Improve the quality of life get peace of mind

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.

As we go through life we constantly ask ourselves the question “Will this improve my quality of life”? We decide when we will exercise, or eat well and when we don’t we suffer the consequences many times with negative health and loss of energy.

When we purchase a security system often we do so to help us feel safe. Some people worry about fire so they tie their smoke detectors into a monitored system so the fire department will be dispatched on CO detection or fire. This can not only improve your quality of life it can extend your life in certain circumstances.

When we purchase a system that our Mother or Father may use if they fall down and can’t get up it give us peace of mind and helps them be independent.

When we purchase a camera system we can check with our phones that can also allow us to check on our pets, children or just check on the home to give us peace of mind when we are away. This can improve our quality of life knowing that we can feel better and when our mind is calm we can function better as well.

One of my sons, one of my daughters and my brother have all become vegetarians. They all have lost weight, have more energy, sleep better and they feel better. I have thought about it although most likely I only have 30 years left of life and I need to decide if I want to cut some of the things I enjoy out of my life in order to get the benefits. Anything that is worth something normally takes time and sacrifice. Quality items normally last longer and the same goes with security systems. You get what you pay for. Cheap systems end up costing more in the long run.

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Full Service Alarm Security Monitoring company

Weve got it all

Weve got it all

Full Service Alarm Security Monitoring Company in Salt Lake City is Peak Alarm.

1. UL listed Local Alarm Monitoring 46 years in business.
2. Full Service Guard and Patrol
3. Full Service Alarm company installing Intrusion, Fire Alarm, Access Control, IP Cameras, Nurse Call and Intercom
4. Rated #61 in the Nation by SDM Magazine
5. Full Service AV division rated #18 in the nation by SDM Magazine.
7. UL 2050 listed for High Security installations and monitoring (Rare) “Military, Government and High Security Bank & Safe listed
8. A+ Rating with the Better Business BBB check every company first
9. Fair Prices, employees 270 employees locally and family owned
10. NICET certified and factory trained technicians.

No other locally owned Alarm company has been in business this long and maintains full service in all the above areas. What makes us different?

Peak Alarm strives to become better each year. Most of our business is Commercial although we do a great deal of residential as well. We do not install the cookie cutter systems because each facility or home should be custom designed. We have packages as low as $99 dollars and $39 per month with Panel, Keypad, Cellular unit, cell monitoring, 3 door or window contacts and one motion. For $5 more per month you can add smart phone arm and disarm. These smaller systems have their place although when you need more features we have systems such as DMP and Bosch that can accomplish all of your needs in the security realm. Call for a free site visit here on the Wasatch front, Salt Lake, Saint George, Boise, Idaho Falls, Park City Utah.

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Quality Great Price Fast Installation pick two

Quality, Great Price, Fast Installation. (Pick two) It is rare you will find all three of these items together.

I have a mechanic that I trust and he has a line of people that are willing to wait for service because they know he does great work and is honest so they sometimes either pay a bit more and or are willing to wait.

THis is what you get when you go to sushi. Which by the way is my favorite food of all time.

THis is what you get when you go to sushi. Which by the way is my favorite food of all time.

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Peak Alarm

Utah & Idaho

46 years in business with an A+ BBB rating

Guard and Patrol Division

AV Division (18th in the Nation in SDM magazine)

Alarm Division (ranked #61 in the Nation by SDM Magazine)

UL listed Central Station

270 + employees (local company)

RTU Duct Smoke Detectors

Did you know that duct smoke detectors are installed on air handler units over 2000 cfm and they shut the air handler down to avoid spreading smoke throughout the building? See NFPA 72 Chap 17 and NFPA 90A

Some AHJ Fire Marshals require gobal shut down rather than just individual RTU shut down. That means they want all the air handlers to shut off at the same time when there is an alarm. Verify with your local fire marshal as to their requirements.

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Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years, has a UL listed central station, AV Division, Guard and Patrol Division, Alarm Division and our UL listed Central Station is also listed UL 2050 for high security installation and monitoring.

Prepare for your AHJ Fire Marshal Inspection

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Monitor your flow and tamper with a fire alarm panel. Keep area clear in front of riser.

1. Unblock exits and clear anything stored in front of electrical panels, fire alarm panels and fire alarm sprinkler risers. (The risers are the large pipes where the water comes in the building for fire sprinklers) All wire under 7 feet needs to be protected and cannot be on the floor or unprotected.

2. Have your fire extinguishers inspected and tagged and make sure they are in the proper place and that you have enough of them.

3. Have your Annual fire alarm inspection done and the panel tagged. This is Utah state law and must be done at least once a year. Some insurance companies require you to follow more frequent testing. (See NFPA 72)

4. Have your fire sprinkler test done and the system tagged. This is a different test and a different tag although when the fire alarm is test they also test the flow and tamper and when the sprinkler test is done the alarm does go off but they are separate tests and separate tags.

5. Make sure your exit signs are in place

6. Make sure you have your MSDS book up to date. (Material Safety Data sheets that has all chemical listed on site)

7. Make sure any fuel that is stored is done so according to the regulations and in the proper quantities.

8. Test your elevator phone to make sure if someone gets stuck that they will be able to contact emergency services. If it does not work you can call your elevator company. When you change to digital lines sometimes this will affect the system that you have in your elevator. Peak Alarm only charges $15 per month to monitor your elevator phone.

9. Have your hoods inspected (both cooking and hoods instrumental in air exchange.)

This is not a complete list although it will be a great start as you prepare for your fire marshal visit.

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Alarms, Access control, cameras, Security, Intercom, Fire Alarm in Idaho and Utah. Peak Alarm has been in business for 46 years and has a UL listed Central Station, full guard and patrol division and AV division.

After major disasters work your plan

Los niños deben tener sus kits tambien

Los niños deben tener sus kits tambien

When a major disaster occurs there are things that we should have done beforehand to mitigate the problems such as getting CERT trained, having 96 hour kits prepared and ready, having heavy items stored low and light items stored high, having cabinets and other furniture secured to the walls so they won’t fall, having child locks installed on the cabinets so dishes won’t fall on the floor, having your shoes under the bed and ready so glass won’t be in them, having several roller bandages ready to stop the bleeding, getting first AID training for the whole family, having an out of state contact that will expect your call so when your son or daughter who lives 20 miles away calls your out of state contact that person can tell you that they are ok and tell your son that you are ok. (It is harder to call in state than out of state at the time of a disaster)

1. Check yourself and your family for injuries and treat with first aid.

2. Check your home quickly for gas leaks and only shut the gas off if it is leaking. You may need to shut the water or electric service off as well so know where the shut off are. Depending on your home you may have already put on your safety equipment.

2. Put on your safety gear such as goggles, hard hat, good boots, gloves. In other disasters a major problem was volunteers becoming the victims because they did not have the proper safety equipment. Don’t put yourself in danger because if you become hurt you cannot help anyone else. If you cannot handle a situation go get help. Don’t go in alone always use the buddy system.
3. Check on your neighbors and then report to your neighborhood meeting area to report and receive additional assignments. This is where block captains will report for their 10 homes they have checked on and this is where they can ask for additional assistance as needed. If you have not had this set up in your area yet, contact your city and ask about CERT and neighborhood watch and block captains and you can become involved to help with this plan. Many areas already have pre-printed maps so assignments can be given out to check each home. Have fire extinguishers ready to put out small fires.

Salt Lake City CERT website

Fema National Website

call Larry Love x384

37 graduados SLC

37 graduados SLC

Peak Alarm has their own disaster plan that is an integral part of our operation. Peak has data backups out of state and every night data is transferred from one building to another so in case of a major disaster all the account information will not be lost and the central station can continue to operate.

Alarms will go off all over the City and or State with AC failures (power failures), fires, floods and so on.

Understand that in a major disaster emergency authorities are not going to show up to the neighborhoods because police, fire and medical will be responding to large buildings, schools and hospitals first. For the first few days the people will be on their own and that is where CERT comes in. Community Emergency Response Teams (Training)

Many clubs, businesses, service organizations, neighborhood groups and churches also have emergency plans in place. They have sat down beforehand and brainstormed what will be needed to help prepare, mitigate and to help after something has occurred when the city, state and federal authorities have not responded yet. Start your own plan today with your group, business, neighborhood or church. Get CERT trained and do something before anything happens.

SLC also offers CERT training in Spanish. Both the English and the Spanish courses cover the same FEMA material that you will find in any CERT training class. Some of the modules are: Disaster First Aid. (6 hours), Cribbing (learning how to lift heavy objects off of someone that is trapped safely), CERT organization and delegation, Light Search and Rescue and fire suppression, terrorism (CERT does not respond to terrorism although you can be observant and report to the proper authorities), Disaster Psychology and much more.

Class A and Class B wiring on a Fire Alarm

Most states have gone away from class A wiring for a few reasons: The cost of the wire, conduit and labor is quite a bit higher and with class B wiring you are notified immediately when there is a break or cut in the wire/cable.

Basic Fire Alarm information

Basic Fire Alarm information

Utah and a few other places in the country still require class A wiring on certain jobs like schools, rest homes, certain public buildings etc…

Class B wiring when cut will indicate a trouble although all the devices or appliances after the cut in the wire/cable will not function. Class B wiring goes out but does not come back. There is an EOL or end of line resister at the last device or appliance. When the wire is cut the panel no longer sees the resister and it goes into trouble.

Class A wiring goes out from the panel and devices and or appliances are wired and then the wire comes back in a different conduit or via a different route. (does not go out and back in the same route or conduit)

Class A wiring when cut allows a trouble to be sent and all the devices and or appliances continue to work even after the cable has been cut.

Appliances = Horns, Strobes, Horn/Strobes, Speakers and Speaker Strobes

Devices = Modules, Smoke Detectors, Pull Stations, Heat Detectors etc…

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Class A and Class B explained

Non response to alarms by police solution

Many police departments say that responding to alarms is a waste of time and they don’t have time to waste. Many of them say that most of the alarms are false alarms which is true and some of them will respond if they are not doing anything else and some of the departments will respond to business alarms but not residential. Some people argue that just having a police car drive into the neighborhoods for false alarms or real alarms is a deterrent and there are valid points on both sides of the debate.

Peak Alarm and Peak Security

Peak Security will respond

Murray City, Salt Lake City, Kearns and West Valley City will not respond to residential alarms.

Most departments will respond to a verified alarm. This means someone had been on site and saw a door open or a broken window etc… Some departments will consider camera evidence as a verified alarm and others will not.

Some have policies where if a panic alarm is tripped they will respond or if the wrong code was entered they will respond. When you have updated information that applies to any of this blog please let me know and I will update the article.

When they do respond because alarms are not a priority many times it takes a long time for them to get there so another option is to hire PEAK SECURITY and our guards will get there much sooner.

For $10 per month added to your monitoring charges Peak Security will send a guard to check on alarms 4 times during the year and any additional dispatches over and above the 4 included will only be billed at $50 per dispatch. Prices may vary and this is an example and you should verify these prices with your Peak Alarm salesperson.

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Peak Guard & Patrol good samaritan

Success message from one of our very own Patrol Officers. Don’t forget, every thing we do can make a difference to somebody else!

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Ask for Larry Love

Hello, My name is Amanda Cowen and I’m from Casa Granda Arizona and was visiting some family in Utah and I would like to tell you about an experience I had with one of your patrol officers. I was on my way to my daughter’s house with my grand children on Sunday the 10th from a late church event we were attending when my tire went flat on the 215 freeway just past 4700 south in Utah around 7:30 that evening. It was pouring rain and I didn’t have a jack and no one stopped to try to help, but one of your Peak patrol cars came up behind me and your officer asked if I needed help. I told him my tire went flat and didn’t have a jack and I was trying to get a hold of a daughter’s husband to come help me, but couldn’t get a hold of him. He said he would be happy to help me. Poor guy didn’t have a jacket or anything, but got out a jack from his car and changed my tire for me. I offered to pay him and he declined it and stayed behind me so I could safely pull out. I was so thankful for his help that I thought I would let you know what a great job he did. Small acts of kindness is what this world needs more of and I’m thankful that your patrol guy was at the right place at the right time. He was so nice and professional that it throw me off because people in Arizona are rude. People like this should be recognized in a company, I don’t know what your paying him, but he should get a raise. God Bless……..

We love to hear stories like this because there are far more good things happening out there than bad. The other day I spent about 3 hours with one of the Peak Guard employees who is in charge of a large complex and during that time I was incredible to see and hear the reaction of the public to our Peak Guard. People knew his name and he knew their names as well. I was so impressed with his knowledge of the job site, the people and the facility. Hats off to our Peak Guards and Patrol units.

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Larry Love new Deputy State Director of Utah Lulac

My beautiful wife and I

My beautiful wife and I

The League of United Latin American Citizens

Larry Love was elected as the new Deputy State Director of The League of United Latin American Citizens in Salt Lake City June 6, 2015. Salvador Lazalde is the current State Director.

Some of the Priorities of Lulac are: Civic Participation, Civil Rights, Economic Empowerment, Education, Health, Housing, Immigration, Public Service, Technology, Veterans Affairs and Lulac also has Deputy Directors for the youth, young adults, Elderly and Veterans.

Lulac is the oldest and largest Hispanic organization of it’s type in the Nation.

Roger Rocha past National Treasurer was in attendance. Salvador Lazalde is the State Director

Keith J. Atkinson State Chaplain for Utah Lulac was also in attendance.

Larry is a professional Spanish Medical Interpreter, CERT FEMA Instructor for Salt Lake City teaching Emergency Response Team Training in Spanish and English. Larry owns his own business and has been in the Commercial Fire and Security Industry for the past 20 years and currently works at Peak Alarm as a Commercial Fire and Intrusion Consultant. Larry Love also serves as a lay minister for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with a Hispanic Unit which has over 400 members. Larry has been involved in community affairs for several years now including immigration and human rights issues.