Outdoor Security Beam Motion solutions

Bosch and Optex are great options

Bosch and Optex are great options


It is prudent to avoid low bid when having outdoor motion detectors installed because time is money and having employees, guards and dispatchers wasting time on false alarms will end up costing you money. Use the better technology motion detectors even through they are more expensive. Have the proper direct burial installed from the get go so ou don’t waste money having to replace wire in a couple of years because of water or sun damage. The DS453Q Bosch detectors have a range of 360′ and you can use the PEH2 heaters (2 come in one kit) and you can use the PC1A weather enclosures to further protect the motions. Optex detector are also a great option but they cost even more money when looking at the higher end security motion detectors.



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Intercoms that tie to the network internet

It's more than just the pricetag

It’s more than just the pricetag


Intercoms can be tied to your network and or the Internet in order to give you more flexibility at your business or home. Imagine getting a notification on your phone and being able to open the garage door for the UPS man so he can leave a package and then shutting your garage door after he leaves. Not only can your smart phone control your security system but it can control your thermostat, lights, garage door etc….



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Hochiki, Silent Knight and Firelite Fire Alarm panels

Hochiki, Silent Knight and Firelite Fire Alarm panels can all silence the horns and have the strobes keep flashing as per Utah Fire Code R710. NFPA 72 code says that the Horns and the strobes shall both stop upon pressing the silence button on the fire panel but the Utah Fire Marshals don’t want anyone going back into a a burning building but they don’t want their fire fighters to have to deal with the loud sound while they are in the building.

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced


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Recent USCIS Forms not as simple as it sounds

Don't get in the tangled mess. Most people need the help of a professional lawyer.

Don’t get in the tangled mess. Most people need the help of a professional lawyer.

This weekend I filed PRO SE (Without a lawyer) the I-485 form to apply for residency for my wife. So just so you know when you file this form most of the time you need to file several other forms at the same time. We have already spent over $13,000 dollars on immigration forms which includes the money we spent on our lawyer ($5,000)

We filed the I-485 too early before and the government kept our $1,070.00 so make sure you check the exact dates of when you can file. If you file too early it is denied, if you file too late there could be problems as well because they are several months behind.

So at the same time we filed the I-485 we filed the I-765 employment authorization request and the G-28 form and a copy of the I-130 approval that we got several years ago (2009) then we sent the proof of biometrics that she has already done but most likely she has to do it again. We sent a copy of our marriage license which we have sent several other times before, copy of her Guatemalan birth certificate with a translated copy, Copy of her passport, copy of the I-797A approval of the I-918 and copies of my ID’s, we sent one reference letter from a Senator we know, Form G-325A for both of us which is geographic information that we have already sent before, power of attorney, I-864, I-693 sealed envelope from the approved doctor, 2 passport photos and the check for $1,070 again.

The last form I put together they requested that we file copies of all the other forms that we had previously sent in so once it was done there were 461 pages which had to be sent to 2 locations so just that one filing was almost 1000 pages. Each time we file they require many of the same documents and the government is not set up to pull up your electronic file so we have to keep sending paper in. With the 36 forms we have filed so far we have sent in since 2009 almost 10,000 pages of paper documents to USCIS.

We are now doing the rest of the forms by ourselves because most of the forms the lawyer did were denied and then I started doing it myself and got some of the petitions approved and a temporary visa. My wife has had a valid Utah Drivers license for the past 20 years now and when we went in to renew it they only renewed it till June of this year but told her she could have a permission card to drive but it is not considered a valid ID so we decided to go for the real license but have it expire in June. So we are crossing our fingers that her visa will be issued again and residency will be approved. She has been paying taxes for over 20 years so when we applied for her affidavit of support we included her social security statement for the last 20 years showing she has worked way over the 40 quarters required to show that she is not and will not be a burden to the state or to the federal government. When we met in 2005 she was working 3 jobs to support her family rather than trying to rely on the state. People have no idea how hard it is to apply legally to stay in the US for many people. I don’t agree with it but I do understand why people stay illegally because the process is so expensive to try to apply they just bag it.

The glass is half full

Change your thoughts change your life.


DSX Access Control Utah Idaho


Peak Alarm installs high end access control systems to control the times,days and which doors may be accessed by which employees.

Access Control will allow you to lock specific doors and only allow access through those areas using biometric readers, eye scanners, prox card readers or keypad control to unlock or magnetic locks or strikes.

When you call for pricing Larry Love will come to your site and or review your plans and specifications to make sure your system will work as you want it to and then we he will put together a clear proposal showing the pricing and equipment to be used. Peak Alarm uses top quality equipment that is not proprietary. In order to get an apples to apples bid make sure your specifications are clear and list exactly what you would like installed in your facility.

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Quick reference group occupancy IBC IFC codes

CODE GROUPS Different code groups have different requirements (See IBC 2012 & IFC)

A1 – Theater with fixed Seating – ( All A groups 303) –

A2 – Restaurants / Food

A3 – Worship & Recreation / Libraries

A4 – Viewing Indoor Sporting Events

A5 – Viewing Outdoor Activities

B – Business 304

E – Educational 305 – 6 or more persons for educational purposes through 12th
grade also Daycare of more than 5 children of 2 ½ and older

F1 & F2 Factory and Industrial 306 – Not significant fire hazard
High Hazard 307 H1-H5

I – Institutional 308 I1-I4

I-1 >16 persons 24 hour that are capable of self-preservation

I-2 Medical care >Five persons 24 hours a day who are incapable of self-preservation

I-3 >(more than) Five persons who are under restraint or security

M – Mercantile 309 Grocery Stores etc…..

Residential 310 – R1 less than 30 days (Hotels & Motels)

R2 Apartments & dorms – contains more than two units where occupants are permanent in nature

R3 – <16 people boarding houses (non transient) or 10 or fewer (transient), care facilities 5 or fewer

R4 – More than five but less than 16 not counting staff (are capable of self-preservation)Assisted living or group homes.

S – Storage 311 S1 = Furniture, books, lumber (moderate hazard) S2= Food etc…(Low hazard)

Utility & Miscellaneous group U 312

When you have corrections or suggestions for this list please let me know. This is not meant to replace the code but to be a quick reference. Please refer to the entire code for exact information needed on each project.

Code Groups / Larry Love – Peak Alarm Larry@peakalarm.com


What type of occupancy is this?

What type of occupancy is this?

Axis certification

Peak Alarm promotes the highest possible training for each employee

Peak Alarm promotes the highest possible training for each employee

Axis Certifcation


CCTV – Camera Systems – Analog / IP / DVRs / NVRs
This industry is changing very quickly and the new technology is very exciting. It is not prudent to continue using the older technology although you can still buy analog cameras and camera systems. It is quite difficult to get ahold of a VCR now so those are about out of circulation almost just like typewriters. DVRs are still very common and NVRs (Network video recorders) are another option.

Currently you can purchase a hybrid DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR that will allow you to continue using your older analog cameras and add IP camera on in the future and as time goes on you can convert your analog cameras to IP cameras. We have converters that also allow you to continue using the same coax instead of having to change the wire. IP POE cameras (powered over the Ethernet) have some length limitations. When you have runs over 300 feet you will need power boosters or additional power supplies.

Currently we have entry level systems, midrange systems and enterprise camera systems that you can view remotely over your smart phone. This systems can be compared to purchasing a car. When you ask the car dealer for a car the price will depend on lots of factors including brand, features, warranty etc…the same applies to camera and security systems.

Verifocal lenses, vandal resistant housings, heater blowers are all options you could have for your cameras. Keep in mind that a megapixel camera will often be taking up ten times the storage as your old analog camera so you will need to plan on a NVR that has enough capacity for your needs.

Avoid getting cameras systems for your business from a big box store because “You get what you pay for” If you pay $50 dollars for a camera there is no way around it, you just bought a $50 dollar camera and that is very different than a $300 or $450 dollar camera. Many times cheap systems end up being very expensive.

Understand that viewing remote video over your phone will depend on your bandwidth at your home or office and the system you have. Using a static or none changing IP address for your NVR is a very wise move but many times cost and extra $10-$20 per month. Port forwarding can be used however when changes are made you may have issues with the system and it may need to be reconfigured.

Digital high low temperature systems water sensors

Peak Alarm suggests that you install digital high low temperature sensors along with water sensors or flood sensors in specific areas so you will be alerted to abnormal conditions

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Peak Alarm can also install humidity sensors in your computer rooms with air flow sensors as well. Don’t get caught into thinking that security systems are only for theft protection. Many additional sensors can be added.


Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has 5 offices to serve you in Idaho and Utah. Peak’s 270+ employees are trained, insured and the security employees are licensed by the State of Utah and have gone through an FBI background check.

Call Larry Love at the Salt Lake office for more information about Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control and Camera systems.

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Surveillance camera systems Utah Salt Lake City IP


Camera Systems in Salt Lake City


Cameras when installed properly can assist your risk management department assess accidents, product flow, theft, employee productivity and much more.

Peak Alarm has the trained staff to assist you through the design stage to installation of your IP camera system. Your system can be viewed over the Internet and even with your smart phones.

Stay away from the least expensive camera systems because you won’t be happy with the results. You do get what you pay for. An entry level system is fine for your home but for a business we recommend deciding on a mid range priced system that you will be pleased with.

Peak Alarm has been in busines for over 45 years and has an A+ rating with the www.bbb.org

Peak Alarm is licensed, insured and keeps their general liability and workers compensation insurance current.

Axis Camera Certification

Larry at work with Lizeths stepdad


Several employees from Peak Alarm were certified last week and passed the AXIS Camera certification exam. The testing was done by PROMETRIC. The three day training was intensive. I personally was challenged by this class and the test although I passed it and learned a great deal about IP camera systems. Having sales people that have extensive training assists the installation technicians to do their job since the jobs are designed properly from the start.

Peak Alarm is not known for being the least expensive or low bidder on most projects. Peak Alarm is known for quality. Having been in business for over 45 years with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating peak maintains a high level of factory training for both technicians and the sales force. There were 30 Peak Alarm employees in the AXIS training class.

Peak Alarm also has certified technicians for DSX, DMP, Hochiki and others.

Many customers that look for the least expensive security solution end up with one of our competitors that has thousands of complaints with the Better Business Bureau and buyers remorse at a later date.

Spending the money to have a professional installation done right the first time will help you avoid that remorse.

One of the companies I visited two weeks ago had gone through 2 camera systems before they finally called us. The first system was a camera system from a big box store and the old adage “you get what you pay for” could not have applied more. The second system was installed by a security company who provided very low quality materials and the system is only 2 years old and is falling apart.

Peak Alarm offers entry level systems, midrange and enterprise systems. We want to keep our customers for generations, our goal is not just to get the sale.

Give me a call at 801 428 1384 or email me at Larry@peakalarm.com and I can come by and do a site assessment at no charge here on the Wasatch front within 80 Miles of Salt Lake City. Peak Alarm is licensed, their employees are licensed and have gone through the FBI back ground checks, the company is insurred and keeps their workers compensation insurance, their auto insurance and their general liability insurance up to date. Peak Alarm pays use tax on equipment and all applicable taxes where required.

Peak Alarm offers equipment for sale and on leases OAC. We can do 12 month, 24 month, 36 month or even 60 month contracts. If it is needed Peak Alarm can also do month to month contracts for specific situations. Keep in mind that most of our customers sign the 36 month contract in order for Peak to help out and subsidize part of the equipment. When you sign up for a 12 month contract the equipment will have a higher cost than a 36 month contract. Leasing is a good option for many companies because the up front costs are not as high. Call us and we can help you find the best option for your installation needs.

We look forward to your call.

Before you buy look up all alarm companies that you talk to or get pricing from on the www.bbb.org before you buy anything.

Be sure to look up all the alarm companies that you get bids from on the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org