Flexible Fire Alarm installations

This is the open view but not so close. If you don't like the peppers then just take them off but they are my favorite part.

This is the open view but not so close. If you don’t like the peppers then just take them off but they are my favorite part.

Getting to decide on the ingredients in a sandwich is a freedom that we have although many times we can’t be as picky when deciding what will need to be installed into our office building or factory as far as fire alarm goes. There are certain things that need to be planned for to meet minimum fire code.


Being flexible is not something you normally associate with Fire Marshals or the companies that install fire alarm systems. Recently Peak Alarm met with 80 Fire Marshals when Peak was involved with the Fire Marshal Association training in Saint George. I was in attendance and I want to let you know that the majority of the Fire Marshals are very reasonable to work with. Their number one concern is life safety. Since that meeting I have met personally with several of these fire marshals and they have assured me that they are not trying to put anyone out of business although they do want the businesses to meet minimum fire alarm code and they want to protect the public.

When in doubt just call them up and talk to them about your project and most of the time they will take the time to meet with you and go over the plans to come up with a solution that will work.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for a no cost site visit here on the Wasatch Front (Utah) Peak Alarm also has offices in Idaho.


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Project Costs can vary

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.


Project costs can vary greatly depending on several factors:

1. Specifications often require extra equipment and sometimes they require 10% extra of the devices and sometimes they ask for 10 of each type which can be excessive.

2. Certifications such as NICET can be a requirement that can narrow your competition and increase the professionalism of a project.

3. Specific brand names and model numbers can narrow the competition when the products are proprietary. Example: There are some fire alarm brands that only one company per state can do and after they get the job the prices tend to be very high for parts and labor so be careful about this.

4. When the specifications require CAD drawings this can add quite a bit to a project.

5. When an Engineer requires additional warranties or excessive training and added trips the cost can go up several thousand dollars. Sometimes the warranties are a good idea and other times the normal manufacturer’s warranties are sufficient.

6. When comparing companies don’t forget to look them up on http://www.bbb.org

7. Keep in mind that some companies have changed their names several times to avoid a poor reputation. Peak Alarm has had the same name for the last 45 years and we have an A+ rating with the better business bureau.

8. So after your specifications are written it is prudent to read through them and decide when there are any excessive requirements or not and you may want to edit the extra equipment and the CAD requirements especially if you already paid an Electrical Engineer to do the CAD then paying a Fire Alarm Company to do it again may not be the best option.

PIV Post Indicator Valve Peak Alarm Utah

PIV or Post Indicator Valve.

Post Indicator Valve

This valve can shut the water off to a building from the outside. (Normally)

This valve shows whether the water is turned on or turned off for your fire sprinkler system. Many times there will be a lock on it and looking at it you should see the word OPEN on the front of the valve. This valve should be electronically tied to the fire alarm so it will go into supervisory to indicate when the water for the sprinkling system is turned off to the building.

It is very important that this valve not be left shut after maintenance is done otherwise the water for the fire sprinkler system won’t be available.

When the Central Station gets the supervisory alarm they will notify those on the call list to let them know the valve is shut. If you are going to be turning it off , call and put the system or just that point in test with dispatch and then call back when the test is done or the maintenance is finished.


Larry@peakalarm.com (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, has 270 employees to service you, a full service Dispatch Central Station, A full service guard and patrol division and our Alarm installation division which installs and services Fire Alarm, Cameras, Access control, Intercom and Security intrusion systems.

UL2050 Peak Alarm

UL2050 Certificate for Larry Love

http://www.peakalarm.com Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com

Duct Detector information Utah Salt Lake

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary many times you may end up paying higher costs.

Duct Detector information
Yesterday my fire alarm designer Kenny Fox and I took a CEU class on Duct Detectors which was interesting. A few highlights from the class are as follows:

1. The recommended detector type from the NFPA annex is Photoelectric not Ion – Photoelectric work better with smoldering type fires and Ion would work better in a hot flash fire and lower altitudes.
2. NFPA 90A HVAC requires duct detection on the supply side when the cfm greater than 2000cfm
3. IMC 2012 section 606 requires duct detection on the return side when the cfm is greater than 2000cfm (5 ton or larger)
4. When the cfm is greater than 2000 when the duct work is shared even with units under 2000 cfm each duct detection is required
5. When a smoke control system is involved then shut down may not be required. This comes back to what the AHJ may require.
6. NFPA 72 discusses RTS or Remote Test Switches which are required when you cannot see the LED lights on a duct detector or it is mounted over 10’ in the air above the finished floor. They need to be audible and visible.
7. If you have an addressable fire alarm system and the annunciator is in a normally occupied space the AHJ may approve that rather than remote test switches as long as it tells exactly which duct is in trouble/supervisory
8. See NFPA 72 (2010)

Separate notes on manual pull boxes and panel smoke detection for your information:

At least one manual pull box (Pull Station) is required even on fully sprinkled buildings according to IFC/IBC 907.2 second paragraph “Where other sections of this code allow elimination of fire alarm boxes due to sprinklers, a single fire alarm box shall be installed.


1. Dedicated system for elevator recall (not monitoring flow and tampers)
2. Pulls not required in R-2 Occupancies unless the AHJ requires the pull to initiate an alarm during a sprinkler system impairment event. Where provided, the pull shall not be located in an area that is accessible to the public.
We are finding that many times the Fire Marshals are requiring these pulls either in the riser room or other approved AHJ location.

We are also finding plans that do not show a smoke detector at the fire alarm panel location nor at the remote power supply locations. NFPA 101 Section 9.6
NFPA 72 (2013) – Smoke detector still required at the Fire Alarm Panel 10.4.4 Exception: Where ambient conditions prohibit smokes a heat shall be permitted. If the Fire Alarm Panel is constantly manned the AHJ may decide to have a smoke or not to have a smoke. ( also applies to Horn/Strobe power supplies) If the building is continuously occupied the AHJ may still require a smoke detector at the FACP location. (Check with local AHJ) Alternate reference using older code NFPA 72 (2010) 10.15

Many of the fire marshals are requiring a weather proof horn/strobe on the outside of the buildings.

When you have information that you would like us to be aware of please let me know. We are striving to stay updated with the latest codes and technology information.

For comments, corrections or questions please email Larry@peakalarm.com when you would like to be taken off this email list just let me know and I will take you off. I do not spam and only send pertinent information to the industry periodically. Call Larry at (801) 428 1384


Fire Alarm items to address

Basic Fire Alarm information

Basic Fire Alarm information

Many people only think about Smoke Detectors, Pull Stations (Manual Pull Boxes) and Horn/Strobes when thinking about fire alarm systems.

1. Don’t forget to have your dampers tied into the fire alarm system.
2. Magnetic door holders that hold doors open should also drop upon activation of fire alarm.
3. Magnetic locks should unlock upon fire alarm so people can get out of the building.
4. Duct Detectors installed on air handlers over 2000 cfm should be tied into the fire alarm and most fire marshals will allow them to be supervisory points meaning they won’t dispatch the fire department when they activate but will send a trouble or supervisory signals so a maintenence person can be dispatched.
5. Tamper switches on your fire department keyboxes (lockboxes where a building key is kept and the fire department can access those boxes with a special master key) can be tied to the fire system with permission from the AHJ Fire Marshal or they can also be tied into the security system.
6. PIV valves, sprinkler tampers and sprinkler flow switches should be tied into the fire alarm system.
7. Code requires that at least one pull station be tied to the fire alarm system when the system is monitoring at least 20 sprinkler heads. This is the case even when another part of the code allow exclusion of pull stations. (Still need one)
8. Voice evacuation and mass notification systems have different code requirements and criteria although most of the time the two systems will be tied together.
9. Elevators should also be tied into the fire alarm for elevator recall. This normally functions so that the elevator goes to the first floor if there is smoke on any other floor or if there is smoke on the first floor then it may recall to the 2nd. Also keep in mind that if the first floor is underground the recall may be to the level of exit such as the 2nd floor so verify this with your AHJ Fire Marshal.
10. The Horn/Strobes (The noisy horns that have lights) draw a certain amount of current depending on their candela and sound level settings. Many of these appliances draw around 242mA or 1/4 of an amp. Many power supplies will have around 2amps per circuit so you could put 8 horn/strobes per circuit but if you have hallway horn/strobes that are set on 30cd or 15cd then you can put more of them per circuit. When you have ceiling mounted horn/strobes they draw more current so you will install less per circuit.
11. Keep in mind that on long wire runs there is a voltage drop so when you use thicker cable (Wire) such as 14g2c (14 Gauge) then you will be able to do longer runs than when you use smaller wire like 18g wire. There is a chart and calculator we use to determine the distances and a formula.
12. Plan out how your fire alarm panel will communicate. If you decide on phone line then you will need 2 analog phone lines and most of the time one of those lines will be dedicated. Many times these lines cost around $30 per line so there are other options to consider.
13. Using an AES Radio is another option and that only adds $15 per month to the monitoring bill.
14. Installing a high supervision cellular communicator will add $22 to the monthly charges and it sends a signal every 6 minutes or over 7000 times a month. When you have this or the Radio then you do not need the two phone lines nor do you need a backup since the backup is supposed to inform you when the primary fails and since you are sending regular signals out you will know of a failure quickly.
15. Internet monitoring is another form and it is becoming more popular although the equipment should have battery backup and in order to qualify the internet module or communicator needs to be tied to certain reputable companies not just any internet provider. There are concerns with this if your internet goes down often then you will get lots of trouble calls from your central station so the pole rate needs to be set up prudently.


Larry@peakalarm.com (801) 428 1384

Duct Smoke Detectors RTS RTU


When your duct detectors are tied into your fire alarm system there are a few things to remember.

Duct Smoke Detectors consist of the following: A housing many times with built in relays to shut down the air handler, a smoke detector inside the housing, tubes that allow air to be sampled and then send the air back on it’s way. The size of these tubes vary. Sometimes you have a monitor module with the set up on the addressable systems or you may have just a zoned wire tie in. Sometimes there is a remote test switch to allow testing and reset from a remote location.

Duct Detectors may be 120 V, 240 V or 24 VDC or 24VAC

1. If the air handlers are over 2000 cfm the duct detectors should be tied to the fire alarm system.

2. When the air handler is over 15,000 cfm you should have duct detectors both on supply and return.

3. Many fire marshals will allow you to have the duct detectors notify the central station as a supervisory signal instead of a full blown alarm that dispatches the fire trucks. Verify this at time of installation.

4. When the duct detectors are not readily accessible and not on an addressable system many times RTS Remote Test Switches will be required in the area below the duct detector so you can do a test and a reset without going to the unit.

5. Global Shut down is when one unit receives a smoke alarm and then reports to the fire alarm panel and the fire alarm panel sends a signal through relays to shut down all the air handler units not just the one that went into alarm.

6. Most of the time it is not global but individual so when smoke is detected in the duct work then that duct detector shuts down that air handler. If a belt is burning or if the motor is burning this helps protect the equipment. Shutting down the air handler does not allow the spread of smoke throughout the building.

Duct detectors normally shut the air handlers down when there is a problem

Many times duct detectors are tied into the fire alarm and the system will alert you when they need to be cleaned. If you ignore that alert on a trouble then the next signal may be an alarm.

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or on his cell at 801 898 6003 Larry@peakalarm.com

New Business

Protect your assets with updated technology don't stay stuck in the past

Protect your assets with updated technology don’t stay stuck in the past


Protect your assets with new technology temperature sensors, water detection, updated smoke detection that sends signals to the central station dispatch, new camera systems and replace your phone lines with radio or high supervision cellular communicators.

As we review our budgets remember to set aside allotments for ACCESS CONTROL, SECURITY, FIRE ALARM UPDATES, CAMERAS and technology updates.

Go with the best and longest operating company that has their own UL listed Central Station, Guard Division and the ability to do a professional project. When doing your research find out which companies are insured, licensed, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and then get bids from those companies.


Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 for a free consultation on your Fire Alarm, Security, Cameras or Access Control project. With 20 years in the industry and current Factory Certifications Larry can assist you with the most up to date equipment and combined with his professional Peak team they will take care of your project from start to finish. email: Larry@peakalarm.com

Change orders in construction

What a beautiful country

What a beautiful country

Many times a lower bidder will try to put in as many change orders as possible after they win the bid. Here at Peak Alarm we are not always the low bidder and we strive to avoid order changes. Certainly there are times when the owner or the Fire Marshal will ask or require something that was not on the original bid and therefore we put in a change order.

Not long ago we got a set of fire alarm plans approved by the Fire Marshal and we completed the installation and at the time of the inspection another Fire Marshal required that we add another Horn/Strobe that was not on the plans. It is not wise to argue with the Fire Marshal so we installed another appliance.

There have been times when we have made a change required by the customer without getting a change order or addendum signed and then they did not want to pay for the extra work or extra equipment that we provided so before any work will be started, before any equipment will be ordered, the proper paperwork needs to be filled out and signed.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, we are licensed, insured, factory trained in several different product lines,we have multiple technicians certified by the State Fire Marshal’s office, Peak Alarm has multiple NICET certified technicians including myself and we are set up to do a professional job from the start. Peak Alarm has their own UL Listed 5 Diamond Certified Central Station, Peak Alarm has their own Guard and Patrol division and 5 offices with 270 employees.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau bbb.org and we encourage people to go onto the BBB web site and check the information on any Alarm company they are thinking of using. Peak Alarm has had 5 complaints filed with the BBB in the last 3 years and only one in the last year and they have all been closed out and addressed. Peak Alarm strives to use any complaints and address them in a positive way and make changes where needed to improve. Some of our other competitors have a great deal of complaints and many of their scores are less than the A+ rating for a reason. We don’t need to speak poorly of our competitors because their records speak for themselves. We have other competitors that do a great job and have very few complaints and are also licensed and insured. When getting bids do a bit of research to make sure the companies you are using meet the criteria to give you a professional proposal and do the job right the first time.

Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com or check out out web site at http://www.peakalarm.com