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All of this pricing is for example purposes only for estimation. Please contact Larry and he can get you current pricing. Our proposals are valid for 30 days.

D4512 (28 point panel) $293 panel and 2 line keypad $45 more for ATM large display keypad- The panel comes ready to monitor over the Internet. If you want to monitor over the phone line then add the phone line module for $45

D7412GV4 kit – (75 point panel, Fire, Security & Access capable) $300 or $396 for fire package plus see keypad options below. Panel and Keypad is $453

The installation at $130 per hour would normally only take 2 hours to take the old one out and put the new one in. The information below may also be of help to you if you want to add additional devices.

Many of the existing security systems don’t give you information on the keypad as to what the trouble are. New Bosch panels will give you detailed information when there is an issue.

We suggest that you test the battery and if it is over 5 years old it should be replaced. They normally only last 3 to 5 years. You can purchase a new battery from us or directly from Batteries Plus here in town. The cost from our shop is $25 dollars. 7, 7.5 amp hour 12 Volt battery. The charging circuit should have about 13.7 volts DC and the batteries should have over 12 volts DC. Each panel is different so check the panel information.

We also encourage you to perform functional tests regularly and verify with the central station that they are getting the signals.You may call our central station at 800 444 72314 and put the system in test by giving them the name and the password and then set the system into alarm and call them back to make sure they got all signals.

When you change your phones to digital many times your fire alarm or your security system will stop functioning normally. Most of those older dialers are not meant to work or at least are not UL listed to work with digital lines so it would be prudent to install a system that can be plugged into the Internet.

These older panels require analog phone lines. In about 4 years analog lines will no longer be available and everything will be digital.

Skip down to PRICING to see panel upgrade information.

Other options on Fire Alarms and Security for communications are as follows:

A. Cellular backup in case your phone line or internet connection gets cut. A backup system normally runs from $200 to $300 and $16 to $25 per month for the cell service.
B. High Supervision Cellular $600 plus $34-$55 per month for the cell signals since it dials out over 4000 times a month. (Every 5 minutes)
C. Radio communication. If this is used for fire alarm it has to communicate with a minimum amount of other transmitters to qualify and the cost is about $1,200 for equipment and installation.
D. Direct Internet connection. There is a $210 dollar limited module that just sends whatever signals the current panel is sending but it does it over the internet instead of the phone line.
E. The two way module from Bosch allows your service company to get signals from the panel and they can also communicate over the Internet to update codes or do diagnostics.
F. Many of the new panels come with an internet connection or port so you just plug them in.


You asked for some general pricing to upgrade your keypad so I have put together some prices with options that should be helpful. Security pricing is just like pricing a car, you specify your budget, features, the warranty you would like and then narrow it down. For this example I will give just 2 options for your facility. BOSCH is used in most government facilities (D9412)

D4512 (28 point panel) $293 panel and 2 line keypad $45 more for ATM large display keypad

D7412GV4 kit – (75 point panel, Fire, Security & Access capable) $300 or $396 for fire package plus see keypad options below. Panel and Keypad is $453

The installation at $77 per hour would normally only take 2 hours to take the old one out and put the new one in. The information below may also be of help to you if you want to add additional devices.

1. Do you need over 28 points on this panel? If yes then go to option 5.

2. Do you need the panel to be commercially listed to monitor fire alarm and security? If so then go to option 5.

3. Do you need the panel to also control access control, security and fire alarm? If yes then go to option 5.

4. OPTION 4 – B4412 – The new Bosch B Series is a small to medium security system that has many great features and a great price. This panel can be partitioned into 8 areas. (28 points)

The B5512 is a 45 point panel. USB programming and plugs into your network or Internet connection.

5. OPTION 5 is the Bosch D7412GV4 or the D9412GV4 panels.

The example will use the D7412GV4 package. The D7412GV4 can do up to 2 doors of door control, up to 75 points of fire and or security points. The D9412GV4 can do up to 8 doors of door control and up to 246 points of Fire and or Security. The panel can also be divided into 32 different areas. This package comes with the dual line dialer on the fire package or single line on the security.

Both packages come with the enclosure, panel installation, transformer, backup battery,


A. Phone module to add to the B4412 is $45 (B430)
B. Network IP module for GV4 Panel B420 or B426 $210
C. A B208 octo input module for GV4 or the B Series panels to add sets of 8 points each module $90
D. A B308 octo output module for GV4 or the B Series Panels to add sets of 8 outputs each $99
E. Cellular Backup unit for either panel B440 $248 (Requires monthly plan)
F. High Supervision Cellular for Fire Alarm $400-$600 plus about $34 to $60 per month plan
G. Radio communication equipment $1200 installed
H. The GV4 is UL listed for Fire Alarm but depending on how many flows, tampers, horn/strobes the cost to integrate this panel will vary. We can come by and do a site visit and help you through the process.
I. Wireless transmitters for doors or windows EN1210W $68
J. Wireless Motions EN1262 $164 or High Traffic unit EN1261HT $160
K. Wireless smoke detectors EN1242 $153
L. Wireless KIT for B series panels B820 $71 and B810 $90
M. Wireless KIT to integrate with GV4 panel ENKIT SDI2 $233
N. Hardwired Smoke detectors are about $31 zoned or $75 addressable
O. Siren $20-$45 (This can have a blue light or yellow and siren or just siren)
P. Hardwired Contact recessed $14 plus wire and labor
Q. Hardwired BMS Contact high security $133 plus wire and labor
R. Glass Break EN1247 $153
S. Hardwired glass breaks vary from $38 and up
T. CO detectors are around $133 and up. Commercial detectors are different than residential
U. D8125 $71 (Addressable expansion module for GV4 panel)
V. D9127U addressable module for GV4 panel $25 each
W. D7412GV4-B Fire Alarm kit is $396 no keypad
X. D7412GV4-C Burglar package $300
Y. D9412GV4-B Fire Alarm kit for 246 points $591
Z. D1255 Keypad $153- Normal keypad
AA. D1260 ATM style keypad for GV4 is $225
BB. D1265 Touch keypad for GV4 is $300 (Over 2 requires additional power supply)
CC. D1256 Fire Alarm keypad $153 limited buttons (Red keypad)
DD. B4512 Panel $180 (28 point)
EE. B5512 Panel $203 (45 point)
FF. B920 Keypad $113 (2 line keypad)
GG. B930 Keypad ATM style built in menus $158 (large screen)
HH. D900V2 (C900V2) dialer capture module for use with most fire and security panels to send IP signals $333

Both of these panel will also handle the RADION wireless as well. The examples given are for Inovonics.

*Hardwired points will vary in installation cost depending on location and difficulty of installation. Example if we have to drill through a will in order to get wire to a point then it will take more time. If we have to rent a 26 foot lift to run wire then obviously that would raise the cost. If the point has to have wire installed then it will cost more and if the point is 200 or 500 feet away that is a factor as well. So the above figures will help you with the equipment cost estimation and the labor estimation will vary depending on the project. If you have drop tile and the point is close normally we figure 1 hour for a hardwired point. We would figure 15 minutes for a wireless point but normally the cost evens out somewhat.


A wireless Contact is $68 plus $20 labor or $88 (Do have to change batteries every 3-6 years)

A hardwired Contact is $14 plus $10 wire plus $77 labor or $101
So as you can see going wireless can end up saving 15-20 percent depending on quantities.

A recessed contact is $14 plus $77 for one hour or $91

A BMS High Security Contact is $130 plus $77 or $207

A recessed contact that is 400 feet though a warehouse would have the extra length of wire added as well as the lift charge.

D5512 and D4512 Panels with the D920 and D930 Keypads This panel has a USB connection and connects to your internet

D5512 and D4512 Panels with the D920 and D930 Keypads This panel has a USB connection and connects to your internet

These prices are for examples only so if you need updated pricing please contact Larry at Larry@PeakAlarm.com and he can get you current prices.

Some of the best Wireless Security systems with pricing

When you need long range wireless security go with the best.

When you need long range wireless security go with the best.

American Security & Fire, Inc. can get most brands of wireless security although we lean toward Inovonics which is one of the better ones although the prices are slightly higher the range is also quite a bit better than most residential wireless systems in fact when the Government uses wireless security much of the time they use Bosch with Inovonics. If you already have a Bosch panel you can add wireless security. Many times when you have a wall in between the device and the panel you cut your distance/range down. Starting out with a better range in the first place makes it less likely that you will need a repeater.

The ENKIT-01 kit includes the ISW-D8125CW-V2 and the EN4200 Receiver and the cost is only $233 this kit works with the GV3 and older systems such as the GV2 and G panels it is also compatible with the D7412 and D9412 panels version 6.30 and above and it is compatible with D7212 version 6.41 or higher.

The ENKIT-SDI2 is the Inovonics kit you need to integrate a Bosch GV4 panel to the Inovonics devices. This includes the B820 and the EN4200 and can go up to 1000 feet from the panel. The cost is the same. The GV4 panels have many new options such as connecting to your system with your IPHONE and such.

Double button water resistant panic/duress/ EN1223D $77 each

Door window contact with transmitter is the EN1210W for $59 The EN1215 has a back tamper for UL if needed $63

Wireless Smoke detector EN1242 for $133

Glass Break detector EN1247 for $133

Motion detectors are EN1262 Pet for $142, The EN1260 for $140 the EN1265 for $150 which is a 360 degree detector or the High Traffic motion where the batteries last longer EN1261HT for $138

If you are trying to pinch pennies then this may not be the system for you. If you have a facility or large home where security is important but you can’t cut holes in the walls to install security then this is a good option for you. Keep in mind that the kits listed here require that you tie them to an existing or new Bosch panel. We recommend the D9412GV4 or the D7412GV4. The D9412GV4 can do up to 8 doors of access control and over 200 points and the D7412GV4 can do 2 doors of access and upto 75 points of security. Both of these panels are also UL listed for commercial Fire Alarm as well. When you have an interest in any of these options please call our office at 801 263 6002 or email us at larrylove@hotmail.com

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