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1. Make sure your security system cannot be defeated by someone cutting the phoneline outside the house or business. You can switch to a cellular or radio communicator to make this more secure.

1A. Make sure that you use an encrypted system such as DMP or Qolsys so hackers cannot defeat your system from out front of your home.

2. Make sure you clean your smoke detectors every 6 months or year so they will last longer

3. Make sure you test your system often to make sure nothing has been tampered with. Often someone within your organization will attempt to disable doors or other items.

4. Update your call list with current phone numbers and names and new passwords.

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Utah Alarm Pricing

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When a product is quite a bit less expensive you need to question why.

Contact Larry Love at Peak Alarm for all your alarm, access, fire alarm, intrusion, cameras and intercom needs. (801) 428 1384

We can lower your installation cost when you sign a 3 year agreement because we can subsidize some of the cost over time. We can do contracts that are less time but we would not be able to lower the install as much. We can even do month to month agreements but the upfront cost would be more.

Any time you have a licensed, insurred and certified company you will end up paying a bit more for their services although this is worth it.

Labor rates at Peak are $100 per hour for residential and $145 per hour for commerical. When I am in a bidding situation I can lower the hourly labor rate a bit when we run it through my department.

Check the Better Business Bureau on all of your alarm companies. Peak has a very good track record at the BBB. In the last 3 years we only have one complaint that is shown on our record. Many of our competitors have a great deal more complaints.

If you are concerned about hackers disarming your system from out front of your home have Peak install a Qolsys system or a DMP system both of which are encrypted

Call Larry at Peak for best National Alarm Monitoring rates

Too small or too big can be an issue.

Too small or too big can be an issue.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for best pricing on National Account Monitoring rates. (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

UL Listed Central Station
5 Diamond Certified
47 years in business
Mirrored backup Central Stations out of State
Full Alarm Divisions in Utah and Idaho
Full Guard an Patrol in Salt Lake City
Four Offices to serve you
Complete AV Division
5 UL Certifications including UL2050 High Security SCIF certifications

Security company licenses denied in Utah

Reputable Security Companies in Utah

Reputable Security Companies in Utah

The information from the list below was taken from the UTAH Division of Occupational Licensing DOPL on 6/1/16 so it is best to go directly to the web site for current information. DOPL Web site When you have any corrections or find that the data below does not match the DOPL web site please inform and he can edit the document to reflect the current DOPL web page.

Similar lists exist for all occupations and spending some time researching before deciding to work with a company can be a very prudent step before you invest with or hire a company that may not hold a current license, may have their license on administrative hold or may have had their license denied or revoked.

AAA Dependable Security Inc. Administrative Hold
ABLE Security Administrative Hold
Absolute Security and Investigation – DENIED
ADVANTAGE SECURITY & INV Administrative Hold
All American Security Corp Surrendered
Alliant Security and investigation Administrative Hold
American Facility Support Services REVOKED
American Patriot Security INC REVOKED
American Protective service Surrendered
Andrews International Inc. Surrendered
Baker Inv and Sec Serv Administrative Hold
Bantek West Inc. DENIED
Black Lake Patrol LLC Surrendered
Black Ops Security Specialists DENIED
Bonneville Security DENIED
Burns International Security Service Corporation Surrendered
Castle Country Security Administrative Hold
Certified Security Services Administrative Hold
Chapman Security and Investigations LLC Surrendered
Chief Security Inc. DENIED
Cognisa Security Inc. Surrendered
Compliance International LLC DENIED
Contract Facility Serv Administrative Hold
Corporate Security Group Inc. Administrative Hold
Davis security Inc. REVOKED
Deer Valley Security Inc. Administrative Hold
Defender Services Inc. DENIED
Defender Services Inc. DENIED
Double Eagle Security Administrative Hold
Echelon Security DENIED
Excelsior Security Administrative Hold
FirstLine Surrendered
FPK Security Inc DENIED
Frontline Protective Services LLC DENIED
Galleon Armored Car & SEC RENEWAL DENIED
Garda CL Northwest Inc. DENIED – PHOENIX
George Richard Johnson DENIED
Hurricane Redevelop Agency Administrative Hold
HY-TEK Security Services Moab Administrative Hold
Integrity Int Sec Ser Inc Administrative Hold
International Total Services Administrative Hold
Iron Security Inc. REVOKED
ISS Facility Services Surrendered
J and J Security Administrative Hold
JOB1USA INC Surrendered
Justice Education Security A Professional Corporation DENIED
KB Security Services Administrative Hold
KG Security LLC Surrendered
Knight Protective Service Administrative Hold
Korr Protective Service Inc. Surrendered
Lone Wolf security Inc. Surrendered
Lowrey Jeremy M DENIED
Jeremy Lowrey DENIED
Mountain States Security Services Administrative Hold
Mydatt Services Inc REVOKED
NMS Security Services INACTIVE
On-site Security Administrative Hold
Ordonez Security Co Administrative Hold
Pinkerton Security and Investigation Service SURRENDERED
Protective Services Group, Inc. DENIED
Quality Investigations, Inc. REVOKED
Retailers Recourse and Recovery Administrative Hold
Ridgeline Security and Protection Services Expired on Inactive
Safe Home Security Alert Administrative Hold
Salt Lake Protective Services REVOKED
Salt Lake Valley Protective Agency DENIED
Salt Lake Valley Protective REVOKED
Secure Solutions Of Utah Surrendered
Security Associates Administrative Hold
Security Consultants Group Surrendered
Security Management Corp Administrative Hold
Sentinel Protection Group Inc. Surrendered
Simon & Simon INvestigations DENIED
SOS SEcurity Inc Surrendered – SOS Security of Utah LLC is Active
Special Response Corporation DENIED
STATEWIDE Patrol Agency LLC Surrendered
Territory Regulators Inc. Surrendered
Total Security Solutions of Utah Inc. REVOKED
Tri West Detective & Security Administrative Hold
Utah Maximum Security Corp Administrative Hold
Utah Protective Agency LLC DENIED
Utah Security Specialists L.C. Surrendered
Varsity Contractors Inc. RENEWAL DENIED
Venture Security Group LLC REVOKED
Well Fargo Armored Administrative Hold
Wes Intel Surrendered
West Desert Security Inc. Surrendered
Western Universal Security Administrative Hold
Willis Security DENIED
WSA SEcurity Inc. Surrendered

This is the list of SECURITY COMPANIES of Surrendered, Denied, Revoked and on Administrative Hold. The list of expired licenses is much larger. This is just the list for Security & Patrol companies with guards. The list for Burglar Alarm Companies is a different list. I encourage you to go to the DOPL web page and research each individual cases separately. Sometimes a company is on administrative hold for missing paperwork, lack of proof of insurance or other items that can be taken care of fairly quickly. Sometimes when there is disciplinary action there are additional steps required to maintain the licenses.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801) 428 1384 for pricing and more information. Peak AV, Peak Guard/Patrol and Peak Alarm. Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Peak has been in business since 1969 and we have more than 270 employees, Peak has an AV Division that is ranked 19th in the Nation, An Alarm Division that is ranked 58th in the Nation and in a position to serve you with Patrol and Guard services either Armed or Unarmed. When sorting through all the companies look for one that is stable, dependable, has an ongoing training program and is respected. You are welcome to call Larry Love and he can arrange a tour of our Salt Lake facilities for you. (801) 428 1384

DMP Dealer

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm is a certified DMP Dealer who installs higher end residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Peak has their own local Central Station that is UL listed and 5 Diamond Certified

Peak is only one of 200 Central Stations in the Nation that have both the UL listing and the 5 Diamond Certifications.

Peak can help you design, install, program and use your DMP security system

DMP is UL listed and used in many government project and high security projects such as scif installations and UL2050 installations.

Peak Alarm only has had 3 complaints on the Better Business Bureau web site in the last 3 years. Several of our competitors have more than 1000 complaints each.

DMP has a full line of equipment for intrusion, fire and access control.

Peak Alarm web site

Look up every company you intend on getting pricing from on the BBB site Better Business Bureau web site. Put in your zip code and then try each of the company names they are known by. Some of our competitors have changed their names several times. Peak has been in business for over 46 years and has never changed their name. Peak strives to listen to our customers and resolve any concerns as fast as possible.

Review of Peak Alarm in Salt Lake City Utah negative reviews

Peak Alarm review

Peak Alarm review

Peak Alarm has had some positive and some negative reviews posted on the Internet. As with any large company (270 employees) you will end up with some negative comments from time to time.

I recently spoke with the President of Peak Alarm and the CEO of Peak Alarm and they assured me they take the negative comments posted seriously and strive to look for the best way to make positive changes to insure that every customer’s experience is a good one.

Some concerning comments on Peak Alarm’s billing practices were made and those comments were read and changes have been put in place to handle concerns in a reasonable fashion. Peak Alarm is a business and as such, bills for services and when a customer does not pay, the account managers try to call and send letters and if payment is not made, from time to time an account is sent to collections. Peak Alarm has changed the company it uses for collection to another company that provides a better service.

Peak Alarm had a complaint filed which said Peak Alarm broke the trust they had with the customer. According to NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, IFC and R710 local code alarm companies are obligated to report Fire Alarm systems that are red tagged or a danger to public safety to the local AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction (Fire Marshal) Each case is taken on a case by case basis and Peak Alarm strives to work with the customers to get their systems repaired but in cases where life safety is put in danger there is a legal obligation to report on non functional alarms. If the customer does not comply with the code any alarm company would be obligated to report such conditions. Each alarm company that is certified to install Fire Alarm Systems has to pass specific training and tests that encompass these aspects.

You will find that only 5 complaints have been issued against Peak Alarm through the Better Business Bureau in the last 4 years and 1 complaint in the last year has been filed.

Peak Alarm has been in business for 45 years and they are licensed, insured, factory trained and provide their employees with a great benefit package.

Peak Alarm is the only company of it’s type that provides a full Alarm installation company, a Patrol and Guard division and a UL listed Central Station. Peak Alarm also has a full service AV division as well. Peak Alarm is certified to do UL 2050 installations as well.

Peak Alarm does both Commercial and Residential installations.

Call Larry Love for a quote directly for your home or business at 801 428 1384 or email

Peak Alarm strives to improve their service every year through in house and formal training for employees and certifications.