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Before you post comments please know that if it is not related to the blog post it may be deleted. When your comments are too GENERIC they may be deleted. If your comments are just to post a link they may be deleted. If they don’t make sense they may be deleted. If you have names of drugs in your comments they may be deleted and sent to SPAM. Example: Levitra, Viagra etc….all of these will be sent to SPAM. I had over 16,000 comments that were all spam and I deleted them all. If your comment was deleted and it was a real comment I am sorry but it was overwhelming to have so much SPAM so all the comments were purged. If they have profanity or other offensive terms they will be deleted. This site is not a site to promote sex aids, enlargement for the male parts or anything of that nature. A weight loss comment in one of the blogs or threads that talks about health is fine but it is not appropriate for an immigration thread.

If your comment is very general as in “I like your information” or “Thank you for….or great blog I will share it with my readers ……..” and does not address anything in the thread it may be deleted” Just trying to flatter me by telling me it is a great site or my site loaded quickly is not good enough for an approval. If you are going to comment it needs to be related to the thread, other comments or the blog.

Post relevent information

If you are going to post please take the time to say something about this blog or thread so I don’t delete your posts.

This is my main site and you can access the blog from this page as well by clicking on BLOG on the front page.

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