The Inn Between in Poplar Grove Glendale Utah

This is not a homeless shelter

This is not a homeless shelter

The Inn Between by Larry Love April 29, 2015

I first got involved with this new project in my neighborhood when I met Kim Correa. I met her at the old Guadalupe School on Goshen Street right around the corner from my home. Kim needed some help with an upgrade on her fire alarm. I have been in the security/fire alarm business for 20 years and I am a commercial consultant at Ask for Larry Love

I did the site visit and gave Kim an estimate for the upgrade including some new code requirements such as low frequency horns (520mHz) that just went into effect at the beginning of this year. When she explained the purpose of the facility so I would know what fire alarm appliances and devices to add she explained the building would be used to assist patients that were terminally ill and did not have anywhere else to go.

Kim told me of how she had quit her job and started this non-profit organization in order to help those less fortunate in the community. I listened with interest and since I am involved with a Hispanic Church (The Buena Vista Branch with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) I saw this as a great opportunity for us to help in our own neighborhood so I organized some people to come over to help her clean and do other odd jobs. Kim has been very appreciative. I have met with Kim approximately 6 times over the last 2 months and I can tell you she is a genuine loving individual that wants to help those in need. Kim is also very open and willing to listen.

Some neighbors are concerned that having a facility of this type in the neighborhood will draw the wrong element to the area. Since Franklin Elementary is just around the corner and “The Inn Between” is so close to the river, another worry is that homeless people possibly family members or friends of those that will be cared for will want to stay close and may camp out near the river making the area more dangerous. I can understand these concerns and would hope that we can work closely with the police department to make sure this does not happen. Some neighbors don’t understand the purpose of the new project and feel that it will turn into another homeless shelter or be a target selling area for drug dealers just like the block on second south by the shelter.

For those that are concerned I would urge you to speak with Kim Correa and she will explain how the facility will be ran. This is not going to be open to everyone that wants to come in. They will have rules and only a specific number of people will be allowed in the building at any given time. This wonderful project will give those that are in their last days a place where they can die with dignity. I would suggest that any community members that are worried step and get involved with “The Inn Between” in order to help the project move forward in the best possible way. Express your thoughts and frustrations and when we work together we can assist the community. The last thing Kim or the board of directors wants is to cause harm in any way.

This project is moving forward and although you may not agree with it you can sit and complain about the new non-profit in the neighborhood or you can get involved and volunteer by offering to help clean, read to the patients, be involved in neighborhood watch by reporting suspicious activity to the police and helping keep our neighborhood safe. Helping Kim’s vision of what she would like to see happen a positive one will improve our community making it a model for the world.

being with loved ones

being with loved ones

What you resist persists. We as a society tend to fight against war, fight against drugs, fight against all sorts of things and when we place our energy in fighting against something it adds to that thing. When we place our energy in positive areas the positive aspects increase. Mother Teresa once said she would never attend an anti war rally although she said, “If you ever have a peace rally invite me.” Look at what she manifested during her time on earth.

Answers from Kim Correa

1. What will impede the family members and friends that are homeless from coming and camping near the river to be close to the Inn Between?
The SLC Police Department patrols the river. They even send officers out in the early morning hours (2 am to 3 am) to find and remove people who are camping by the river.

2. How do you know that the Inn Between will not draw drug dealers like the shelter on 400 south to our area which is close to the school?
We are running a drug-free hospice house with a “first-strike you’re out” policy. If we see illicit activity (or behavior), we will evict the offender with the assistance of the police. Since our residents are very ill, we expect that the vast majority will not risk giving up their warm bed.

We will not permit loitering by strangers on or near the premises. We have two live-in house managers who will be keeping an eye on the interior and exterior of our property to provide security. We are working closely with the SLCPD, and they are committed to ensuring safety in the neighborhood with frequent patrols and rapid response.

3. Why will the Inn Between not become a magnet for homeless people and what will prevent them from coming in and making rooms upstairs their home etc….
The building is locked 24/7, and it has security cameras so the house managers can observe what is going on 24/7. The house managers monitor access, so only people living here will be able to enter and leave the building. Our guests will be instructed to stay on our property, either in the smoking area (in the north parking lot) or in the fenced in front yard, which is the “pet area” (several volunteers are bringing therapy pets in).

Our guests must be dying or very sick and be referred by The Fourth Street Clinic or a hospital. Our guests must sign a contract before being admitted here, and follow strict house rules in order to stay here. We are giving them an opportunity to die with dignity, but not a promise. Initially, we plan to operate under a no visitor’s policy to mitigate foot traffic and promote a tranquil neighborhood environment.

Our goal is to prevent people from migrating to The INN Between from the downtown area. The INN Between is not a shelter, and the shelters and SLCPD are working with us to raise awareness that we are not a shelter and to prevent people from migrating this way. If we begin to see a problem with this, we will ramp up security with security guards and more intervention from the SLCPD.

Peak Alarm ranked number sixty one in the US

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Since 1991 and every year since, SDM magazine conducts a survey all alarm companies in the US. The SDM 100 Report ranks US companies that earn their revenues from the sale, installation, service and monitoring of electronic security systems. Primarily, the report measures dollars gained by alarm companies in order to determine the size of the market served by the 100 largest security providers in the US. The SDM 100 Report ranks alarm companies by their recurring monthly revenue (RMR). Last year, Peak Alarm ranked 62nd largest in the US by SDM.

I am pleased to share that SDM ranked Peak Alarm the 61st largest in their 2015 Report.

Many thanks for your focus, efforts and contributions in connection with the achievement of a very honorable position in the SDM 100 Report.

Ask for Larry Love

(801) 428 1384

Apps can now be loaded on IP cameras

Baked Scallop California roll

Baked Scallop California roll

Apps can now be loaded directly on your High definitions cameras allowing you to do different things with your cameras. This new technology is moving forward making the security industry change in ways it has never done before. Call Peak Alarm for a site visit and more information today.

(801) 428 1384 Larry Love Larry is Axis Certified and ready to help you with your camera design needs.

Axis camera systems are not the least expensive systems. Axis cameras are high quality and on the edge when talking about new technology innovations.

Fire Alarm Utah Salt Lake City

Alarms come in various brands with different features.

Alarms come in various brands with different features.

Understanding Fire Alarm Systems may not be on your priority list so let us take care of those details:

1. Fire Alarm Panel – Zoned, Addressable or Analog with Power Supply panels to power other devices
2. Annunciators (This keypad will show all troubles, alarms and supervisory notifications)
3. Smoke Detectors, CO detectors, flame detectors, heat detectors and multisensors.
4. Duct Smoke Detectors (Shuts down air handlers so smoke will not spread) Remote Test switches for Duct Detectors
5. Horn/Strobes, Strobes, Horns, Speakers, Speaker/Strobes for mass notification. Also new Low Frequency Horns to meet current code.
6. Damper connections to shut or open dampers so prevent the spreading of smoke
7. Magnetic Door Holders (The fire panel will drop these door holders also to prevent the spread of fire and smoke)
8. Elevator Recall will send the elevator to a specific floor when there is smoke on other floors.
9. Tie to the Access Control systems to release the doors when there is a fire alarm.
10. Tie to the flow switches on the Fire Sprinkler system to set off the alarm and dispatch the fire department when water is flowing. PIV Post Indicator valves can also be tied to the fire alarm. Wet and Dry systems can be tied in using monitor modules. Pressure switches can also be monitored.
11. Tie to the Tamper switches on the Fire Sprinkler System to alert the owner that the water has been turned off.
12. Test functions to allow you to practice fire drills
13. The Fire Alarm Systems in Utah are required to be tested and green tagged by a certified individual once a year. This is a different tag than the sprinkler tag.
14. Batteries should be changed every 3 to 5 years.
15. Monitoring normally costs around $30 dollars a month for a fire alarm system.
16. If you want to get rid of your analog phone lines for monitoring the fire alarm can be monitored using a high supervision cellular unit for $22 dollars extra per month. This system sends signals every 6 minutes.
17. When you want to use a radio instead of the high supervision cellular the additional cost is only $15 extra on your monitoring for radio monitoring.
18. This is not a complete list of what is tied to the fire alarm although it will give you more information so you have a good idea that a fire alarm system can help keep you safe.
19. Smoke detectors activate much sooner than the sprinkler systems so because the sprinklers normally activate when the temperatures reach around 165 degrees on the ceiling. The ideal is to have both systems because once a sprinkler system is activated the water is going to ruin most everything inside because it is meant to protect the structure.

For more information or a quote call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Bid procedure for alarm systems Utah

What is the right way to make your favorite hot drink?

What is the right way to make your favorite hot drink?

When getting bids for your new building keep in mind the following points:

1. Prepare a scope of work of exactly what you want your system to do and the counts.

2. Provide a set of drawings or plans even if it is a simple MAP with locations and distances

3. Invite qualified companies that you have checked out as far as insurance, licensing, Better Business Report

4. Avoid proprietary equipment. Many times a specific company is the only dealer in the State for a specific Security or fire panel and once you have that equipment in you are locked into using that company along with their higher labor and equipment rate. Many times they will get in with a low bid so they will have the service and equipment later on. Some school districts here in the State have taken those types of products out of their specifications so the schools don’t get locked into this type of situation.

5. If you don’t know how many devices and appliances you need it would be prudent to hire a professional company to do the design that will meet code and your needs. Explain to them that you don’t want to use proprietary equipment and that they will be paid whether they win the bid or not. Several of the larger security companies will provide this service and discount the rate or even deduct the cost if they win the bid.

6. Get a third party review of the system design to make sure it is not over designed. This may seem like quite a bit of work and you should know this will simplify your process later on.

7. Look up each companies Better Business Bureau report

8. Look at the results and some companies throw out very low bids knowing that if you have one company that bid the project at $5,000 and three other companies that all come in around $8,000 then most likely the low bid left something out so if you are going to go with low bid, have an interview with them and go over all the equipment, wire, conduit and work to be done.

9. CHANGE ORDER GAME: Many companies bid very low, get the job and then try to get lots of change orders. Sometimes Engineers will put together performance specifications so the bidders understand that they need to provide equipment that will meet code and that order changes will not be accepted unless the owner is requesting additional items that were not on the drawings etc….

10. Consider hiring a professional Engineer to get your job designed and specified. On very large jobs this is recommended. Running your project through an architect, electrical engineer and a general contractor can lessen the pressure that is on you.

11. Consider the requirement for the designer to be a NICET III in Fire Alarm to do your Alarm system. NICET is a National organization and people have to pass a very hard test and qualify with years of work experience in order to get this certification. For a camera job there are certifications such as the AXIS CERTIFIED TECH which also require training and you can be assured that your project will be designed properly. Another certification that could be required is the State of Utah Fire Alarm Tech certification. (Three levels) This is required for testing and certification.

12. Understand that the least expensive products are not always the best. You get what you pay for. The camera may be a 2.1MP camera although if you are paying $200 for this camera and you compare it to a $1,300 dollar Axis camera they are not the same. Just like comparing an entry level new car to a BMV or other more expensive car. (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm best local security fire camera company Utah

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau


Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station for Dispatching the Police and Fire Department and customer notification

Peak Alarm offers top of the line projects such as Bosch, DMP, DSX, Hochiki, FireLite, Silent Knight and others.

With 5 offices in Utah and Idaho and 271 employees Peak Alarm is the oldest local alarm company on the Wasatch front and the only local alarm company with a UL listed Station in Salt Lake City. Peak Alarm also has a full service Security Guard and Patrol division and an AV department that does home theater and large business theater systems as well.

Larry Love (801) 428 1384 has been in the industry for 20 years, holds a NICET level 2 Fire Alarm certification, a level 3 State of Utah Master Fire Alarm Tech certification and is AXIS and Bosch certified. Call Larry for all your commercial or residential Security needs

When looking for a Fire Alarm company look up “Fire Alarm Companies in Utah” and Larry’s blog will be on the first page giving you information about several local Fire Alarm installation companies with the brands they install and their phone numbers.

A solid company that pays the proper taxes, pays their worker compensation insurance, their vehicle insurance and general liability insurance is hard to find when you are looking for a local company to do business with. Peak Alarm meets all of these requirements and all of their employees are licensed with the State of Utah through DOPL Division of Occupational Licensing. Peak Alarm has commercials on the local television network and strives to provide quality service for a fair price.

Peak Alarm is part of a national organization called NETONE which consists of 32 of the top companies in the Nation and Peak handles Idaho and Utah and Netone pulls their buying power as a group to get our customers the very best volume pricing possible.

Peak Alarm has a different business model than many alarm companies that sell you a system and have it installed on the same day. Be very careful with these companies because most of the time they sell the monitoring contract to a 3rd party monitoring station out of state. Look each company you get bids from up on the web site. The Better Business Bureau has received thousands of complains on some of our competitors. We have no need to say anything bad about our competition although we do encourage customers to do their own homework and look up the records on the bbb site. Peak Alarm has had 5 complaints in the last 3 years and all 5 have been addressed and closed out.

When Peak receives complaints our management team takes them very seriously and uses them to help improve our service by looking at where we can make changes to better the company. We recently have made some changes by implementing suggestions from customers and employee feedback.

Our customers are willing to work with us because they know that we are a solid honest company that will be around for many years to come and as a local company we strive to serve our customers the best way possible.

Access Control installers companies Utah

Access Control Companies

Access Control Installing companies in Salt Lake City and Utah

Please contact Larry Love at to update this list with your current company information of which access control brands you install along with your phone number and web site information. This is a work in progress that I will add to as I get the current information.

Most Access Control Systems cost about $2,000 to $2,700 per door which include a Prox reader or biometric reader, a hold open door contact, a maglock or electric strike, a request to exit button or motion or both, door controllers and the installation and equipment. These systems allow you to limit access to certain areas, days of the week or specific hours that people can gain access.

Some Products are limited to a certain amount of doors such as only 8 or only 16 total so you could not expand. Others like DSX do not have a limit. (DSX has the limit of 32,000 doors per location and you can have 32,000 locations)

DSX – Installed by Alarm Control and Peak Alarm
Software House – Installed by Tyco or AVTEC
Bosch – Peak Alarm is a Bosch dealer and there are several other Bosch dealers
ReadyKey Pro – Bosch used to rep this and then Lenel did not renew their contract so the Pro line although there are some companies still servicing it.
Northern – Several Companies install this brand
Honeywell Pro 3200 – Peak Alarm and others
Casi Russco
CDVI Americas

This blog is a work in progress to add different brands of access control and the companies that install them.

Alarm Control – DSX
Wasatch Electric -Comtech Division
Johnson Controls

Send me your information and I will update the list

Peak Alarm 1534 South Gladiola Street, SLC, UT 84104 Peak Alarm installs DSX Access Control, Honeywell Access Control, DMP Door Control, Bosch and others. (801) 428 1384 Larry Love

Maglocks electric strikes request to exit motions buttons

Maglocks or Electric strikes?

Maglocks don’t have moving parts like electric strikes do so they will last longer.

Electrics strikes for the most part will allow free egress from one side of the door so request to exit motions and buttons are not required.

The cost is about the same for either a maglock on a single door or an electric strike.

When you use maglocks most of the time it is required to tie the lock into the fire alarm system for door release

Maglock, request to exit motion, often a button to release the door as well. (Depends on fire marshal) Combined this ends up costing more

Electric strikes vary in cost depending on quality.The cost ranges from $240 to over $1000 each although a good quality strike is around $400

Strikes are the part in the door or door frame that can be unlocked with a card/prox reader electronically

Strikes come in two flavors: Fail Safe or Fail Secure.

Fail safe locks will unlock when you loose power allowing people to come into those doors after a power loss.

Fail secure locks will stay in the locked position when there is a power failure.

Access Control Door packages normally range from about $1,800 to $2,700 depending on the door and the location of the door.

Equipment needed:
Prox Reader (Card or tag) or Biometric Reader (Eye or finger scan) or Keypad (not recommended)
Electric strike or Maglock (Is the door wood, metal, glass, double door, single door) HES is a good brand and Von Duprin is better (more $)
Door hold open door contact (Lets you know when the door is propped open)
Special Cable for access control ran back to the headend controllers which are tied to your computer system

The first door will cost more than the next doors because there is the cost of setup, software and the controllers.

When you buy a two door system the second door will normally cost less and if you buy a 3 door system many times the controllers come as two door controllers so adding the 3rd door later normally won’t cost as much because the controller will already have the slot for the third door. Each system is different although being informed about these matters will help you make the best decisions when contracting a security company.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for more information or a no cost site visit here on the Wasatch Front (Utah/Salt Lake area)

(801) 428 1384

When our professional services are a match for your company let’s do business. I am not one of those high pressure salespeople that try to convince you to purchase anything. I can help educate you when you need information and then you can make the best decision for your company.

When you decide to go with a different company I will respect that as long as you have done your research. We have competitors that have over 3000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau and we encourage you to check on the companies that have lower prices and make sure they have insurance, make sure they are paying their taxes, make sure they have licensed individuals working for them.

Peak Alarm requires that all of their employees are licensed with the Division of Occupational Licensing DOPL and when the employees and sales people do not renew their State license and back ground check then Peak will not longer employee them. That is one of the conditions of employment.

Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station, Peak Alarm is the oldest local alarm company in Utah (46 years), Peak Alarm is the only full service alarm company of it’s type in Utah with a full service Guard and Patrol division, a UL listed Central Station, a complete AV division and a full service Alarm company that handles installation and service of Fire Alarms, Security (Intrusion), Access Control, Intercom and surveillance camera systems.

Speaker strobes and strobe voltage line drop

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Speaker Strobes are installed on VOICE EVACUATION and MASS NOTIFICATION SYSTEMS to inform people of different options. Sometimes the option is to evacuate the building and other times it may be to stay put or move to another area.

Speaker Strobes have a different wiring configuration than Horn/Strobes do. Horn/Strobes are meant solely to evacuate a building. Speaker Strobes have two wires that power the strobes and two wires that power the speaker and allow the messages to be heard. Many times the wire on the speakers is shielded meaning it has like a foil type protective cover or shield around the wire to protect the cable from interference that could cause the speakers to have extra noise.

There is a power supply to power the strobes and another one to power the speaker which will have a watt draw. Most of the speakers will have an adjustment to allow them to be set at 1/4, 1/2, 1 watt etc… A 25 Watt voice evac system could handle 25 speakers set at 1 watt considering wattage affected by wire distances and also the mA draw of the strobes.

Strobes draw anywhere from 66mA to just over 200 mA on normal settings and higher when the cd (candela settings) are higher. An example of a strobe that draws 200mA would allow you to run 5 of them on a circuit with 1 amp. Many power supplies have 1.5 amp or 2 or even 2.5 amps available. Let’s say it has 2 amps available. Since each amp is 1000mA you could install ten of the 200mA strobes or so you would think. The other consideration is how far the strobe is from the power supply and what size wire you are using.

Now let’s look at how voltage line drop is figured out.

Load X Resistance = Voltage drop

(With our example of 10 strobes that have a load or mA draw of 200mA each or 2 amps together the Load is 2 so we times that by the resistance of 3.19 which I got from the NEC (NFPA 70) electrical code for 14 gauge wire and 2 x 3.19 is a voltage line drop of 6.38 volts so if we start with 24 we would end up with 17.62 and since the strobe will work from 16 VDC to 33VDC we should be fine as long as we have a 2amp circuit. Many Engineers will require a 20% buffer when they design the system so they tell you to only put 80% or in this case 8 strobes on a circuit.

When you have a power supply with 4 circuits 2 amps each then you could only put 32 strobes on one power supply and then you would need an additional power supply. The limit would be 40 so with only 32 on the power supply you can add up to 8 at a later time. These examples are using 24 Volts DC not 12.

Going back to our example of the drop there is another item to consider. Instead of counting on a voltage of 24 we start with 20.4 and then subtract our voltage line drop giving us only 14.02 which is outside the limits so then we do another calculation and find out that when we run a cable that is only 689 feet on the circuit then the voltage line drop is only 4.4 volts so we end up with over 16 volts DC at the last strobe even with a safety factor.

So you can put less strobes on a circuit to help your calculations


you can shorten the cable runs to help put your calculations into the proper limits


You can use a larger power supply


You can find strobes that have a lower current draw

When you run 18 gauge wire (cable) normally these cables are 2 conductor and the cable is normally FPL, FPLR or FPLP and is normally SOLID copper.

18 gauge wire has a resistance of 8.08 Ohms resistance per 1000′ so you could install up to 5 strobes on a circuit that was 545 feet and have a voltage line drop of 4.4 volts. So you can see that installing 18 gauge cable for strobes is not the best option. The 14 gauge wire is a better choice.

Many people say then let’s use 10 gauge or 12 gauge cable and the figures will be better and that sounds reasonable although 10 gauge cable does not fit under the strobe terminals and 12 gauge is very difficult to work with. Sometimes you can make pigtails from the higher gauge cable to a lower size although this can cause issues at a later date.

Keep in mind when you have to install class A circuits that most of the time you would loose 2 of the 4 circuits on the power supply so you would need double the power supplies. Some manufacturers allow you to keep all four circuits. FireLite has some power supplies where you don’t loose the other two circuits when you add special modules.

Call Larry Love in Salt Lake City Utah for more information (801) 428 1384

Compare alarm prices Utah salt lake city

Shut off your gas when an emergency happens

Shut off your gas when an emergency happens

Call Peak for all your security needs

Call Peak for all your security needs

Peak Alarm can offer you a variety of pricing options depending on your needs. Obviously better equipment will cost more and when you pay more up front your monthly payment can be less or when you don’t want to have a large down payment your monthly payment can be higher.

Peak Alarm offers monitoring deals on 60 month, 48 month, 36 month, 24 month, 12 month and even month to month agreements.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Peak Alarm has over 250 employees to serve you, Peak Alarm has 5 offices in Idaho and Utah, Peak Alarm is a NetOne member which means we are a member of the top 32 alarm companies in the Nation that offer services such as UL listed Local Central Station Monitoring, A full Guard and Patrol Division, Local Certified Technicians and fair and reliable service rates.

Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 for a quote on your project. Larry has been in the industry for over 20 years now and is NICET certified, a Master Fire Alarm Tech level 3 with the State of Utah and has the ability to quote your project professionally.

Peak Alarm is the company you want on your side.