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Peak Alarm is a MIRCOM Fire Alarm Dealer in Utah and Idaho.

Contact Larry Love for pricing: (801)428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com

Peak offers CAD drawings, Fire Marshal submittals, UL listed Central Station, Full Guard Division and our Alarm Division. Peak has NICET certified techs and certified fire alarm techs.

Peak Alarm employees over 300 local employees and has been in business since 1969

Get bids from Larry Love a NICET II Fire Alarm estimator with over 20 years of experience. (801) 428 1384 larry@peakalarm.com the company web site is www.peakalarm.com

Peak Alarm advertizing

UL2050 ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm http://www.peakalarm.com/ Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 for pricing security systems, fire alarms, access control, camera systems and 24 hour monitoring from our UL listed Central Station.

Peak Alarm has stepped up their advertising so you will see TV commercials, Radio spots and even electronic billboard ads for Peak Alarm. The new look of our website is very professional and after more than 47 years in business Peak Alarm is not only growing but improving as well.

Peak take complaints seriously and I met with the owner and the CEO of the company and they review these comments and use them as a way to improve what we are currently doing. Peak employees over 300 people locally and yet we are still a small company in many ways because you can still call our company (801) 486 7231 and get a live person quite quickly. We pride ourselves by striving to take care of our customers.

Peak Alarm has only had 1 complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Many of our competitors have hundreds and there are a couple of our competitors that have more than 3000 complaints. So be sure to check the www.bbb.org before buying any security system.

Peak Alarm also does not do Credit Checks. Peak does not give away free equipment either and that is why we have been in business so long. You may get a song and a dance from other companies claiming to give you something FREE but the truth is that equipment is not free, you will either pay more per month or you will pay for a longer period of time. So if the install is free compare against a normal Peak Alarm plan and you will see that we measure up in many ways that others don’t. Often other companies will run a credit check, they will also charge you more than $50 per month for normal monitoring services when Peak can give you additional services that other companies can for the same or for less money per month.

Beware of Monitoring companies that have very low cost plans per month because often they are computerized, or they are out of state or out of the country and the person calling you does not know anything about Salt Lake, Utah or Idaho when Peak Employees do. Peak Alarm is the only full service alarm company that has a full service Guard/Patrol company as well so when the Police do not respond, we do. Peak can normally get to your home in the Salt Lake area within 15 minutes and if the Police do respond in your area many times they will get there in 30 or even take over an hour.

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

Peak Alarm Salt Lake Office

47 years in business

47 years in business

Beware of TOP alarm company lists

Top alarm company lists are a tangled mess

Top alarm company lists are a tangled mess

BEWARE of the TOP ALARM company lists on the Internet. Many of them are just PAID advertisements.

On a recent TOP ALARM company list for Salt Lake City these are the results:

They listed a company in the number one position that is an out of state company that also provides out of state monitoring and that has over 70 complaints filed with the BBB in the last 3 years.

In number two position they listed a company that also has out of State monitoring and has over 4,000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org

In number three position they listed another out of State company that has over 450 complaints against them on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.

In fourth place they listed a Local company that has over 3,600 complaints that have been filed against them on the Better Business Bureau and they are not even BBB accredited.

Two companies that were not even listed in the Top Positions were:

Mountain Alarm which has an A+ rating with the BBB and only 2 complaints filed in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm which has an A+ rating with the BBB and only 2 complaints filed in the last 3 years.

So to figure out why two of the actual best alarm companies in Utah were not listed is easy because they did not pay for the advertizing but if you have thousands of complaints you can still be on the top 10 or top 5 companies in Utah or Salt Lake City.

Call Larry Love Larry@peakalarm.com 801 428 1384 for information or pricing. http://www.peakalarm.com Ask for Larry Love

Call Mountain Alarm at 801 363 9696 http://www.mountainalarm.com

Understanding Security Systems

Picture of Bosch Security System

Picture of Bosch Security System

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Understanding Security Systems

Main Security Control Panel with back up battery (Often in an electrical closet/sometimes combined with the keypad in one)

Keypads –Used to arm and disarm(Many systems will allow you to use your smart phone to arm/disarm)

Motion detectors – Many will detect heat and motion. There are different brands and qualities

Door and Window Contacts report if a point is opened (devices can be wireless or hardwired)

Glass Break and Shock sensors – Detects the frequency of breaking glass or vibrations

Panic buttons – can be programmed for medical alert or duress situations

Smoke/Heat/Freeze detectors – These report to the Central Station and the Fire department will be dispatched. 120 Volt smoke detectors in your home do not report to the central station they are made just to wake you up.

Flood and Temperature sensors can often save you just as much or more in the long run than a burg system. Detecting that the home or business is below 41 degrees will allow you to mitigate damage before pipes freeze or burst.
Security systems have additional sensors such as tilt sensors for artwork or specialized equipment for specific circumstances including pressure sensor mats, bill traps etc…

Additional items can be controlled by your security system such as Locks, Cameras, Lighting, Garage door, Thermostat control just to name some of the items all can be added to your security system.

Geo-fencing can be set up so when you get close to your home the lights come on the temperature is adjusted. The same geo-fencing can be set up so when the last cell phone leaves the area of the home or business the system will arm, garage door will close, lights will come on or off and the temperature can be adjusted.

A basic security system that has contacts for the entry and exit doors and one strategically placed trap motion can be purchased with the control panel, 3 Door Contacts and a motion for a very economical price and Peak Alarm offers very competitive monitoring rates.

The cost of the sensors will depend on the quantity and the quality and features that you decide upon. Additional services can also affect the monthly cost depending on your needs. When a higher down payment is made the monthly can often be reduced and when the monthly is higher we can lower the down payment that is required.

You can contact each and every window and each door and put motion detectors in all the rooms although in most cases this is not necessary.

1. Peak Alarm recommends that you have at least one smoke detector on the top floor and one on the bottom floor. This is not referring to fire code requirements for businesses or placement since the 120 volt smoke detectors will be in each bedroom and in the hallway outside each bedroom. Businesses will need to be designed per code whereas the additional smoke detection added to a home can be done without fire marshal approval and this is in addition to code requirements.

2. We recommend that trap motions be placed in areas of the home where burglars would most likely access. This reduces how many motions you install and still gives you coverage. If however you are concerned that someone may break into one room and then leave without going anywhere else, we can design a system with complete coverage.

3. It is recommended to install a water sensor in the area where the washer is, where the dishwasher is and anywhere you feel pipes could have issues such as water heaters etc…

4. It is recommended that you contact your garage door so when you check it remotely you can tell if is open or closed. You could also have Peak install a garage door module that would control your opener so you could remotely close the door if it were open.

5. Adding a repair/extended warranty onto the monthly fees is an option that will help you avoid paying hourly service rates when a covered issue occurs. This repair agreement also covers the replacement of batteries.

Older security systems were tied to phone lines which could go down or be cut by burglars
Security systems that are being monitored by 2G cellular will stop working next year in 2017 or this year because the cell towers will no longer support the 2G technology.

New Security Systems give you the ability to monitor them via Radio or Cellular Communicators

Cellular Communicators allow you to arm and disarm your system from your smart phone remotely

Most of the time your insurance company will give you a discount when your central station verifies that you have a monitored system that protects
against burglary, temperature fluctuations, fire and flooding.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm at (801) 428 1384 or (801) 898 6003 for a no cost estimate for any of these services. Larry@Peakalarm.com

Peak Audio Visual AV is number 19 in the Nation CEPRO Magazine

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Audio Visual Division of Peak Alarm just got ranked #19 in the Nation by CEPRO Magazine

Contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for pricing or information about Peak Alarm. Larry@PeakAlarm.com Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

CEPRO Magazine Top 100 Audio Visual site

Peak Audio Visual can do small home theaters or very large theaters and sound systems.

AV systems allow you to see, hear and feel like it is real.

AV systems allow you to see, hear and feel like it is real.

Visit Larrys alarms in Utah facebook

Security Systems at risk

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm

USA Today article notice the date of 2012

Cell towers will shortly turn off all the 2G communications and thousands of security systems will stop communicating. Most people update their cell phones on a regular basis to new models although many people that got the first security cell systems have not thought about updating their cell system that is built into their security system or attached to it.

AT&T 2G Sunset explained. ©2014 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are
trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 2G Sunset

1. Why are you shutting down your 2G network?
Mobile data traffic in the United States grew by 75,000 percent over a six-year span, from 2001-2006. In the six years that followed, mobile data traffic on AT&T’s national wireless network increased more than 50,000 percent (from January 2007 through December 2013). Reallocating capacity to our more advanced wireless networks will help more of our customers have a better experience.

2. The network turn down is not until 2017. Why are you sending me reminders now?
We believe it’s important for us to be transparent about our plans for the 2G network. Our spectrum reallocation efforts have already begun and will continue between now and January 1, 2017. We may turn down some markets entirely before 2017. We’re taking advantage of the long lead time to work proactively with customers who are using our 2G network today to manage their migration to the more advanced networks.

3. You say that you’ll work closely with customers to manage the migration process. How will customers be alerted of the transition and how will you ensure it’s a smooth process?
We’re committed to working closely with customers to make this process as easy as possible. In cases where we’re turning down AT&T’s owned and operated 2G network, we’ll continue to communicate specific details well in advance of turning down the network and work hard to ensure mobile communication needs are met throughout the process.

4. Why can’t AT&T allocate a small portion of its spectrum to accommodate subscribers who don’t want to transition?
Maintaining our 2G network to serve a small number of customers wouldn’t be an efficient use of our spectrum, which can be better used to support our 3G and 4G networks. By making this transition, M2M customers will be able to enhance their applications and solutions with new features (i.e. video cameras for real-time streaming/records for alarm solutions, driver dash cameras for fleet trucks, etc.) because of the higher speeds of the upgraded network, allowing them to better serve their customers and employees. This would not be possible on the 2G network.

5. Is this one way that you’re addressing the issue of limited spectrum?
We are happy with how our network is performing, but we are always looking to augment our spectrum position. In fact, we closed more than 60 spectrum deals in 2013 alone. Aside from the spectrum acquisitions, we’ve invested more than $140 billion of capital and spectrum acquisitions in our wireline and wireless networks in the last six years, and we plan to invest approximately $21 billion this year. We are getting better spectral efficiency with our LTE network, and we’re on track to begin the WCS build as planned in 2015.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 at Peak Alarm for a solution to your security communications issues. Larry@PeakAlarm.com< h1>

Switch your fire and security monitoring to a local company

It's more than just the pricetag

It’s more than just the pricetag

Would you like to switch your security or fire alarm monitoring to a local company?

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Monitoring switchover general pricing examples for 2016 SPRING SPECIALS 60 DAYS ONLY based on 36 month agreements:

NOTES ON PHONELINES: If you are paying for monitoring and paying for analog phone lines you may be paying too much. If you can cancel you phone line and use a cellular or radio it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

1. Burglar system up to 30 points no cost switchover and $25 per month when monitored over phoneline.
2. Burglar system up to 30 points no cost switchover and $40.00 per month when we install a new cellular communicator. ** This price includes remote arm and disarm. (Elite control)
3. Fire Alarm system up to 30 points tied to two analog phone lines. Inspection fee is $288 including acceptance tag and NFPA 72 report or you can add $24 per month for 12 months to pay for the annual inspection (divided into 12 payments.) Monthly monitoring would be $25.00 per month. When the system is larger we will need to do an evaluation and price this out for you. If the system only has 10 points on the system monitoring would be the same but the inspection fee would only be $180 per year or $15 per month for inspection.
4. Fire Alarm system up to 30 points when Peak Alarm adds a Cellular Communicator in order to eliminate the phone lines. $49 dollars installed and $47 per month. Annual inspection fee with tag and NFPA 72 report as in number 3 can be added to the monthly or you can pay before the inspection.
5. Fire Alarm system up to 30 points when Peak Alarm installs a new AES Radio in order to eliminate the phone lines. $315 dollars installed and $40 per month. Annual inspection fee with tag and NFPA 72 report as in number 3 and 4 can be added to the monthly or you can pay before the inspection according to your exact device and appliance counts.

*For each additional 15 points add $148 dollars to the switchover cost (Includes testing)

** Some alarm systems are so old that they cannot upgrade without changing the main panel, in which case we would need to know the exact model, brand and version of the system, how many devices, how many keypads and it is best to do a site visit before quoting pricing. Larry can come out to your facility or home at no charge to do this evaluation. If you Fire Alarm system can communicate using contact ID we can tie a new cellular unit on it, so it will be able to communicate. Fire Alarm High Supervision cellular units send a signal every 6 minutes.

*** Currently we do not offer remote arm and disarm services when using a radio to communicate. You will notice on the fire alarm that the radio costs a bit more for the installation but considering that you can eliminate your phone lines and it costs less per month this will be the best solution in the long run. The radio remains property of Peak Alarm and if it stops working peak will come out and service the radio at no charge.

Contact Larry for an exact quote on your specific system call
(801) 428 1384 Larry Love Larry@PeakAlarm.com

Advantages of a Monitored Security System

When someone watches after you peace of mind is there

When someone watches after you peace of mind is there

Advantages of a Monitored Security Fire System by Peak Alarm. Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com

When a fire occurs often the central station will dispatch before anyone at home or the neighbors see there is a problem and every second counts during a fire.

Many times having a monitored system will get you a discount on your insurance. Peak Alarm provides home and business owners certificates of monitoring all the time for this specific purpose so you can get the discount.

When dangerous levels of CO (Carbon Monoxide)build up often humans don’t notice and many times people don’t wake up with the alarms on the local CO detectors or smoke detectors and the Fire Department will wake people up and save them. Recently a dispatcher called to warn a family of high levels of CO only to be told everything was ok. The dispatcher called the Fire Department anyway and the family was saved when in all likelihood they would have died.

When a break in occurs whether you are home or not the Central Station will dispatch the authorities.

When you rely on yourself if the security panel is only programmed to send signals to your phone then if your phone is off or the battery is dead your alarm will not go anywhere. With a Central Station the dispatches keep calling the call list until they get someone or dispatch guards or the police.

When you are away on vacation and there is a water leak or if the home temperature drops below freezing you will be alerted so you can get the heat back on before there is a major problem with the pipes freezing and then later when they burst and cause a flood. Install flood and temp sensors on your home and business today.

Monitoring your facility with an AES radio or a cellular unit will allow your system to send signals even when your phonelines have been cut or are not working.

Not having your system monitored is like having a guard dog without any teeth.

Call for a free Quote for Utah and Idaho on your business or home.

PeakEdge Access Control Peak Alarm

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Peak Alarm just released it’s new access control product line “PeakEdge” which makes purchasing access doors easy and affordable.”

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Larry@PeakAlarm.com

Peak Alarm Web Site

Two doors of access control as low as $1,995 Installed and $30 per month for $36 months. This includes the 2 door controller, 1 IP POE Switch, 2 Proximity Card Readers, 2 Electric Door Strikes and 20 Access Cards or Fobs.

Another option is to Lease which would be as low as $499 Installed ant $80 per month for 36 months.

If you want maglocks instead of strikes simply at $349 to the install price and $5 to the monthly price

If you want to add maglocks to the lease instead of strikes add $100 to the install price and $10 per month to the monthly

To add Panic Compatible strikes add $349 to the install cost per strike and $5 to the monthly or $100 to the installation lease price and $10 per month.

Each package includes up to 100 feet of wire per door. Additional wire may increase the cost of the installation accordingly. Smart phone devices, tablets, wireless carrier plans, laptop and or desktop computers and internet access plans are not included.

If you need your door to unlock at specific times and stay unlocked then add $349 to the install price for each door you need to have function like this and $5 to the monthly price. If you don’t add the continuous duty strike the regular ones will get hot and burn up.

Photo ID Cards: Setup fee is $100 and $10 each printed card with the company logo and for blank cards or fobs the prices is $25 for a package of $5

To add the camera companion to this package add $699 and $10 per month to the price or $199 and $30 per month for the lease option.

I can figure up a price without the monthly agreement but this special pricing will not apply in that case. Normally access control doors cost over $2000 per door installed. This system includes the labor and the hardware to make the system work. It does not however include conduit if required. I can come by and do a site visit for your facility and determine the best product line for your project based on your specific needs.

To add a door plan on $1,000 for installation costs and $15 additional for the monthly fee on top of the other costs.

To add a door to a leased plan add $250 installation and $40 to the monthly plan.

To add a Video IP Intercom att $1,749 to the installation price and $25 per month or $899 installation and $45 per month for the lease option.

To add remote unlock add $249 to the installation cost and $2 to the monthly. (This includes the installation of the remote button to unlock the door. This normally is so a receptionist can remotely unlock a door.

Kenny Fox just passed the NICET III Fire Alarm test

Peak Alarm supports NICET

Peak Alarm supports NICET

Kenny Fox with Peak Alarm just passed his level 3 NICET exam. Congratulations to Kenny Fox in the Salt Lake City Peak Office.

Peak Alarm web site

Call Larry Love in the Salt Lake for more information about Peak or pricing (801) 428 1384 or email him at Larry@peakalarm.com

Kenny Fox is also certified in Mass Notification and other fields as well such as AXIS cameras. Peak Alarm supports NICET which is National Institute of Certification Engineering Technologies and in this case it is specific to FIRE ALARM.

Peak Alarm supports NICET certification.