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MONITORING RATES FOR OUR UL LISTED CENTRAL STATION vary with each plan and the equipment that is used. Some common rates so you can compare are as follows although you need to understand if you have a system with 20 zones or a system with 100 zones the time to test those points or zones will vary as will the pricing. Also if we use a Radio or High Supervision Cellular to monitor the prices are different than a normal cellular or phone lines. Rates are subject to change so call Larry for current a current price quote that will be customized for your situation

MONITORING PRICING FOR FIRE ALARM WITH AES RADIO IS $340.00 installation cost and $40.00 per month for 36 months

MONITORING PRICING FOR FIRE ALARM USING HIGH SUPERVISION CELLULAR IS $144.00 installed and $47.00 per month for 36 months


MONITORING FOR A SECURITY PANEL OR A FIRE PANEL USING ANALOG PHONELINES IS ZERO TAKEOVER AND $32.00 per month. Discounts for multiple accounts can be given and takeover fees depend on the exact number of points and if you have over 30 points that need to be tested call Larry and he can visit your site and get you exact pricing on your facility.

ADDING REMOTE ARM/DISARM or what we call ELITE Control or INTERACTIVE adds $5 dollars per month. This only works with Cellular service so if you have Radio and you want Elite control we would need to switch to cellular. If you have Standard Cellular with out Elite that is normally $10 per month so having both adds $15 per month. Additional services such as controlling your lighting adds $4 per month, controlling your thermostat adds $4 per month, adding remote control to your house locks also adds $4 per month. We have package deals that have several of these items together to save you money. Adding cameras to your security system adds $10 per month to the monitoring fee for the first 4 cameras. These cameras can be viewed using the app that also arms and disarms your security system. We have other options for cameras that do not have monthly fees so just ask about cameras and we can come out and go over your questions with you.

ADDING A REPAIR AGREEMENT IS A GOOD IDEA SO YOU DON’T have to pay hourly rates which could be very expensive. This monthly fee will vary depending on how many points you have on your system. A basic system repair agreement only adds $7 per month to the monthly fee.

ALARM RESPONSE is only $10 per month and provides you with Guard response in covered areas up to four times during the year for no additional cost on alarms. That is $120.00 a year and up to 4 Patrol Responses which only comes to $30 per guard response compared with $75 per guard response on a normal dispatch.

KEY RESPONSE IS ONLY $20 per month. This means we will respond to your home or business up to 4 times during the year and we will enter the premise and check the property rather than just driving around it. If it is evident that there was or is a break in Peak Alarm will call the police.

UL2050 High Security Services add things such as Supervised Schedules, openings and closing and UL Certificate to the agreement. Call Larry for a no cost estimate for rates on a UL2050 high security installation or monitoring.

Many of our competitors have higher pricing after all is added into the pricing. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples before you make a decision on your monitoring. Also it is prudent to call or look up the Better Business Bureau since many of our competitors have hundreds or thousands of complaints and Peak Alarm has only had 3 complaints in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm offers 60 month agreements, 48 month agreements, 36 month, 24 month, 12 month or even month to month agreements depending on your needs. When you go with a higher down payment we can lower the length of the agreement, when you want a lower down payment or installation price we can adjust the monthly amount as well as the length of the agreement. The examples above are done using a 36 month agreement. We have pricing for all of the above plans figured up using the different agreement lengths. An example of this would be that you do not want a long term contract because you may only be in the building for 2 years so security monitoring using a standard cell phone communicator on a 2 year agreement would be $185 down and $35 per month or $75 down and $46 dollars per month depending on the plan you would like.

The benefit of using a RADIO is that the monthly charge for two phonelines often exceeds $100 per month for the phone service, the cost of high supervision cellular costs more than radio and if technology changes on the cellular as it just did you may need to purchase new equipment. Example: 2G cellular will no longer be supported by the cell towers so you need to upgrade to 3 or 4G. The Radio is maintained by Peak Alarm and remains property of Peak so if the radio stops working Peak comes out and fixes it.

Peak Alarm holds the STATE MONITORING CONTRACT so if you are a State facility you can take advantage of lower monitoring rates through the State Contract.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 47 years and holds 5 different Certifications with UL for installation and monitoring. Peak Alarm has over 270 employees here in Utah and we have offices in Idaho and Southern Utah as well. Peak Alarm also has a full Guard and Patrol Division and an AV Division.



How are security systems priced out?

They have to be planted, grown, picked, packed, shipped and sold.

They have to be planted, grown, picked, packed, shipped and sold.

There are several ways to price out any item that you are going to sell. Obviously it has to do with supply and demand and like phones you can have a lower monthly payment if you pay more upfront or you can have a higher monthly payment and get what they would call a free phone. Let’s look at the numbers.

Plan A – Pay $600 for your phone upfront and you may get an $80 plan per month with a certain commitment
Plan B – Pay $199 for your phone upfront and your may get a bit higher monthly bill with a commitment
Plan C- Pay for the phone and do month to month (This can also be done with Peak Alarm)

Let’s say the phone costs $40 dollars to manufacture, a normal retail market would double that price and sell it for $80 but with the demand of Phones they can and do charge more so you could pay hundreds more than it costs to make and the same applies to jewelry. Without diamonds you could pay three or four times what the ring is worth in gold value and they tell you that you are paying for workmanship and quality.

Security Systems are very similar, lets break it down to two devices and look at that pricing for a hardwired motion detector and a wireless motion detector. Peak Alarm is still in business after 47 years because we don’t do FREE systems. We also don’t do CREDIT CHECKS which is great if you have fallen on hard times and don’t need people running your credit for things like this.

Hardwired motion may cost $15 dollars (no name brand and not the best motion) The company sells it for $30
Wire $5 and they will charge you $10
$100 Labor is normally 1 hour in a normal size home for one motion which includes pulling the wire and installing the motion with programming*

Hence cost for a hardwired motion assuming you can get wire to those areas is about $140 for the low end motion and higher for say a Bosch higher quality motion detector which would run you around $140-$174

Wireless Motion Detector cost also varies depending on the brand and features but a normal one costs around $50 dollars so you pay $100
No cost for wire
Labor cost is about 20 minutes of unpacking, mounting, programming and testing the motion so it comes out to around $35 dollars

The cost of a wireless motion is about $135 installed

On our basic systems you can add a wireless motion, glass break or smoke detector for $130 installed.
A door contact or window contact is as low as $65 or recessed $75 or overhead door contact is as low as $150
Give me a call and I can come out and walk your site and give you a deal with multiple sensors.

Peak Alarm has a special system price for systems that have multiple monthly services so we can save you money with a package deal.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Some monthly services are as follows:

Monitoring $32 per month (When you bundle services this price can be adjusted depending on the service you have)
Cellular (This adds $10 per month)
Elite Control (Remotely arm and disarm) This adds $5 per month
Lock Control $4 per month (Remotely lock and unlock doors)
Lighting Control $4 per month (Remotely control lights)
Camera Control $10 (for up to 4 cameras)
Garage door control $4 per month (Remotely open and close your garage door) you can have a contact on it so you can know if it is open or closed
Temperate Control $4 per month
Repair agreement $7 to start in a small system and from there it depends on how much equipment there is.
Schedules $10 per month (We would call you if say someone disarmed too early or armed up too early or late – great for stores)
Opening and Closing $5 per month (When you have Elite control you can see a history of people opening and closing)
Text on troubles (Free) Just sign up on the call list form
Web Access $5 per month
UL Certificate $15 per month (Most UL monitoring is over $100 per month because of required services)
Elevator Monitoring $15 per month (When someone gets stuck they pick up the phone and can speak with a live person)

On a very large security system often we will use DMP which is more robust but it is also more expensive. Once a home is over 5000 square feet depending on the configuration we may want to consider the more expensive system and this also depends on how you will use the system.

Peak is very price competitive on pricing for monthly monitoring.

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Can you compare something like this if you don't know what it is?

Can you compare something like this if you don’t know what it is?

Now lets look at some other factors of how systems can be priced out.

Some Security Companies will subsidize part of the cost and they normally want to get paid back their investment from 20 to 30 months so if the system cost 1400 with equipment and labor then the security company wants to make that money back within say 20 months or 20 payments. Only a portion of the monthly fee can be used as a payment since there are some hard costs of doing business such as the Central Station employees, the cellular company that has to be paid and of course the equipment and labor. Let’s say that the monthly payment is $45 per month and we use $31 to subsidize so $31 times 20 payments is only $620 dollars that the alarm company would get back after paying the central station and the cellular company so in that case what Peak would do is charge the customer $780 upfront and the discount they would get would be $620 on that $1400 dollar system. This may be an over simplification although some people have been interested in how the numbers are figured out and there are formulas and in a large company we figure in the cost of use tax, shipping, labor, parts, salesman’s commission and other costs.

Some companies will tell you that you are getting free equipment and there is no charge for the installation or the equipment. Don’t fall for that. There is always a cost of equipment and installation because if they did not charge those costs then they would go out of business and many do just that. If a small company installs a system and tells you it is free look at the agreement because much of the time they will lock you into a 60 month agreement. Personally I like to have repeat customers so I like to take care of a customer so they will come back and buy again.

What can Peak Alarm offer that many companies cannot offer?:

Small companies do their monitoring using 3rd party monitoring and at Peak we have our own UL listed Central Station (also UL2050)
Peak offers same day or next day service
Peak has a full Guard and Patrol Division and we are the only local Alarm company that has this and the Central station
Peak is not going to go out of business like many companies do that don’t have the capital to operate when hard times come.

Peak has a design department and the support needed to do your installation in a professional manner for commercial projects that require Fire Marshal approval

Check the Better Business Bureau before you buy from any company. Better Business Bureau web site is the web site and Peak Alarm has had 3 complaints filed in the last 3 years and they are all resolved. Peak has an A+ rating with the BBB and is accredited. Many of our competitors have hundreds or in some cases thousands of complaints and some of them are being sued in several states.

I worked at a smaller company for 16 years and when we did a security system we would charge the customer for the entire system upfront and then do the monitoring monthly for $29 dollars a month if it was just a phone line connection and we hired out a 3rd party central station. Many of the small installs we did cost the customer around $1,300 to $1,600 dollars each system depending on the exact equipment. At this company we charged around $67 per hour on our labor rate although our overhead was very low. We had 2 techs, 3 office people and I did the sales, estimating, remote programming and much of the office work as well. I know from experience since I was on the State Alarm board for DOPL that many of these smaller companies do not pay their insurance, licensing and their training programs lack when compared to larger companies like Peak Alarm or Mountain Alarm. If you need to monitor a fire alarm system in a commercial building you can do so with 2 analog phone lines and the monitoring will cost around $30 per month (keep in mind you are paying around $35 per analog line) so if we monitor with a radio it only add $15 per month to the cost of the monthly. When you want to use a cellular for commercial fire you need to use a high supervision cellular that sends signals very 6 minutes so that costs a bit more which is right around $22 extra per month. If you are just monitoring a security system with cellular it only adds $10 per month. It can get confusing so just call Larry and he will go out to your site for a no cost site visit. Larry Love (801) 428 1384

At Peak Alarm we will subsidize part of the equipment and labor when someone commits to a certain time period with us. Peak will do a 60 month, 48 month,36 month, 24 month, 12 month or month to month agreement with a customer. When we do a 36 month which is our most common we sell a security system that has the Panel with built in touch keypad and siren, Cellular communicator, 3 Door Contacts, one motion for $99-$149 installed and the monthly is around $44 to $49 per month which includes: Monitoring, Cellular, Elite control (Remote arm and disarm with your smart phone) and a repair agreement which is an extended warranty so you would not pay the residential labor rate of $100 per hour for service on covered items.

The same principles apply to cameras and other systems where formulas are used to figure out what should be charged. Obviously if we have to pull wire for a greater distance or drill through walls or rent a lift the pricing changes. If you have drop tile ceiling the labor will be less than hardcap hard ceiling. If we have to install conduit or wire mold the cost would be more. If we have to call blue stakes and trench and run underground PVC electrical pipe and special burial or UV rated cable outside the pricing will vary.

*Labor to install the motion detector by a licensed burglar alarm employee that is trained, tech may be making $17-30 an hour and depending on the taxes, social security, company and overhead you could pay around $85-$120 per hour for his or her labor. If you hire a mom and pop company that does not have as high of an overhead you might get a deal of $50 per hour but often they don’t pay general liability insurance, workman’s compensation, licensing and certain things like use tax. Peak Alarm pays all of those fees so by not cutting corners our labor rate is higher.

Using a reliable company that has the ability to do the job is important

Using a reliable company that has the ability to do the job is important

Brand Name
Quality (If the device stops working in 2 years ask yourself it it was worth paying less for it)
Features (A security system that can have different areas arm up such as arming a gun room up separately while the rest of the system unarmed)
Company that can provide fast, reliable and competent service.

I am sure you have seen signs like: Fast Service, Quality Equipment and Low Labor Rates PICK TWO. If you go to a big box store for a camera system I would advice you to buy two or three of the $700 dollar packages so when something goes wrong you can replace the recorder or the cameras. When you pay on average $30 for one camera it is a very different camera than the one we sell for $217 and it is very different in quality from the camera we well for $420 which is 3MP verifocal 90IR IP66. We have AXIS cameras that are over $1000 dollars each and there are reasons for this as well. Many of the cameras we install now have the ability for us to load apps into the camera and these apps perform different functions like counting people or knowing if a car is driving down a one way street or having the camera tell between people and animals. This analytical software is great for specific things.

Take the time to do your research

Take the time to do your research

Article by Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm is UL listed for Monitoring, Factory trained, insured, licensed and has a full service local Central Station that is 5 diamond certified and has been in business for 47 years as of 1969 and Peak Alarm has 4 offices to serve you with over 270 employees which also includes our Guard and Patrol Division.

Peak Alarm can do that !

Protect your assets with updated technology don't stay stuck in the past

Protect your assets with updated technology don’t stay stuck in the past

Peak Alarm offers Interactive services (Elite Control) meaning you can control the following items using your smart phone:

1. Alarm System

2. Lighting control with schedules and remote control of lights

3. Thermostats also on schedules and remote control of temp, air etc..

4. Lock Control – Unlock, Lock remotely and even disarm your system when the doors are unlocked.

5. Garage door control. Did you shut the garage door or not? If you are not sure just get on your cell phone and your system will tell you if it is open or shut and if it is open you can automatically shut it.

6. GEO FENCING – We can help you set up the system so when your phone gets into a certain range like a half mile from your house the system will turn down the house temp, turn on the lights for your and even unlock your doors. These are relay logic strings that we can program into your security system. The same holds true for when you get a half mile from your house the system will lock the doors if they are not already locked and turn off the lights and adjust the temp all without you even doing anything.

7. Some of the items we can connect to your security system are as follows:

Smoke Detectors, Heat detectors, Temperature sensors, Water bugs or flood sensors in your laundry rooms, by the water heater or water softener or in the basement where your sump pump is, Carbon Monoxide sensors (can’t see this gas or smell it but it makes you sleepy and if there is enough of it you don’t ever wake up) We install these just outside funace rooms, just in the home by the garage or near sleeping areas.

Call Larry Love for more information and a free site visit: (801) 428 1384 direct number or cell 801 898 6003

Ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm is an Alarm company, we don’t sell phone or cable service we sell alarms. We won’t make you wait on an endless phone system Q but we put you through to a live person. Peak Alarm has been in business for 46 years, has an AV division, Guard and Patrol Division and a UL listed Central Station and we are locally owned and operated which is becoming very rare. Peak Alarm is also 5 diamond certified which is an honor that only 7% of Central Stations in the US can claim.