ADT sues Utah Alarm Company and wins 10 Million dollars

ADT sues and wins a 10 million dollar law suit against a Utah based company using deceptive sales practices

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Don’t wait till you sign a contract to find out about the complaints.

Before you even get pricing from an Alarm Company do the following:

1. Check the Better Business Bureau (Peak has zero complaints as of 01/06/18)

1A. Request to see their blue and white Utah DOPL license that each salesperson and tech are required to carry on their person. This means they have gone through an FBI check. Some companies hire people that are not licensed two such individuals came to my door and got reported. They just had their company ID and said the license was kept at the office.

Click here to verify a Utah Burglar alarm license

2. Ask if they require a credit check before you buy. (Peak does not)

3. Ask if they will charge your visa just to come out and give you a bid or a site visit. (Larry Love at Peak will come out at no charge) They say they will apply it to the purchase when you buy.

4. Clarify their contract length because many will say one thing and have you sign something entirely different, because of this one of the Utah companies has been sued in 32 states.

5. Beware of a salesperson saying things like “Your alarm company is going out of business or we will update your equipment for free” Article from ADT about deceptive salespeople click here

6. Beware of companies that say “Installation is FREE” often they will wrap the charges in elsewhere. Peak Alarm starts cell monitoring at $40 per month with interactive many others will charge over $60 or $70 and obviously since you are paying an extra $30 per month after 36 months you have paid an additional $1000 dollars so they can afford to give you a few free items but understand you are paying much more than you think.

7. Many of these companies hire clean cut individuals just for the summer and they can earn quite a bit in a summer so they can return to school so often their knowledge is very limited.

Check licensing before you buy

Call Larry Love with Peak Alarm for a no cost site visit and bid. (801) 428 1384 cell (801) 898 6003 company web site Peak Alarm web site click here

Peak Alarm bullet points:

1. UL listed Central Station that is Local and 5 diamond certified (Only about 200 UL listed Stations in the Nation also have the 5 diamond certification)
2. Local company that employees over 300 employees and has 4 offices to serve you.
3. The only Alarm company that also has their own Patrol and Guard division. In Salt Lake City, West Valley and come other cities the police will not respond.
4. Licensed and insured. Each employee has been through the FCI background check and passed and has to pass these checks on an ongoing basis to keep working at Peak Alarm.
5. Zero complaints on the Better Business Bureau as of 1/6/18 some of our competitors have over 1000 complaints
6. Peak has been in the business since 1969 and many of their salespeople have extensive security, fire, camera and low voltage experience and certifications.
7. Peak has a fleet of over 100 vehicles.

Protect yourself from companies using deceptive sales techniques: Ask for their license, check their BBB report, read the fine print, read the complaints filed and check if the company is being sued currently and why. Some Alarm companies have been sued in several states, one Utah Alarm company has been sued in 32 States and has over 4000 complaints currently filed with the BBB.

Peak Alarm best Alarm Company in Utah

Peak Alarm is the Leader in Utah Peak Alarm is the only Alarm company that has a UL listed Central Station and a full guard and patrol division.

Peak Alarm has been in business since 1969 and has only had one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm is the only UL listed Central Station that holds 5 UL Certificates.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or email him at for pricing and more information about Peak Alarm.

Many of the TOP TEN, TOP FIVE or BEST ALARM COMPANY lists on the INTERNET are paid services so be sure to look each company up on the BBB web site before you make your decision.

Understand that Peak Alarm does not do Free equipment so if you are paying $149 for the basic PeakLink system with a monthly of $44 per month over 36 months you are paying $149 + $1,584 or $1,733 total but the equipment is not free, nothing ever is.

Other companies will charge you $56 per month or more for 60 months yet they give you FREE equipment but beware because if you do the math you end up paying $3,360 which is almost double so you are paying over $1,600 in order to save a few hundred dollars.

Larry Love has over 20 years in the industry and can help you with all of your alarm, camera, access control and fire alarm needs. Peak Alarm is a certified Mircom dealer.

Peak Alarm has encrypted security solutions so you can have peace of mind that hackers can’t disarm your system like they can other systems. equipment and DMP equipment is encrypted.

So your installing a new security system beware?

Security in Utah

Security Systems in Utah

Before going with any security company go through a simple checklist:

1. Check the Better Business Bureau for how many complaints, the type of complaints and reviews.
Two of the large competitors have over 3000 complaints that have been filed.

2. If the security system is internet based know that if the power goes out so will your security system.
Sure the system is less expensive but ask yourself why is it less money?

3. If you only have a phone line connected and the phone line is cut no signals will be sent. (Install AES Radio or Cellular)
Having both phone and cell is fine but phone only or internet only is not as secure.

4. Ask yourself if you would buy Chinese food from your plumber. If not then buy security from a security company not a cable company.
We specialize in security, we don’t do other things outside of that scope. Look online and find out what type of service others have gotten from that company. When you buy cable TV or Dish often it is very easy to buy but how good is the customer service after you have purchased? Are they a local company?

5. Is their central station UL listed and 5 Diamond Certified? Why should you care? It makes a difference.
If you are dealing with a local company they know the area and they are easier to deal with.

6. Does the alarm company you are going with have a Guard/Patrol service inhouse? If you are in SLC know that Police do not respond to normal alarms.

A. Peak Alarm has only had one complaint in the last 3 years.
B. Peak Can install an AES Radio or Cellular communicator with battery backup in case the power goes out.
C. Peak is a local company that has been in business for over 48 years
D. Peak Alarm has a full service Guard/Patrol, UL listed central Station that is 5 Diamond certified
E. Peak Alarm is a local with all employees having been through an extensive FBI background check.

In Utah Call Larry Love for all your security needs

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for Intrusion, Fire Alarm, Access Control, Cameras, Commercial, Residential and high level security installations.

Peak Alarm is the only local company in Utah that has a full service GUARD PATROL, UL LISTED CENTRAL STATION & FULL SERVICE ALARM COMPANY. All other companies including the National Companies here in Salt Lake third party out their Guard Patrol to other companies. Email Larry at

Larry Love has been in the industry for over 20 years and holds current certifications in IP camera installations, Security and Fire Alarm installations.

Larry can get you pricing on any size project. Larry can come to your facility, home or business and go over the design and features. Often people look for the lowest price and when you check the Better Business Bureau you will find some of our competitors with the lower pricing have over 3000 complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Check out Peak Alarm’s low rate of complaints compared to the other companies.

Peak Alarm installs high quality products such as DMP, DSX, Silent Knight, Firelite, Hochiki and other products to meet your needs.

Peak Alarm hold 5 certifications with UL including the UL2050 certification for high security SCIFS and other high security installations. Larry Love is also certified in UL2050 design. Larry Love also is fluent in Spanish (espanol)

Complaints reviews Peak Alarm

Give us a chance to make it right

Give us a chance to make it right

In the last 3 years the Better Business Bureau has only received ONE complaint about Peak Alarm. If you have a complaint or issue please contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 and give Peak Alarm a chance to make it right. Another individual that you can call is Dayne Linford 801 4867231 x381

Yesterday we had a training here at Peak Alarm about how to treat our customers and each other with what we like to call White Glove Service. We have only had one complaint filed but we are sure we have customers that are unhappy that did not report to the Better Business Bureau so we would like to reach out to them to help solve challenges.

Contract or agreement concerns – Dayne x381 or Larry x384
Product Concerns – You may call your salesperson directly or Larry at 801 428 1384 – See list of extensions for sales team
Billing issues – Wendy 801 486 7231 x407, Maria (Spanish/Espanol) x404, Mary Lynn x405

Sales Team extension list:

(801) 486 7231

Tony Pino x385 – Tony has been with Peak for over 25 years and Tony works out at the gym regularly and is an excellent resource for information
Paul Mehl x386 – Paul used to sing Opera for the Utah Opera Company and has been with Peak for over 11 years and knows his industry very well.
Jessie Lopez x382 – Jessie is a camera system expert and also knows allot about Security as well. (Jessie is always very well dressed.)
Joe Ferraro x435 – Joe is very professional and is very knowledgeable
Francesco Perri x439 – Francesco speaks Italian and is a runner and hiker and one of Peak’s top Salesmen
Ryan Shurtleff x438 – Besides being very funny Ryan is easy to talk to and knows his stuff. Ryan likes recreational vehicles.
Mike Evans x383 – Mike is a part time auctioneer and has a small farm in Grantsville
Dayne Linford x381 – Besides being an expert at work Dayne is a writer and film producer
Larry Love x384 – Larry is an expert in Fire Alarm and security systems and has been involved in Music his whole life – NICET II Fire Alarm
Kenny Fox System designer NICET III Fire Alarm X440 – Kenny is a Army Ranger Veteran and Fire Alarm expert as well.
Reed Haymore x380 is our Sales Manager and also a systems expert who has years of experience in the Alarm industry.
Clint Beecroft is our General Manager and he is also a level 2 NICET in Fire Alarm and many other certifications so he is a hands on guy

Recently Valerie Peterson decided to leave Peak Alarm so if she was your sales person feel free to contact Reed and he can help assign another person to help you or you can ask for any of the Sales Team members listed above.

Each Sales Person has many more attributes that were not able to be listed and there is over 300 years of experience when you combine the overall total experience in the security and this is just the Sales Team. Our installation team, accounting team, guard and patrol team, AV Team and service team also brings experience and knowledge to the table.


Peak Alarm is the only Utah Alarm company that has Guard/Patrol, an alarm division and a UL listed central station.

Peak Alarm is locally owned and has been in business since 1969

Peak Alarm is one of the few companies that offers same day or next day service.

Complaints against Peak Alarm

Give us a chance to make it right

Give us a chance to make it right

Check on the Better Business Bureau official web site Better Business Bureau Web site enter your zip code and then look up the company. Be sure to read each company report if they have several listed. Some of the companies have changed their names several times. Peak Alarm has had 3 complaints filed in the last 3 years and all complaints have been resolved.

Be sure to check each company that you get bids from on the Better Business Bureau before you buy from them.

One of our competitors has had 3,499 complaints filed in the last 36 months as of 9/18/15 and the following is a breakout of the issues :

Advertising Sales Issues 451
Billing and collection issues 771
Delivery issues 25
Guarantee/Warranty issues 27
Problems with product or service 2224
Total complaints 3499

This alarm company has a D+ rating with the BBB and they are not accredited. This company has changed their name several three times.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the BBB and they are accredited. Peak has never changed their name in the last 46 years of business. Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station that is 5 Diamond Certified (One of 200 UL listed Central Stations in the country that is both UL and 5 Diamond rated.

Peak has 270 employees and when a company gets larger sometimes it is a challenge to get to the right person or department. For this reason Peak has ongoing monthly training that is set up to help improve employee performance. Peak Alarm takes each and every complaint seriously and we strive to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. Granted there are customers that get very upset no matter what we do. I spoke with the CEO and the President of Peak Alarm and they both agreed that they consider all negative feedback that is valid and strive to fix any issues so they do not happen again. Peak Alarm records all of their calls except the secure calls made for credit cards to keep the information personal. When complaints are filed Peak goes back and listens to the recordings to make sure that Peak Alarm employees are not stepping out of line. If there is an employee that is responding negatively to a customer they receive a warning and if positive changes do not occur then action is taken.

Peak Alarm has not paid SEO companies to remove or mitigate any negative comments and the people that have posted negative seem to have written negative comments on several pages so much of what is found online is narrowed down to just a few people. It is interesting that these people did not file their complaints with the Better Business Bureau because they know that they investigate both sides of the issue. Any large company will end up getting complaints filed against them. Looking at the 3 complaints that Peak has received in the last 3 years and comparing those three complaints to the hundreds and thousands of complaints our competitors have had filed against them actually tells the real story.

Call Larry Love x384 for additional information about Peak Alarm. (801) 428 1384 Main number is 801 486 7231

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry

Check the BBB when buying security systems

Does the low bidder on your security system have an F grade with the BBB?

Find out before you buy


Don’t get in the tangled mess. Call the Better Business Bureau first

Several of my customers have mentioned another companies name which I will not mention but today just for kicks I looked up their report on the Better Business Bureau and found that this particular company has had over 3200 complaints in the last 3 years. Granted any large company is bound to have complaints. The company where I work has over 270 employees so it is not a small company but give me a break, thousands of complaints may be a red flag. Also if there is an ALERT on their report that is not a good thing either.

Many of those complaints cannot be resolved with that company because they have sold the contract to another company which is a common practice in the security industry. PEAK ALARM DOES NOT SELL THEIR CONTRACTS. Peak Alarm owns their own UL listed Central Station which handles all the Peak Alarm accounts.

So I looked up PEAK ALARM on the BBB and found 4 complaints in the last 3 years and they have all been resolved. I checked online and there are some complaints but several of them appear to be the same person. I also spoke with the CEO and President of Peak Alarm and they take valid complaints seriously and strive to use that information to make positive needed changes at Peak Alarm. This attitude of listening impressed me.

I then looked up several of my competitors and found hundreds and thousands of complaints have been filed. The one company that has over 3200 complaints has changed their name a couple of times and they also created a separate company name as their installation company. When you have an issue and call them after they have sold the account you now have to deal with the new company that did not do the installation. This makes the experience a difficult one.

1. Ask your security company salesman and installers to show you their UTAH DOPL LICENSE (DIVISION OF OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING) It is a blue and white license and they must carry it on their person. This insures that they have been through the FBI background check and have been fingerprinted. Many companies hire people to sell for them and they don’t get licensed. Two such salesmen knocked on my door two days in a row a few years ago when I happened to be serving as the Chairman of the Alarm Systems Commission with the State of Utah. They knocked on the wrong door. They both had shinny new company ID card but those cards are not licenses.

2. Look up the company on the web site and that company that I am referring to has a F GRADE and an alert on their BBB Report.

3. On eBay when the satisfaction rating is like 70% most people will not buy from those companies even when the prices are lower especially when you read the complaints. My 16 year old son is smart enough to pay a bit more and get his electronics from a company that has a 99% rating

This same company also does 60 month contracts “That is 5 years”. We can do 60 month contracts here at Peak but we prefer to keep them to 36 or even 24. Keep in mind that you either pay now or pay later and nothing is really free. When it says free installation and free equipment please figure out how many months you will be paying and what the cost will be over time. Do the math.

Call Larry at 801 428 1384 for a security system quote or email him at

Review your alarm contract closely

Review your alarm contract closely

Fire Alarm Companies in Utah and Salt Lake City

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary brand many times you may end up paying higher costs.

I will list different Fire Alarm Dealers that are here in Utah and some of the brands that they install and service. This list is not a complete list and when you see something that needs to be corrected or updated we welcome your feedback and we will make those corrections.

Company name will be listed first and then the brands of Fire Alarm that they sale and service will be listed after. They are not in any specific order on this list.

American Security & Fire, Inc. – BOSCH, Silent Knight and Firelite (801)263 6002 in business for 16+ years. Call 801 263 6002 or 801 898 6002 and ask for Ron.

Alarm Control – Siemens, Cerberus, Pyrotronics,Silent Knight, Firelite. Suppression Panels: Fike, Ansul and Fenwall – (801)486 8731 Ask for Brad. Alarm Control installs and services Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems as well.

Alarm Tech installs Silent Knight Fire Alarm 801 568 6757

BEST – GE Vigilant and MIRTONE Fire Alarm ask for Al 801 352 0743

Booth Fire Protection – MIRCOM

CERTIFIED FIRE PROTECTION – Farenhyt Fire Alarms and Silent Knight (Janus Fire Systems) Call (801) 281 0746 or (801) 694 1215 Certified Fire has been in business over 11 years and also is a full service company that offers Fire Suppression and Fire Sprinkler Systems.

ADT (877) 809 3274 A Tyco Company. ADT has 7 Central Stations in the US and over 6 million accounts.

PEAK – MIRCOM Commerical Fire Alarm Alarm. DMP and Hochiki Commerical Fire Alarm Systems. They also install Firelite and Silent Knight. Peak is also a Bosch dealer as well. (801) 428 1384 Ask for Larry Love cell is 801 898 6003 or the office number is 801 428 1384. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, is licensed, insured and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peak has a full service Patrol and Guard division and an AV division. Peak Alarm installs Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control (DSX) and cameras.

Siemens – Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics (801) 590 7373 (Alarm Control and GSL Electric also service Cerberus as well)

Fire Engineering – MIRCOM

Firetrol – Gamewell FCI, Radionics, Bosch,Silent Knight, Firelite, Digitize, GE-EST (801) 485 6900

Honeywell – (801) 886 2957

Mountain Alarm or Fire Protection -Notifier is their main brand although they can also do Bosch, Silent Knight or Firelite as well. Mountain Alarm is their security division and Fire Protection does the fire alarm installations. (801) 363 9696

Nelson Fire – FCI and Gamewell (801)468 8300 Ask for Steve or Ben Nelson. Nelson Fire also is a licensed security company and does quite a bit of work for the school districts.

Johnson Controls (801) 973 4001-

PST – GE – EST – Ask for Greg (801)649 6696

PCS – Power Control Systems – MIRCOM Commercial Fire Alarm ask for Gary Powers (801) 560 6423 –

SIMPLEX Grinell – SIMPLEX, Grinell, Thorn and Autocall ask for Dave (801) 633 9830

STATEFIRE has been in business since 1989 as a strong full service fire suppression company.

StateFire services Simplex, Fike, GE-EST, FCI and Silent Knight. StateFire Is an Authorized dealer in EST, GE-IO Series and Fike. StateFire installs Fire Alarms, Clean Agent Suppression Systems as well as service and monitoring. State Fire is full service fire suppression company which services fire sprinklers, extinguishers, kitchen hood suppression systems. Call (801) 288 2100 X5221 Ask for Brad Teerlink.

Wasatch Electric Comtech division (801) 487 4511 – GE EST

Many times when using a larger company you will end up paying more and many times having to wait for longer periods of time for Service sometimes getting through on the phone is more difficult as well. If the larger company is more stable than the smaller companies that is another factor to be weighed when making the decision of what fire alarm to have installed.

Many times an owner will hire an architect who in turn hires and electrical engineer who ends up designing the fire alarm system and most of the time the specification book will list different brands of fire alarm or companies that can bid on a project. Many of these brands are proprietary meaning they are the only company in the state that can sell parts or service the system therefore the cost tends to be higher. At times you may find another service company for some of these brands but often those companies buy their parts from the first company so the prices are not to much different and sometimes they are higher. When you deal with very large companies many times you end up having to wait longer for service and often you end up paying more for service. Some sales people will tell you the cost is higher because the quality is higher and in some cases this is true so doing your research is vital.

Radionics is BOSCH now. is the web site. Bosch now has several different lines of equipment to meet your needs. In most areas they have an entry line product then a mid range and a high end line. Bosch offers a full line of Fire Alarm including Analog Addressable panels, Addressable only panels that are also UL Listed to combine Security and Access. Bosch offers a Full Access Control line, Camera Systems and Intrusion/Security also in entry lines, midrange and High End lines to meet most price ranges and they have a 3 year warranty.

For some small businesses having your Fire Alarm and your Security system combined can be done although it is recommended to keep them separate. DMP has a panel that can do fire and security as does Ademco and Bosch has a full line of panels that combine security, fire alarm and access as well.

There are different Central Stations in Utah and 2 of the ones that are UL listed are PEAK ALARM and AVANTGUARD. There is a requirement if you are doing monitoring for Fire Alarm that you use a UL listed Station. When a Station is UL listed it means they have jumped through many hoops including backup generators, backup receivers which normally cost over 10K each and it includes many other requirements making the Station have to be a cut above the rest.

Fire Alarm inspections need to be done by those that are certified through the State Fire Marshals office and they will have an AE number. NICET is another certification for National Institute of Certifying Engineering Technologies. Those certified in Fire Alarm are either NICET I,2, 3 or 4.

Faraday is another brand of Fire Alarm and at one point Rydalch Electric was selling and servicing this brand of Fire Alarm but it has been many years since I was aware of this so this may have changed.

Secutron is another brand of Fire Alarm although I do not have information as to who the dealers are in Utah. Not to be confused with Securitron which refers to locking hardware

Look up the companies on the Better Business Bureau to check complaints and their grade A through F

This is a list of the Major Fire Alarm Brands that most Electrical Engineers will place in their specifications. If I have left any out please feel free to let me know. If I have left your company off the list please let me know your contact information along with the Brands of Fire Alarm that you sell and service along with a short blurb of your company so I can update this list Call Larry at 801 428 1384 or my email is

Although wireless detection is getting better it is still recommended that Fire Alarm be hardwired when possible. The new innovations such as Radio, Internet monitoring and High Supervision Cellular Monitoring are also good options.The high Supervision Cellular monitoring dials out every 4 to 5 minutes and analog phone lines are becoming a thing of the past so considering these new methods can help you stay on the upside of technology.

When installing a highrise building there are certain fire alarm systems that are better than others and the Electrical Engineers will know that important information. It is true that paying more for certain brands of equipment can mean a higher quality and a better warranty and then on the flip side some companies take advantage of this and raise their prices after you are locked into their brand of equipment.

If you have a Detection Systems Brand Fire Alarm you can try to service them although they are quite outdated and most of the time it is best to end up replacing the panel and the devices and appliances. Many times you may be able to use the existing wire. There are other Brands that are quite old as well and you can try to get them serviced although you may consider having them replaced.