Wireless Commercial Fire Alarms

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Monitor your flow and tamper with a fire alarm panel. Keep area clear in front of riser.

Commercial Wireless Fire Alarms

1. www.CWSIFIRE.com (Tyco)
2. www.building technologies.siemens.com SWING
3. www.napcosecurity.com/fire.html FIREWOLF GEMINI-C
4. www.safelincs.co.uk Outside the US check UL
5. https://www.security.honeywell.com/Star/hsce SWIFT
6. www.EST.com
7. www.utcfsseurityproducts.com Fireworx
8. www.firelite.com
9. www.notifier.com (In Utah contact FPS / Mountain Alarm 801 363 9696
10. www.yps-security.com
11. www.DMP.com
12. www.surefire.co.uk/detection/
13. www.honeywell.com Ademco (Gamewell)

This is what I got when I did a search for commerical wireless Fire Alarm equipment. When you have corrections or additions please contact Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email Larry@PeakAlarm.com


Peak Alarm has been in business more than 46 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org

Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station
Peak Alarm has their own Guard and Patrol Division
Peak Alarm has their own AV Audio Visual Division
Peak Alarm is certified for UL2050 high security installations as well as monitoring
Peak Alarm’s Central Station is 5 Diamond Certified

Peak Alarm is the only UL listed locally owned Central Station that has a full guard and patrol, AV division and 5 offices to serve you in Utah and Idaho.

How much does a security camera system cost?

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

How much does a security camera system cost?

A four camera system can run from $,3700 to $5,000 installed using quality equipment.

This question has a wide variety of answers but the general answers is “it depends” just like it would with cars or phones. I will give you some general answers.

If you buy a $500 dollar car, buy two of them so you can get to work when the first one breaks down. If you plan on purchasing a camera system from a big box store buy two systems so you will have replacements for when the cameras and DVR go out. It is best to invest a bit more and not have to worry about replacing equipment very often. The installation will cost the same if you purchase decent equipment or if you buy poor quality or less expensive equipment.

As with anything else camera systems require maintenance and if this is ignored the system will fall into disrepair. Some companies offer repair agreements and for a low cost it is like purchasing an extended warranty to avoid high labor charges.

Be proactive with your camera system. Approach employees and let them know you saw how they handled a specific situation. Example: “John, I saw you on the camera system the other day and how you helped Susan reorganize the pallet that fell over. I appreciate your dedication and helpful attitude. “

Incidents like this will help them feel less nervous about the cameras but also aware of them. Most theft is traced back to inside jobs and employees so having them know that you review and watch the cameras is very important. Word get around when the DVR stops working and word gets around when the camera systems are used effectively.

Camera systems are not considered security systems although they can be integrated into your security. If you use inputs and outputs you can begin recording at a different frame rate when an alarm is tripped or have the camera show a view of the person’s face when someone comes through a specific access door.

The amount of days you can record will depend on how you set up your DVR/NVR. You can have the system recording all the time at a lower frame rate and jump up to a higher frame rate on motion which will allow you to record more of the video that will be needed.

Camera systems help mitigate and reduce situations of theft. After installation of camera systems there is almost always a reduction of theft and shortages.
Camera systems can be used for insurance purposes to show accidents and what really happened.
Camera systems can provide you with video for court or for identification purposes in police cases.
Do some research:

Before you get bids on a camera system do a bit of research just like you would before you make a major car purchase.

What do you need to see and why? Do you need to identify faces and plate numbers?
Do you need to connect to your cameras remotely or view them from your phone?
Learn the difference between analog camera system options, HD camera options and IP camera system options. Most IP camera and even HD will have 3 to 5 times the resolution. (They also take 3-5 times the storage.)
Make sure the correct cable is specified and installed so it will last. If the cable is to be buried or put in conduit underground it will get wet so it has to be special cable or it will only last a short time. If the cable will be out in the sun a special UV cable is needed. Many companies have lower bids but they also take short cuts.
Is a lift required, will penetrations in the walls be needed?
Do your outside cameras need heater blowers?
Do your cameras need to be vandal resistant?
Do you need day/night cameras? How is your lighting at your facility?
What are the distances to each camera?
Do you need any of the cameras in conduit or wiremold?
Having plans and specifications will help you obtain the best proposals but keep in mind that low bidders are not always the best option because many times the low bidder has left something out and will need to try to cut corners so they don’t lose on the project.
These are a few of the items that will determine which camera system and options will best fit your needs as well as the cost of the system.

Ask your camera installation company what the advantages are for purchasing cameras with verifocal lenses such as 2.8 to 12mm even in IP options.

Know that Utah does not require a security/burglar alarm license to install camera systems or access control systems so those individuals don’t have to go through an FBI background check. Consider hiring a company that requires their installers to have a security burglar alarm agent licenses and one that has a company license since they also have to prove that they are insured and many other requirements.


Color analog indoor verifocal 2.8 to 12mm lens 600 TVL .5 Lux installed with upto 100 feet of cable. $260 each (does not include penetrations)

Color outdoor analog camera $462 each installed (penetrations not included)

Large outdoor analog camera with enclosure $529 each

4 Channel analog DVR 1TB installed $642.00

8 Channel analog DVR 2TB installed $1,038.00

16 Channel analog DVR 3TB installed $1,222.00

16 Channel analog DVR 3TB unit installed $2,257.00 (higher quality faster processer)

8 Channel power supply installed $250

IP Camera examples:

2.1 MP Ball Camera 3.6mm 60’ IR installed $302

2.1 MP Vandal Dome 2.8 to 12mm lens 65’ IR Micro SD card slot camera -$603

We have hundreds of cameras to choose from depending on brand, features and quality as well as price. A quality AXIS camera will cost more than a no name imported camera from overseas.

4 Channel NVR 2TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $870

8 Channel NVR 4TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $1,712

16 Channel NVR 6TB with 16 Port POE switch installed $2,386

Monitors, network connections such as routers and internet connections will be provided by the owner unless otherwise requested and proposed.

IP and HD cameras have 3 to 5 times the resolution.

There are also HYBRID DVR/NVR options for facilities that currently have analog camera systems and they want to begin to go to an IP solution. I can put together a system where you can put all your existing analog cameras on a DVR and the new cameras will be IP and the license for the IP cameras will already be purchased so you can change out the old analog cameras one at a time and not have to purchase a different head end.

HD solutions will allow you to use your existing Coax instead of running new CAT6 cable and you can still improve your resolution drastically.

HD camera pricing examples:

HD Indoor cameras starting at $322 installed outdoor HD option starts at $482

HD recording unit $2,257 with 3TB/ 16 channel 1920 x 1080)

Include power supplies as needed

4 Camera system examples:

Analog 4 outdoor analog cameras and 8 channel DVR $3,656 installed

HD – 4 outdoor camera system $4,441 (cannot mix analog and HD on this system)

IP – 4 outdoor camera system $4,684

We also can provide you with leasing options when requested.

This includes up to 100 feet of cable on each camera. Each facility will be a bit different on pricing depending exact equipment but this will give you a general idea.

Pan Tilt zoom cameras range from just over $1000 to $65,000 with a very good quality 30X PTZ IP camera that only costs $2,500 installed.

We have special cameras to identify license plates. We can even have the cameras set up to record and enter these plate numbers in a data base.

We also have video analytics that will allow you to set off alarms when a car drives down the street the wrong way or when someone climbs a fence.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peak Alarm has 5 offices and over 270 employees. Peak Alarm is licensed, insured and has the experience and capability to handle any size project. I welcome any corrections and comments on this information.

Larry Love has over 18 years of experience in the security industry

Please call Larry at 801 428 1384 for a no cost site visit and evaluation.


The least expensive options are often poor business decisions

American Security & Fire Installs Camera Systems

Camera Systems in Utah

Cameras are like cars they come in different brands, different qualities and prices ranges. Price will vary with warranty or lack thereof.

All the following examples may look very similar to the picture but the prices are all different the the functionality will vary greatly. Get help from an expert rather than just buying from a big box store. Would you buy your new I-PHONE from a swap meet for $100 even thought it said new in the box?

1. Analog camera 420 lines resolution 4mm lense (Dome)

2. Analog dome camera 700 TVL lines 2.8-12mm lens

3. Analog dome camera 700 TVL lines 2.8-12mm lens with vandal resistant outdoor housing. (Some come with heater and blower)

4. 2.1 MP IP camera dome (Takes up 3-4 or more storage space on your DVR/NVR)

Camera will look the same but the four options can vary greatly in price although the labor and wire will cost the same so it is best to have a decent camera installed the first time.

Keep in mind that you can even match the above specifications and have a large price difference if you buy from a no name brand compared to a good name brand like Axis or Bosch. Not only is the price different but the quality is different as well.

Don’t go with the least expensive purchase and make a poor business decision. Get your options and make a good decision. You may not purchase the most expensive but it is best not to purchase the least expensive option either.

You have heard the saying “You get what you pay for” In Spanish they say “Lo barrato siempre sale caro” Or the least expensive things always cost more in the long run. (Not exactly but similar). Cheap always come out expensive.

Learn about what options are the better choices for your facility. I would suggest a midrange camera not the $4000 dollar Bosch unit but not the $50 dollar camera either. Just holding the $50 dollar camera in your hands and the $350 dollar camera you can feel a difference in weight and in how it is built. Then there is a marked difference in the $600 or $700 dollar camera from how the $350 one feels.

camera cost + cable cost depends on length and cable type (CAT6 verses RG59 with power wire) + labor cost to install camera
Add cost of Power Supply or switch/router etc..
Add cost of drilling if we need to mount outside
Add cost of wiremold or conduit if needed to hide or protect cable
Add cost if you need heater blower in outdoor cameras. (Some come with a heat strip)
Add to cost if you need a vandal resistant camera
Add to cost if you need day night capability
Add to cost if you need other special features
Avoid going with just a 4mm camera especially if it is outside. Best to go with a 2.8 to 12 or even a 5mm to 50mm so you can adjust the camera after installation.

If you get PTZ then understand there is a price range from about $1000 to $8000 depending on your needs and brand and features 10 times zoom or 36 times zoom and day night options or tracking options or if you need a camera that can read license plates and enter the plate numbers into a computer program then that will cost more.

Add the cost of a DVR or NVR. Make sure it is expandable if you need to cameras. Make sure you get enough storage to save what you need

Setting the cameras to record on motion will help save some storage capacity as will planning on the camera resolution.

Do you need to see faces and zoom in after the fact? If so then IP Mega Pixel cameras would be best.

What is the distance you are looking at and how far across? I have a special program and a hand calculator to figure out lense sizes and there are even verifocal lenses on IP cameras.

Larry@PeakAlarm.com can help you find a good solution for your home or business. 801 428 1384