Fine Print in Security System contracts

Read the fine print

Today I looked at one of my competitors advertisements and it says They are giving away a FREE SYSTEM, FREE SENSORS and even a FREE GIFT CARD. I looked at the fine print and found a few items that may be helpful to you as a customer.

This is valid only with home systems.
This offer includes up to 15 sensors free for pre wired homes or upto 7 free sensors for wireless but labor charges MAY apply.
This offer with the lower monitoring rate does not include a cellular connection but is contingent upon the customer paying for a landline.
This offer does not include interactive control or remote arm and disarm (Elite)
This offer does not include the extended warranty. (Service Plan – Repair agreement etc…) Hourly rates will apply for repairs.
Gift card is through a 3rd Party and they charge a shipping and handling fee.
The system is apparently free but there is a $99 dollar installation fee.
There is a 36 month agreement that has to be signed
Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account.
Termination fee applies
This offer is contingent upon the customer passing a CREDIT CHECK. (Peak Alarm does NOT do CREDIT CHECKS)
This offer is to get the salesman in the door because this offer cannot be combined with other offers so the low monitoring rate may not apply

Review your alarm contract closely

Check the BBB Better Business Bureau on every company that you get pricing from. Some of our competitors even the ones that are running ads similar to this add have thousands of complaints filed. Two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints on the BBB. Peak Alarm has had one complaint filed with the BBB in the last 3 years. That is a real issue because you might sign up and then find out you signed a 60 month agreement or if you don’t have a phone line you end up paying over $50 per month for monitoring. Often if you are in SLC they sign you up for monitoring and since the police don’t respond you have to end up paying a guard service which costs much more than the $10 per month that Peak Charges. Get the facts. Peak Alarm is the only local company that has both a Guard Service, an alarm company and a UL listed Central station to do your monitoring. Many of the others have out of state monitoring stations and no guard service or a 3rd party guard service.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm advertizing

UL2050 ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 for pricing security systems, fire alarms, access control, camera systems and 24 hour monitoring from our UL listed Central Station.

Peak Alarm has stepped up their advertising so you will see TV commercials, Radio spots and even electronic billboard ads for Peak Alarm. The new look of our website is very professional and after more than 47 years in business Peak Alarm is not only growing but improving as well.

Peak take complaints seriously and I met with the owner and the CEO of the company and they review these comments and use them as a way to improve what we are currently doing. Peak employees over 300 people locally and yet we are still a small company in many ways because you can still call our company (801) 486 7231 and get a live person quite quickly. We pride ourselves by striving to take care of our customers.

Peak Alarm has only had 1 complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Many of our competitors have hundreds and there are a couple of our competitors that have more than 3000 complaints. So be sure to check the before buying any security system.

Peak Alarm also does not do Credit Checks. Peak does not give away free equipment either and that is why we have been in business so long. You may get a song and a dance from other companies claiming to give you something FREE but the truth is that equipment is not free, you will either pay more per month or you will pay for a longer period of time. So if the install is free compare against a normal Peak Alarm plan and you will see that we measure up in many ways that others don’t. Often other companies will run a credit check, they will also charge you more than $50 per month for normal monitoring services when Peak can give you additional services that other companies can for the same or for less money per month.

Beware of Monitoring companies that have very low cost plans per month because often they are computerized, or they are out of state or out of the country and the person calling you does not know anything about Salt Lake, Utah or Idaho when Peak Employees do. Peak Alarm is the only full service alarm company that has a full service Guard/Patrol company as well so when the Police do not respond, we do. Peak can normally get to your home in the Salt Lake area within 15 minutes and if the Police do respond in your area many times they will get there in 30 or even take over an hour.

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

47 years in business

47 years in business

UL2050 High Security IDS Intrusion Systems in Utah

Peak can do any size project from start to finish

Peak can do any size project from start to finish

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love for pricing for your high security installation such as secure facilities and SCIFs. Larry Love is certified through UL for designing for compliance to UL2050.

Peak Alarm holds the UL2050 listing for installation and monitoring

Peak has been in business since 1969 and has 4 offices to serve you.

Peak has a UL listed Central Station

Peak Alarm also has a full Guard and Patrol Division with unarmed and armed guards.

UL2050 installations are a bit different than normal security system installations:

1. We install an approved alarm system that will communicate using encrypted signals. Normally Bosch or DMP
2. Peak ALarm will install the entire system in CONDUIT with BOXES and Tampers in junction boxes were required. We grind the screws off the conduit after we install it.
3. Our installers will put tampers behind the alarm can and inside the alarm enclosure to sent an alarm if opened or pulled off the wall.
4. Motions in many of the facilities are required below and above the drop tile ceiling to meet UL2050
5. In most of our installations we install a vibration sensor inside the panel which will trip if there is drilling or tampering with the can.
6. Motions need to be in every area except restrooms. You can’t take 3 steps without setting the alarm off.
7. A UL2050 installation also needs to be monitored by a UL2050 Central Station and Serviced by a company that is certified.
8. With the monitoring schedules and openings and closings need to be programmed in as part of the how the system is configured.
9. Special BMS Balanced Magnetic Switches that hold the High Security listing need to be used and these contacts cost over 10 times as much as a normal security contact.

There are very few companies in Utah that can provide these services. you can look on the Official UL Website website for certified companies.

Peak Alarm is a large company but not too big

Too small or too big can be an issue.

Too small or too big can be an issue.

Alarm companies that are too big are harder to deal with. Peak Alarm is local and has 88 employees on the Alarm side of operations. This means we are big enough to do any size project and still provide same day or next day service.

Some companies that are National are harder to deal with because some of those companies have a month waiting list when you need service and when you have proprietary equipment installed there is nothing you can do about the wait time and the equipment costs are normally double what other equipment costs are. Just food for thought. Peak Alarm does not install Proprietary equipment that would leave you stuck with only one vender.

Contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for questions on pricing or for a free site visit. Peak has four offices to serve you. Salt Lake, Saint George, Boise and Idaho Falls.

When you call you Speak with real people.

Same day or next day service calls

Installations are done on a first come first serve basis. Smaller residential installations have a shorter wait time because we have a team that does just the smaller projects.

Commercial projects are a bit more involved and if it is a fire alarm job we are required to have plans signed off by the local fire marshal before we can start work to meet Utah Law and NFPA 72 code.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Security TIPS for home and work

Security intrusion

Call Larry Love for additional information and pricing for Peak Alarm Systems (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm web site

How to Protect Your Home…

Burglars hit a house, apartment or condominium every ten seconds. But if the burglar picks your place instead of the one next door, you probably helped invite him there. He looks for what the police call “targets of opportunity”. In other words, easy pickings.

To protect yourself, make your home look occupied when you’re away. Chances are the thief will pass it up for an easier target. Also, look into making a reasonable investment in good locks, outdoor lights and an alarm system. It will pay off in security and peace of mind. Here are some specific measures you can take.

Keep garage door closed and locked. This helps protect any valuable property you store in garage and prevents access to interior doors. Electric doors should be disconnected and, if practical, consider padlocks on the garage door tracks.

Have your lawn taken care of. Dry, uncut grass and build-up of excessive leaves and debris says you’re away.

Display “beware” signs. If you have a dog or an alarm system, put up signs that say you do. They deter thieves.

Put peepholes in doors. The type with a magnifying glass lens lets you see who’s out there without opening the door. Consider heavy-duty door chains as well.

Ask for police patrol. When you’ll be gone for an extended time, ask police to check your home periodically. And be a good neighbor. If you see unfamiliar or suspicious activity, call the police.

Consult a good locksmith. Different kinds of doors and windows require different kinds of locks. Deadbolt locks are recommended.

Don’t keep expensive jewelry at home. Keep it, along with other small valuables and important documents, in a safe deposit box.

Light the outside of your house. Use automatic light sensors near doors and the rear of the house where thieves do most of their work.

Secure patio doors. A steel rod in the door channel can work. A pin-type lock or a key lock is better. Additionally, secure two or three screws in the overhead track to reduce the chance of lifting the doors out of the track.

Don’t stop all deliveries. Cancel the milk, but have a neighbor pick up mail, newspaper and circulars daily.

Ask a neighbor to use your garbage cans. An empty garbage can is a tip-off that you’re away.

Keep shrubbery trimmed. Thick, tall shrubbery provides cover for a burglar and lets him work detected.

Leave a radio on. It says someone’s home. If you have a volume adjustment on your telephone bell, turn it to the lowest level.

Leave interior lights on. It’s best to use automatic timers to light different rooms at designated times.

Mark valuable items. Marking things a thief would be likely to steal, like the TV and stereo, will help police trace them and return them to you if they are recovered. Use an engraving pen, available at most police stations, and mark your driver’s license number with state abbreviations on items.

Leave drapes and shades open. When they’re closed, they’re a sign of an unoccupied house.

Take care with keys. Don’t leave a key under a doormat, flower pot, or a window ledge. Burglars look there first.

Park a car in your driveway. If you have a second car, leave it in the driveway. Or ask a neighbor to park there. This not only gives the appearance of an occupied house, but prevents burglars from backing up a van for loading.

Look into an alarm system. They vary in sophistication. Peak Alarm systems can even arm automatically when you leave the home. (Geofencing) They can control your lighting, temperature, garage doors,locks and more. Arm and disarm remotely. For the basic system with 3 doors, 1 motion, Panel, Cellular communicator, Keypad, siren and battery $99 installed and $39 per month ($5 more per month for remote arm/disarm) Add $10 per month when you need alarm response in areas the police will not respond.

Consider a camera system that you can view remotely with your cell phone. These type of systems are becoming more affordable and it can give you peace of mind to know when the kids get home and view them home. Many people use cameras to check on their pets while they are at work. Having cameras can be great when you are on vacation.

Tips to Protect your Business

SECURITY SYSTEMS: Burglars target businesses that do not have security systems and camera systems more often than those that do. Burglars look for what the police call “targets of opportunity” In other words, easy pickings. When your alarm system is outdated or in disrepair this can also put you at risk.
Look into making a reasonable investment in good locks, outdoor lighting, a new camera system that you can remotely access and a new security system that you can control using your smartphone. This investment will pay off in security and peace of mind. If you forget to arm the system you can remotely do so.

Leasing a system will allow you to make smaller monthly payments yet you can have your system installed today and when the technology changes in a few years you can have the system updated to a newer system keeping your business on the cutting edge and protected.

CAMERAS : Consider installing a new camera system with high definition cameras that you can view remotely. This can be a deterrent to crime especially internal crime by employees. The cameras also work well as a positive training aid, let the employees know you appreciated specific work they did that you viewed on the camera system. This let them know that you are watching and it won’t come accross as a negative thing when you use the right comments. Cameras can also be very valuable when someone has an accident to view how to prevent future accidents or for insurance purposes.

Here are some specific measures you can take starting today.

TEST: Test your security and camera system regularly replacing decals and signs as needed.

Keep overhead doors closed and locked. Consider padlocks on the garage door tracks.

Keep your outside lighting in working order and consider adding additional lights and cameras.

Hold ongoing training on how to use the security system for new employees and hold review training for employees that may have been trained but do not use the system very often. Test your system every month to assure it is working.

Update your call list every few months making sure phone numbers and names are current.

Every 6 months or every year it is prudent to change all of the security codes. That way if anyone was sharing their code with someone else the old codes will not function. Avoid programming codes that are easy to guess like birth years etc…

LEARN ABOUT YOUR SYSTEM AND ACTIVELY USE IT: To reduce false alarms do not leave balloons near your motion detectors, avoid having hanging displays or mobiles near the motion detection areas. Keep the equipment clean and free of spider webs. Do not have plants or other hanging objects near the heating and air conditioning vents because many times the air flow can cause them to move and set off your motion detectors. Avoid installing motion detection in areas where the temperatures are very low or very high.

Have your security system serviced so it stays in top operating condition. Batteries should be checked periodically and changed as needed. When a door contact or motion detectors are damaged and not repaired, employees notice as do others making the building a more desirable target.

Don’t keep expensive inventory in areas of your business that do not have good constant camera coverage that you can review. Unfortunately a high percentage of shrinkage is attributed to employees and former employees that know your business. Using your camera system proactively can make your employees aware that you do use the camera system and are checking. Let them know how much you appreciate how organized they are or how they handled specific situations. Tell them you saw them unload product while viewing the camera system and let them know what a great job they did. When you use your camera system in such a way people are made aware that you are viewing the cameras and they are less likely to do things they should not do or be involved in theft.

Make a list of any items you may be interested in and call Larry Love at Peak for a free consultation 801 428 1384

Non response to alarms by police solution

Many police departments say that responding to alarms is a waste of time and they don’t have time to waste. Many of them say that most of the alarms are false alarms which is true and some of them will respond if they are not doing anything else and some of the departments will respond to business alarms but not residential. Some people argue that just having a police car drive into the neighborhoods for false alarms or real alarms is a deterrent and there are valid points on both sides of the debate.

Peak Alarm and Peak Security

Peak Security will respond

Murray City, Salt Lake City, Kearns and West Valley City will not respond to residential alarms.

Most departments will respond to a verified alarm. This means someone had been on site and saw a door open or a broken window etc… Some departments will consider camera evidence as a verified alarm and others will not.

Some have policies where if a panic alarm is tripped they will respond or if the wrong code was entered they will respond. When you have updated information that applies to any of this blog please let me know and I will update the article.

When they do respond because alarms are not a priority many times it takes a long time for them to get there so another option is to hire PEAK SECURITY and our guards will get there much sooner.

For $10 per month added to your monitoring charges Peak Security will send a guard to check on alarms 4 times during the year and any additional dispatches over and above the 4 included will only be billed at $50 per dispatch. Prices may vary and this is an example and you should verify these prices with your Peak Alarm salesperson.

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384 for more information or email

Call Larry Love x384

DMP Wireless Pricing in Utah

RE: Pricing examples for DMP Security using an expandable Security panel (DMP XR150) when access control, multiple keypads, partitions or over 48 zones is required. Be sure to call for current prices. Each Project may have specific requirements that will require the pricing to be altered slightly. To get special Pricing on your commercial or residential project contact Larry Love at 801 428 1384.

Basic DMP 150 Panel, battery, wireless receiver, 3 wireless door contacts, 1 wireless motion and a wireless remote fob. (Communication over analog phone line or see cellular below)

$499.00 install price and $39.00 per month for 36 months.

Pricing for additional DMP devices:

Door/Window wireless sensors $75 each installed
Wireless PIR 90 degree motion or wireless Glass Break Sensor $130 installed
Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector $134 Installed
Wireless Carbon Monoxide CO Sensor $135 installed
Additional Key fob $65
Z-Wave module $85 installed
If a repeater is needed add $260
Cellular communicator $338 installed and $22/mo extra for High Supervision cellular or $10 for standard cellular or $15 dollars for Elite control with Cellular. (Allowing control from your smartphone)
Indoor HD Day Night wireless camera $350 installed (Works with the smartphone app)
Outdoor SD Day Night wireless camera $400 installed (Up to 6 cameras using app +$10/mo )
DMP wireless IP router with WPS $168 installed
Wireless Locks $400 installed – Pricing will depend on each individual model number and installation time.

Other Z-wave devices can be quoted upon request (Lighting control, locks, temperature control etc…)

NOTE:. The expandability to over 100 points on the 150 model and up to 500 on the DMP550 panel gives you great versatility. The 150 panel can also partition into 8 areas and have up to 8 access control doors.

When hardwired systems are installed there is a charge for wire/cable and time to install the cable including drilling and or installation of conduit and or wiremold. Having a PREWIRE done while your building is in the stick phase is very prudent. On a hardwired system you don’t have to change the batteries at the device location just at the headend location once every 3 or 5 years. (Normally)

The PeakLink can also have a repeater added to the system allowing you to have the less expensive system installed in your larger home when 48 points is sufficient.

Contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 for a customized quote and additional information. Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau on every company you deal with. Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peak Alarm installs Cameras, IP camera systems, Fire Alarm including Hochiki, Silent Knight and Firelite. Peak Also installs 2GIG, DMP, DSX (Access control) and other low voltage systems such as intercom and lock control. Peak Alarm is one of the top companies in Utah and the most experienced locally owned security company having been in business for over 45 years. Peak put all their employees through mandatory drug testing and FBI background checks. Peak Alarm is licensed and insured.

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

Alarms in Utah

Good Michelle

Peak Alarm

Contact or go to Peak Alarm for more information. Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 for a consultation.

Peak Alarm can install, program and monitor all your alarms including Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control and Camera Systems. Peak Alarm also installs intercoms and video intercoms as well. Here are some example of camera prices.


Peak Alarm Company offers the following cameras options installed with up to 100 feet of cable:
1. Color Indoor Analog Dome Camera with 2.8 to 12mm verifocal lens 600 TVL .5 lux $260 (D920)
2. Color Outdoor Analog Dome with 2.8 to 10mm verifocal lens 700 TVL & 33 IR LEDs $462 (VX30)
3. Color Bullet 4mm lens 600 TVL 21 IR LEDs $305 each installed
4. Box cam + 2.7 -13.5 mm lens Day Night + Outdoor Housing & Mount = $529 each
If you are looking for a larger housing this is it otherwise you can go with a smaller dome or bullet camera option. This camera does well in low light and you can’t miss the large housings. It is also prudent to have good lighting installed outside your building and post signs ($7)
5. Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Outdoor installed $1,960.00 each
6. HD CAMERA AND DVR OPTION: HD-SDI 1080P Resolution cameras run about $300 each and the DVRs cost more ($2257.00 for 3TB and 16 Channel 1920 x 1080) but these cameras have a much higher definition than the analog cameras but keep in mind they take up more storage on your DVR as well. You can install these cameras using normal Coax so for improving your resolution using existing cable this is a great option. Example: CE-X1HD is a 2.1MP which is 3 -4 times the resolution as most analog cameras $322 with mount and lens.
7. 4 Channel 1TB DVR installed $642.00 (R4S)
8. 8 Channel 2TB DVR installed $1038.00 (R8S)
9. 16 Channel 3TB DVR installed $1,222.00 (R16S)
10. Faster Processor 16 Channel 3TB DVR installed $2,257.00 (DVR1600/3000)
Keep in mind that your labor and wire will be the same no matter what quality camera you purchase.

8 Camera Power Supply installed $250 or 16 Camera Power Supply Installed $262 so if you think you may add additional cameras later on make sure you get the larger power supply and an expandable DVR/NVR. The POE cameras do not use the same power supplies but they get their power from the POE Switch.
Six camera system using 2 Indoor cameras from option 1, four outdoor cameras from option 4, Power Supply and the 8 Channel DVR including 2 penetration holes. Monitor provided by customer. $4,084.00
POE Camera options on page 2 of 2


Attn: Larry Love 801 428 1384

NVR with POE Switch
Option A . 4 Channel NVR 2TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $870
Option B. 8 Channel NVR 4TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $1,712
Option C. 16 Channel NVR 6TB with 16 Port POE switch installed $2,386
Option D. 2.1 MP Ball Camera 3.6mm lens 60’ IR installed $302
Option E. 2.1 MP Vandal Dome 2.8 to 12mm lens 65’ IR Micro SD installed $603
Option F. 2.1 MP Motorized Verifocal lens Dome 3-9mm 80’ IR installed $789
Option G. 2.1 30X PTZ Speed Dome 4.3 to 129mm lens 80’ IR installed $2,511
Option H. 3MP IP 2.5-12mm Vandal resistant installed $1,679 also 5MP camera same price
Option I. 5MP IP , HDTV 720p, 3.3mm-12mm Vandal resistant installed $1,937

Example of a six IP camera system from Option B and six cameras from option D installed $3,524
This does not include monitors or outdoor cameras. Any cable runs over 100 feet will required additional cable.

Keep in mind if you already have some analog cameras and you want to add IP you can purchase a Hybrid DVR/NVR that will allow you to have both IP and Analog cameras on the same unit and you can slowly switch over to IP as budget allows. Both types of systems will allow you to remotely view your cameras.

These pricing sheets are to be used as example prices only. Once we determine the needs of your specific site we can put together a custom proposal for your site. Peak Alarm also offers Leasing options OAC if you want to lower the upfront payment and extend the payments over a longer time period.

TOP 10 Home Security Systems & Home Alarm companies in Utah County may need to be updated

Update your top ten company list with companies that have a good BBB rating

Update your top ten company list with companies that have a good BBB rating

Top 10 Home Security company systems and home alarm companies in Utah county needs to be updated. One company is listed twice and the name of that company was changed to another name a couple of years ago and another is on the BBB alert list because their phone numbers have been disconnected and the mail comes back as un-deliverable.

The ratings are done by a company that you can pay for and they show up in the top portions of the search engines and they do exactly what they say they will do, they get you to the top of the list and apparently it does not matter how many complaints your company has had filed against it or how many current law suits are being filed against your company you can still pay for and get to the top of the search engine.

Now lets look at the results and look up the Better Business Bureau rating on each of the companies and see how they match up to other security companies in Utah

Two of the supposedly best 10 Home security companies in Utah and Utah country have a score of F with the Better Business Bureau

Another of the listed and reviewed TOP ten companies has a score of D and one of the companies has an alert with the BBB because they are apparently out of business because the mail is returned and the phone numbers have been disconnected. It may be a good thing to make up your own top ten list with current information using our list below.

One of the companies listed has had over 3200 complaints filed in the last 3 years. How do you suppose the ratings were done if not from customer reviews? Looking at the issues filed there are many issues with sales, advertising and equipment problems

Now when we look at two of the largest Utah companies who have been in business for many years what did we find?

Mountain Alarm has an A+ rating with the BBB and only one complaint filed in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm also has an A+ rating and has only had 5 complaints filed in the last 3 years with no complaints filed in the last year. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years and they are licensed and insured and Interestingly enough neither of these high rated successful companies made it to the TOP 10 HOME SECURITY UTAH COMPANIES.

When you need pricing for security, fire alarm, access control or cameras check the site before you buy and make sure you don’t fall into the trap of picking one of the top 5 companies that may or may not really be in the top five companies. The company that reviews does say it is their top 5 picks so do some more research and come up with the real top five alarm companies in Utah that meet the following criteria.

1. Check the Better Business Bureau Valid complaints that are presented to the BBB are submitted and researched.
2. Check DOPL Utah Division of Professional Licencing
3. Check online reviews – All large companies will have some negative comments posted and some of the negative comments are done by the same people.
4. How many years has the company been in business?
5. Does the company have their own UL listed Central Station for monitoring or do they sell their accounts to other companies?
6. Does the company have a Security Patrol or Guard Patrol Division (Especially useful where the police have a non-response policy)
7. Does the company have experience with commercial and residential or mostly residential?
8. Does the company have certified NICET technicians and certified techs through the State fire Marshal’s office?

Once you have the answers to these questions you have done your research and you can now decide which three bids you want to get rather than wasting time on companies that have thousands of complaints and companies that are currently being sued in several states. TOP TEN HOME SECURITY COMPANIES IN UTAH SHOULD BE UPDATED TO INCLUDE CURRENT INFORMATION

Eliminate your analog phone lines for fire alarm



High Supervision Cellular or AES Radio communicators will allow the owner of a business that has a Fire Alarm System to eliminate their analog phonelines which can save them the cost of the dedicated line and they can cancel their analog lines.

The cost of these units will vary slightly depending on the location of the service but a close estimate here in Salt Lake is right around $600 for either unit.

Central Station Monitoring is as low as $25 per month

AES Radio Monitoring is $15 per month

High Supervision Cellular that communicates every 6 minutes is only $22 per month. (Normal cellular is only $10 per month through Peak Alarm)

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 today to switch your monitoring to Peak Alarm.

Peak Alarm contracts are normally 36 month contracts because it allows us to subsidize some of the cost of the equipment into the monitoring. We can do 24 month or 12 month contracts although the cost of the equipment is a bit more.


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