Why do security monitoring costs vary so much?

Peak Alarm, Peak Guard, Peak AV, Peak Central Station

1. Like cell phone plans you can pay more up front and less per month or less upfront and more per month.

2. There are many additional services such as late to close, early to open, web access, auto arm/disarm, elevator monitoring, schedules, lock control, lighting control, garage door control and the list goes on. Depending on which services you have the rates vary.

3. Analog phone line monitoring could be right around $26.00 dollars per month

4. Cell phone monitoring could be as low as $35.00 per month

5. Interactive monitoring where you can arm and disarm may be as low as $40 per month although if the price is a bit more you can lower the upfront costs.

6. There is no such thing as security companies giving you free equipment. If you lock into a 36 month agreement with Peak Alarm for $44.00 per month and you pay $99 upfront your overall costs add up to $1,683.00 over the 36 months. With a 60 month is it much more money.

7. A company that claims to give you free equipment normally has a 40 or 60 month agreement and normally the interactive starts at $49 per month so over the period of 60 months you are paying $2,940.00 even if it were at the same monitoring rate of $44 it would still be much more $2,640 so the FREE equipment is not really free.

8. Know that if you are getting rid of your landline (analog phone line) to upgrade to a cellular that will give you interactive arm and disarm often you will need to upgrade your alarm panel so the cost to do so varies from system to system depending on how old it is. Radio is another option for monitoring.


What is the SAFE Neighborhood program?

no olvidas cosas como papel de baño y ropa para el frio en plastico

What is the Safe Neighborhood program? (Not to be confused with Secure Communities)
(Espanol mas abajo/Spanish below)

Los niños deben tener sus kits tambien

After a major disaster take care of yourself, assure that your family is fine and then check your home to make sure there are no gas leaks or other problems and then grab your 96 hour kit and GO TO SCHOOL.(The closest school) At school you will sign in so you can be on their list of those that are OK. Many CERT teams will also be staging at these schools but others will report to other buildings or areas according to their local CERT plan.
The Safe Neighborhood program is being implemented and each Salt Lake City School has large containers with clipboards, instruction sheets and an entire set up in order to get accurate information from the public after a disaster. This program will work in conjunction with the schools, CERT, HAM, The Red Cross and local authorities to help coordinate information and organize.
After a major disaster we should not expect help for at least 96 hours, hence the 96 hour kit with food, water, change of clothes in plastic, copies of your important documents on a USB and hardcopy in plastic ziplock, flashlight, first aid etc…(See list on fema.gov)
CERT is Community Emergency Response Teams which will be local people that have been trained in the federal FEMA program to assist in the event of a disaster.
John Flynt the guy in charge of our emergency management program here in Salt Lake put this program together and when you want additional information go to this site: www.bereadyslc.com and click on SAFE at the top.

37 graduados SLC


Que es el programa vecindarios seguros? (No debemos confundir esto con comunidades seguros)
Despues de un disastre deben cuidar si mismo, cuidar su familia, chequea su casa y aggarrar su equipo de 96 horas y ir a la escuela mas cercana para firmar la lista de los sobreviviente. En la escuela ellos van a trabajar juntos con CERT, HAM, La Cruz Roja y las autoridades locales. Muchos equipos de CERT van a reunir en otros sitios segun su plan local.

El programa de vecindarios seguros aqui en lago salado es para obtener informacion de todos los vecinos y ayudarlos tener informacion correcta. Las escuelas tienen unos contenadores grandes con todas las instruciones on que debemos hacer paso por paso y listas en blanco para obtener informacion de la gente. Este programa va a trabajar junto con CERT, HAM, La Cruz Roja y otros paraa ayudar.
Despues de un disastre no debemos pensar que va a venir ayuda por lo menos 96 horas y por esta rason nosotros debemos tener una muchila con agua, comida, primer auxilios, documentos, lamparas y mas (vea la lista en los sitios en linea)
CERT son los equipos entredados por el gobierno que son voluntarios de su vecidario porque los servicios de emergencia problamente no van estar disponibles por muchos dias.

John Flynt es el hombre encargado de esta programa aqui en Salt Lake.
John Flynt the guy in charge of our emergency management program here in Salt Lake put this program together and when you want additional information go to this site: www.bereadyslc.com and click on SAFE at the top.

Affordable Heating Review Salt Lake City

Awesome company

Awesome company

Ok so on a 1-10 scale and 10 being the top score I give Affordable a 10

Affordable Heating http://www.ahc-utah.com/ and Cooling is a great company (801) 261 0924 ask for Harold.

Kurt one of their technicians came to my home and even put foot covers on his shoes before he came into the house. Kurt was very informative, knowledgeable and I found him to be extremely honest. Here was there about 30 minutes and fixed my problem quickly. Understand that they bill $75 per hour with a one hour minimum so plan on the charge but understand that their honesty makes up for any of the labor charge. Kurt has been with Affordable for the last 7 years.

I would definitely call Affordable Heating and Cooling Inc. again. It was a great experience. The owner scheduled the service call and was very polite on the phone and got the tech out in a very timely manner.

Another interesting fact is the tech told me that he has every door and window in his home protected with a security system Monitored by Peak Alarm. This just happened to be a coincidence.

LULAC Utah Press release applauds Peruvian producer

Press release: May 4, 2016

Peruvian produces a musical about Jewish people in English

The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States. www.LULAC.org

As the Utah State director of LULAC, I would like to recognize Andres Paredes, a native born Peruvian, as an example of an individual who is living the principles LULAC promotes. Some of his outstanding accomplishments include graduate of the University of Utah with a bachelors in biology, fourth year medical student, commissioner on the Salt Lake City planning commission, and author/composer of the recent musical production, “The Prodigal Son,” a musical that will be presented in the Salt Lake City Conference Center Theater on May 12, 13 and 14, 2016. He is an example to all of us of what can be obtained through education and hard work. LULAC Utah congratulates Andres on his debut with his first professional musical production.

Larry Love
Utah LULAC State Director


Noticias Mayo 4, 2016

Peruano produjo un musical de judíos en inglés.

La Misión de la Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos (LULAC) es mejorar la situación económica, los logros educativos, la influencia política, vivienda, la salud y los derechos civiles de la población hispana de los Estados Unidos. www.LULAC.org

Como el director de LULAC del estado de Utah, me gustaría reconocer a Andrés Paredes, un nativo del Perú, como un ejemplo de un individuo que está viviendo los principios que LULAC promueve. Algunos de sus logros sobresalientes incluyen graduado de la Universidad de Utah, con una licenciatura en biología, estudiante de cuarto año de medicina, comisionado de la Comisión de Planificación de Salt Lake City, y autor / compositor de la reciente producción musical, “El Hijo Pródigo”, un musical que será presentado en el edificio de la Conferencias de Salt Lake City el 12 de mayo, 13 y 14, 2016. Es un ejemplo para todos nosotros de lo que se puede obtener a través de la educación y el trabajo. LULAC Utah felicita a Andrés en su debut con su producción musical.

Larry Love
Director Estatal de Utah

Tickets for The Prodigal Son by Andres Paredes

The Prodigal Son from 2013 produced by Andres Paredes

The Prodigal Son from 2013 produced by Andres Paredes

Nick Neel singing I’ll wait no more by Andres Paredes

Video of Nicholas Neel singing I’ll wait no more by Andres Paredes

The above link takes you to Nick Neel singing I’ll wait no more by Peruvian Composer Andres Paredes. Andres wrote and composed “The Prodigal Son Musical” three years ago. I had the privilege of playing the father in the musical on the first run and now I am participating again in the choir. The cast has been expanded as has the production and we will be performing in the LDS Conference Center theater on May 12,13 and 14th of May 2016. Jessica Lee Gilbert one of the newest members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who has a Masters degree in choir directing is the conductor of the choir and orchestra.

Andres Paredes is a graduate of the University of Utah in biology and also a fourth year medical student and a commissioner on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. Andres is an active member in his community and a dedicated uncle and son. Recently Andres produced “We Believe” which was another musical production performed in the Bountiful Theater where he brought over a hundred artists together for that fun production. You can find many videos on youtube with Andres and his singing sister Claudia Paredes Higginson. Andres is an accomplished self taught pianist. Andres teaches piano lessons locally mostly to children in the neighborhood. His parents return to Peru very couple months because they have a non profit charitable organization in Peru where they help children in need.

Andres has coordinated “The Prodigal Son” production and brought together a full orchestra, a choir of over 40 vocalists, a full cast and crew and all of these people are doing this production as volunteers. Andres appeared on channel 4 Utah on May 2, 2016 and was interviewed about this production. Doctor Daniel Tuutau who received his Phd in music played the son 3 years ago and this year he is singing in the choir and he is an acting and vocal coach for this production. During the first Prodigal Son Daniel helped many of us who did not have experience acting or singing make it through the musical. This time we have an amazing lineup including many talented artists in the orchestra. As soon as I heard the 22 year old Katie playing the french horn I melted. Janet who plays cello

Nick Neel has been in the children’s One Voice choir for many years and since he turned 18 this is his last year in that choir and Nick Neel has already began writing his own music and songs. I can see great things coming from Nicholas in the future and he is one to watch.

News report about this new musical

Andres Paredes has added several numbers to the musical including some solos of very high caliber. Andres has a wide circle of friends that include many musical people such as Lisa Benson, Stephanie Hooley, Cactus Jack, Erika Collins and many more and I would encourage everyone that loves musicals to attend this exciting event. You can get tickets online at Conference Center Ticket office site and the cost is only $4 dollars each.

Spiritual experiences should be treasured

Spiritual experiences should be treasured

This is Larry Love, from The Prodigal Son by Andres Paredes

This is Larry Love, from The Prodigal Son by Andres Paredes

Quartet from the musical The Prodigal Son 2013

Quartet from the musical The Prodigal Son 2013

El hijo prodigo. Aqui estoy como padre en este musical.

El hijo prodigo. Aqui estoy como padre en este musical.

Letter to UTAH LULAC members

February 12, 2016

My fellow LULAC members,

I would like to express my appreciation to all of the Utah members of LULAC and tell you how excited I am to be in the position of State Director for 2016. This will be an amazing year for Utah as we continue to work for the progress and growth of Latinos. Last year Utah held the 86th LULAC national convention, we opened our home to the nation. This year our members will attend the 87th National Convention in Washington D.C. where Latino leaders will come together and be instrumental in helping our nation with several aspects of what we are trying to accomplish in our community.

As State Deputy Director I immediately took on the State Director’s responsibilities when Salvador Lazalde recently stepped down due to other community service commitments. At our regularly scheduled meeting on January 27th, 2016, we had a quorum and voted to accept Larry Love as the new State Director. Larry has appointed as Deputy Director Antonella Packard and Mario Organista as our board secretary. We had a very productive meeting and we are all looking forward to this New Year.

I would like to thank Salvador for all of his service. I appreciate the training that he provided to me and I would like to let you know that Salvador said he will continue as an active member of his local LULAC council.

I am sure you are already aware of the urgency and need to recharter our councils and pay our State and National dues before February 28th 2016. Please contact all the members in your council so we can make sure we have everyone paid up before the end of the month. In order to have voting rights for May, membership dues need to be paid in full.

State Director: Larry Love
Phone: 801 898 6003
Email larrylove@hotmail.com

Deputy Director: Antonella Packard
Phone: 801 427 4242
Email antonella2005@gmail.com (Appointed 2/1/16)

State Treasurer: Sergio Ramirez
Phone: 801 671 2140
Email: shelmanfm@hotmail.com

Deputy Directors of:
Elderly: Manuel Aguilar, Phone: 801 688 2081 Email: manueljosman@hotmail.com
Women’s Activities: Kelly Arollo, Phone: 801 347 3308 Email: kelly@elitecorpevents.com
Young Adults: Luis Banos, Phone: 801 694 6932 Phone: rep600@gmail.com
Youth: Joel Lehi Organista, Phone: 801 906 9679, email: joel.lehi.o.e@gmail.com
State Secretary: Mario Organista Jr. marior.organista@gmail.com (Appointed 1/27/16)
State Legal Advisor: Bryan Robinson – aldoxllc@gmail.com
State Parliamentarian: Pending
State Chaplain: Keith Atkinson, 801 240 8094, atkinsonkj@ldschurch.org
Publicity: Pending


Larry G. Love
State Director
366 South Emery Street
SLC, UTAH 84104
(801) 898 6003



Charlene Albarran for congress

statue of liberty

Last night I was able to meet Charlene Albarran and her husband. Charlene was very interested in LULAC and as State Director I took some time to give her an overview of what LULAC does. Charlene has a very impressive track record. She has spent several years living in Mexico and has a very unique perspective on many issues.

As a side note I need to make sure I am very clear that LULAC is a nonpartisan organization. LULAC does not support any particular political party although we encourage our members to learn all they can about the political candidates and vote for who they feel is the very best person. LULAC is the (League of United Latin American Citizens) The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States. Most of the work is done by the individual councils and the State Board strives to support those councils and National also does the same.

Now back to my conversation with Charlene Albarran. Charlene has been very actively involved in helping the community both here and in Mexico. She is a very well spoken and professional individual.

The incumbent Chris Stewart in district 2 has missed voting 63 times which is very concerning to me. Chris sponsored zero bills that became law in 2015. I would be interested in attending a debate between the two to see both sides. LULAC is very interested in helping Hispanic people get registered to vote so they can protect their rights. The question to Chris and Charlene would be, how do you plan to help the Hispanic people of Utah? The question to Chris would be what will you do differently that you have done in the past? I read the report card for Chris Stewart comparing him to other representatives in several areas and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Some people vote straight ticket for republican or democrat rather than voting for the very best person. Charlene has been very involved in developing and running programs to help the homeless and because of this she will most likely catch flack or be accused of being a socialist. As she explained many of the programs that she has been involved with, her goal was not only to feed the poor and help them with housing but she has an overall long range goal to help them find work and become more educated so they can become productive members of society. I was very impressed with her attitude and her ideas. She came across as very professional and the type of a person that would be a good leader. I look forward to learning more about Charlene in the future and it looks like Chris will have a fight on his hands this time against a very worthy opponent.

Charlene became tired of waiting for a person to vote for that would make meaningful changes so she became that person.

Report card 2015 for Chris Stewart


PC Laptops experience

Some of our Family

Two years ago I bought one computer from PC Laptops and got another one fixed there.

Last week I took both of them in because I tried to load Windows 10 and both of them would not restart. Doug at the SLC location took care of me and got the one I bought there up and running for no charge. The other computer was in pre hard drive failure and I bought a 2TB external drive and he off loaded all my data to the backup drive.

PC Laptops charges more for their equipment but the equipment is better quality and the service is wonderful. If you want it to last longer with less issues go to PC Laptops.

Director Estatal de Utah Lulac Larry Love

English on top / Espanol abajo.

Larry and Lizeth Love

Larry and Lizeth Love

As State Director of Utah Lulac Larry Gene Love is very grateful for the opportunity to serve the good people of Utah.

What a privilege to be involved with such wonderful people in Utah Lulac and National LULAC.

Larry had the opportunity to be involved with both the immediate past president of LULAC (National) Margaret Moran and Roger Rocha the current LULAC President. Salvador Lazalde stepped down from the Director position last month due to other community service commitments and I appreciate all that I have learned from Salvador as Deputy Director and we appreciate all his service to LULAC and wish him the very best. Salvador is not leaving LULAC and will continue to be involved in his local counsel.

Como Director Estatal de Utah Lulac Larry Gene Love está agradecido por la oportunidad de servir las personas de Utah.

Que privilegio de estar involucrado con personas tan increíbles de LULAC.

Larry tuvo la oportunidad de estar con Margaret Moran Presidenta de LULAC anterior y también a trabajar con Roger Rocha el Presidente de LULAC National actual. Salvador Lazalde dejó su puesto como Director Estatal por otros compromisos de la comunidad y yo aprecio todo lo que he aprendido de él y todo su servicio a Utah Lulac y deseo lo mejor para el. Salvador no está dejando Lulac y va a continuar servir en su concilio local.

What have you noticed?

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

Eat and sleep when you can. Always have extra water with you. (In your home, car and on your person when walking). Focus on the most important things. Avoid toxic substances, people and get them out of your life as soon as possible. Perfect practice makes perfect. Don’t ever depend on anyone else to pack or take care of your stuff, ever. Say less and listen more. Write important items down and review them. Have a book with you in case you have to wait for long periods of time. Expect the unexpected and learn from it don’t complain when situations don’t turn out like you think they should have. Always be observant of who and what is in a room or place. Always clean your equipment so it will be ready when you need it to function. Always have a backup plan. Don’t ever just have one pen with you.

These are a few of the things I remember from my Military training. I strive to notice what others don’t, although I find myself being caught up in the norm of complacency, movies, TV and the busy life that ends up wasting my time. A doctor told me about a strange concept once called intuitive medicine, I won’t let it take the place of professional medical advice although it was interesting. He said many times your body will tell you what it needs if we will only listen to it. Example: When I eat too much cheese or the wrong type of cheese I get allot of flem so we can gauge the appropriate amount of things we eat so it won’t cause problems. All of us have heard “Moderation in all things” and I believe it.

People can be extreme with anything and then it can turn into an addiction. My definition of addiction is

“Anything that you do that causes negative consequences and you keep doing it anyway”

It could be spending too much time on any one thing which causes you to ignore your family or the important things in your life. I have seen friends spend so much time at the gym or watching sports that they began to loose their families, I have seen people become too religious or spend too much time on reading that their relationships suffer.

All too often people fall into addiction and then claim they are depressed. Real depression hits you when there is no cause for it otherwise it is not depression if there is a cause. If your mother dies you may say you are depressed which is incorrect because there is a cause for your sadness so it is not depression. Learning to deal with STUFF is important. Once a licensed therapist told one of my children “What does your inner therapist tell you?” they thought about it and answered and the response was actually quite insightful. We are now back to intuitive medicine listening to our own bodies or our inner therapist.

Strive to have balance in your life by looking at what is most important at different times of your life. For young people some of the legs of their four legged table that required you to have all four legs on the ground and supported might be the leg of Education, another leg may be Family and spiritual, another leg may be taking care of your body by eating and exercising and another leg may be emotional and mental support. Ignoring anyone of these legs can make the table fall. Often adults spend too much time at work and the other legs fall or they spend too much time away from family doing something else and they end up in divorce. I work with lots of people that place most of their important on their financial leg or work and money. They lack in their personal relationships and their lives are out of balance.

I have a friend and his legs are as follows: CHURCH – MUSIC – WORK – FAMILY

This is not a bad setup because this man is quite balanced and is very happy. He spends time serving others and has a great and healthy relationships with his friends and family. This friend of mine just finished medical school so he concentrated on EDUCATION for years and now he is taking a break and composing music.

When I was young my four legs were KARATE – MUSIC – SCHOOL – CHURCH and later I added girls to the mix which can be quite distracting. I am not saying we can only have four legs although I am saying that spending too much time on any leg can cause you to be off balance.

So the military affected me and I will hold on to those teachings for the rest of my life and recently I have been observing the lives of many people and trying to learn from watching them. I am so grateful for the life that I have and I am trying to put my life in order so it becomes balanced. Is your life balanced or do you need to make some changes?