Peak Alarm Monitors Bosch Radionics

I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)

I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)

Peak Alarm has Bosch receivers to monitor phone, cell phone and Internet accounts for Bosch Radionics panels.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or email him at and our web site is Peak Alarm

Peak Alarm is a local UL listed Central Station with every single dispatcher being 5 Diamond Certified.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and has a full service Alarm division, full service Guard and Patrol Division, a full service AV division and a UL listed Central Station that has the equipment needed to monitor your facility 24/7.

Peak Alarm also holds the UL2050 certification to monitor high security installations. This certification is required for many types of facilities such as jewelry stores, certain manufacturing facilities, specific government facilities and such.

Bosch Security Intrusion access cameras in Utah

PEAK ALARM is a full service Alarm company offering Fire Alarm, Access Control, Intrusion and Camera systems, DVR, NVR, intrusion systems and free consultations. Call Larry Love at 801 898 6003 or the office direct number is 801 428 1384

Call for a current quote today

Call for a current quote today

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary many times you may end up paying higher costs.

ARD-FPBEPIC-OC Biometric fingerprint reader Bosch




COST $834

Peak Alarm is a Bosch Dealer a DMP dealer and a DSX Certified Dealer


45 Years in Business

It's more than just the pricetag

It’s more than just the pricetag

American Security & Fire, Inc. since 1998

American Security & Fire, Inc. since 1998

Security Systems in Utah and Salt Lake City

Bosch Virtual Keypad D1265

Alarm Contractor in Salt Lake City Utah

Basic Fire Alarm information

Basic Fire Alarm information

PEAK ALARM is an established alarm contractor in Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 (801) 898 6003 has been in business for 45 years and they are BOSCH dealers, Hochiki dealers for fire alarm and offering solutions for Fire Alarm Systems,DSX Access Control Systems, DMP Security Intrusion Systems and Salient Camera Systems with Axis cameras or Bosch cameras.

Contact Larry Love at (801) 898 6003 or 801 428 1384 for quotes or to make an appointment to have your security system installed or serviced

Commercial Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring for $26.95 per month

Peak Alarm also offers encrypted security systems DMP and Bosch These cost a bit more but are well worth the investment

Have spare parts on hand order ahead of time

Be Prudent and order a extra one or two parts:

Having spare parts is important when accidents happen.

Having spare parts is important when accidents happen.

Above you will find our facebook page and helpful hints about commercial security and fire alarm systems. Take a few minutes to review these items especially if you are a loss prevention or rick officer in your company.

Just the other day we got a call from a customer needing some parts and we got them ordered. The door holders arrived but the extensions take several business days to come since they are special order.

On some items it is good to plan ahead because of matters like this. Sometimes it is prudent to order extra parts and have them on hand.

If you know that specific door holders, door contacts or keypads get damaged then order some to have on hand so when the forklift damages a contact you can replace it on the same day.

It is also wise to have metal guards installed so the forklift will be less likely to damage other equipment.

Some companies will even order certain things off of Ebay and other sites although care should be taken when doing this because many of our manufacturers such as Bosch offer a warranty and most of the time that does not apply when you buy parts off of certain web sites and sometimes you end up getting refurbished or B stock.

Call Larry Love at 801 898 6003 or at the office 801 428 1384

Bosch Keypad instructions D1255

Security Keypad

D1255 Keypad from Bosch. Radionics is the old name and they were bought by Bosch years ago.

Training for managers – Have your account number and password ready for the dispatchers. The D1255 Keypad allows you to use CMD commands as well that are shortcuts when they are programmed or turned on. An example of this is CMD 47 (Reset) The Bosch systems can be programmed in many ways so the following is a general instruction sheet. Your system can be customized to turn functions on or off in the keypad menu. Also the new D1260 keypad which is the ATM style has buttons on the sides to take you to where you want to go faster and it has the users manuals built into it with a large screen. It does draw more mA current to operate so a new power supply may need to be added if you do more than one. The D1256 Keypad is a Fire keypad and has very few buttons so employees can view, silence and reset alarms. The D1265 is the new virtual keypad with a touch screen. You may want to simplify these instructions and post them or put them in a procedure notebook. You can also get the instruction sheets off of for each product.

Dispatch phone ___________________________

Account #____________________

1. Secure all points on system such as closing doors and verify that no balloons or moving displays are in areas with motion detectors then ARM system by TYPING IN YOUR CODE and pressing enter. Even hanging signs can set the system into alarm.

2. Disarming is also done by TYPING IN YOUR CODE and pressing enter. Normally this should be done in the first 30 or 60 seconds whatever your delay time is. Make sure you enter in the door that has a delay programmed.

3. For other functions press MENU then scroll using NEXT and PREV, once you get to a menu item you would like to use press ENTER then the keypad may or may not ask you for your code, if it does enter your code and then press ENTER.

4. If the system will not arm up then press the NEXT button and note the message, press the NEXT button again and note all the messages. This will tell you the faulted points and problems.

5. In order to clear the Keypad memory buffer simply enter your code and then press the ESC button and it will clear old events that have restored.

6. Bypassing and Un-bypassing can be done using the instructions on #3, when you get to bypass or unbypass it will ask you for your code and then the point number you want to bypass or unbypass. If you don’t know the point number just press NEXT and the keypad will take you through the available choices. There are limits as to the amount of points you can bypass.

7. If an employee gives his or her code to another employee for even a day then that code should be deleted and another one added for that person so it does not stay compromised. Avoid codes such as 2468 or 1234 or 3333 or even date codes such as 1976 or 1985 since these are too easy to guess. Even using the last 4 of your employees social security numbers is not recommended. We recommend changing codes periodically as well as changing the main store password.

8. The sheet where you keep your codes should be kept locked up and it is best if only one or two people have access to that information. Our dispatchers have access to your password but they will never ask you for your code and they do not have access to your codes.

9. If a panic switch is depressed it will not restore until it is reset. Some switches simply need to be pulled back out and others need a reset key and others need to be taken apart to be reset.

10. If a door contact is damaged it can be bypassed until repairs are made. Please send us notification of the problem in writing by email or fax and confirm that we have scheduled a date to come out and service the issue.

11. Other important information: This panel can autoarm at several different times. This panel can have multiple areas and multiple keypads so you can arm and disarm a cashroom each time you go into it etc….Please ask us about additional options that are available.

12. We sell all of these keypads and the D1255 is $150 dollars and when you need pricing on the others just call 801 428 1384 Peak Alarm or email or visit our web site at Peak has been in business for over 45 years has an A+ BBB rating with the Better Business Bureau and does not run credit checks