El King Languages updated information Salt Lake City

llame 801 702 1007


The NEW address for EL KING LANGUAGES is 2880 W 4700 S, WVC, UT 84119 Phone (801) 702 1007. You can ask for Meri or Tomas Quiroz or (801) 676 6868

La nueva dirección para EL KING LANGUAGES es 2880 W 4700 S, WVC, UT 84119 Telefono (801) 702 1007 Puedes hablar con Meri o Tomas Quiroz

The old address was 603 E 4500 S, Murray Utah 84107 (Direccion de antes)

My wife is planning on taking English classes from EL KING. When she does we will post a review. My friend Norma took the three month course that is Monday through Thursday each week and she is now speaking much more English than before and said the class is definitely worth the investment.

Mi esposa quiere tomar la clase de EL KING. Cuando ella lo hace vamos a poner como era. Mi amiga Normal tomo las clases de Lunes a Jueves cada semana por tres meses y ahora ella esta hablando mas Ingles que antes y ella dijo que vale la pena. Puede contactar EL KING y asistir una clase gratis.

Hay clases en el dia y en la noche. There are classes during the day and at night. 6:30PM a 8:00PM y 8:00PM a 9:30PM

Ponga las pilas para hablar ingles.

Salt Lake Regional Hospital Comedy of errors

Our insurance changed starting the new year so we called our insurance company (HSA Healthplan – “A Health Insurance Company under the WISE network) and we were told to schedule the mammogram at Salt Lake Regional Hospital. There are some communication issues within Salt Lake Regional, they are on two different computer systems and they don’t or can’t read each other’s notes and our appointment kept getting canceled. We had to keep calling them back on multiple occasions and it was to say the least a comedy of errors that was not in the least bit funny.

This is what it is like to try and make an appointment at Salt Lake Regional Hospital

We called Salt Lake Regional and made the appointment

1. I called my insurance company (HSA healthplan) “A health insurance company” to pre-verify where I should make the mammogram appointment for my wife since our insurance had changed from Select Health to HAS Healthplan and they told me to call Salt Lake Regional since they are in the WISE network.

2. I called SL Regional and told them our insurance had changed and for that reason we needed to make a new mammogram appointment because he had to cancel an appointment at LDS Hospital because they were not in the WISE network. They did ask me for our Doctors Name which I gave them but we are also having to change doctors since he is not in our network either. They also asked me for the card number which I gave them as well as the verification phone number of 844 234 4472

3. Salt Lake Regional gave us the appointment of January 17th at 4PM and then the next day they just called and left me a message telling me my wife’s appointment was canceled. I made more calls calling my insurance company to verify that SL Regional is in network again and I called scheduling and spoke with two people and got it all straightened out. Each call was around 15 min long.

4. I then got another call the next day canceling the appointment again and then I made 4 more calls talking to Rachel and Melanie with my insurance company and I spoke with Shylo at Salt Lake Regional and I got it all worked out again. It appears that there are 2 different systems within Salt Lake Regional hospital and they don’t read each other’s notes. It appears they were looking at our old insurance information that was in their system and not the new information that I had given them. It appears someone should look at their procedures to see if something can be done to prevent this from happening again. If I am the only patient that has had issues then I could just be a complainer although if others are having the same issues I would hope that administration could take a close look at their processes.

5. I then got a call today 1/11/17 to reschedule because Debbie at 801 617 1919 said we were out of network and I then called my insurance company back, I called Shylo back to confirm that we are in Network. I asked her what type of operation they are running at Salt Lake Regional because it is not a professional operation . Should it take 14 calls to schedule a mammogram? My insurance company said we could go to the University of Utah since they are also in network but I would prefer going to SL Regional since it is closer but if this appointment gets canceled again we will change the mammogram to the U of U assuming that Salt Lake Regional does not want us to come there for services. That is how this appears. It is very frustrating, they used the excuse that they saw my wife in the system with Select Health and they looked up the insurance and found it was not in network. They obviously did not look at the notes that included the new insurance company and that was the whole reason we called in the first place otherwise we would have stayed at LDS Hospital.

6. I write restaurant reviews and if I were to write a review for Salt Lake Regional you would get one star and that is because finally Shylo took ownership of the issue and assured me it was all taken care of. She personally walked to each of the desks in the office to explain because emails and notes may either not be read or understood.

7. SUGGESTED TRAINING: I would suggest that some training be done with Salt Lake Regional personnel to read the notes from the prior calls, call the insurance company verification phone number before canceling an appointment and to call the patient when there is a concern before sending them a message that their appointment has been canceled. This would be a valuable training since it appears that they have two separate systems and two departments involved and they may not have access to each other’s information. They obviously don’t communicate with each other.

8. Many of the people at my wife’s work do not speak English well and if it is this hard to make an appointment to see a doctor or any other appointment at SL Regional it may be best to tell her friends not to go there because of how many issues we have had and if there is a language issue it would be worse. She is disappointed in the lack of professionalism with Salt Lake Regional. I pride myself on being a calm person but after 14 calls just to get an appointment I am frustrated.

9. We even faxed a copy of our insurance card to the Hospital. I would think that one phone call should be all that is needed to verify insurance. The mistakes were made by people that assumed things, they assumed we were covered by the insurance information in the computer system, they assumed that our doctor listed is in the same network as us but that is not correct and we have an appointment to change doctors as well. We told SL Regional that our doctor was not in our network and they said that’s ok we just need a name to put on the chart.

So we will wait to see if they cancel this appointment for the fourth time, there are still a few days before the appointment. I was assured that this is not the normal course of business at Salt Lake Regional Hospital and that this is not the NORM. I certainly hope it’s not because it does not appear to be a very organized operation. If information like this gets confused with an appointment I would hate to imagine problems that can occur if the organization of their staff, hospital facility and patient records are handled the same way.

Chile Tepin 307 W 200 S Salt Lake City

Picture taken by Larry Love

Chile Tepin 307 W 200 S, SLC, UTAH (801) 883 9255 Our rating is 3.5 Stars. My wife has wanted to try this restaurant and so we stopped in and had dinner. The atmosphere is not what you normally find at a Mexican restaurant. The decor is more modern. The space is very open and the large windows add to the ambiance.

The food was good although it is a bit expensive. We had two different shrimp dishes. There were nine shrimp on each plate and a very small Salad and some rice. The cost on the shrimp dishes was $14.99 each. The taste was good and the service was fine. I had the cream shrimp and my wife had the garlic shrimp. I had some sauce on my shrimp and her shrimp was more dry and not burnt but close. So if you are looking for a different type of Mexican food this is a good place to try. Sometimes we order another plate so we can take food home and so we also ordered the combination plate and the stuffed pepper had a great taste and was very authentic.

The question is whether we would go back again and the answer is yes. We enjoyed it and would love to try some of their other dishes.

Asian Tao 488 E 100 S, SLC, UTAH Review

Asian Tao 488 E 100 S, SLC, UTAH (801) 359 2092 Rated at 4 stars

I took my wife to dinner at Asian Tao last week and it was clean, affordable, friendly service and the food is good. My wife ordered the Salt and Pepper Chicken and I ordered the baby back ribs, we also ordered three appetizers. Spring rolls, deep fried Vietnamese egg rolls and chicken dumplings.

The prices are reasonable and I met the owner who is very nice. I would definitely
The glass is half full

Change your thoughts change your life.

give it a try especially if you always eat at the same places.

The question is whether we would go back again and the answer is yes we would. The food was well prepared, fresh and the place is clean. The prices are great and the staff is nice.

Affordable Heating Review Salt Lake City

Awesome company

Awesome company

Ok so on a 1-10 scale and 10 being the top score I give Affordable a 10

Affordable Heating http://www.ahc-utah.com/ and Cooling is a great company (801) 261 0924 ask for Harold.

Kurt one of their technicians came to my home and even put foot covers on his shoes before he came into the house. Kurt was very informative, knowledgeable and I found him to be extremely honest. Here was there about 30 minutes and fixed my problem quickly. Understand that they bill $75 per hour with a one hour minimum so plan on the charge but understand that their honesty makes up for any of the labor charge. Kurt has been with Affordable for the last 7 years.

I would definitely call Affordable Heating and Cooling Inc. again. It was a great experience. The owner scheduled the service call and was very polite on the phone and got the tech out in a very timely manner.

Another interesting fact is the tech told me that he has every door and window in his home protected with a security system Monitored by Peak Alarm. This just happened to be a coincidence.

Gloria Cardenas immigration attorney lawyer Utah

Mi familia

Mi familia

I spent an hour speaking with Gloria Cardenas from Familia America who is an immigration attorney here in Salt Lake City. I don’t recommend lawyers very often but when I do it is for a reason. I was very impressed with her knowledge and how much she cares about her clients. I went to an immigration appointment to interpret and she showed up with her clients. Gloria knows her stuff. The intake consultation is only $75 dollars and then she will give you an estimate of what it will cost. Give her a call at 801 656 9605 gloria.familiaamerica@gmail.com 6243 South Redwood Road STE 235, Taylorsville, Utah 84123 by Appointment only

Gaste como una hora hablando con Gloria Cardenas de Familia America, ella es una abogada de inmigración y sabe lo que hace. Ella vino con sus clientes y la primera consulta es $75 y despues ella puede darte un estimado. No doy referencias de abogados muy amenudo pero Gloria es una abogada que puede ayudarles. Llame 801 656 9605 gloria.familiaamerica@gmail.com 6243 South Redwood Road, STE 235 Taylorsville, Utah 84123 Tiene que hacer cita antes de ir a la oficina.

Rated best all around Alarm Company in Utah

Picture taken by Larry Love

Picture taken by Larry Love

Factors for rating the best all around alarm company in Utah. If you find another company that meets all of these criteria please let me know and I will add them to this article. :

1. Years in service 47+ and family owned.

2.A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org and this company only has 2 complaints on file within the last 2 years.

3. Ability to do any size project for Fire Alarm, Home Security, Business Alarms, Access Control, Intercoms and Cameras. This company has the capacity and 270 employees and can do any size project.

4. UL listed Central Station that is 5 Diamond certified with backup systems in place and backup central stations out of state. This company has more UL Certifications than any UL Central Station in Utah. Facts don’t lie. http://www.ul.com
5. This company owns their own Guard and Patrol division so they can respond to alarms and they have guard accounts and a large patrol division. All other alarm companies in the state of Utah hire this service out to a third party company.

6. This company also has an AV Division that is rated #19th in the National for what they do. This Audio Visual division can do home theater systems, security systems and very large theaters. They welcome you for tours at their Salt Lake City location.

7. This company has 4 offices to serve you in Salt Lake City, Saint George, Idaho Falls and Boise Idaho. They also have guard and patrol services in Park City and the adjacent areas.

8. This company does not charge a trip charge for accounts within 45 minutes of their offices. Many companies charge over $100 dollars per hour for trip charges so this alone would add over $200 more to a service call if you were 45 minutes away.

9. When reviewing the top ten lists or top five alarm company lists understand that you are viewing paid advertisements. Many of the companies that appear in these lists have over 100 complaints filed with the BBB and one top competitors has over 3000 filed in the last 2 years and they are currently being sued in several states.

10. This top rated company has a CAD department with the ability to do the drawings needed to submit to the city to get your permits and to get the job done professionally. Do your research before you hire an alarm company and I would be leery of the TOP rated companies on the PAID lists.

11. This company is licensed and insured and holds National Training certificates and has multiple NICET trained people. This company can provide you with the General Liability insurance required as well as Workers Compensation Insurance certificates and a very long list of projects that they have completed.

Who is this company that meets all the above criteria?

PEAK ALARM http://www.peakalarm.com
Peak SECURITY Peak Security Guards and Patrol
Peak AV Audio Visual http:www.peakav.net
Peak Central Station – UL listed Central Station – UL2050 for High Security -Fire Alarm – Home & Business – Bank Safe Vault etc….


Contact : Larry Love (801) 428 1384 larry@peakalarm.com Cell phone (801) 898 6003


Peak Alarm pagina de facebook en espanol Spanish

Many companies that are on the top ten or top five lists mainly concentrate on wireless systems because they are quick and easy. Peak Alarm does more commercial alarm systems than residential although it is just over 50% commercial and we can do the job right the first time.

The Company I would rate as number two: I did find another company that met many of the criteria but not all. The company I found does not have a Guard and Patrol division and they sold their central station although it did stay in the family so as I said they meet many of the criteria but not all. Mountain Alarm in Ogden is a great company and large enough to do most any project, they are insured,licensed and factory trained. They do both commercial and residential. Mountain Alarm has been in business since 1952, they also only have 2 complaints on file with the BBB in the last 2 years and they also have an A+ rating. When I was the Chairman of the Alarm Systems Board for Division of Occupational Licensing for the State of Utah Scott Sessions with Mountain Alarm was on the Board with me. Scott is a very professional businessman and a very positive and honest guy. So their you have it two recommendations for all around top rated Alarm Companies here in Utah. Peak Alarm and Mountain Alarm. http://www.mountainalarm.com z


North Pole amusement park Colorado bad experience

Customer service classes may be in order

Customer service classes may be in order

North Pole Amusement Park with Santa’s Workshop in Colorado may need to send their employees and or owners to customer service training

My daughter and her husband with my three grandchildren went to the North Pole Amusement Park in Colorado and my daughter’s account of the experience is concerning.

Many of the reviews that I read online were excellent saying that it was a fun park. Some people feel the rides are old and should be updated but the rides are old because they basically collect and refurbish older rides.

My daughter said the food was not very good and it was over priced which is what we would all expect from an amusement park but when she recounted her experience with the owner Tom Haggard I was concerned.

My daughter arrived at the park and they were only able to ride on three rides in an hour and then the park was shut down because of rain. The park did not offer rain checks or passes to return at a later date, but what concerns me more was the attitude of the person that attended my daughter and her family. She said he was rude. If indeed Tom Haggard really is the owner of this park it is sad that my daughter got the perception of rudeness from him. If their policy won’t allow for rain checks or free passes for another day or even discounted tickets he runs the risk of unhappy customers which means that advertising by word of mouth will be less than positive. Just the facebook post was able to reach quite a few people.

So if policy won’t allow them to give out rain checks (Free passes or discount passes) was it necessary that he treat a customer in a rude manner.

So I am not discouraging you from going to the North Pole Amusement Park although I would say make sure it is not on a rainy day and be careful not to talk to the owner on a bad day either. I am sure the owner has his own version of the encounter although when I went through customer service classes I learned rule number one which is “The customer is always right” and when there is a problem with that rule refer back to rule number one again “The Customer is always right.”

My daughter was with her husband and three small children which were excited to ride on the rides only to learn that the park was closing because of the rain. So a young mother is dealing with crying kids, wet kids and now she is being told they have to go home.

I wonder if it would have been terribly hard for the owner to take my daughter aside and provide her with some free passes to return. If this would have been her experience she would have posted a glowing review for The North Pole Amusement Park online and on facebook which would have sent more customers to his place of business.

As a side note, I was not there so I only heard about the experience by word of mouth from my daughter. Just from that encounter I would choice to go to a different park. My dad taught me a wonderful lesson that I try to live by. “If you have to choose between being right or kind, always choose kind.”

Nick Neel singing I’ll wait no more by Andres Paredes

Video of Nicholas Neel singing I’ll wait no more by Andres Paredes

The above link takes you to Nick Neel singing I’ll wait no more by Peruvian Composer Andres Paredes. Andres wrote and composed “The Prodigal Son Musical” three years ago. I had the privilege of playing the father in the musical on the first run and now I am participating again in the choir. The cast has been expanded as has the production and we will be performing in the LDS Conference Center theater on May 12,13 and 14th of May 2016. Jessica Lee Gilbert one of the newest members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who has a Masters degree in choir directing is the conductor of the choir and orchestra.

Andres Paredes is a graduate of the University of Utah in biology and also a fourth year medical student and a commissioner on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. Andres is an active member in his community and a dedicated uncle and son. Recently Andres produced “We Believe” which was another musical production performed in the Bountiful Theater where he brought over a hundred artists together for that fun production. You can find many videos on youtube with Andres and his singing sister Claudia Paredes Higginson. Andres is an accomplished self taught pianist. Andres teaches piano lessons locally mostly to children in the neighborhood. His parents return to Peru very couple months because they have a non profit charitable organization in Peru where they help children in need.

Andres has coordinated “The Prodigal Son” production and brought together a full orchestra, a choir of over 40 vocalists, a full cast and crew and all of these people are doing this production as volunteers. Andres appeared on channel 4 Utah on May 2, 2016 and was interviewed about this production. Doctor Daniel Tuutau who received his Phd in music played the son 3 years ago and this year he is singing in the choir and he is an acting and vocal coach for this production. During the first Prodigal Son Daniel helped many of us who did not have experience acting or singing make it through the musical. This time we have an amazing lineup including many talented artists in the orchestra. As soon as I heard the 22 year old Katie playing the french horn I melted. Janet who plays cello

Nick Neel has been in the children’s One Voice choir for many years and since he turned 18 this is his last year in that choir and Nick Neel has already began writing his own music and songs. I can see great things coming from Nicholas in the future and he is one to watch.

News report about this new musical

Andres Paredes has added several numbers to the musical including some solos of very high caliber. Andres has a wide circle of friends that include many musical people such as Lisa Benson, Stephanie Hooley, Cactus Jack, Erika Collins and many more and I would encourage everyone that loves musicals to attend this exciting event. You can get tickets online at Conference Center Ticket office site and the cost is only $4 dollars each.

Spiritual experiences should be treasured

Spiritual experiences should be treasured

This is Larry Love, from The Prodigal Son by Andres Paredes

This is Larry Love, from The Prodigal Son by Andres Paredes

Quartet from the musical The Prodigal Son 2013

Quartet from the musical The Prodigal Son 2013

El hijo prodigo. Aqui estoy como padre en este musical.

El hijo prodigo. Aqui estoy como padre en este musical.

Salsa Fresh Salt Lake City

Picture taken by Larry Love

Picture taken by Larry Love

Review of Salsa Fresh in Salt Lake City.

This is a brand new restaurant in Salt Lake City on North Temple just west of Redwood Road. (2080 West on North Temple) The location is a bit off the normal path. You will find it on the North side of the street next to the Patient Housing for the University of Utah medical center.

The decor is very modern and there is even a conference room in the back for business luncheons or parties. The ceiling is decorated with TELA or colored material from Guatemala with a lovely landscape of Antigua Guatemala on the back wall. The atmosphere is very clean roomy.

As I was entering to make a reservation for flamion for Valentines a couple was leaving and I asked them how their food was and the woman’s response was “Heavenly”. Salsa Fresh provides you with an order of free chips and you can sample all the different fresh salsas.

I was a bit leery of the location because it is off the beaten path, although I wish the owner all the best with his new venture.

Jose is the owner and chef. I was able to spend some time speaking with him about his menu and his new ideas. I took my wife there for valentines which had a special menu for $25 dollars each which included appetizer, entree and a desert. We were impressed. I would like to try more of the menu items. The night I went to make reservations I saw some of the eentres being taken out. One is a special shrimp rice served in half of a pineapple. Jose told me much of what he serves came from what he learned from his mother in Guatemala.

I would give the presentation an 8 or 9. All the staff except the hostess was in uniforms including the owner in his smart chef outfit. The steak and shrimp I ordered were very good. I would definitely go back for some of their regular menu items just because they are so different.