Best Surveillance camera systems in Utah

This comes frozen and is $8 which is about 14 oz and you just add it to an alfredo sauce and put over pasta and it is incredible. You can buy the white lump meat or the claw meat we have done both and love it. I make a non dairy white sauce and it is killer good.

This comes frozen and is $8 which is about 14 oz and you just add it to an alfredo sauce and put over pasta and it is incredible. You can buy the white lump meat or the claw meat we have done both and love it. I make a non dairy white sauce and it is killer good.

Call Larry Love x384 for camera quotes

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for commercial or residential camera quotes in Utah and Salt Lake.

Peak has a full line of entry level camera systems as well as midrange and high end systems to meet your budget and feature set

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years (Since 1969) and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is licensed, insured and is current on all appropriate taxes and factory training.

Larry Love is an Axis Certified Professional as are several other of the camera consultant specialists and technicians at Peak Alarm

Peak Alarm has several offices to serve you in Utah and Idaho with 271 employees and a full Guard and Patrol division and a professional AV division that ranked 18 in the nation in SDM magazine this year. (2015) Peak Alarm also ranked in the top 100 companies nationwide (#61) up one position from last year.

Security cameras do act as a deterrent although they do not stop crime although they give you evidence after the fact. We have a Videofied line that will allow intruders to be seen by our dispatchers and after we verify it is a real intruder we can send our patrol units or the police. Take a look at the web site. The video is sent over a cellular network so it is not as clear as you would get with an NVR or DVR system although the alarm would be verified in that same moment and the authorities sent out. This system can be completely wireless so you can set it up on a job site or a field or property that does not have a power source. For the first 4 cameras there is a monthly charge of $43 added to your monitoring and if you don’t have monitoring Peak the monthly fee would be $75 per month. The inside camera systems cost a bit less per month.

Call Larry at Peak Alarm for a Videofied quote today

Peak Alarm also has security systems that can have cameras added to them and you can view them remotely from your phone and they will take up to 1000 clips of approximately 10-15 sec after an alarm although these cameras tied to your security system do not record but they do allow you to look at live video at any time and after you are notified of an alarm you may look at the live video feed. Many people also use these cameras to check in on their pets at home or their office when they are away. These cameras can be very affordable to add to your security system. There is a $10 per month fee added to your monitoring when you add security cameras to your security panel in order to pay for the bandwidth and cellular charge when you use the free app. The cost to add an indoor camera to your system is around $249 each when your system is compatible. The cost to add an outdoor camera to your system is about $429 each and they need to be near a 120 volt power outlet. They are wireless for transmitting video although they do need power

When you decide on a security camera system we can help you determine when you would like to have an entry level, midrange or high end system installed at your home or facility. Cameras range from around $200 each to around $650 for a entry level or midrange camera and the higher end cameras run over $1000 depending on the features, brand and warranty. The NVR units run from under $1000 to several thousand depending on the brand and configuration of the NVR or server. Units that record video on 2 drives at once incase one fails are more expensive. When you want to add a UPS that can back up a 16 channel IP camera system for over 90 minutes that will run you just over $1000 in addition to the system although you can buy a UPS that runs the NVR for a few minutes for under $200. Doing some research can end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run.

When you decide to install a system yourself and purchase it off the internet or at a big box store it is wise to buy 2 or 3 of those systems because there is a good chance the equipment will fail and getting service is difficult and sometimes the connectors are not universal. It is prudent to have an experienced company install your system for your and you will have the confidence that the camera system was done right

Call Larry Love today for a Quote on any of these types of systems (801) 428 1384 or his email is

Electrical Engineers design alarm systems cameras fire alarm security

Tony's in Layton Utah

Tony’s in Layton Utah

Ask for Larry Love x384

Electrical Engineers in Utah and Salt Lake City design your alarm system professionally providing you with a set of plans and specifications so the project can be put out to bid allowing all the bidders to meet the specifications and bid using the counts shown on the plans.

Some of the Electrical Engineers in Utah are Spectrum Engineers, BNA Consulting Engineers, Royal Engineering in Provo, Case, Lowe and Hart in Ogden, ECE Engineering in Salt Lake, TW Engineering, Heath Engineering, Envision, Ken garner Engineering, PES, PVE Engineering, Norseth, Tasco, Beazer and others. There are many types of Engineers and these ones do Electrical Engineering which includes alarm systems.

Many times after the design is done the AHJ or City may require a 3rd Party review by companies such as Craig Blue P.E. Inc. or PCI Fire Protection Engineers or Superior Fire Protection Services or Van Boerum & Frank Associates or others.

Peak Alarm works with the Engineers and third party review companies in order to provide you with a system that meets your budget and code. Peak Alarm is licensed, insured and factory certified, with 46 years in business and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau Peak Alarm has the ability to do any size project. Peak Alarm has a full AV Division, Guard and Patrol Division, A UL Listed Central Station that is 5 Diamond Certified and a Full Alarm Installation and Service Company.

(801) 428 1384 Larry Love or call Peak Directly at (801) 486 7231 x384 or toll free (888) 822 7231

Quality longer lasting better built cameras

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Axis Certified Professionals

Axis Certified Professionals at Peak Alarm ask for Larry

Quality equipment normally takes longer to manufacture, is made with superior materials and lasts longer and works better. In our society often we end up paying more for brand names and many times brand name items are better than no name brands.


Cast of the Prodigal Son Musical

Cast of the Prodigal Son Musical

Larry is also involved in community theater and music

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Larry Love has been in the industry for over 20 years including his Guard and Patrol experience combined with the alarm experience with American Security & Fire, Inc for over 16 years and Fire and Security Specialists FSS for 2 years. Larry is level 2 NICET in Fire Alarm and level 3 Master Fire Alarm Tech in Utah.

This local company has been in business for over 46 years and has the ability to do any size project for Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control and Camera Systems.

Camera access control systems salt lake city utah

Mexican sandwich

Mexican sandwich

Call Larry Love x384 or 801 428 1384

Peak Alarm has a CAD department to help you with your Fire Alarm drawings and our certified NICET designers can help you from the design stage of the project passing it off to our professional consultants and Installation team.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years

Peak Alarm is the only local company with a UL listed Central Station, Guard & Patrol Division, AV Division and a full Alarm installation and service company.

You get what you pay for so pay a bit more and go with the best. We are not low bidder very often but understand that often companies that are low bid have left something out of their proposal and many times they have to look for ways to cut corners. Peak Alarm does it right.

(801) 428 1384

Low bid in utah salt lake city Security Alarms

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384

Quality equipment and a professional installation is not always obtained when you go with low bid. When you decide to go with the lowest price, often you get what you pay for.

To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

Companies that are the consistent low bidders often leave things out and have to cut corners to finish the project without losing money. Many times these companies go out of business in the first few years because of mismanagement, not paying insurance, taxes, overtime and suppliers.

Does the company you use provide encrypted alarm systems such as DMP, Bosch or Qolsys to prevent hacking of your security?

1. Is the Alarm Company licensed by the State of Utah as an Alarm Company (DOPL)? This requires that they have a QA or Qualifying Agent that meets stringent experience requirements and testing. To install camera systems, intercoms, access control and other low voltage does not always mean you need to have a State Burglar Alarm Company license although I would rather have the company doing this sensitive work for me be a licensed company.
2. Are all of the employees licensed by DOPL? Division Of Occupational Licensing. (having passed an FBI background check) Many companies don’t license all their employees. Ask for their blue and white license because State law requires them to have it on their person at all times. Look up UTAH DOPL Licensed people and companies

3. Does the company you are considering have an A+ rating or an acceptable rating with the Better Business Bureau? Put in your zip then look up companies ? Two of our competitors have over 2000 complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau whereas in the last 5 years Peak Alarm has only had 5 complaints and they have all been dealt with.

In this day and age of the Internet anyone can post anything and do it on several sites and cause negative reviews to stand out. Peak Alarm takes all valid complaints seriously and uses them to make positive changes and improvements for the company. People that do not have valid complaints have not taken them to the Better Business Bureau because they know they will be investigated. So take care when reading and believing online complaints and reviews. Check out the BBB and talk to your neighbors and friends and look at the proof and results of a company that has been in business for over 46 years.

4. Does the company you are considering have current workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance and are they factory trained and certified? Peak Alarm recently paid to have over 20 employees certified on special systems and I was in those trainings and I also got certified. Peak Alarm is big on training and improving the company any way that will help us become bigger, better and faster.

5. Are the technicians certified to test and inspect fire alarm systems in the State of Utah? (Certifications from the State Fire Marshal) The tag and inspection for your sprinkler system is not the same one as the fire alarm, they are two separate tests. The fire alarm system is required by State law to be tested once a year.

Utah Fire Marshal Certification for Fire Alarm

6. Often after bidding occurs General Contractors will let the subs know what the bids were and give the low bidder a chance to back out and admit they left something out. This is embarrassing although it is realistic. Some general contractors will throw out the lowest bid if it is too far off, knowing that they are in for more headaches if they decide to use the lowest bid.
7. When you as a home owner or business owner get 3 bids for a camera system and two of them are over 20K and one is 12K you need to know that you are not looking at apples to apples bids. Either the equipment is in a whole difference class of equipment or something was left out. That is why having a drawing and a specification is so helpful. Go over your budget and decide at what quality level you would like to go with. There are entry level camera systems, mid-range and high end systems. We have AXIS/ Bosch cameras and Salient Servers for our high end camera systems and we have several other brands for our midrange and entry level systems. We have FLIR systems that also have entry level, midrange and high end within their brand.

AXIS Cameras are incredible

FLIR Entry Level, Midrange and High End

Bosch Video Lines

High End Video Servers

8. Labor is generally very close to what it should be on most bids although small companies with not as much overhead can bid their labor a bit lower although beware because when you go with companies like that often there are some risks involved. If the company only has one or two techs and there is a family emergency you may be out of luck. Here at Peak we have 5 offices and 271 employees to serve you.

Labor +Conduit if required+wire/cable+drilling & penetrations +device = Cost

A camera that is 300 feet from the headend will cost more to install than one that is in a drop tile office 100 feet from the headend. Good estimators factor all this in.

We have a different business model than many other companies that want to get in and get the system installed and get out. You may need to actually wait in line for our services depending on what it is. We offer same day SERVICE which many of the other large companies cannot do. However if you order a large fire alarm or camera system we will need to put you on the schedule and it may be out a few weeks. Companies are willing to wait because they know our track record. We order the right equipment and schedule the right people to install it. Our techs are not waiting in the office for the phone to ring. They are out working and we have customers call in every day to get on our schedule.

When you need to speak with someone you can call me and I will take responsibility and help you get a response whether it is from accounting, install or service.

9. Avoid proprietary equipment that only one or two dealers can sell and service. A company will get in the door with a lower price and then they have you hooked and can charge a much higher labor rate and they also charge more for parts. Peak Alarm charges $100 per hour for residential and $130 per hour for commercial work. There are some companies that charge less and normally if the company is charging quite a bit less there is a reason for it.

10. Peak Alarm has a full service Guard and Patrol company.

11. Peak AV division took #18 in the nation (SDM magazine)

12. Peak Alarmed rated #61 in the nation up from last years rating of 62 (also in SDM magazine)

13. Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station that is also 5 Diamond Certified meaning that we have redundant replacement equipment in stock, backup generators with fuel storage, bullet proof glass, man trap doors, min amount of dispatchers on staff at any given time, verified response times, annual audits from UL, every dispatcher has passed the 5 diamond test and knows the best way to respond to emergencies in a professional manner.

14. Peak Alarm is a member of NETONE which is a group of 36 elite alarm companies in the country. Peak covers Utah and Idaho. As a member of this group Peak Alarm has resources for training and recognition throughout the country. NETONE constantly seeks to improve the alarm industry and Peak is a part of those ongoing improvements.

15. Buy local and call Peak Alarm today. (801) 428 1384 Larry Love

Quality equipment installed by a professional licensed, insured factory trained company costs a bit more, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run.
Ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Elevator monitoring Utah Salt Lake City Idaho

Call Larry Love for pricing x384

Elevator Monitoring- Elevator code requires that all elevator telephones be programed to a number that is answered 24 hours a day with the capability of identifying the call locations.

This monitoring is only $15 dollars per month.

We will work with your elevator company giving them the toll free number to program into the elevator phone. (801) 428 1384

Protect your assets with updated technology don't stay stuck in the past

Protect your assets with updated technology don’t stay stuck in the past

PERS systems installed by Peak Alarm Utah Idaho

Trying to stay involved in community issues.

Trying to stay involved in community issues.

PERS – Personal Emergency Reporting System is a supervised wireless emergency reporting product primarily installed in residential applications. The table-top or wall mounted console that is monitored by our central station, provides pushbutton emergency assistance to anyone who desires additional security and peace of mind. PERS systems can also incorporate wireless transmitters worn by the resident. We also have waterproof units that can even be worn in the shower.

When your loved one wants to continue living alone in their home this is a wonderful option so you won’t worry that they may have fallen and cannot get up.

Peak Alarm also has regular security systems that can have medical buttons programmed into the system so the system can act as both a PERS system and a security system and there is not an additional charge for adding the medical button to the monthly monitoring charge although there is a charge for the button itself.

Ask for Larry Love for PERS systems x384 (801) 428 1384 or cell phone (801) 898 6003

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and is the largest local company in Utah of it’s type with a full service Guard and Patrol division, AV division, Alarm Division and a full service local UL listed Central Station.

Nurse Call Utah Salt Lake City

Peak Alarm can help

Peak Alarm can help

Nurse Call: A nurse call system allows patients in health care settings to alert a nurse or other health care staff member remotely of their need for help. Traditionally when a button is pressed, pushed or pulled a signal alerts the health care staff so they can respond to the patient’s needs. Some of the systems have lights above the door to indicate that the button has been pushed and others just alert the nurse station or stations.

Ask for Larry Love x384 for nurse call applications (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years

Peak Alarm ranked in top 20 by Utah Genius

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Since 2009, the Utah Genius Award, in cooperation with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, recognized the creativity of people and companies driving innovation and business in Utah.

This year, Peak was recognized in the Top 20 Trademark Registrants by Utah Genius. As you know, Peak received trademark registration for Peak Alarm®, Peak Security®, Peak Audio & Video®, the Peak Alarm badge and PeakLink®. Amongst the Top 20 Trademark Registrants, Peak ranked eighth. Franklin Covey, and Skullcandy, among other well-known Utah companies, also received awards for their trademark registrations.

The Utah Genius also recognized:
 Utah’s Top 20 Inventors
 Utah’s Top 20 Companies by Number of Patents Issued
 Lifetime Achievement Award

Interestingly, Utah Genius recognized a Peak customer, BioFire. Dr. Carl T. Wittwer, a co-founder of BioFire, received the Lifetime Achievement Award. During his speech, Dr. Wittwer committed to further improvements on his groundbreaking research. Building on Dr. Wittwer’s research, Utah Genius also recognized a number of BioFire scientists for patents focused on more rapidly diagnosing human illnesses.

To learn more about Utah Genius, please visit

Utah Genius site

Ask for Larry Love x384