What matters most about Alarm Systems?

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure

What services does Peak Alarm offer that most other alarm companies don’t offer?

Local UL listed Central Station that is owned by Peak Alarm (Most alarm companies contract a 3rd party Central Station) 24 hour 7 days a week
Locally owned Guard and Patrol – Peak SecurityPeak Guards – Peak Patrol
Many alarm companies do not have licensed, factory trained techs and sales people. Every employee at Peak has been through the FBI background check.
Same day or next day service

What services does Peak Alarm offer that other alarm companies also offer?

Camera Systems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Security/Intrusion Systems, Intercom, Nurse Call, PERS Systems

Peak has their own CAD department so we can help you with drawings for the fire marshal, annual inspections and service.

How do you purchase from Peak Alarm? Buy outright and sign a month to month agreement, Buy at a subsidized rate on a 36 month agreement or lease. The Lease will have higher monthly payments but a lower installation rate. Credit Card, Check or Cash.

Will you benefit from the systems we sell you? Camera systems can lower your liability and prevent accidents and be used as positive training aids. Cameras are also a deterrent to crime.

Fire Alarm systems are often to required and often your insurance company will give you a discount when you have a camera and burglary system.

Will our company keep our promises? Peak Alarm has been in business for over 47 years and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Do you believe what Larry Love says and that Peak Alarm can deliver? Larry has been in this industry for over 20 years. Larry is more of an estimator than a salesman so you are not going to get a song and a dance but you will get valid and solid information and a fair price.

Is price the only factor when purchasing an alarm system? If it is then you have not done all the research. There are other companies that charge less but they don’t have as many technicians nor are they trained the same way. Some alarm companies charge less because they don’t have as high of an overhead but they can’t offer the same services either. Make sure you verify all the PROS and CONS before a purchase.

How will this come together? I will come out to your facility, lay out the pricing, explain the system, explain the options and let you decide. When you decide to move forward we will need signed paperwork and a deposit and then we can get the project scheduled and order equipment. We will need a dwg file for fire alarm systems so we can design the alarm system and turn in the drawings and submittals to the fire marshal.

What matters most about Alarm Systems?
Peak Alarm http://www.peakalarm.com Larry@peakalarm.com (801) 428 1384

What matters most is how we treat you, what protection we can provide and the services that will make your life easier and safe.

Utah Peak Alarm museum in top ten in country

Peak Alarm has one of the largest Alarm museums in the western United States and we are in the top ten in the country. Ask for Larry Love x384

Baked Scallop California roll is done professionally just like we do things at Peak.

Baked Scallop California roll is done professionally just like we do things at Peak.


(801) 428 1384 Alarms, Fire Alarm, Security Intrusion, Access Control, IP Video, Cameras and Intercom

Peak Alarm is putting the finishing touches on the Alarm museum remodel and will soon be ready for preauthorized private tours.

Peak has been in business for over 46 years, maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org Peak has their own local UL listed Central Station that is 5 Diamond Certified. Peak AV (Audio Visual) is rated in the top 18 by CE Pro Magazine. Peak Alarm was placed in the top 61 in the country by SDM magazine.

The majority of our business is commercial although we do our fair share of residential systems as well. Because of our professional commercial installations our residential systems are not “stick and lick” type systems that many other companies install. Peak Alarm will design a system based on your needs and budget.

Check the Better Business Bureau before you buy since many of our competitors have hundreds of complaints logged with them.

Base your decision on factors such as how long the company has been in business, the BBB rating, are they licensed and insured?

Basing your decision off of price is like shopping around for the least expensive parachute.

(It doesn’t make sense nor does looking or the cheapest security system because you get what you pay for)

Our museum one of the top ten Alarm museums in the country

Our museum one of the top ten Alarm museums in the country

Fire Alarm, Access Control, Security, Intrusion, Utah, Salt Lake, Cameras, Idaho, Boise, Idaho Falls, Best Alarm companies, Fire Alarm Companies, Silent Knight, Firelite, Hochiki, DMP, DSX.

Improve the quality of life get peace of mind

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.

As we go through life we constantly ask ourselves the question “Will this improve my quality of life”? We decide when we will exercise, or eat well and when we don’t we suffer the consequences many times with negative health and loss of energy.

When we purchase a security system often we do so to help us feel safe. Some people worry about fire so they tie their smoke detectors into a monitored system so the fire department will be dispatched on CO detection or fire. This can not only improve your quality of life it can extend your life in certain circumstances.

When we purchase a system that our Mother or Father may use if they fall down and can’t get up it give us peace of mind and helps them be independent.

When we purchase a camera system we can check with our phones that can also allow us to check on our pets, children or just check on the home to give us peace of mind when we are away. This can improve our quality of life knowing that we can feel better and when our mind is calm we can function better as well.

One of my sons, one of my daughters and my brother have all become vegetarians. They all have lost weight, have more energy, sleep better and they feel better. I have thought about it although most likely I only have 30 years left of life and I need to decide if I want to cut some of the things I enjoy out of my life in order to get the benefits. Anything that is worth something normally takes time and sacrifice. Quality items normally last longer and the same goes with security systems. You get what you pay for. Cheap systems end up costing more in the long run.

Call Larry Love x384 or 801 898 6003

(801) 428 1384 larry@peakalarm.com

Alarms in Utah

Contact Larry@PeakAlarm.com or go to Peak Alarm www.PeakAlarm.com for more information. Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 for a consultation.

Peak Alarm can install, program and monitor all your alarms including Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control and Camera Systems. Peak Alarm also installs intercoms and video intercoms as well. Here are some example of camera prices.


Peak Alarm Company offers the following cameras options installed with up to 100 feet of cable:
1. Color Indoor Analog Dome Camera with 2.8 to 12mm verifocal lens 600 TVL .5 lux $260 (D920)
2. Color Outdoor Analog Dome with 2.8 to 10mm verifocal lens 700 TVL & 33 IR LEDs $462 (VX30)
3. Color Bullet 4mm lens 600 TVL 21 IR LEDs $305 each installed
4. Box cam + 2.7 -13.5 mm lens Day Night + Outdoor Housing & Mount = $529 each
If you are looking for a larger housing this is it otherwise you can go with a smaller dome or bullet camera option. This camera does well in low light and you can’t miss the large housings. It is also prudent to have good lighting installed outside your building and post signs ($7)
5. Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Outdoor installed $1,960.00 each
6. HD CAMERA AND DVR OPTION: HD-SDI 1080P Resolution cameras run about $300 each and the DVRs cost more ($2257.00 for 3TB and 16 Channel 1920 x 1080) but these cameras have a much higher definition than the analog cameras but keep in mind they take up more storage on your DVR as well. You can install these cameras using normal Coax so for improving your resolution using existing cable this is a great option. Example: CE-X1HD is a 2.1MP which is 3 -4 times the resolution as most analog cameras $322 with mount and lens.
7. 4 Channel 1TB DVR installed $642.00 (R4S)
8. 8 Channel 2TB DVR installed $1038.00 (R8S)
9. 16 Channel 3TB DVR installed $1,222.00 (R16S)
10. Faster Processor 16 Channel 3TB DVR installed $2,257.00 (DVR1600/3000)
Keep in mind that your labor and wire will be the same no matter what quality camera you purchase.

8 Camera Power Supply installed $250 or 16 Camera Power Supply Installed $262 so if you think you may add additional cameras later on make sure you get the larger power supply and an expandable DVR/NVR. The POE cameras do not use the same power supplies but they get their power from the POE Switch.
Six camera system using 2 Indoor cameras from option 1, four outdoor cameras from option 4, Power Supply and the 8 Channel DVR including 2 penetration holes. Monitor provided by customer. $4,084.00
POE Camera options on page 2 of 2


Attn: Larry Love 801 428 1384

NVR with POE Switch
Option A . 4 Channel NVR 2TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $870
Option B. 8 Channel NVR 4TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $1,712
Option C. 16 Channel NVR 6TB with 16 Port POE switch installed $2,386
Option D. 2.1 MP Ball Camera 3.6mm lens 60’ IR installed $302
Option E. 2.1 MP Vandal Dome 2.8 to 12mm lens 65’ IR Micro SD installed $603
Option F. 2.1 MP Motorized Verifocal lens Dome 3-9mm 80’ IR installed $789
Option G. 2.1 30X PTZ Speed Dome 4.3 to 129mm lens 80’ IR installed $2,511
Option H. 3MP IP 2.5-12mm Vandal resistant installed $1,679 also 5MP camera same price
Option I. 5MP IP , HDTV 720p, 3.3mm-12mm Vandal resistant installed $1,937

Example of a six IP camera system from Option B and six cameras from option D installed $3,524
This does not include monitors or outdoor cameras. Any cable runs over 100 feet will required additional cable.

Keep in mind if you already have some analog cameras and you want to add IP you can purchase a Hybrid DVR/NVR that will allow you to have both IP and Analog cameras on the same unit and you can slowly switch over to IP as budget allows. Both types of systems will allow you to remotely view your cameras.

These pricing sheets are to be used as example prices only. Once we determine the needs of your specific site we can put together a custom proposal for your site. Peak Alarm also offers Leasing options OAC if you want to lower the upfront payment and extend the payments over a longer time period.

Get rid of your phone lines to your Fire Alarm panel for monitoring

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Monitor your flow and tamper with a fire alarm panel.

Since analog phone lines are expensive ($50 per month for a dedicated one as you should have on your fire panel) and on their way out we have two solutions. One is a high supervision cellular unit that meets the code by sending a signal out every 6 minutes and the other is an AES Radio system.

Monitor your Fire Alarm with PEAK ALARM by calling Larry Love today 801 428 1384

1-Fire Panel 4 zones (Non-expandable) and batteries (This system is for a small building where you need to monitor flow and tamper)
1-Fire Communicator Cellular or Radio (See options)
1-Double Action Pull Station per code
1-Smoke Detector per NFPA 72 Code
1-Zone tied to flow
1-Zone tied to tamper
Installation and testing included – If Fire Marshal test is required add $300
If submittals are required add $200

Option 1 – Fire Panel with equipment above and AES Radio installed $789.00 $54/mo (36 month contract)
Option 2 – Fire Panel with equipment above and Cellular fire unit $699.00 Installed $61/mo (36 month contract)

Both of the pricing options above include $29 monitoring, either $22 for high supervision cellular or $15 per month for AES Radio and $10 dollar per month to pay for yearly required inspection.

Option 1 or 2 could be used for locations that do not currently have fire alarm panels.

Option 3 – AES Radio tied to existing Mircom FA-300 Panel $199 and $54 per month (Mircom panel is just an example)
Option 4 – High Supervision cellular tied to existing Mircom $99 and $61 per month

We can back out the inspection fee and the monitoring cost would drop $10 per month and the equipment cost would increase slightly.

SERVICE RATE: Can be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Peak Alarm UL Listed Central Station Alarm Monitoring Service…………$29.00
High Supervision Cellular Monthly Service communicates 10X per hour ..$22.00
Annual Fire Alarm Test & Inspections (Includes fire alarm green tag ……$10.00
Total Service Rate $61.00 per month

We can change the 4 zone panel to an 8 zone panel with a small increase. If you need elevator recall (Monitoring only $15 per month) and if you need annunciators and duct detectors call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 for a customized quote. Larry@PeakAlarm.com

**These are specific examples to show pricing options. Each existing panel is different so we can come out to your site and do a free evaluation. Prices will vary slightly depending on your existing equipment.


Peak Alarm can work out special plans to meet your needs with a longer term contract of 60 months, 48 months, 36 months, 24 months, 12 months or even month to month.

When you go month to month the upfront costs are more as well as the monthly monitoring. When you go with a longer term Peak Alarm can subsidize the equipment making the upfront charges more affordable.

PLEASE NOTE: Fire systems required by code to be monitored, will require two forms of communication connected to the fire alarm control panel which are normally analog phone lines with the first one being dedicated and the second phone line that can be shared or an approved alternative such as Radio or High Supervision cellular to eliminate the analog phone lines. The customer is responsible to provide the phone lines or purchase one of the other options. The customer is responsible for contracting an electrician to provide 110V connection to the fire alarm control panel on a dedicated circuit. Fire alarm system design is subject to final approval by the Authority Having Jurisdiction and may affect the total system cost. Any additional devices or appliances not listed on the counts above will only be provided after a signed change order or purchase order is received.

AES Radio to remain property of Peak Alarm

Security tips for businesses in Utah

Tips to Protect your Business
I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)

I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)


Burglars target businesses that do not have security systems and camera systems more often than those that do. Burglars look for what the police call “targets of opportunity” In other words, easy pickings. When your alarm system is outdated or in disrepair this can also put you at risk.

Look into making a reasonable investment in good locks, outdoor lighting, a new camera system that you can remotely access and a new security system that you can control using your smartphone. This investment will pay off in security and peace of mind.

Leasing a system will allow you to make smaller monthly payments yet you can have your system installed today and when the technology changes in a few years you can have the system updated to a newer system keeping your business on the cutting edge and protected.

Here are some specific measures you can take starting today.

Test your security and camera system regularly replacing decals and signs as needed.

Keep overhead doors closed and locked. Consider padlocks on the garage door tracks.

Keep your outside lighting in working order and consider adding additional lights and cameras.

Hold ongoing training on how to use the security system for new employees and hold review training for employees that may have been trained but do not use the system very often.

Update your call list every few months making sure phone numbers and names are current.

Every 6 months or every year it is prudent to change all of the security codes. That way if anyone was sharing their code with someone else the old codes will not function. Avoid programming codes that are easy to guess like birth years etc…

To reduce false alarms do not leave balloons near your motion detectors, avoid having hanging displays or mobiles near the motion detection areas. Keep the equipment clean and free of spider webs. Do not have plants or other hanging objects near the heating and air conditioning vents because many times the air flow can cause them to move and set off your motion detectors.

Avoid installing motion detection in areas where the temperatures are very low or very high.

Have your security system serviced so it stays in top operating condition. Batteries should be checked periodically and changed as needed. When a door contact or motion detectors are damaged and not repaired, employees notice as do others making the building a more desirable target.

Don’t keep expensive inventory in areas of your business that do not have good constant camera coverage that you can review. Unfortunately a high percentage of shrinkage is attributed to employees and former employees that know your business. Using your camera system proactively can make your employees aware that you do use the camera system and are checking. Let them know how much you appreciate how organized they are or how they handled specific situations. Tell them you saw them unload product while viewing the camera system and let them know what a great job they did. When you use your camera system in such a way people are made aware that you are viewing the cameras and they are less likely to do things they should not do or be involved in theft.

Peak Alarm has been in business for 45 years, Peak Alarm is licensed and insured and they have an A+ rating with the BBB

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Make a list of any items you may be interested in and call Larry Love at Peak for a free consultation Office 801 428 1384 or cell 801 898 6003 email is Larry@PeakAlarm.com

Check the BBB when buying security systems

Does the low bidder on your security system have an F grade with the BBB?

Find out before you buy


Don’t get in the tangled mess. Call the Better Business Bureau first


Several of my customers have mentioned another companies name which I will not mention but today just for kicks I looked up their www.BBB.org report on the Better Business Bureau and found that this particular company has had over 3200 complaints in the last 3 years. Granted any large company is bound to have complaints. The company where I work has over 270 employees so it is not a small company but give me a break, thousands of complaints may be a red flag. Also if there is an ALERT on their report that is not a good thing either.

Many of those complaints cannot be resolved with that company because they have sold the contract to another company which is a common practice in the security industry. PEAK ALARM DOES NOT SELL THEIR CONTRACTS. Peak Alarm owns their own UL listed Central Station which handles all the Peak Alarm accounts.

So I looked up PEAK ALARM on the BBB and found 4 complaints in the last 3 years and they have all been resolved. I checked online and there are some complaints but several of them appear to be the same person. I also spoke with the CEO and President of Peak Alarm and they take valid complaints seriously and strive to use that information to make positive needed changes at Peak Alarm. This attitude of listening impressed me.

I then looked up several of my competitors and found hundreds and thousands of complaints have been filed. The one company that has over 3200 complaints has changed their name a couple of times and they also created a separate company name as their installation company. When you have an issue and call them after they have sold the account you now have to deal with the new company that did not do the installation. This makes the experience a difficult one.

1. Ask your security company salesman and installers to show you their UTAH DOPL LICENSE (DIVISION OF OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING) It is a blue and white license and they must carry it on their person. This insures that they have been through the FBI background check and have been fingerprinted. Many companies hire people to sell for them and they don’t get licensed. Two such salesmen knocked on my door two days in a row a few years ago when I happened to be serving as the Chairman of the Alarm Systems Commission with the State of Utah. They knocked on the wrong door. They both had shinny new company ID card but those cards are not licenses.

2. Look up the company on the www.bbb.org web site and that company that I am referring to has a F GRADE and an alert on their BBB Report.

3. On eBay when the satisfaction rating is like 70% most people will not buy from those companies even when the prices are lower especially when you read the complaints. My 16 year old son is smart enough to pay a bit more and get his electronics from a company that has a 99% rating

This same company also does 60 month contracts “That is 5 years”. We can do 60 month contracts here at Peak but we prefer to keep them to 36 or even 24. Keep in mind that you either pay now or pay later and nothing is really free. When it says free installation and free equipment please figure out how many months you will be paying and what the cost will be over time. Do the math.


Call Larry at 801 428 1384 for a security system quote or email him at Larry@PeakAlarm.com

Review your alarm contract closely

Review your alarm contract closely

Peak Alarm in Utah and Salt Lake City


Why does the monitoring cost vary so much between customers?

It is similar to when you purchase a car. If you have a larger down payment or if you pay for the equipment up front the monthly payments can be less.

If you don’t put any money down or pay for installation or equipment and get what they call a free system then you have a larger monthly payment.

Security equipment is not free so you either pay now or later.

Here at Peak Alarm we can structure a monthly payment based on your needs, equipment cost and if you want to add a monthly extended repair agreement we can do that as well. Here is a sample of a typical monthly payment breakout.

$99 dollars down with payments for 36 months:

$29 dollars a month for monthly monitoring
$7 dollars a month for repair agreement ($1 per device)
$10 dollars a month for cellular communications *
$5 dollars a month for elite control (arm disarm with phone)

$61 per month for this example

*Many companies charge more than $10 dollars per month for cellular. The reason that radio or cellular is more secure is that many burglars cut your phone lines before they break in and if you don’t have radio or cellular then the alarms will not communicate to the Dispatch center.

We have accounts that only pay $29 per month over an analog phone line but they don’t have smart phone arm and disarm. You can also control lights, cameras, temperature and even water shut off valves from your smart phone through your security system.

Many of the analog lines are being changed to digital and most of the security systems don’t work well with VOIP or digital lines.

Why is it smart to have Peak Alarm monitor your security system?

Peak is a local, licensed, insured company that has been in business for over 45 years and our UL listed Central Station (Dispatch) is local and so when you tell the dispatcher where you are they are familiar with your area when many national companies may not know where redwood road is at all other than on their GPS system.

This is the view of our office cameras here at PEAK

This is the view of our office cameras here at PEAK

Quick responses from Peak Monitoring and Peak Security save lives

Francisco Meza from Peak Security was working a shift at Living Planet Aquarium on Saturday November 1st and his actions really highlighted the kind of above and beyond work we pride ourselves in. There was a massive windstorm that hit the area and forced everybody attending the Scales and Tails fundraiser to move inside. Everybody except Francisco that is, as he tried to secure some of the large free standing poles that were used to keep the tents and awnings up that would be used for this gala. Had Francisco not stepped in, some of these poles would have broken from their supports and these would have easily crashed through the glass causing major damage, but more importantly could have threatened the people who had already crowded inside. The phone calls we received thanking Peak Alarm, and Francisco, pointed out that his actions helped to save lives. He went above and beyond!

Ana Franco with Peak Alarm also went above and beyond when she took charge of a gas alarm that came in to Central Station on October 31st at 4:00 am. Ana called the customer as we received a carbon monoxide alarm. She told the client that we received a gas alarm and wanted to know if we should send the fire department. The person on site declined, saying they were home and all was well. Ana could have left it at that, but instead she talked to BOTH husband and wife until she could convince them to allow us to send help if they weren’t sure. She made sure to emphasize the fact that we don’t know what the fire department charges to respond but no matter what the price, it would be worth it if there was a problem. We later found out that this act saved this family as there indeed was a leak in the house and the homeowners had no idea. They were unbelievably grateful for Ana and the rest of us and they told us that Peak Alarm saved their lives.

Our thoughts may be all over the place as the holidays approach, whether it be snowy roads, family at the house, what to do with pets and the cold, or if you are like me, most importantly, what is for lunch? But let’s make sure that our thoughts are with the people we are here to protect. It can happen at any moment and at any time, and we are in a unique position where everything we do can make a difference. Stay safe and keep vigilant! We each have a time to go above and beyond to help!

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 for more information about Peak Alarm or email Larry@PeakAlarm.com



Home Show Oct 2014

Home Show Oct 2014

A few weeks ago I met with a customer and a company from Utah County sold his company a 2GIG panel but they did not tell him that they cannot legally monitor flow and tamper or other commercial fire points using that panel. The fire panel was not tied in and the security panel was functioning but the customer was quite upset. I explained that the 2GIG is a great system but limited to certain aspects.

Another customer had already signed up with the same company from Utah County on a large building and this 2GIG panel was being used as their security system. Now that company wants to add keypads and several more users since they rent the building out. They also want to add access control and when a valid card is read they would like to disarm the security system. The system they were sold does not have the ability to do any of these things and they are locked into a 3 year contract. Be very careful when signing a contract to make sure the company that is selling you the system is reputable. Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the BBB. Some of these other companies that have the IN and OUT business model are being sued in several states.

The 2GIG panel is limited to 32 users and currently will not partition into different areas.

Some companies just use double stick tape to put the contacts up and Peak Alarm uses screws. Our techs are trained in commercial and residential alarm systems and they are all licensed by the State of Utah and go through the FBI background check.

The 2GIG panel is a great little system for certain types of business or homes. It allows you to connect using your smart phone and control locks, lights,tempurature, arm and disarm and even view cameras. (Not record them but view them) It has a device that is an image sensor that will take still shots during an alarm or anytime using your smart phone although the basic plan allows 30 images per month and it would cost more to get more than 30. If you need commercial fire alarm you should consider a different system, if you need partitions then you should consider a different panel. Linear is working on a new version that will have partitions but it is not out just yet. The wireless points are limited as to how far they can be mounted from the panel. Peak Alarm sells lots of these 2GIG systems and the price point is perfect for what they do.

The DMP 550 panel is UL listed for commercial fire, access control and burglar alarm and will allow 10,000 users, 32 areas and 16 keypads/access control doors. Bosch offers a similar system and is coming out with some new panels that are larger. Both DMP and Bosch can integrate with high end wireless which can be long range.

The DSX Access Control system we use will allow thousands of doors so there are different levels of system according to your needs.

Finding out the customers needs before you sell them a system is very important because if you find out that they have plans to expand and then they will be required to buy a larger system will not be good news to them after they have purchased the first system.

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email Larry@PeakAlarm.com


Here is a link to a cut sheet for the DMP 550 panel

I took this picture

I took this picture