Fine Print in Security System contracts

Read the fine print

Today I looked at one of my competitors advertisements and it says They are giving away a FREE SYSTEM, FREE SENSORS and even a FREE GIFT CARD. I looked at the fine print and found a few items that may be helpful to you as a customer.

This is valid only with home systems.
This offer includes up to 15 sensors free for pre wired homes or upto 7 free sensors for wireless but labor charges MAY apply.
This offer with the lower monitoring rate does not include a cellular connection but is contingent upon the customer paying for a landline.
This offer does not include interactive control or remote arm and disarm (Elite)
This offer does not include the extended warranty. (Service Plan – Repair agreement etc…) Hourly rates will apply for repairs.
Gift card is through a 3rd Party and they charge a shipping and handling fee.
The system is apparently free but there is a $99 dollar installation fee.
There is a 36 month agreement that has to be signed
Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account.
Termination fee applies
This offer is contingent upon the customer passing a CREDIT CHECK. (Peak Alarm does NOT do CREDIT CHECKS)
This offer is to get the salesman in the door because this offer cannot be combined with other offers so the low monitoring rate may not apply

Review your alarm contract closely

Check the BBB Better Business Bureau on every company that you get pricing from. Some of our competitors even the ones that are running ads similar to this add have thousands of complaints filed. Two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints on the BBB. Peak Alarm has had one complaint filed with the BBB in the last 3 years. That is a real issue because you might sign up and then find out you signed a 60 month agreement or if you don’t have a phone line you end up paying over $50 per month for monitoring. Often if you are in SLC they sign you up for monitoring and since the police don’t respond you have to end up paying a guard service which costs much more than the $10 per month that Peak Charges. Get the facts. Peak Alarm is the only local company that has both a Guard Service, an alarm company and a UL listed Central station to do your monitoring. Many of the others have out of state monitoring stations and no guard service or a 3rd party guard service.

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Peak Alarm rated best overall alarm company in Utah

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office


Peak Alarm is the only Full Service Alarm company in Utah with a UL listed Central Station, Alarm Company and Guard/Patrol units.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

1.UL Listed Central Station with 5 UL listings including, fire alarm, burglar and UL2050 which is high security.


3.Five Diamond Certified

4.Over 300 employees and 4 offices to serve their customers in Idaho and Utah

5.Full Guard and Patrol Division

6.Full AV division (Peak AV)


8.Only one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for pricing, site visits and or consultations.

Be careful when looking at the PAID ads and websites because several of those companies have over 1000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau but because they paid for the ad now they are on the top 5 list or the top 10 list. Two of our competitors have over 3800 complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Online complaints tell a completely different story about companies. It is true every company including Peak Alarm will have some online complaints so look at the web site to check out who has filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau because each and every one of those complaints gets investigated on both sides.

Only 1 complaint in three years

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foto chistoso de mis hijos

Better Business Bureau UPDATE, Peak Alarm has only had one complaint filed with the better business bureau in the last 3 years. Call Larry Love 801 428 1384 for more information

We have a competitor that has had over 3700 complaints filed with the BBB in the last 3 years. Do your research before you buy.

Contact the to check every company that you deal with

Best Alarm Company in Utah

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Check Better Business Bureau site before buying an alarm

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Peak Alarm is the most professional company for all your alarm needs.

English / Ingles / Spanish/ Espanol Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Larry has 20 years in the industry and current certifications in Fire Alarm, Access Control, Cameras and Intrusion Alarms.

exit alarms

<h1> Peak Alarm installs exit alarms as per fire code. Most AHJ Fire Marshals will allow you to have a 15 second delay before the door opens after the bar or button is pushed. Some of them will not allow that depending on occupancy and building usage. Each building is different so let us come and do a site evaluation for you.

If you have maglocks installed and you have a fire alarm system then the door should be tied into the fire alarm so it will release upon alarm. <h1>


<h1>Call Larry Love 801 428 1384   Contact Larry Love

Test your alarms frequently

Peak Alarm Can help

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary many times you may end up paying higher costs.

Ignoring the maintenance on your car can lead to costly repairs and even loss of life. Alarm systems in our homes and businesses should be tested and updated periodically.

1. Make sure the batteries in your smoke detectors are replaced every 6 months

2. Replace the panel battery in your main alarm panel every 3 to 5 years and label the battery with the replacement date.

3. Call your central station, place the system in test and perform a routine test making sure that all the points function as they should. In a business the annual NFPA 72 test is required by Law so make sure the Fire Alarm is tested once a year and the report filed.

4. Call the central station back and get a report of all the points that were received to be assured that you tested all the zones and devices on your point/zone list.

5. CO detectors expire every 5 or 7 years and need to be replaced. Check the dates. Smoke Detectors should be replaced every 10 years or so and they should be cleaned every 6 months. Put your system in test before you clean them since most of the time vacuuming them will set the alarm off. Read the instructions for your smoke detectors on proper care and maintenance before do it. New low frequency sounders are coming out to meet NFPA 72 code (get the newer equipment which wakes people up more effectively)

6. When you don’t feel confident doing these things for yourself you can call a reputable service company to help you. The hourly cost will vary although normally it is around $100 per hour for residential and around $130 per hour for commercial labor rates. Some of the smaller companies have lower labor rates when their overhead is less.

7. Peak Alarm has received 5 complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years and has resolved all of them. Unfortunately some of our competitors have had hundreds and a couple of local companies have had thousands of complaints logged against them on Peak Alarm is acredited and has a rating of A+ with the BBB. Check before getting pricing from any company to avoid the headache of dealing with organizations that may not be professional.

Larry Love

(801) 428 1384

Master Fire Alarm Tech State of Utah / NICET II#107204 Fire Alarm Systems

I welcome corrections and clarifications

Wireless Commercial Fire Alarms

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Monitor your flow and tamper with a fire alarm panel. Keep area clear in front of riser.

Commercial Wireless Fire Alarms

1. (Tyco)
2. www.building SWING
4. Outside the US check UL
7. Fireworx
9. (In Utah contact FPS / Mountain Alarm 801 363 9696
13. Ademco (Gamewell)

This is what I got when I did a search for commerical wireless Fire Alarm equipment. When you have corrections or additions please contact Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email

Peak Alarm has been in business more than 46 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station
Peak Alarm has their own Guard and Patrol Division
Peak Alarm has their own AV Audio Visual Division
Peak Alarm is certified for UL2050 high security installations as well as monitoring
Peak Alarm’s Central Station is 5 Diamond Certified

Peak Alarm is the only UL listed locally owned Central Station that has a full guard and patrol, AV division and 5 offices to serve you in Utah and Idaho.

Alarm Communications Utah

My daughter listening to her music

My daughter listening to her music

Phone lines – Analog (old copper type) being phased out. Normally the cost for dedicated analog phone lines is over $30 per month per line to the phone company. A fire panel that has 2 analog lines could be very expensive to continue using the phone lines. Most of the time copper turns to digital a couple hundred feet out the door.

VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – Not very reliable sending alarm signals. We will do our best to make it work for security although we will not use it for Fire Signals and alarms. It cuts out the highs and lows and many times you lose information. It is best to seek another solution such as Radio or Cellular. Since we are depending on someone else’s equipment to get the signals this is not our preferred method of communication.

Cellular – Standard or High Supervision for fire and high security that sends signals every 6 minutes. Normally adds $10 per month for standard cell and $22 per month extra for High Supervision Cellular which is very reliable. 1G (1981), 2G (1992)”being taken off the systems by phone companies right now” 3G (2001) 4G (2007) 5G (2020)

Radio- This is a very reliable method as well. Peak Alarm has a mesh network that is very robust.

Network – IP – Peak Alarm gets signals from our DMP panels over the Internet within one or two seconds. The drawback is that the system is only as strong as it’s weakest link so if the UPS backup is not done properly we won’t get signals if the network goes down or if the provider has the network go down very often you could miss a fire alarm. You could use this as your primary method and use cellular or Radio as your backup.

Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 or his cell 801 898 6003 for pricing or more information about Peak Alarm

Peak Alarm has a UL listed Central Station, 46 years in business, A+ rating with the BBB, A full Guard and Patrol Division, An AV Division, A CAD department and much more. Locally owned and operated. CSAA and a NETONE company.

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What sets Peak Alarm apart from all the others?

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Alarm does it all

Ask for Larry Love

What sets Peak Alarm apart from all the rest of the alarm companies other than our 46+ years in business?

1. UL listed Central Station and UL2050 certified for High Security. Underwriters Laboratories UL is an independant testing organization that periodically tests Peak Alarm equipment, processes, random account check, generator test, receiver backup checks and much more.

2. UL requires Peak Alarm to be able to operate the entire central station on batteries for at least 4 hours in case we cannot get the backup generator going right away. We also have backup receivers for every type of receiver we have. UL also requires a man trap be in place and bullet proof glass. For our UL2050 accounts you cannot walk anywhere in the room or area more than 3 steps without getting caught and setting off an alarm. We install everything in conduit and grind off the screws. We install vibration sensors on the panel, tampers in the can and behind the main enclosure in case anyone tries to pry it off the wall. The standards for the UL2050 are very stringent.

3. Peak Central Station is also 5 Diamond Certified meaning every single dispatcher is 5 Diamond Certified and has gone through extensive training on how to handle emergency calls. Less than 7% of the 2700 UL listed Central Stations in the US are 5 Diamond Certified. Five Diamond requires ongoing training, Customer Service standards, false alarm dispatch prevention efforts & CSAA affiliated. We have the ability to transfer all of our accounts out of state to a sister company within seconds if there is a major issue here in Utah or at our location such as fire or other emergency.

4. We have over 170 years of experience in our service department. The tech with the least experience in our service department has 10 years here at Peak Alarm.

5. Peak Alarm has a full Guard and Patrol Division.

6. Peak Alarm has a full service AV Audio Visual Division (Ranked #18 in the country) See CE Pro Magazine.

7. Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau see check every company you get pricing from because some of our competitors have over 3000 complaints that have been filed against them in the last 3 years as compared to the 5 complaints that have been filed agaginst Peak Alarm in the last 3 years and all five have been resolved.

8. Peak Alarm has a CAD department to help you with your building drawings.

9. Peak Alarm is locally owned and operated and has 270 employees and five offices to serve you.

10. Peak Alarm does not sell cable TV, Telephone or entertainment packages nor do we keep you on hold or send you through a maze of telephone routes. When you call Peak we put you through to a live person as soon as possible. We encourage you not to use a company that is not an experienced Alarm company for your Alarms and Security. You would not use a plumber for your electric needs so why use a phone or cable company for your security.

Call Larry Love at the Salt Lake office to get pricing or more information (801) 428 1384

Peak Guard & Patrol good samaritan

Success message from one of our very own Patrol Officers. Don’t forget, every thing we do can make a difference to somebody else!

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Call Peak for all your security needs. Ask for Larry Love x384

Ask for Larry Love

Hello, My name is Amanda Cowen and I’m from Casa Granda Arizona and was visiting some family in Utah and I would like to tell you about an experience I had with one of your patrol officers. I was on my way to my daughter’s house with my grand children on Sunday the 10th from a late church event we were attending when my tire went flat on the 215 freeway just past 4700 south in Utah around 7:30 that evening. It was pouring rain and I didn’t have a jack and no one stopped to try to help, but one of your Peak patrol cars came up behind me and your officer asked if I needed help. I told him my tire went flat and didn’t have a jack and I was trying to get a hold of a daughter’s husband to come help me, but couldn’t get a hold of him. He said he would be happy to help me. Poor guy didn’t have a jacket or anything, but got out a jack from his car and changed my tire for me. I offered to pay him and he declined it and stayed behind me so I could safely pull out. I was so thankful for his help that I thought I would let you know what a great job he did. Small acts of kindness is what this world needs more of and I’m thankful that your patrol guy was at the right place at the right time. He was so nice and professional that it throw me off because people in Arizona are rude. People like this should be recognized in a company, I don’t know what your paying him, but he should get a raise. God Bless……..

We love to hear stories like this because there are far more good things happening out there than bad. The other day I spent about 3 hours with one of the Peak Guard employees who is in charge of a large complex and during that time I was incredible to see and hear the reaction of the public to our Peak Guard. People knew his name and he knew their names as well. I was so impressed with his knowledge of the job site, the people and the facility. Hats off to our Peak Guards and Patrol units.

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