So your installing a new security system beware?

Security in Utah

Security Systems in Utah

Before going with any security company go through a simple checklist:

1. Check the Better Business Bureau for how many complaints, the type of complaints and reviews.
Two of the large competitors have over 3000 complaints that have been filed.

2. If the security system is internet based know that if the power goes out so will your security system.
Sure the system is less expensive but ask yourself why is it less money?

3. If you only have a phone line connected and the phone line is cut no signals will be sent. (Install AES Radio or Cellular)
Having both phone and cell is fine but phone only or internet only is not as secure.

4. Ask yourself if you would buy Chinese food from your plumber. If not then buy security from a security company not a cable company.
We specialize in security, we don’t do other things outside of that scope. Look online and find out what type of service others have gotten from that company. When you buy cable TV or Dish often it is very easy to buy but how good is the customer service after you have purchased? Are they a local company?

5. Is their central station UL listed and 5 Diamond Certified? Why should you care? It makes a difference.
If you are dealing with a local company they know the area and they are easier to deal with.

6. Does the alarm company you are going with have a Guard/Patrol service inhouse? If you are in SLC know that Police do not respond to normal alarms.

A. Peak Alarm has only had one complaint in the last 3 years.
B. Peak Can install an AES Radio or Cellular communicator with battery backup in case the power goes out.
C. Peak is a local company that has been in business for over 48 years
D. Peak Alarm has a full service Guard/Patrol, UL listed central Station that is 5 Diamond certified
E. Peak Alarm is a local with all employees having been through an extensive FBI background check.

Horario de CERT en espanol 2017 Salt Lake City

CERT – Espanol – Horiario de 2017 / CERT 2017 Spanish Schedule
Ensenado bajo la autoridad de Salt Lake Emergency Management.
Clases en Espanol para recibir certificación de trabajar en equipos y responder en caso de desastres y mas.

Podemos ayudar en desastres si estamos entrenados

37 graduados SLC

equipos pueden ayudar antes, durante y después de un desastre

6PM a 9PM – 475 S, 300 E, SLC 84114 Edificio de Emergencias
Siete clases cada sesión una clase cada Jueves – Escoja una de las siguientes sesiones. Podemos cambiar donde tenemos las clases entonces debes ver el sitio de web para verificar cada sesion.

5 Sesiones para 2017

26 de Enero a 9 de Marzo
23 de Marzo a 4 de Mayo –
18 Mayo a 29 de Junio –
13 Julio a 24 de Agosto –
14 Septiembre a 26 de Octubre –

Tenemos que tener por lo menos 15 personas o la clase puede ser cancelado.


Van a recibir una identificación de CERT con su foto y un certificado que puede ser util para mostrar que estás involucrado en actividades de la comunidad. Tiene que asistir seis de las siete clases para certificación.
Tambien van a recibir un chaleco ce CERT, casco de CERT, gafas, guantes y mucho mas.

Instructores :
Larry Love (801) 898 6003
Alex Guzman

Costo es $30 cada persona

Edades 16 y mas

Pueden llevar ninos menos de 16 si no van a causar problemas o hacer bulla. Pero estamos pidiendo que sean maduros para poder estar quietos por 3 horas cada clase.

Para registar
Si tienen correcciones de este informacion o ortografía mandalos a

Salt Lake Regional Hospital Comedy of errors

Our insurance changed starting the new year so we called our insurance company (HSA Healthplan – “A Health Insurance Company under the WISE network) and we were told to schedule the mammogram at Salt Lake Regional Hospital. There are some communication issues within Salt Lake Regional, they are on two different computer systems and they don’t or can’t read each other’s notes and our appointment kept getting canceled. We had to keep calling them back on multiple occasions and it was to say the least a comedy of errors that was not in the least bit funny.

This is what it is like to try and make an appointment at Salt Lake Regional Hospital

We called Salt Lake Regional and made the appointment

1. I called my insurance company (HSA healthplan) “A health insurance company” to pre-verify where I should make the mammogram appointment for my wife since our insurance had changed from Select Health to HAS Healthplan and they told me to call Salt Lake Regional since they are in the WISE network.

2. I called SL Regional and told them our insurance had changed and for that reason we needed to make a new mammogram appointment because he had to cancel an appointment at LDS Hospital because they were not in the WISE network. They did ask me for our Doctors Name which I gave them but we are also having to change doctors since he is not in our network either. They also asked me for the card number which I gave them as well as the verification phone number of 844 234 4472

3. Salt Lake Regional gave us the appointment of January 17th at 4PM and then the next day they just called and left me a message telling me my wife’s appointment was canceled. I made more calls calling my insurance company to verify that SL Regional is in network again and I called scheduling and spoke with two people and got it all straightened out. Each call was around 15 min long.

4. I then got another call the next day canceling the appointment again and then I made 4 more calls talking to Rachel and Melanie with my insurance company and I spoke with Shylo at Salt Lake Regional and I got it all worked out again. It appears that there are 2 different systems within Salt Lake Regional hospital and they don’t read each other’s notes. It appears they were looking at our old insurance information that was in their system and not the new information that I had given them. It appears someone should look at their procedures to see if something can be done to prevent this from happening again. If I am the only patient that has had issues then I could just be a complainer although if others are having the same issues I would hope that administration could take a close look at their processes.

5. I then got a call today 1/11/17 to reschedule because Debbie at 801 617 1919 said we were out of network and I then called my insurance company back, I called Shylo back to confirm that we are in Network. I asked her what type of operation they are running at Salt Lake Regional because it is not a professional operation . Should it take 14 calls to schedule a mammogram? My insurance company said we could go to the University of Utah since they are also in network but I would prefer going to SL Regional since it is closer but if this appointment gets canceled again we will change the mammogram to the U of U assuming that Salt Lake Regional does not want us to come there for services. That is how this appears. It is very frustrating, they used the excuse that they saw my wife in the system with Select Health and they looked up the insurance and found it was not in network. They obviously did not look at the notes that included the new insurance company and that was the whole reason we called in the first place otherwise we would have stayed at LDS Hospital.

6. I write restaurant reviews and if I were to write a review for Salt Lake Regional you would get one star and that is because finally Shylo took ownership of the issue and assured me it was all taken care of. She personally walked to each of the desks in the office to explain because emails and notes may either not be read or understood.

7. SUGGESTED TRAINING: I would suggest that some training be done with Salt Lake Regional personnel to read the notes from the prior calls, call the insurance company verification phone number before canceling an appointment and to call the patient when there is a concern before sending them a message that their appointment has been canceled. This would be a valuable training since it appears that they have two separate systems and two departments involved and they may not have access to each other’s information. They obviously don’t communicate with each other.

8. Many of the people at my wife’s work do not speak English well and if it is this hard to make an appointment to see a doctor or any other appointment at SL Regional it may be best to tell her friends not to go there because of how many issues we have had and if there is a language issue it would be worse. She is disappointed in the lack of professionalism with Salt Lake Regional. I pride myself on being a calm person but after 14 calls just to get an appointment I am frustrated.

9. We even faxed a copy of our insurance card to the Hospital. I would think that one phone call should be all that is needed to verify insurance. The mistakes were made by people that assumed things, they assumed we were covered by the insurance information in the computer system, they assumed that our doctor listed is in the same network as us but that is not correct and we have an appointment to change doctors as well. We told SL Regional that our doctor was not in our network and they said that’s ok we just need a name to put on the chart.

So we will wait to see if they cancel this appointment for the fourth time, there are still a few days before the appointment. I was assured that this is not the normal course of business at Salt Lake Regional Hospital and that this is not the NORM. I certainly hope it’s not because it does not appear to be a very organized operation. If information like this gets confused with an appointment I would hate to imagine problems that can occur if the organization of their staff, hospital facility and patient records are handled the same way.

Peak Alarm Prodatakey Cloude based Access Control Utah Idaho


Peak Alarm is a factory trained installer for Prodatakey which is a cloud based access control system that you can control completely using your smart phone. This is one of the most powerful access control systems on the market and is incredible.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for more information about the future of Access Control. This product is future proof and is built not only to last but to move forward with technology at a very fast pace. While other products have stayed in the past Prodatakey has not.

Prodatakey web site

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm can help you with every step of the process from design, installation, use and upgrades for your access control systems.

Camera system for my business or home

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Viewing cameras from your smart phone

What you should understand before buying and installing a camera system in your home or business

1. Buy two systems if you buy a kit from a big box store so you have replacements.
2. If you are buying a $30 camera understand that you get what you pay for. Spend a bit more for a decent system.
3. Have a Professional do the installation so the cable and equipment is installed properly.
4. Peak Alarm can install 4 cameras for as low as $1,800 with 1TB NVR and 4 of the 1.3MP coax cameras (MPX)
5. Peak Alarm can install 4 IP cameras for as low as $2,300 with 2TB NVR and 4 of the 2.1MP IP cameras
6. The four camera system I would recommend have motorized zoom cameras w/4 3MP cameras and a 6TB NVR for $4,321.00
7. Go with verifocal lenses rather than fixed lenses, the motorized allow you to adjust from a narrow to wide angle view.
8. We can do a lease with an extended warranty or you can buy the equipment out right.
9. All the above systems allow you to view the cameras from your smart phone but your upload speed should be at least 2.5mbps
10. Recently a customer told me he had put in 2 of the bigbox systems and now he wanted a real system. They work but the quality is different.
11. When you compare a $30 dollar camera to a $420 dollar camera there is a massive difference. Often the IRs will go out early on the least expensive units.

Peak Alarm is a professional company that has been in business for 48 years, licensed, insured and factory trained Peak does it right the first time.

Peak Alarm only has had one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. BBB web site check with name and your ZIP

Peak Alarm is the only Alarm company that has a UL listed central station and a full service Guard Patrol division.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for quotes

Top Five Alarm Companies in Utah

Top alarm company lists are a tangled mess

Why should you be skeptical of TOP lists found online? ANSWER: Because many of those sites listing top 5 or top 10 are PAID SERVICES.

One of the sites gave a number #1 recommendation for an alarm company that has over 3800 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau web site

Look up each and every company you intend on getting pricing from. Check for government actions against them, law suits and reviews. The above company that was rated number one has government actions pending against them. They are a very large company so when comparing them against local companies you need to understand that if they have a million accounts then they are 83 times larger than say Peak Alarm who only has 12,000 accounts. So that being the case this company should have 83 times the complaints right? That would mean they should have 83 complaints if they are on the same level as a local company that has one complaint. Peak Alarm has 1 complaint that has been filed with the in the last 3 years and this number 1 listed alarm company has over 3800 complaints which is over 400% more complaints so take the fact that these top 5 or top 10 lists are paid services.

Real actual best TOP Alarm companies in Utah

Mountain Alarm -aka Fire Protection Services – 67 years in business – Local Company – Only 2 complaints in the last 3 years with the BBB
Peak Alarm – 48 years in business UL listed Local Central Station – Full Guard/Patrol services – Local Company – Only 1 complaint in the last 3 years
Alarm Control – aka Armed Alert – 48 years in business – Zero complaints in the last 3 years

Mountain Alarm Fire Protection Services web site
Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love
Alarm Control Armed Alert web site

The above companies are all licensed by the Utah Division of Occupational Licensing and they are also insured. All of the above companies do not concentrate on LICK and STICK products. (Just wireless) so they have extensive experience with commercial and residential products unlike many of the new companies that just do wireless. The technicians understand the industry and all of these companies are qualified to do commercial fire alarm, intrusion, access control and cameras.

Now if we look at the companies that spend the most money on advertising and companies that have the most accounts then the list could change.

ADT Security Services ADT web site This company has 127 years in business.This is a licensed and insured company.

Now we do need to mention ADT which is a National Alarm company and now they own Protection One. ADT Security Services on the Better Business Bureau Web site has over ________complaints that have been filed in the last 3 years, granted they are a very large company. ____% of their reviews on the BBB are negative although many people do have good experiences with this company. Now that they own Protection one we will see if they will be doing anything different. Protection one was in business 29 years before they were purchased by ADT. Protection one only has about 16% of the amount of complaints that ADT has. Rather than saying anything negative about this company I would encourage you to look at the better business bureau report for each company yourself. Going with a national company sometimes has it advantages and other times when you go with a very large company it can be difficult to get to the proper department when you do need help. I dread calling my cable company for service for the same reason because I am normally on for over a hour just trying to talk to someone. Going with a local company can have advantages. If you are trying to sign up for service the lines are clear and the process is quick. If you are trying to get service after your system has been installed it is a bit different.

So when comparing companies there are companies that spend a great deal on advertising and there are companies that have more accounts than other companies so they are in the TOP 10 or TOP 5 list in certain areas.

When a company tells you that the equipment is FREE read the fine print because when it is all said an done all alarm companies are in business to make money not to give stuff away. They will either make their money now or later but they will make money. They will either sign you up for a longer term, charge more now or raise your rates after a year or two. One of these companies was charging my mother over 70 per month for basic phone line monitoring with no interactive services and no other services and it took me quite a while on the line to get her account canceled even though she was out of contract. This basic service should cost around $25-30 per month.

Peak Alarm rated best overall alarm company in Utah

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office


Peak Alarm is the only Full Service Alarm company in Utah with a UL listed Central Station, Alarm Company and Guard/Patrol units.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

1.UL Listed Central Station with 5 UL listings including, fire alarm, burglar and UL2050 which is high security.


3.Five Diamond Certified

4.Over 300 employees and 4 offices to serve their customers in Idaho and Utah

5.Full Guard and Patrol Division

6.Full AV division (Peak AV)


8.Only one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for pricing, site visits and or consultations.

Be careful when looking at the PAID ads and websites because several of those companies have over 1000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau but because they paid for the ad now they are on the top 5 list or the top 10 list. Two of our competitors have over 3800 complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Online complaints tell a completely different story about companies. It is true every company including Peak Alarm will have some online complaints so look at the web site to check out who has filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau because each and every one of those complaints gets investigated on both sides.

Peak Alarm Five Diamond Certified

Five Diamond Certified Companies

Confia en Peak Alarm

Peak Alarm is a UL listed 5 Diamond Certified Central Station, alarm company with guards, patrol and same day service. Peak has an A+ rating with the better business bureau unlike many competitors who have over 1000 complaints. Peak Alarm only has one complaint on the BBB in the last 3 years.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for any pricing, consultations or site visits in Utah. Larry can also work with you on your Idaho projects as well. 2017 is going to a be a great year. Call for Fire Alarm, Access Control, Intrusion, intercom, nurse call, cameras and security.