Peak Alarm best Alarm Company in Utah

Peak Alarm is the Leader in Utah Peak Alarm is the only Alarm company that has a UL listed Central Station and a full guard and patrol division.

Peak Alarm has been in business since 1969 and has only had one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm is the only UL listed Central Station that holds 5 UL Certificates.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or email him at for pricing and more information about Peak Alarm.

Many of the TOP TEN, TOP FIVE or BEST ALARM COMPANY lists on the INTERNET are paid services so be sure to look each company up on the BBB web site before you make your decision.

Understand that Peak Alarm does not do Free equipment so if you are paying $149 for the basic PeakLink system with a monthly of $44 per month over 36 months you are paying $149 + $1,584 or $1,733 total but the equipment is not free, nothing ever is.

Other companies will charge you $56 per month or more for 60 months yet they give you FREE equipment but beware because if you do the math you end up paying $3,360 which is almost double so you are paying over $1,600 in order to save a few hundred dollars.

Larry Love has over 20 years in the industry and can help you with all of your alarm, camera, access control and fire alarm needs. Peak Alarm is a certified Mircom dealer.

Peak Alarm has encrypted security solutions so you can have peace of mind that hackers can’t disarm your system like they can other systems. equipment and DMP equipment is encrypted.

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Shut off your gas when an emergency happens

Shut off your gas when an emergency happens

Call Peak for all your security needs

Call Peak for all your security needs

Peak Alarm can offer you a variety of pricing options depending on your needs. Obviously better equipment will cost more and when you pay more up front your monthly payment can be less or when you don’t want to have a large down payment your monthly payment can be higher.

Peak Alarm offers monitoring deals on 60 month, 48 month, 36 month, 24 month, 12 month and even month to month agreements.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Peak Alarm has over 250 employees to serve you, Peak Alarm has 5 offices in Idaho and Utah, Peak Alarm is a NetOne member which means we are a member of the top 32 alarm companies in the Nation that offer services such as UL listed Local Central Station Monitoring, A full Guard and Patrol Division, Local Certified Technicians and fair and reliable service rates.

Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 for a quote on your project. Larry has been in the industry for over 20 years now and is NICET certified, a Master Fire Alarm Tech level 3 with the State of Utah and has the ability to quote your project professionally.

Peak Alarm is the company you want on your side.