North Pole amusement park Colorado bad experience

Customer service classes may be in order

Customer service classes may be in order

North Pole Amusement Park with Santa’s Workshop in Colorado may need to send their employees and or owners to customer service training

My daughter and her husband with my three grandchildren went to the North Pole Amusement Park in Colorado and my daughter’s account of the experience is concerning.

Many of the reviews that I read online were excellent saying that it was a fun park. Some people feel the rides are old and should be updated but the rides are old because they basically collect and refurbish older rides.

My daughter said the food was not very good and it was over priced which is what we would all expect from an amusement park but when she recounted her experience with the owner Tom Haggard I was concerned.

My daughter arrived at the park and they were only able to ride on three rides in an hour and then the park was shut down because of rain. The park did not offer rain checks or passes to return at a later date, but what concerns me more was the attitude of the person that attended my daughter and her family. She said he was rude. If indeed Tom Haggard really is the owner of this park it is sad that my daughter got the perception of rudeness from him. If their policy won’t allow for rain checks or free passes for another day or even discounted tickets he runs the risk of unhappy customers which means that advertising by word of mouth will be less than positive. Just the facebook post was able to reach quite a few people.

So if policy won’t allow them to give out rain checks (Free passes or discount passes) was it necessary that he treat a customer in a rude manner.

So I am not discouraging you from going to the North Pole Amusement Park although I would say make sure it is not on a rainy day and be careful not to talk to the owner on a bad day either. I am sure the owner has his own version of the encounter although when I went through customer service classes I learned rule number one which is “The customer is always right” and when there is a problem with that rule refer back to rule number one again “The Customer is always right.”

My daughter was with her husband and three small children which were excited to ride on the rides only to learn that the park was closing because of the rain. So a young mother is dealing with crying kids, wet kids and now she is being told they have to go home.

I wonder if it would have been terribly hard for the owner to take my daughter aside and provide her with some free passes to return. If this would have been her experience she would have posted a glowing review for The North Pole Amusement Park online and on facebook which would have sent more customers to his place of business.

As a side note, I was not there so I only heard about the experience by word of mouth from my daughter. Just from that encounter I would choice to go to a different park. My dad taught me a wonderful lesson that I try to live by. “If you have to choose between being right or kind, always choose kind.”

Some people are paranoid

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It is true that some people are worried about putting too much private information on the Internet and they say they will get robbed or be the victim of Identity theft. First off I highly doubt that anyone would choose me or my family for identity theft since we don’t have the best credit nor are we rich and apart from that if people are so bored as to be interested in my mundane life then great. I always said that if the FBI was interested in us it would be funny because they could say oh….They are going to work, oh they are going back home…..oh they are going to food shopping….oh they are going to church and then back home. It would be a fairly boring job to spy on us. Once in a while they could hear a family quarrel or if they had cameras watch us make Rosaries or gemstone necklaces.

So I don’t worry about things too much although you do have to be somewhat careful about posting certain things on the net such as when you are going on vacation so people don’t come to rob your house or so they don’t party at your house while you are gone. Once again I don’t think they would pick our house since we don’t have a hot tub and we only have one bathroom and the house was built in 1923 so I am sure they would rather pick a different home. Oh I guess they could rob us but mostly what they would find would be a bunch of religious books that really don’t have much of a street value, sure we have our big screen TV but it is old so it would not bring much nor is it one of the better ones, I suppose they could steel our clothes,,,,oh yea we don’t have many nice clothes so once again I am sure they would pick somewhere else but if they do decide to come to our house we would have to deal with it. Oh, I forgot we do have a couple nice pans and pots but they are older so we are back to the beginning again.

My friends brother thinks the government is watching him and he is always looking over his shoulder. I laugh because he is not interesting enough for them to be interested in him either. Some people are I suppose especially if they are selling drugs or have lots of money but for a home with two teenagers the government would be almost bored stiff spying on us.

Poem by Larry and Michelle and added to by Daris

My Great Uncle (or another title might be “Las Fincas”)



Wind and rain and mud and constant toil

Arriving before the sun has awoken from his sleep

The line of men worn and tattered appearing oh so loyal


Forming in teams of three they begin their trek climbing steep

One with a knife firmly tied to a pole of wood

Cuts the strong thick stem allowing the heavy load to leap


The bundle of long yellow fruit fell to where he stood

The dirty pad on his shoulder absorbed the forceful fall

Ramiro cringed with pain and soreness lifting as fast as he could


He fell into a watering trench slipping down to crawl

Retrieving the damaged fruit he made it to his feet

Hanging the heavy load on the moving mechanical awl


Hardly able to walk Ramiro feels like he’s been beat

Etelvina welcomes him home and finally he feels complete


Michelle Mejicanos & Larry Love


Larry vino a Guatemala y visito a Ramiro un día, y Eber se lo llevo para la cuadrilla a ver como Ramiro se ganaba el sustento del día y al llegar a la cuadrilla, todos le dieron la bienvenida y él se quedo sorprendido del trabajo de cómo se hacía y ahí mismo nos tomo una fotografía, que quedo de mandarla un día, pero ese día no llego. Y Larry sorprendido la almohadilla sucia al hombro se hecho, y cuando Ramiro le hecho el paquete de fruta amarilla Larry cayó de rodillas. Y como no se podía parar le ayudaron los de la cuadrilla. Y era un hermoso día ya que el sol resplandecía. Y cuando llego donde su mami telvi le dijo que cansado venia, y su mami telvi le dio un pedazo de piña fría y el contesto con esto si me refresque el día porque cansado me sentía. Y le gustaron las bananeras y dijo que volvería algún día. Y hasta hoy que anochece y amanece, el sol brilla y Larry no aparece todavía. Larry quedo sorprendido de ver como Ramiro se gana el sustento del día. Y tiene treinta años de trabajo en las bananeras y no le duelen ni las rodillas. Saludos. Daris López y Ramiro López.


Larry came to Guatemala and visited Ramiro one day, and Eber took him to the crew to see Ramiro breadwinner of the day and upon arrival the crew, all welcomed him and he was surprised how work was made and right there we took a picture, send the remainder of a day but that day came. And Larry surprised dirty shoulder pad is made, and when Ramiro made Larry package yellow fruit fell to his knees. And since it was not helped stop the gang. And it was a beautiful day and the sun shone. And when I get where your mom told him telvi came weary, and his mom gave him a piece telvi pineapple cold and if I answer with this cool day because I was tired. And I liked the banana and said he would someday. And even now that dusk and dawn, the sun shines and Larry does not appear yet. Larry was shocked to see how Ramiro breadwinner of the day. And he has thirty years of work in the plantations and do not hurt or knees. Greetings. Ramiro Lopez and Lopez Daris. (Translated by Daris)


This is a poem written by Ramiro and his Daughter and when it is translated it does not come across as well as it does in Spanish but I want to thank them for welcoming me when I did visit the Banana Plantations and showing me what real work is. This is an answer to the poem Michelle and I wrote about Ramiro. The Great Uncle which may be better titled “Las Fincas” Michelle’s teacher at school wants to put it on the school web site. I know there is an error “o” should be oh and if you find more errors that’s ok let me know.


Daris pointed out that Ramiro is strong and would not fall by the weight of the banana and she is right we were just taking poetic license in order to make a point of how hard the work really is.


Daris dijo que Ramiro es muy fuerte y no va a caller bajo de las bananas pero Michelle y yo solo usamos esto como un ejemplo para mostar que el trabajo es muy dificil.