:. The expandability to over 100 points on the 150 model and up to 500 on the DMP550 panel gives you great versatility. The 150 panel can also partition into 8 areas and have up to 8 access control doors.

When hardwired systems are installed there is a charge for wire/cable and time to install the cable including drilling and or installation of conduit and or wiremold. Having a PREWIRE done while your building is in the stick phase is very prudent. On a hardwired system you don’t have to change the batteries at the device location just at the headend location once every 3 or 5 years. (Normally)

The PeakLink can also have a repeater added to the system allowing you to have the less expensive system installed in your larger home when 48 points is sufficient.

Contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 for a customized quote and additional information. Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau on every company you deal with. Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peak Alarm installs Cameras, IP camera systems, Fire Alarm including Hochiki, Silent Knight and Firelite. Peak Also installs 2GIG, DMP, DSX (Access control) and other low voltage systems such as intercom and lock control. Peak Alarm is one of the top companies in Utah and the most experienced locally owned security company having been in business for over 45 years. Peak put all their employees through mandatory drug testing and FBI background checks. Peak Alarm is licensed and insured.

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right