DongFang 150cc gas milage 76mpg


Even with the issues I will still give this bike a 2 thumbs up for the price. All other 150cc scooters in town were way over double the cost.

Just a couple other items about the new scooter. When you try to take the gas cap off which is under the seat it is smooth on the part you turn and sometimes hard to get off unless you have something to pry it up with. The tank says it is empty when it is only 1/2 tank down so this is not a surprise considering what we paid for the bike.

The other thing is that after driving 5 blocks (Salt Lake City blocks) the odometer registers 1 mile when in reality 7 blocks is a mile. Having said that I drove what the scooter said was 73 miles today on .68 gallons of gas which would be 107 miles per gallon but that did not make sense so I checked the miles and 73 miles on the bike is 365 blocks or 52 real miles per .68 gallons or after doing the math 76 miles per gallon.

So you may want to either have something to pry up the gas cap or get a new one. It turns fine but once it is ready to lift up you may have a hard time pulling it up.

Check your odometer and make the corrections but 76 miles per gallon is still great but if you go off the odometer then it appears your getting 107mpg when it really was 76mpg.

Tighten the bolts and screws on the bike before riding it and change the oil with 10-40

Make sure you secure the trunk down because as mentioned in the previous post it fell off and was damaged and does not appear to really fit this bike so make sure you bolt it down securely.

Today we got up to about 58 miles per hour with two people or a total weight of 340 pounds and that was with the wind at our backs. When the wind was coming at us we could only get up to 50 miles per hour. This is really a fun scooter.

The UPS guy saw my scooter and asked me about it. He was impressed that it got 76 miles to each gallon of gas and then he said, “Does it make you feel less of a man to ride the scooter?” I laughed at this and said no, I really don’t care what people think. Now if I were out trying to impress girls and if I were the type of guy that worried so much about my image then I might be bothered. It gets me from point A to point B, it has plenty of get up and go and although we don’t take it on the freeway it can still go upto 58 mile per hour so this is the report on the scooter we just bought. I rode it to to work again today and I got here in 20 min and normally it takes about 25 in the truck and I take the freeway so maybe if I took the truck on the back streets then I would make the same time but IDK but it is a fun bike for the summer. Just as a note, the odometor is not registering miles but kilometers instead so it is not broken.

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