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Not all systems are the same

Keep in mind that you will pay a bit more for an encrypted security system such as although Larry Love 801 428 1384 can get you the best pricing.

We did not provide the typical proposal since we don’t have any guidelines for this project so we give you an outline here and the camera pricing on the other posting and the monitoring on the first blog ($26.95 per month without a long term contract) Monitoring is UL listed and our station has a mirrored station out of State and when you decide which options work best for you we can line them out in a form proposal. I have listed pricing but I have not listed model number which really makes the difference when it comes to comparing pricing. The IP cameras I have listed are economy IP models and we can get the more expensive ones as well but we need to know what you need and want first. This is posted as an example of some pricing and how it is normally figured for fire alarm and security. Individual pricing for Pull Stations, Flow and Tamper modules and other things are not included in this post since this example is one where we would be using existing wiring, devices and appliances. When the owner does not have a scope, specification or plans it makes it much more difficult to bid the project out. Many people use the $100 per device figure which is not as valid as it used to be for estimated since addressable modules are about $25 on certain systems and upto $75 or $100 on other systems. Smoke detectors can be $45 each and if they have special features such as being addressable then you might pay $80 or $120 each or if they have a CO detector inside with the photoelectric detector then you may pay more so before you can just estimate your system with counts we need to know more about what your needs are. Example the Bosch photoelectric detectors that have CO built in will not false alarm near as often with shower steam where others will. For hotels this save money in the long run dealing with false alarms.

Without being given specifications we are guessing what you may or may not want on your system so just pricing in for trap motions in the office and the options to separate the office from the shop we came up with the following pricing. The lift charge is not included in this price. Normally we don’t like to give out so many options since it takes so much more time to break out but without a specification it is a difficult task. Monitoring as mentioned in the other bid is $26.95 per month without having to sign a long term contract and this would be for each individual account. Camera pricing was sent separately. Access Control pricing can be added to the Fire/Security panel if you would like or you can ask for a Stand Alone PC based access control system. Please review this information and call me with any questions or we can certainly bid the project out if we get a specification. This fire panels listed are Addressable/Conventional and we can bid the Analog if that is a requirement although we recommend combining the fire and security to be more efficient.

Fire Alarm option with combined Security ability $1,619
This includes the security/fire panel, power supply, batteries, input modules, NAC supervision modules, dual line dialer communicator and cans.

Labor for this option for programing is $1,001 which includes wiring the panel, programing, testing, certification and training. This does not include any CAD work. If submittals are needed we will need to know the requirements of that in order to price it.

Security addition to the same panel 2 motions, 2 glass breaks, tie in all existing contacts, tone out wires that are behind the wall and cut and connect to the security panel or combination panel.

A. Main office motions (2)$102 each + cable at .15 per foot and then labor which would depend on your locations but in the office I would plan $15-25 wire each motion plus the install labor of $154 each

If you want motions in the shop we can do that as well and you may want the long range ones and I would go with tritech plan on $160 each plus $30 in wire plus 2.5 hours each device for the shop on motions.

B. Hallway up and down motions (2) $102 each +$15 wire +$115 labor

C. Glass break in front entry (2) $81 each +$15 wire plus $154 labor

D. Seismic, temperature, safe contacts, humidity sensors, water sensors all available upon request – ask for pricing. We have OHD overhead door contacts for $34 and some that are $67 depending on the quality. We also have normal door contacts that are recessed for $14 and we have some that are DPDT that can tie to 2 systems for $35 each and we have BMS balanced magnetic contacts that are $130 each that are very hard to defeat.

E. Additional man door contacts in office area hard wired $168 installed with $15 in cable each.
Note if you want to separate the office from the shop so you can arm them separately you will need an additional keypad and these additional contacts on at least 3 of the doors going into the shop.

F. Additional Keypads are $140 each for a normal keypad or $249 for the ATM style large screen keypad or $310 for the virtual touch screen keypad then add labor and wire if needed. If the existing wire is usable and 18g4c then you would not need to add wire. We cannot guarantee the existing devices and wire. If there are ground faults on the existing wire we will will charge a discounted rate of $67 per hour for trouble shooting and if you decide you want to pull new wire we can then do that as well.

G. Tone out all wires behind the panel that are cut and figure out which ones are fire alarm and which ones are security since they are not labeled. We will use a tone generator and two people for this portion in order to use the existing wire. Our estimate of doing this portion of the work would be 3 hours with 2 people or $462 in addition to the prices given.

H. Horn/Strobes are $54 for wall mounted appliances, $44 for strobe only units and ceiling mounted units would be $76 each. Cable for Fire Alarm additional devices and appliances should be FPL, FPLR or FPLP We would need to figure the cable and then add the installation. If you need additional horn/strobes in the shop which I would guess will be required we can figure this for you after we get plans that show what is needed and required by the AHJ fire marshal after you submit your drawings to him or her. You can plan about 20 to 35 cents a foot depending on which wire you go with.

I. If you want the roof hatch to have a contact installed please let us know. We could put a metal surface mount contact on this.

Stand alone Fire Panel – $1,239 (Equipment only)
This is an addressable Bosch Fire Panel with a 4 amp power supply booster panel and the annunicator.

Programing for stand alone fire panel is $739

Stand alone Security Panel – economy model $300 equipment only panel and one keypad (not recommended)

Programing for stand alone security panel is $308 (add the price to tone the wiring as well)

Stand alone Security Panel – Midrange model ( $636) Many more features and a 3 year warranty can run this system as a zoned system or addressable system this comes with the panel and one keypad. To add another keypad add $140 plus installation labor

Stand alone Security Panel with wireless capability for long range can be an option if you needed the pricing.
Many of these are residential panels so we don’t recommend that but in a building of this size I would go with a higher end wireless of Innovonics if you needed this option.

Important Notes:

We priced the UL Listed Fire/Security panel that is a combination unit so you can add both systems together and still meet code and not have to monitor the systems separately or mickymouse by running wire from one system to the other system. Note on communications: We included pricing for different methods in the first bid on 6/7/12. Lift prices are not included since having you rent the lift will save you money. If you want to include the lift prices then write up a scope of work with counts, details of what you want done and the wire to use etc.. and we can redo the proposal. Travel is billed out at $62 per hour reduced rate.

CONDUIT IS NOT INCLUDED if you need conduit it is best to have your electrical contractor install the conduit which is normally less than having us do it. We can do it and bid it out although we would need to know if you needed 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, EMT or other such as threaded or ridged etc….Depending on the amount of zones we can either tie this all into an addressable loop or into individual input points and sometimes one is less expensive than the other and with the current wire that is already in place the input point route may work best for you. The input modules have 8 points each and cost $90 each plus $30 programing if you are to add more than is listed above and if you decide you want to go addressable then the single input modules are $25 each and the mux module is only 70 dollars.

If you have a safe we recommend for insurance purposes that you have a contact installed. Many of them come with a hole and a place for a contact on the inside and we can put a seismic sensor if needed as well in your vault room.

Many companies like it when you don’t provide a specification because it is an easy way to take advantage of the owner and get rid of your low end stock that may be outdated. There are even dealers that buy and sell seconds through brand name equipment which is really refurbished equipment so make sure you are getting what you really think your paying for. This pricing is posted as an example only. Please call for all current prices and quotes are good for 30 days.

Please get back with us when you have questions.


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