Can I interest you in a false sense of security?

Would you get close to her?

Would you get close to her?

Companies offer FREE equipment and then end up locking you into a longer term contract or higher monthly payments. Don’t buy without taking time to think it over. Consider a local company instead of a National Company where you will have issues even calling someone for help.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for Utah and Idaho where you can have an actual security designed with quality equipment

Larry’s phone is (801) 428 1384 or toll free at (888)822 7231 x384 or email him at Larry has over 20 years in the industry has experience and training in several different products such as Bosch, DMP, Readykey Pro and is currently an Axis Certified Professional and NICET level 2 and State of Utah Master Fire Alarm tech level 3.

Peak Alarm Web site

Many salesmen will give you a song and a dance but Larry can give you the actual information without the pressure.

Call the BBB Better Business Bureau and get the reviews and complaints before you buy. Peak has only had 3 complaints in the last 3 years compared with several of our competitors that have several thousand complaints each. Look them up, be sure to look up their DBA company names because several of our competitors have changed their names because of legal issues.

Normally Peak Alarm does not install FREE systems and that is one of the reasons we have stayed in business for over 46 years. You get what you pay for no ands ifs or buts about it.

Security System Pricing

I took this picture in Guatemala

I took this picture in Guatemala

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for Security System Pricing

PeakLink Security System for $99.00 dollars installed and $46.00 per month for 36 Months

System includes: Panel, Cellular Communicator, Keypad, Siren, 3 Door or Window Contacts, 1 Motion Detector and battery.

Pricing options:

Month to month without a long term contract:
$870 down and $46.00 per month (Can Cancel with 30 days notice)
12 Month agreement $645 down and $46.00 per month
24 Month agreement $340 down and $46.00 per month
36 Month agreement $99 down and $46.00 per month
48 Month agreement $75 down and $46.00 per month
60 Month agreement $49 down and $46.00 per month

36 Month agreement is our most popular since it is not a long term yet we can still subsidize most of the upfront costs of this size of a system.

Beware of those that tell you that you are getting free equipment because nothing is really free. Normally you would end up extending the amount of months or you would pay more on the monthly fee.

Breakdown of how the monitoring is billed for this deal we have on right now. (Prices valid for 30 days from 102715) Call for current deals

Monitoring………………….$24.00 per month
Smart phone control………….$15.00 per month
Repair agreement ……………$7.00 per month

Total would be ……………..$46.00 per month
and going with the repair agreement is prudent since we will come out and change the batteries and do service that is covered while you are paying the $7 per month. (It is $1 per point starting at a min of $7)

We can add Lighting Control, Lock Control, Thermostat control, Camera control and other things onto this same system to expand as needed.

When you live in an area where the police do not respond we can add ALARM RESPONSE for only $10.00 per month to your monthly. We have a full service Guard and Patrol Division that can respond in the Salt Lake area normally much faster than the police. Salt Lake has a non response policy so they will need someone to go to the home or business first to verify if a breakin has occurred and at that time we could call the police once the alarm has been determined to be a real alarm.

Peak Alarm Web Site

Please keep in mind that Peak Alarm is LOCAL, we have our own UL listed Central Station and Guard and Patrol Service.

Peak Alarm is not the low price leader although we get things done right and we take care of our customers and we have been doing so for over 46 years now.

Check all the companies you plan on using through Better Business Bureau since many of our competitors have had over 1000 complaints filed in the last 3 years and Peak has only had 3 and all of them are resolved.

There are several companies out there that will SHOW UP, SELL YOU THE SYSTEM, SELL THE MONITORING TO SOMEONE ELSE and you won’t be dealing with them any more. Some other companies will give you the low price and then you end up paying more per month because it is in the fine print.

Peak Alarm can work with you directly and we are here to stay. Call Larry and he can come out and help you with your home or business system.

Motions being damaged by your forklift?

Fire Alarms

Peak Alarm is a Bosch Dealer

The DS9371 ceiling mount motion by Bosch mounts at 25′ and can shoot three different directions so you can mount it above where the forklift could reach.

Bosch web site for DS9371 motion

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love x384

Proper placement of your motion detectors is very important. They need to be placed in areas to trap intruders. Many companies want to place motions everywhere which is fine although proper placement will allow you to spend less money and have a more effective system. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years, has an A+ rating with the better business bureau, has their own Guard and Patrol division, has their own UL listed Central Station and a full service AV division.

This motion is a tritech motion using three different methods to reduce false alarms. The fact that you can mount it high up and aim it three different directions is very important. Bosch has a 3 year warranty and is know for their quality.

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email him at Larry has been in the industry for over 20 years and has the experience and current certifications to help you with your security needs. Larry is NICET certified in fire alarm, an AXIS Certified Professional, Master Fire Alarm tech level three with the Utah State Fire Marshal’s office, Certified for design of UL2050 installations and more.

Precios seguridad monitoreo Utah Idaho espanol

Sitio de Peak Alarm llame Larry Love x384

Opciones de contratos: Mes por mes, 12 , 24 , 36 , 48 o 60 meses
Todas opciones son para PeakLink básico*
Opcion 1 – $799 instalación y $39.00 cada mes (puede cancelar con 30 días de noticia)
Opcion 2 – $499 instalación y $39.00 cada mes por 12 meses
Opcion 3 – $340 instalación y $39.00 cada mes por 24 meses
Opcion 4- $99 instalación y $39.00 cada mes por 36 meses (más común)
Opcion 5 – $75 instalación and $39.00 cada mes por 48 meses
Opciones de 60 meses están disponibles pero no tan común.

*Los cinco ejemplos arriba incluye: Control, celular, batería, 3 contactos para puertas, y un detector de moción. Precios incluye costo de comunicación de celular y líneas telefónicas no son necesarias. Cuando el cliente escoja añadir servicios como garantía de reparaciones el precio puede ser ajustado.
Cuando el pago inicial es más grande como en (opciones 1-3) podemos bajar los meses del contrato. Cuando el cliente necesita podemos elevar el precio de monitoreo o añadir meses y bajar el precio de instalación. Esto es muy similar de comprar un teléfono con contrato y sin contracto. Peak no va a hacer un chequeo de su crédito como muchas compañías.
Precios para añadir cosas adicionales:
Contactos de puertas, contactos para ventanas o botones de pánico $65 cada uno instalado
Detector de moción, detector de humo, detector de quiebra vidrios o detector de CO $130 cada uno
Caja para conectar a sus zonas de sistema con alambres $165

Para evitar precios de $100 por hora por residencial y $130 por hora comercial podemos añadir
el plan de reparaciones por $1 cada punto en su sistemas ($7 mínimo por mes )

Mi esposa y yo

Mi esposa y yo

Larry Love
Sistemas comerciales
Master Fire Alarm Tech AE034 / NICET II #107204
801 428 1384 cell 801 898 6003

Certificación de UL- Operando más de 46 años – A+ con BBB – 270 Empleados –

Electrical Engineers design alarm systems cameras fire alarm security

Tony's in Layton Utah

Tony’s in Layton Utah

Ask for Larry Love x384

Electrical Engineers in Utah and Salt Lake City design your alarm system professionally providing you with a set of plans and specifications so the project can be put out to bid allowing all the bidders to meet the specifications and bid using the counts shown on the plans.

Some of the Electrical Engineers in Utah are Spectrum Engineers, BNA Consulting Engineers, Royal Engineering in Provo, Case, Lowe and Hart in Ogden, ECE Engineering in Salt Lake, TW Engineering, Heath Engineering, Envision, Ken garner Engineering, PES, PVE Engineering, Norseth, Tasco, Beazer and others. There are many types of Engineers and these ones do Electrical Engineering which includes alarm systems.

Many times after the design is done the AHJ or City may require a 3rd Party review by companies such as Craig Blue P.E. Inc. or PCI Fire Protection Engineers or Superior Fire Protection Services or Van Boerum & Frank Associates or others.

Peak Alarm works with the Engineers and third party review companies in order to provide you with a system that meets your budget and code. Peak Alarm is licensed, insured and factory certified, with 46 years in business and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau Peak Alarm has the ability to do any size project. Peak Alarm has a full AV Division, Guard and Patrol Division, A UL Listed Central Station that is 5 Diamond Certified and a Full Alarm Installation and Service Company.

(801) 428 1384 Larry Love or call Peak Directly at (801) 486 7231 x384 or toll free (888) 822 7231

Quality longer lasting better built cameras

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Axis Certified Professionals

Axis Certified Professionals at Peak Alarm ask for Larry

Quality equipment normally takes longer to manufacture, is made with superior materials and lasts longer and works better. In our society often we end up paying more for brand names and many times brand name items are better than no name brands.


Cast of the Prodigal Son Musical

Cast of the Prodigal Son Musical

Larry is also involved in community theater and music

Ask for Larry Love


Larry Love has been in the industry for over 20 years including his Guard and Patrol experience combined with the alarm experience with American Security & Fire, Inc for over 16 years and Fire and Security Specialists FSS for 2 years. Larry is level 2 NICET in Fire Alarm and level 3 Master Fire Alarm Tech in Utah.

This local company has been in business for over 46 years and has the ability to do any size project for Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control and Camera Systems.

Camera access control systems salt lake city utah

Mexican sandwich

Mexican sandwich

Call Larry Love x384 or 801 428 1384

Peak Alarm has a CAD department to help you with your Fire Alarm drawings and our certified NICET designers can help you from the design stage of the project passing it off to our professional consultants and Installation team.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years

Peak Alarm is the only local company with a UL listed Central Station, Guard & Patrol Division, AV Division and a full Alarm installation and service company.

You get what you pay for so pay a bit more and go with the best. We are not low bidder very often but understand that often companies that are low bid have left something out of their proposal and many times they have to look for ways to cut corners. Peak Alarm does it right.

(801) 428 1384

Low bid in utah salt lake city Security Alarms

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384

Quality equipment and a professional installation is not always obtained when you go with low bid. When you decide to go with the lowest price, often you get what you pay for.

To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

Companies that are the consistent low bidders often leave things out and have to cut corners to finish the project without losing money. Many times these companies go out of business in the first few years because of mismanagement, not paying insurance, taxes, overtime and suppliers.

Does the company you use provide encrypted alarm systems such as DMP, Bosch or Qolsys to prevent hacking of your security?

1. Is the Alarm Company licensed by the State of Utah as an Alarm Company (DOPL)? This requires that they have a QA or Qualifying Agent that meets stringent experience requirements and testing. To install camera systems, intercoms, access control and other low voltage does not always mean you need to have a State Burglar Alarm Company license although I would rather have the company doing this sensitive work for me be a licensed company.
2. Are all of the employees licensed by DOPL? Division Of Occupational Licensing. (having passed an FBI background check) Many companies don’t license all their employees. Ask for their blue and white license because State law requires them to have it on their person at all times. Look up UTAH DOPL Licensed people and companies

3. Does the company you are considering have an A+ rating or an acceptable rating with the Better Business Bureau? Put in your zip then look up companies ? Two of our competitors have over 2000 complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau whereas in the last 5 years Peak Alarm has only had 5 complaints and they have all been dealt with.

In this day and age of the Internet anyone can post anything and do it on several sites and cause negative reviews to stand out. Peak Alarm takes all valid complaints seriously and uses them to make positive changes and improvements for the company. People that do not have valid complaints have not taken them to the Better Business Bureau because they know they will be investigated. So take care when reading and believing online complaints and reviews. Check out the BBB and talk to your neighbors and friends and look at the proof and results of a company that has been in business for over 46 years.

4. Does the company you are considering have current workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance and are they factory trained and certified? Peak Alarm recently paid to have over 20 employees certified on special systems and I was in those trainings and I also got certified. Peak Alarm is big on training and improving the company any way that will help us become bigger, better and faster.

5. Are the technicians certified to test and inspect fire alarm systems in the State of Utah? (Certifications from the State Fire Marshal) The tag and inspection for your sprinkler system is not the same one as the fire alarm, they are two separate tests. The fire alarm system is required by State law to be tested once a year.

Utah Fire Marshal Certification for Fire Alarm

6. Often after bidding occurs General Contractors will let the subs know what the bids were and give the low bidder a chance to back out and admit they left something out. This is embarrassing although it is realistic. Some general contractors will throw out the lowest bid if it is too far off, knowing that they are in for more headaches if they decide to use the lowest bid.
7. When you as a home owner or business owner get 3 bids for a camera system and two of them are over 20K and one is 12K you need to know that you are not looking at apples to apples bids. Either the equipment is in a whole difference class of equipment or something was left out. That is why having a drawing and a specification is so helpful. Go over your budget and decide at what quality level you would like to go with. There are entry level camera systems, mid-range and high end systems. We have AXIS/ Bosch cameras and Salient Servers for our high end camera systems and we have several other brands for our midrange and entry level systems. We have FLIR systems that also have entry level, midrange and high end within their brand.

AXIS Cameras are incredible

FLIR Entry Level, Midrange and High End

Bosch Video Lines

High End Video Servers

8. Labor is generally very close to what it should be on most bids although small companies with not as much overhead can bid their labor a bit lower although beware because when you go with companies like that often there are some risks involved. If the company only has one or two techs and there is a family emergency you may be out of luck. Here at Peak we have 5 offices and 271 employees to serve you.

Labor +Conduit if required+wire/cable+drilling & penetrations +device = Cost

A camera that is 300 feet from the headend will cost more to install than one that is in a drop tile office 100 feet from the headend. Good estimators factor all this in.

We have a different business model than many other companies that want to get in and get the system installed and get out. You may need to actually wait in line for our services depending on what it is. We offer same day SERVICE which many of the other large companies cannot do. However if you order a large fire alarm or camera system we will need to put you on the schedule and it may be out a few weeks. Companies are willing to wait because they know our track record. We order the right equipment and schedule the right people to install it. Our techs are not waiting in the office for the phone to ring. They are out working and we have customers call in every day to get on our schedule.

When you need to speak with someone you can call me and I will take responsibility and help you get a response whether it is from accounting, install or service.

9. Avoid proprietary equipment that only one or two dealers can sell and service. A company will get in the door with a lower price and then they have you hooked and can charge a much higher labor rate and they also charge more for parts. Peak Alarm charges $100 per hour for residential and $130 per hour for commercial work. There are some companies that charge less and normally if the company is charging quite a bit less there is a reason for it.

10. Peak Alarm has a full service Guard and Patrol company.

11. Peak AV division took #18 in the nation (SDM magazine)

12. Peak Alarmed rated #61 in the nation up from last years rating of 62 (also in SDM magazine)

13. Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station that is also 5 Diamond Certified meaning that we have redundant replacement equipment in stock, backup generators with fuel storage, bullet proof glass, man trap doors, min amount of dispatchers on staff at any given time, verified response times, annual audits from UL, every dispatcher has passed the 5 diamond test and knows the best way to respond to emergencies in a professional manner.

14. Peak Alarm is a member of NETONE which is a group of 36 elite alarm companies in the country. Peak covers Utah and Idaho. As a member of this group Peak Alarm has resources for training and recognition throughout the country. NETONE constantly seeks to improve the alarm industry and Peak is a part of those ongoing improvements.

15. Buy local and call Peak Alarm today. (801) 428 1384 Larry Love

Quality equipment installed by a professional licensed, insured factory trained company costs a bit more, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run.
Ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Elevator monitoring Utah Salt Lake City Idaho

Call Larry Love for pricing x384

Elevator Monitoring- Elevator code requires that all elevator telephones be programed to a number that is answered 24 hours a day with the capability of identifying the call locations.

This monitoring is only $15 dollars per month.

We will work with your elevator company giving them the toll free number to program into the elevator phone. (801) 428 1384

Protect your assets with updated technology don't stay stuck in the past

Protect your assets with updated technology don’t stay stuck in the past