Security tips for businesses in Utah

Tips to Protect your Business
I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)

I took this picture at the SLC Zoo (Hogle)

Burglars target businesses that do not have security systems and camera systems more often than those that do. Burglars look for what the police call “targets of opportunity” In other words, easy pickings. When your alarm system is outdated or in disrepair this can also put you at risk.

Look into making a reasonable investment in good locks, outdoor lighting, a new camera system that you can remotely access and a new security system that you can control using your smartphone. This investment will pay off in security and peace of mind.

Leasing a system will allow you to make smaller monthly payments yet you can have your system installed today and when the technology changes in a few years you can have the system updated to a newer system keeping your business on the cutting edge and protected.

Here are some specific measures you can take starting today.

Test your security and camera system regularly replacing decals and signs as needed.

Keep overhead doors closed and locked. Consider padlocks on the garage door tracks.

Keep your outside lighting in working order and consider adding additional lights and cameras.

Hold ongoing training on how to use the security system for new employees and hold review training for employees that may have been trained but do not use the system very often.

Update your call list every few months making sure phone numbers and names are current.

Every 6 months or every year it is prudent to change all of the security codes. That way if anyone was sharing their code with someone else the old codes will not function. Avoid programming codes that are easy to guess like birth years etc…

To reduce false alarms do not leave balloons near your motion detectors, avoid having hanging displays or mobiles near the motion detection areas. Keep the equipment clean and free of spider webs. Do not have plants or other hanging objects near the heating and air conditioning vents because many times the air flow can cause them to move and set off your motion detectors.

Avoid installing motion detection in areas where the temperatures are very low or very high.

Have your security system serviced so it stays in top operating condition. Batteries should be checked periodically and changed as needed. When a door contact or motion detectors are damaged and not repaired, employees notice as do others making the building a more desirable target.

Don’t keep expensive inventory in areas of your business that do not have good constant camera coverage that you can review. Unfortunately a high percentage of shrinkage is attributed to employees and former employees that know your business. Using your camera system proactively can make your employees aware that you do use the camera system and are checking. Let them know how much you appreciate how organized they are or how they handled specific situations. Tell them you saw them unload product while viewing the camera system and let them know what a great job they did. When you use your camera system in such a way people are made aware that you are viewing the cameras and they are less likely to do things they should not do or be involved in theft.

Peak Alarm has been in business for 45 years, Peak Alarm is licensed and insured and they have an A+ rating with the BBB

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Make a list of any items you may be interested in and call Larry Love at Peak for a free consultation Office 801 428 1384 or cell 801 898 6003 email is

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ABOUT PEAK: Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, Peak has over 270 employees and five offices, 2 in Idaho, one in Saint George, one in Park City and our Salt Lake office as shown in this picture. I have been in the Alarm industry for 18 years and in the Guard industry for a few years as well. So I have been in the security industry over 20 years.

ABOUT CURRENT PACKAGES: Peak Alarm has experts in Fire Alarm, Intrusion Systems, Access Control, Door Control and cameras. We have entry level options in each area and mid range then enterprise systems for large facilities. Peak Alarm’s new PeakLink and PeakView packages make it easy to get the newer technology with a low monthly monitoring rate. We have packages that start out at $99 installation and $39 per month monitoring. We can add Elite control for only $5 per month that allows you to arm and disarm your security system from your smart phone. You can also control your temperature controls, cameras, lights, garage door and even locks from your smart phone through your security system.

CAMERAS: We have great packages that allow you to view and control your cameras from your smart phone. We have analog systems still, although IP cameras will allow you to zoom in after the fact much better than the older technology. If you have color cameras that are 700 TVL (some of the higher resolution cameras) know that the small 2.1MP cameras are much better although they also take 3 to 4 times as much storage but the DVR/NVR units are getting much more affordable now. We have entry level systems in both IP and analog and DVR/NVR in both and even ones that are Hybrid allowing you to have both IP and analog cameras on the same unit.

MONTHLY MONITORING : Peak Alarm has a UL listed Monitoring Central Station (Only one of 2 UL listed Stations in the State of Utah) Peak Alarm offers monitoring of your home security systems, business security, fire alarm and monitoring of elevators. We have an extensive radio network that will allow you to cancel your analog phone lines and install a radio, cellular or high supervision cellular to monitor your fire alarm and or security systems.

SPECIAL PRICING : I can get special pricing for friends and family on the monitoring. Most of our contracts are 36 months although we offer options for 24 months, 12 months and even month to month. When the contract is changed to lower the months the amount of the equipment that we can subsidize is changed so the equipment would be more expensive if you did not want the longer monitoring contract.

GUARDS AND PATROL : Peak Alarm has a Guard and Patrol division. Our prices are very competitive and in Salt Lake City where the Police do not respond to Alarms unless they are panic alarms Peak can help protect your residential properties and businesses at an affordable rate.

AUDIO VISUAL: Peak also has a full service AV Audio Visual division that installs home entertainment or full size theater systems for businesses. We have special speakers that can be built into your walls and big screens as well as very large touch screens that allow interactive use just like a tablet but much larger.

Call Peak for all your security needs

Call Peak for all your security needs

Eliminate your analog phone lines for fire alarm



High Supervision Cellular or AES Radio communicators will allow the owner of a business that has a Fire Alarm System to eliminate their analog phonelines which can save them the cost of the dedicated line and they can cancel their analog lines.

The cost of these units will vary slightly depending on the location of the service but a close estimate here in Salt Lake is right around $600 for either unit.

Central Station Monitoring is as low as $25 per month

AES Radio Monitoring is $15 per month

High Supervision Cellular that communicates every 6 minutes is only $22 per month. (Normal cellular is only $10 per month through Peak Alarm)

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 today to switch your monitoring to Peak Alarm.

Peak Alarm contracts are normally 36 month contracts because it allows us to subsidize some of the cost of the equipment into the monitoring. We can do 24 month or 12 month contracts although the cost of the equipment is a bit more.


Picture I took in Guatemala

Partitions on a security system by Peak Alarm

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Many people don’t understand how many features the newer security systems can do now. Here are a list of items that you can discuss with your security contractor. Know that some of the entry level panels will not do all of these functions but Bosch and DMP will do all of them and more.

1. Partitions can be set so you can one one security panel and arm and disarm several different areas independently. You can arm up all the emergency doors on one area. You could arm up the room where the money is on a different area and disarm it when needed. You could have 8 or 16 stores in a strip mall and have separate keypads on each one and they all could arm up separately and the security codes for the ice cream store would not work on the hair salon although the system is all working off one main security panel the panel is partitioned into different areas and even different account numbers.

2. Openings and closings. This allows the panel to send reports to the central station every time it is armed and disarmed and by whom.

3. Late to open. When you have a store and want to make sure your employees are opening the store on time you can set the time up and you will get a phone call or email notification if your employee opens late.

4. Late to close. Same thing, if they arm up too late you will be notified.

5. Early to open. If if your employee opens up too early you will be notified. We had a tanning salon where the employees were going in around 4am to tan before the salon would open and the owner was notified and resolved the issue.

6. Specific points can be local while disarmed meaning that the emergency doors could set the siren off during the day but would not send alarms to the central station.

7. Specific points on the same partition can be set to send alarms even while the system is not armed up. These would 24 hour points that need to send signals to the central station even when the system is disarmed like panic buttons, 24 hour emergency side doors etc..

8. All the points can be programmed to either be bypassable or non bypassable.

9. Cross zoning to avoid false alarms. You can make it so 2 points have to be put into alarm before the signal is sent to the central station helping to avoid false alarms.

10. Normal contacts can be defeated by using magnets although high security BMS contacts cannot be defeated with that method so you may consider high security contacts on certain projects.

11. Watch for additional information on motions, glass breaks etc…

12. You could set your roof hatch as a 24 point and when you need to go on the roof just bypass that point, service the items on the roof and then unbypass the point.

13. You can set up different keypads to arm and disarm different areas.

14. You can use your security system to send environmental alarms like humidity alarm, freeze alarm, water alarm, low liquid levels or high liquid levels, high temp alarm or many other such as ammonia alarms or specific gas alarms.

15. You can arm and disarm your system using your smart phone.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm 801 898 6003 or office 801 428 1384 email

High Security Intrusion systems


It's more than just the pricetag

It’s more than just the pricetag

Well often I get told that I include too many details so I will try to keep it fairly understandable.

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1. The new addressable security systems can be wired in a loop so if you cut the wires near the start of the loop you could loose much of the system or disable it. Now keep in mind the system would either go into alarm or trouble depending on how it was programed. Addressable systems can save you quite a bit in wire as compared to a wiring configuration in #2.

2. Because of this, many government projects require us to run a wire out to each device and then back to the panel so if one wire gets cut it only takes out the one item like a motion or a door contact leaving the rest of your system operational. This configuration uses much more wire.

3. Normal door contacts can be defeated using magnets and a normal contact costs under $20 dollars depending on the type, size, brand etc. Using BMS contacts or balanced magnetic contacts can increase your security making it much more difficult to defeat.

4. Having a high supervision cellular unit or even a backup cell unit tied to your system in case the phone lines are cut or in case the internet is cut is also prudent.

5. Getting more expensive motion detectors can reduce the false alarms and increase your security. The new Tritech motions from Bosch also have an anti masking option so if someone sprays paint on the motion it will go into trouble or alarm depending on how you program the point. You can program this feature as an audible alarm or a silent alarm for obvious reasons.

6. Having battery backup on your system is important and having the whole system on a UPS backup is prudent as well.

7. Having your system installed in conduit or even better ridged threaded crimped conduit like a prison would do can increase security making it harder to defeat.

8. Installing the devices using tamper screws is also a good plan when you have a high security system.

9. One facility we designed installed two separate security systems for the same building making it that much harder to defeat both systems.

10. Keeping your access control separate from your security system also helps. Many companies make it so when the first person in cards in or swipes their card the security disarms. This is a loop hole that can be taken advantage of.

11. Install scramble pads combined with your keypad codes so people have to enter a code on the scramble pad and present their prox card to get in.

12. Install biometric readers. There are many kinds out there and the new one not only look for the fingerprints or examine the retina but some of them now can look at the vein pattern in your hand so if would not matter if your hand was dirty or not but if your hand was cut off it would not work.

13. Train your employees so they know what to do in case of an emergency. You can set up duress codes so if a bank is being robbed and the person is asked to disarm the safe they can enter their code and the light turns green letting them in and a silent panic is sent to the central station and does not show up on the keypad. Many codes can be set as plus one codes for duress so if their code is 1255 then they would enter 1256 as a duress code and it appears to disarm the system but it sends an alarm instead.

14. There are many types of motions, glass break sensors, temp sensors, pressure mats, fence sensors, camera analitics and the list goes on but you should know that not all security systems are created equal, nor are they programmed equal. Most companies want to install a system and leave and get their money. When you need a contractor that is willing to work with you according to your specific needs give us a call at 801 428 1384 or (801) 898 6003 for all your high security needs. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years now. You can also email

Security Systems in Utah

Get it done right not cheap

It might be free but most of the time the free systems work out costing much more than getting it done right.

Free Systems end up with many more hidden costs and often the monthly monitoring is sold to yet another company and they will refuse to honor any warranties you may have had with the installer. If you try to cancel your contract many times they will charge you over $2500 to get out of it. Read the fine print. We believe in a bit different approach when it comes to customer service. If we are providing you with a good service we hope you stay with us and if we are not then we encourage you to change companies and we will even give you other companies names and numbers to call that we trust.

Typically monitoring will run about $30 per month which is one dollar a day. If you want to wrap the equipment and installation into the price then you will end up paying more. Just divide it and see how much you will end up paying because you will either pay now or pay later. If the company charges you $45 for the next 5 years then it is simple to figure 60 payments at $45 is $2,700 so that is what you will end up paying. If it is $42 per month then it works out to $2,520. The free systems you buy normally include a panel, battery, siren, one motion and 2 door contacts and adding additional equipment can be quite expensive if the panel will even allow expansion which you need to find out before making the purchase. If you pay $99 for installation and then you pay the monthly monitoring fee you will be able to see how much you are really paying for the system. Typically keypads cost just over $100 or $140 each and the panels normally cost from $200 to $400 each depending on the features, the devices normally cost from $45 to $150 depending on what it is. Our labor is $77 per hour but many of these companies end up charging more than that for additional equipment and labor.

Do some research on the security systems that you are looking at. Bosch has several levels of security systems so you can still have the 3 year warranty and decide on your level of protection. Security Systems in Utah and Salt Lake City should be installed by a reliable company and monitored by an honest company.

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