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Security intrusion

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How to Protect Your Home…

Burglars hit a house, apartment or condominium every ten seconds. But if the burglar picks your place instead of the one next door, you probably helped invite him there. He looks for what the police call “targets of opportunity”. In other words, easy pickings.

To protect yourself, make your home look occupied when you’re away. Chances are the thief will pass it up for an easier target. Also, look into making a reasonable investment in good locks, outdoor lights and an alarm system. It will pay off in security and peace of mind. Here are some specific measures you can take.

Keep garage door closed and locked. This helps protect any valuable property you store in garage and prevents access to interior doors. Electric doors should be disconnected and, if practical, consider padlocks on the garage door tracks.

Have your lawn taken care of. Dry, uncut grass and build-up of excessive leaves and debris says you’re away.

Display “beware” signs. If you have a dog or an alarm system, put up signs that say you do. They deter thieves.

Put peepholes in doors. The type with a magnifying glass lens lets you see who’s out there without opening the door. Consider heavy-duty door chains as well.

Ask for police patrol. When you’ll be gone for an extended time, ask police to check your home periodically. And be a good neighbor. If you see unfamiliar or suspicious activity, call the police.

Consult a good locksmith. Different kinds of doors and windows require different kinds of locks. Deadbolt locks are recommended.

Don’t keep expensive jewelry at home. Keep it, along with other small valuables and important documents, in a safe deposit box.

Light the outside of your house. Use automatic light sensors near doors and the rear of the house where thieves do most of their work.

Secure patio doors. A steel rod in the door channel can work. A pin-type lock or a key lock is better. Additionally, secure two or three screws in the overhead track to reduce the chance of lifting the doors out of the track.

Don’t stop all deliveries. Cancel the milk, but have a neighbor pick up mail, newspaper and circulars daily.

Ask a neighbor to use your garbage cans. An empty garbage can is a tip-off that you’re away.

Keep shrubbery trimmed. Thick, tall shrubbery provides cover for a burglar and lets him work detected.

Leave a radio on. It says someone’s home. If you have a volume adjustment on your telephone bell, turn it to the lowest level.

Leave interior lights on. It’s best to use automatic timers to light different rooms at designated times.

Mark valuable items. Marking things a thief would be likely to steal, like the TV and stereo, will help police trace them and return them to you if they are recovered. Use an engraving pen, available at most police stations, and mark your driver’s license number with state abbreviations on items.

Leave drapes and shades open. When they’re closed, they’re a sign of an unoccupied house.

Take care with keys. Don’t leave a key under a doormat, flower pot, or a window ledge. Burglars look there first.

Park a car in your driveway. If you have a second car, leave it in the driveway. Or ask a neighbor to park there. This not only gives the appearance of an occupied house, but prevents burglars from backing up a van for loading.

Look into an alarm system. They vary in sophistication. Peak Alarm systems can even arm automatically when you leave the home. (Geofencing) They can control your lighting, temperature, garage doors,locks and more. Arm and disarm remotely. For the basic system with 3 doors, 1 motion, Panel, Cellular communicator, Keypad, siren and battery $99 installed and $39 per month ($5 more per month for remote arm/disarm) Add $10 per month when you need alarm response in areas the police will not respond.

Consider a camera system that you can view remotely with your cell phone. These type of systems are becoming more affordable and it can give you peace of mind to know when the kids get home and view them home. Many people use cameras to check on their pets while they are at work. Having cameras can be great when you are on vacation.

Tips to Protect your Business

SECURITY SYSTEMS: Burglars target businesses that do not have security systems and camera systems more often than those that do. Burglars look for what the police call “targets of opportunity” In other words, easy pickings. When your alarm system is outdated or in disrepair this can also put you at risk.
Look into making a reasonable investment in good locks, outdoor lighting, a new camera system that you can remotely access and a new security system that you can control using your smartphone. This investment will pay off in security and peace of mind. If you forget to arm the system you can remotely do so.

Leasing a system will allow you to make smaller monthly payments yet you can have your system installed today and when the technology changes in a few years you can have the system updated to a newer system keeping your business on the cutting edge and protected.

CAMERAS : Consider installing a new camera system with high definition cameras that you can view remotely. This can be a deterrent to crime especially internal crime by employees. The cameras also work well as a positive training aid, let the employees know you appreciated specific work they did that you viewed on the camera system. This let them know that you are watching and it won’t come accross as a negative thing when you use the right comments. Cameras can also be very valuable when someone has an accident to view how to prevent future accidents or for insurance purposes.

Here are some specific measures you can take starting today.

TEST: Test your security and camera system regularly replacing decals and signs as needed.

Keep overhead doors closed and locked. Consider padlocks on the garage door tracks.

Keep your outside lighting in working order and consider adding additional lights and cameras.

Hold ongoing training on how to use the security system for new employees and hold review training for employees that may have been trained but do not use the system very often. Test your system every month to assure it is working.

Update your call list every few months making sure phone numbers and names are current.

Every 6 months or every year it is prudent to change all of the security codes. That way if anyone was sharing their code with someone else the old codes will not function. Avoid programming codes that are easy to guess like birth years etc…

LEARN ABOUT YOUR SYSTEM AND ACTIVELY USE IT: To reduce false alarms do not leave balloons near your motion detectors, avoid having hanging displays or mobiles near the motion detection areas. Keep the equipment clean and free of spider webs. Do not have plants or other hanging objects near the heating and air conditioning vents because many times the air flow can cause them to move and set off your motion detectors. Avoid installing motion detection in areas where the temperatures are very low or very high.

Have your security system serviced so it stays in top operating condition. Batteries should be checked periodically and changed as needed. When a door contact or motion detectors are damaged and not repaired, employees notice as do others making the building a more desirable target.

Don’t keep expensive inventory in areas of your business that do not have good constant camera coverage that you can review. Unfortunately a high percentage of shrinkage is attributed to employees and former employees that know your business. Using your camera system proactively can make your employees aware that you do use the camera system and are checking. Let them know how much you appreciate how organized they are or how they handled specific situations. Tell them you saw them unload product while viewing the camera system and let them know what a great job they did. When you use your camera system in such a way people are made aware that you are viewing the cameras and they are less likely to do things they should not do or be involved in theft.

Make a list of any items you may be interested in and call Larry Love at Peak for a free consultation 801 428 1384

Upgrade Fire Alarm



Peak Alarm can upgrade your fire alarm or security system if your still having it dial out over an analog phone line.

Call Larry Love (801)428 1384

Often analog phone lines cost over $700 per year making it a perfect reason to have an AES Radio or Cellular communicator installed. The new High Supervision Cellular units for Fire Alarm send signals every 6 minutes. Often we can install a commercial AES Radio for under $400 dollars with the monitoring being $40 or $50 per month depending on your services and area. The savings from getting rid of your phone lines would pay for this easily. High Supervision Cellular is about $155 installed and $48 per month for 36 months. Pricing will vary depending on the length of contract and the cost of the monthly monitoring.

With cellular communicators you don’t have to worry about your phone lines being cut.

with Radio you don’t have to worry about the changing technology like the current 2G issue or your phone lines being cut. If your cellular is a 2G unit AT&T will take them off the grid next year and your system will not longer send signals. Upgrade now. Radio is consistant and Peak Alarm maintains your unit so it will continue working. We can add Radios to most panels.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years, has a better business A+ rating and only 3 complaints filed in the 3 years compared with many companies that are competitors that have over 1000 complaints.

Peak has their own UL listed Central Station

Peak has their own AV Division and Guard and Patrol Division

Peak Alarm Monitors Bosch Radionics

I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)

I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)

Peak Alarm has Bosch receivers to monitor phone, cell phone and Internet accounts for Bosch Radionics panels.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or email him at and our web site is Peak Alarm

Peak Alarm is a local UL listed Central Station with every single dispatcher being 5 Diamond Certified.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and has a full service Alarm division, full service Guard and Patrol Division, a full service AV division and a UL listed Central Station that has the equipment needed to monitor your facility 24/7.

Peak Alarm also holds the UL2050 certification to monitor high security installations. This certification is required for many types of facilities such as jewelry stores, certain manufacturing facilities, specific government facilities and such.

Monitoring package deals

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Alarm does it all

Contact Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801)428 1384 for Monitoring pricing.

Peak Alarm

What does Monthly Monitoring cost? It really depends on the options you decide upon but here are some itemized options:

Basic Monitoring using phone lines is normally $32.00 per month
To Add Smart Phone Control (Elite Control) add $15.00 per month ($32.00 plus $15.00 is $47.00 per month)
To add High Supervision Cellular for Fire Alarm add $22.00 per month to the monitoring cost (Sends signals every 6 minutes)
To monitor using an AES Radio add $15.00 per month to the monitoring cost ($32.00 plus $15.00 is $47.00)

When you just want to switch monitoring using your existing system here are some options:

Adding an AES Radio for Security $49.00 installation and $39.00 per month for 36 months
Adding an AES Radio for Fire Alarm $340.00 installation and $39.00 per month for 36 months
Adding a cellular communicator to your system to get rid of your phone lines or upgrade from a 2g unit $39.00 to $44.00 per month for 36 months (0 down)

Email reports $5 per month
Web Access $5 per month
Schedules like openings and closings $10 per month (This lets you know when your system is being armed or disarmed so you can see if employees are coming in too early or leaving too late.)
Partitions – $12 per month (You can have additional partitions and not pay extra as long as you don’t have different call lists)
Lock Control $4 per month
Lighting Control $4 per month
Garage door Control $4 per month
Temperature Control $4 per month
Guard Response (Alarm response) $10 per month (Limited to Guard Patrol areas)
We can monitor your elevators for $15.00 per month.

I can get you pricing for any term such as MONTH TO MONTH, 12 MONTH, 24 MONTH, 36 MONTH, 48 MONTH or 60 MONTH agreements.

Example: Going with a Month to month plan so you will not be under a long term contract installing a cell phone would be $580 installation and as low as $34 per month depending on how you want to structure it. Many people can’t come up with that amount of money right now so we offer the 36 month agreement so you don’t have to. When you add up say $39 dollars a month times 36 months you get $1,404 that you would have paid in that time period. Subtract the cost of the cellular installation of $580 and that leaves $824 that would be the actual cost of the monitoring after the equipment was paid for which ends up being under 23 dollars or less than a $1 per day so letting Peak Alarm subsidize part of the system for you actually works in your favor.

Phone line monitoring when you provide phone lines is normally $32.00 per month. Discounts available for multiple accounts. Each monitoring plan is customized to each company or individual depending on their needs. We can also give you $75 dollars in monitoring credit every time you refer a customer that purchases a system with Peak Alarm.

When you live in an area with a non response policy such as Salt Lake City and the police will not come Peak Alarm will provide you with 4 guard dispatches in a year as part of your Alarm Response package for only $10 per month extra. Responses after the first 4 will be billed at a discounted rate.

Just like cell phone plans you can pay for the equipment upfront and that can change the agreement length and monitoring price can also be adjusted depending on the package.

If you want to pay a higher monthly rate we can lower your installation cost. Peak is not known for doing FREE systems and most people have learned that you get what you pay for. Nothing really ends up being free, when you get something that they tell you is free you end up paying for it somewhere either now or later. Don’t end up paying for it in the service end.

You can also add a repair agreement to your account so you can avoid paying the hourly service rate of $130 per hour commercial and $100 per hour for residential. When we add this small charge to your account Peak will come out and change batteries, fix equipment that wears out etc…Adding a repair agreement to a system with 4 points is only $7.00 per month and $1 for each additional point.

Peak Alarm does not do credit checks and we also don’t offer free systems like other companies. When someone runs a credit check on you understand that can affect your credit score. Peak has been in business for 46 years because we don’t give free systems away. Many of the companies that do this have started up only to go out of business. We pay our technicians and we offer benefits and we employee over 270 people and as a local company that provides jobs we strive to do the prudent things that will keep us in business. Someone that cannot afford a $99 dollar security system most likely should not be purchasing it in the first place.

Every single Peak Alarm dispatcher is 5 Diamond Certified so besides being a UL listed Central Station Peak holds the coveted 5 Diamond Certification that shows our commitment to training. There are only 200 Central Stations in the Nation that have the UL and 5 Diamond Certifications. This means they all have been trained to do their jobs and react calmly even under pressure and in emergency circumstances.

Peak Alarm ranked #61 in the Nation from SDM Magazine and Peak AV ranked #18 in the Nation through CE Pro Magazine.

Peak Alarm also has a special deal right now on PeakEdge which is Access Control which is normally $2000 dollars per door but we have the special where it is $2,000 for two doors and only $30 per month for 36 months which includes the service agreement. This adds up to $1,540 per door although you only have to come up with $2,000 and the $30 a month gives you peace of mind that Peak will keep the system in good working order. Call Larry for additional details.

These prices are valid for 30 days from 102715 so please call Larry Love for updated pricing.

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Monitor your flow and tamper with a fire alarm panel. Keep area clear in front of riser.

Peak Alarm has 5 offices to serve you. We have offices in Idaho and Utah.

Buy Local Buy from Peak Alarm. Family owned business since 1969

Security System Pricing

I took this picture in Guatemala

I took this picture in Guatemala

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for Security System Pricing

PeakLink Security System for $99.00 dollars installed and $46.00 per month for 36 Months

System includes: Panel, Cellular Communicator, Keypad, Siren, 3 Door or Window Contacts, 1 Motion Detector and battery.

Pricing options:

Month to month without a long term contract:
$870 down and $46.00 per month (Can Cancel with 30 days notice)
12 Month agreement $645 down and $46.00 per month
24 Month agreement $340 down and $46.00 per month
36 Month agreement $99 down and $46.00 per month
48 Month agreement $75 down and $46.00 per month
60 Month agreement $49 down and $46.00 per month

36 Month agreement is our most popular since it is not a long term yet we can still subsidize most of the upfront costs of this size of a system.

Beware of those that tell you that you are getting free equipment because nothing is really free. Normally you would end up extending the amount of months or you would pay more on the monthly fee.

Breakdown of how the monitoring is billed for this deal we have on right now. (Prices valid for 30 days from 102715) Call for current deals

Monitoring………………….$24.00 per month
Smart phone control………….$15.00 per month
Repair agreement ……………$7.00 per month

Total would be ……………..$46.00 per month
and going with the repair agreement is prudent since we will come out and change the batteries and do service that is covered while you are paying the $7 per month. (It is $1 per point starting at a min of $7)

We can add Lighting Control, Lock Control, Thermostat control, Camera control and other things onto this same system to expand as needed.

When you live in an area where the police do not respond we can add ALARM RESPONSE for only $10.00 per month to your monthly. We have a full service Guard and Patrol Division that can respond in the Salt Lake area normally much faster than the police. Salt Lake has a non response policy so they will need someone to go to the home or business first to verify if a breakin has occurred and at that time we could call the police once the alarm has been determined to be a real alarm.

Peak Alarm Web Site

Please keep in mind that Peak Alarm is LOCAL, we have our own UL listed Central Station and Guard and Patrol Service.

Peak Alarm is not the low price leader although we get things done right and we take care of our customers and we have been doing so for over 46 years now.

Check all the companies you plan on using through Better Business Bureau since many of our competitors have had over 1000 complaints filed in the last 3 years and Peak has only had 3 and all of them are resolved.

There are several companies out there that will SHOW UP, SELL YOU THE SYSTEM, SELL THE MONITORING TO SOMEONE ELSE and you won’t be dealing with them any more. Some other companies will give you the low price and then you end up paying more per month because it is in the fine print.

Peak Alarm can work with you directly and we are here to stay. Call Larry and he can come out and help you with your home or business system.

DMP Dealer

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm is a certified DMP Dealer who installs higher end residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Peak has their own local Central Station that is UL listed and 5 Diamond Certified

Peak is only one of 200 Central Stations in the Nation that have both the UL listing and the 5 Diamond Certifications.

Peak can help you design, install, program and use your DMP security system

DMP is UL listed and used in many government project and high security projects such as scif installations and UL2050 installations.

Peak Alarm only has had 3 complaints on the Better Business Bureau web site in the last 3 years. Several of our competitors have more than 1000 complaints each.

DMP has a full line of equipment for intrusion, fire and access control.

Peak Alarm web site

Look up every company you intend on getting pricing from on the BBB site Better Business Bureau web site. Put in your zip code and then try each of the company names they are known by. Some of our competitors have changed their names several times. Peak has been in business for over 46 years and has never changed their name. Peak strives to listen to our customers and resolve any concerns as fast as possible.

PeakEdge Access Control Peak Alarm

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Peak Alarm just released it’s new access control product line “PeakEdge” which makes purchasing access doors easy and affordable.”

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm Web Site

Two doors of access control as low as $1,995 Installed and $30 per month for $36 months. This includes the 2 door controller, 1 IP POE Switch, 2 Proximity Card Readers, 2 Electric Door Strikes and 20 Access Cards or Fobs.

Another option is to Lease which would be as low as $499 Installed ant $80 per month for 36 months.

If you want maglocks instead of strikes simply at $349 to the install price and $5 to the monthly price

If you want to add maglocks to the lease instead of strikes add $100 to the install price and $10 per month to the monthly

To add Panic Compatible strikes add $349 to the install cost per strike and $5 to the monthly or $100 to the installation lease price and $10 per month.

Each package includes up to 100 feet of wire per door. Additional wire may increase the cost of the installation accordingly. Smart phone devices, tablets, wireless carrier plans, laptop and or desktop computers and internet access plans are not included.

If you need your door to unlock at specific times and stay unlocked then add $349 to the install price for each door you need to have function like this and $5 to the monthly price. If you don’t add the continuous duty strike the regular ones will get hot and burn up.

Photo ID Cards: Setup fee is $100 and $10 each printed card with the company logo and for blank cards or fobs the prices is $25 for a package of $5

To add the camera companion to this package add $699 and $10 per month to the price or $199 and $30 per month for the lease option.

I can figure up a price without the monthly agreement but this special pricing will not apply in that case. Normally access control doors cost over $2000 per door installed. This system includes the labor and the hardware to make the system work. It does not however include conduit if required. I can come by and do a site visit for your facility and determine the best product line for your project based on your specific needs.

To add a door plan on $1,000 for installation costs and $15 additional for the monthly fee on top of the other costs.

To add a door to a leased plan add $250 installation and $40 to the monthly plan.

To add a Video IP Intercom att $1,749 to the installation price and $25 per month or $899 installation and $45 per month for the lease option.

To add remote unlock add $249 to the installation cost and $2 to the monthly. (This includes the installation of the remote button to unlock the door. This normally is so a receptionist can remotely unlock a door.

One question at a time 16 Mormon Myths

Intrusion Systems in Utah

Not everything you hear is true.

Not all the information you get from the Internet or from 3rd parties including books is true. I am not an official spokesperson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons / LDS Church) I am however an active Member and local leader of the Church.

1. POLYGAMY: Mormons have more than one wife. Over a hundred years ago Mormons practiced polygamy and only a small percent of the church did so and there were several reasons for it although one of the main reasons is that the Mormons believe that everything needs to be restored and the prophets of old were given more than one wife in the Bible and that is one of the principles that was restored. This has not been practiced for over 100 years and at the time the Mormons started polygamy there was not a law against it, later when some laws were passed they stopped the practice although they did not divorce the wives they already had and many of the Mormons went into hiding so as not to get arrested by the Federal Marshals. Many Mormons fled to Mexico at that time and there are still colonies in Mexico that have Mormon roots. Any active Mormon today would be excommunicated if it were found out that they were living in polygamy.

2. SUPERIOR THAN OTHERS: Mormons say and think they are better than everyone else. Obviously this is a myth although with many myths there comes some truth and it is a perception. Doctrine does not teach that Mormons are any better than anyone else and you will notice that the attitude of Mormons in Utah and outside of Utah are a bit different. Some Mormons may seem more judgmental than others or may act self righteous. In reality every person on earth is a child of God and no one is better than anyone else. God does favor the obedient in the Bible although many current Mormons don’t fall into that category of being obedient. Mormons should be happier than most people because of the hope and knowledge they have about the afterlife. Interestingly enough many members of the church end up feeling inadequate and get depressed because they don’t feel they are doing enough and they don’t feel they are perfect enough. Doctrine is clear that we won’t obtain perfection in this life. Others overeat or overindulge in other areas because the church prohibits smoking, drinking alcohol, black and green tea, coffee, the improper use of prescription drugs and illicit drugs. Mormons according to their doctrine have information that the rest of the world does not have and hence they are a very strong missionary church with over 80,000 missionaries that are volunteering their time and money to share this information.

3. EARN YOUR OWN SALVATION: Mormons or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe that they can and need to EARN their way to heaven. This is a myth. Mormons believe that we are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ although they also believe that to activate this grace you need to do more than give lip service. The act of saying one accepts Jesus as their savior is not enough. Jesus himself said, “If ye love me keep my commandments” So someone that truly loves God and Jesus will strive to do what is right and repent and try to change when they fall short. The actual Mormon doctrine about the atonement of Jesus Christ is very beautiful because it states that those that accept him and strive to do his will can receive forgiveness and that he suffered for more than just our sins and we can get relief from our sorrow, pain, heartache and loneliness. Christ himself also said that not everyone that says LORD LORD will enter into his kingdom and for those that are familiar with this verse you will will understand the context.

4.MEN BECOMING GODS: Mormons believe they can become just like God HIMSELF and his wife if your a woman. Part of this is true. Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints do believe in a mother in heaven and they also believe that we can progress and eventually become perfect through the suffering and atonement of Jesus Christ so that one day we could assist God in his work of creating worlds and procreation. Mormons do not believe that they can become just like God or take over his position. So becoming a god is not the same thing as taking over his position. The only God we have anything to do with is God the Father and of course his Son Jesus who according to the bible became Lord of Lords, King of Kings. Since members of the church will never end up suffering for the sins of the people like Jesus did they don’t believe they will be a God in the same way that God the Father is our God. “As man is God once was and as God is man may become”. This type of teaching has existed in the church since the early 1830s.

5.ADAM BROUGHT FROM ANOTHER PLANET: Mormons believe that Adam and Eve were brought from another world and placed here on this earth. This sounds like an alien story although this is not a myth. Mormons actually believe this. They also believe that God send Jesus to create the earth and plant the garden of Eden and without getting the seeds from somewhere planting would be creating out of nothing and what God did was organize matter not create matter.

6. MEN ON THE MOON: A Mormon prophet said that there could be men living on the moon. This seems to be confirmed although when you research it many people of the time believed the same thing. There were even article published where they said they were looking through a large telescope at the moon and they were describing what the men in the moon were doing. This turned out to be a hoax that was published. What you can read from what the records say is that the Prophet believed that people actually lived on other planets and this is still a strong belief in the Mormon faith today. They believe that God created (organized) many worlds “worlds without number” and placed men on each of them. So the belief in life on other planets is not so outrageous although the theory of men living on the moon was something that many people of the day accepted and they did not feel it was far fetched because of the doctrines they were learning and the moon was just the closest planet type place knew about or could see.

7. BLACKS ARE INFERIOR AND THERE IS A CURSE OF DARK SKIN ON THEM BECAUSE OF DISOBEDIENCE IN HEAVEN: This is a MYTH and not a MYTH because the attitude in the US at the time was what it was and that affected Mormons and non-Mormons. The statement is untrue although the perception at the time was that it was true. Some people say that perception is reality. Can we have an incorrect perception of things? Yes we can and they did. Joseph Smith did ordain Elisha Able as the first black Elder although Brigham Young did not continue the practice. Besides the fact that they would not be able to magnify their callings in the priesthood because of the lack of respect at the time the attitude of the Mormons was not any better than the rest of the country at that time. They looked for justification and reasons and they actually held those beliefs which would be different than official doctrine but the belief was that blacks has not been as obedient as others before we were born so they were cursed with a Dark Skin. We know this was wrong. Should God have told the Prophets and Apostles back in the 1800s to change to give them the priesthood and should God have made the Mormons change the way they were acting? Some people cannot conceive of a God that would allow this to go on. God allows men to sin and to make errors in order to learn and grow and he does not force us or take our freedom away. God has all knowledge and he know how long it would take for progress to be made and where it would happen. God let men and the Mormons learn and grow and obviously we are doing better than we were back then although there is a long way to go. In 1978 The Mormon Prophet announced in Conference that every worthy male member 12 and above could receive the priesthood. There were many faithful black members that had waited for years for this to occur and the documentary “No-one knows my story” tells the story in a very powerful way. Check it out. Do I personally think less of the Mormon Prophets that did not change this doctrine sooner or did not bring out the untruth of the prevailing attitudes about blacks? No, I don’t think less of them. I know they were men and had faults and they dedicated themselves to a work that they felt was important and true and they concentrated on that work of preaching the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. Did they have shortcomings, faults and sins? Yes they did and so do we although they were part of a great and marvelous work.

8. JOSEPH SMITH TRANSLATED THE BOOK OF MORMON GOLD PLATES WITH THE A SET OF SPECTACLES AND A METAL AND STONE BREASTPLATE THAT WAS USED FOR TRANSLATING: This is a MYTH because Joseph used a SEER stone in a HAT for much of the translation and he got to a point where he did not even need that. This information hurts some peoples perception of the Church because they believed it was the case for so long that they did not know there ws any other way. Joseph Smith translated the plates with the gift and the power of God. It is believed that he also used the breastplate and the so called eyeglasses part of the time but much of the translation was done with the SEER STONE. I learned this many years ago when studying about the Book of Mormon and to me with was very interesting and did not hurt my testimony of the Church at all.

9. JOSEPH SMITH WAS A GOLD DIGGER AND TREASURE HUNTER: This is NOT a Myth but it is TRUE. He belonged to a group of men that did exactly that, looked for buried treasure. This was not uncommon at the time. No wonder the men got so upset when he claimed he had found a large box with gold plates (most likely around 60 lbs or so) The men were so upset that they tried many things to get their hands on the plates including paying a physic to find the hidden plates and at once point the medium took them to the barrel making shop of the smiths only to find that when they dug up the floor boards the box the plates were once hidden in was empty because God warned Joseph to move the plates. There are many interesting stories about this. If you belonged to a group like this and made an agreement to share the treasure imagine how upset you would be when one of those from your group found gold and did not share it with you. Some people believe Joseph actually found the gold plates and then made up the story of the angel to throw them off track and as a story to pacify the people that wanted the gold. Others say he made all the stories up. When you study the life and read his journals you find out how complex he really was. The other possibility is that the entire story really was true.

Don’t believe everything you read or hear. This goes for Mormonism as well as other religions. Checking with someone that is in a position to answer you is the best option as well as looking at official sources of doctrine making sure you are reading in context which means reading before and after the specific verse or verses. Many people that write books or blogs against the LDS/Mormon faith do not include all of the story and leaving information out is just as bad as adding false information which occurs quite often. If you want to know more I suggest you ask the missionaries to come and visit you. Actually reading the Book of Mormon is another step going right to the source rather than reading all the negative information about it.

Can you think of any other Mormon Myths?

Kenny Fox just passed the NICET III Fire Alarm test

Peak Alarm supports NICET

Peak Alarm supports NICET

Kenny Fox with Peak Alarm just passed his level 3 NICET exam. Congratulations to Kenny Fox in the Salt Lake City Peak Office.

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Kenny Fox is also certified in Mass Notification and other fields as well such as AXIS cameras. Peak Alarm supports NICET which is National Institute of Certification Engineering Technologies and in this case it is specific to FIRE ALARM.

Peak Alarm supports NICET certification.

God’s laws

There is a reaction for every action

There is a reaction for every action

1.Something that seems very important to God is obedience. We learn in the Bible that when God placed Adam and Eve in the garden he gave them some rules or instructions of what they should do and what they should not do yet they were told they could choose because if the chose to break the rules or the commandments there would be consequences. Later on we see men added hundreds of commandments and the Bible was full of different little rules and Christ later got on their case because of the picky ways and their strict rules. He gave examples of the Ox in the hole and so you pull it out on the sabbath or not, he spoke of people that prayed just to be seen of others and not for the right reasons. This law of obedience continues to be important today just as it was in the day of Adam. Some people feel that being obedient and conforming is wrong and they say we should be rebellious and creative. They say that Jesus was a non-conformist. I would say that if we feel there are unjust laws that we should go about changing them in legal ways. I do admit that the example of Rosa Parks is a good one and there are times when the government needs to be corrected by the people.

2. Later we learn about animal sacrifice. In the old testament we read about people sacrificing animals and the entire purpose of this was symbolic of the future sacrifice Jesus would make when he would suffer for our sins and have his life taken on the cross. Men were commanded by God to sacrifice and specific instructions were given. Later in the Bible we read that God no longer wanted animal sacrifice but a broken heart and contrite spirit. As time went on a better understanding of The Law of sacrifice came about and Christ himself taught people to forgive and that they could be forgiven. He taught love and said “If ye love me keep my commandments” the attitude of why and how we should sacrifice changed. They no longer had to kill birds or other animals to be forgiven.

3.We also learn more about the Gospel or the good news. Understand that men are not forced to obey God although they are told that when they do they will be blessed and when they do not there will be consequences. Some people believe that when Moses came down off the mountain the first time he had a higher law of the Gospel more like what Christ later taught and when he came down and the people were clearly not ready for the higher law he broke the tablets and went back up to get the 10 commandment which were simplified version of the law. Christ said “Moses said thou shalt not kill but I say unto you that you should not even be angry with your brother. This type of law or higher law requires more discipline, love and commitment. Do men obey laws because they are afraid of the consequences (hell) or do they obey because they love God? In the Bible we read where a man asked Christ what the most important commandments were and Jesus distilled all ten into two. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind and strength and love thy neighbor as thyself. These commandments would lead to the last paragraph where I talk about a life based on Christ’s teachings where people want to do the right thing because of the love they have for God and each other not because they are afraid of being caught in sin.

4.The Law of Morality given by God in the scriptures became more clear when Christ taught. Christ said “Moses said ye shall not commit adultery but I say unto you that you should not even think lustful thoughts.” Obviously lustful thoughts could lead to adultery. Adultery is having sex with a married person to whom you are not married. Fornecation is having sex with a person that is not married but it is also a serous sin. In the Bible there were serious punishments handed out to those that broke this law of morality and later when Christ was preaching he made a very poignant example when a group of men were going to stone a woman they had found in adultery. Christ said let him that hath no sin cast the first stone and then when all the men dropped their rocks and left he told the woman that he was not going to condemn her either and yet he told her to go and sin no more. This is what is expected after someone repents, that they stop doing the sin and begin a new life. True repentance is not just accepting Jesus as our savior, it also include a change in our hearts, a change in our attitude that requires us to love God and others and show this love with our actions. It is true we cannot earn our way to heaven although as it states in Timothy “Faith without works is dead” Someone that has true faith will naturally bring forth good works although we need to understand that it is through the grace of Jesus Christ that we are saved not not through our own works.

Christ’s teachings also included information that could lead people to believe in a way of life where everyone could help each other, share and live in peace together. This law or way of Charity which would be a true love for Christ would allow people to live the above higher law of the Gospel in peace where everyone would share responsibilities, their talents and of themselves. Most societies have not gotten to a point where they could live such a law and prosper. Some of the communes that have tried this either failed in the way they were set up or in the practice because they were not set up and administered in God’s way but in in the ways of men. Some Christians believe that when Christ comes back that men will live in peace for a 1000 years and life will be much different not fighting against one another and having peace for 1000 years. What a beautiful vision this would be.