Security companies in Utah are not equal

Not all companies are alike

You’ve heard that we should compare apples to apples rather than apples and oranges.

Company One – UL listed monitoring station – backup generators – extra personnel on duty – secure facility – backup equipment in case of failure
Company two operating with one piece of equipment and no backup and one person in the facility. They they have a heart attack signals are not sent on to authorities.

Many other companies – OVER 1000 COMPLAINTS two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints (ASK WHY) – Sure you will find complaints on the internet for any company although looking at the is important because they investigate both sides of the issues so a customer that knows they did not pay their bill and should have normally won’t file a complaint but will complain online.

Company one – Advertises with actual commercials and word of mouth advertising.
Many other companies pay to be on a top ten alarm company list so when the internet pulls up results also check the Better Business Bureau not just a top internet list that is paid for.

Company one in business since 1969 not using gimmicks of offering free equipment
Many other companies giving free equipment out like candy – Often they go out of business in a few years.

Company one puts together custom systems to meet your needs
Other companies don’t address individual needs as well because they are cookie cutter companies

Company one has actual people that you can talk with and personal service
Many other companies are very difficult to talk to after you have purchased the system and need anything else.

Peak AlarmLarry Love (801) 428 1384 –
4 Offices (2 in Idaho and 2 in Utah)
Local Company that employees 300 local individuals
UL liSted Central Station with backup equipment and generators
In Business Since 1969
Family Owned
Many employees have been with the company for over 20 years
Full Service Alarm Company
Certified for UL2050 High Security as well as Bank Safe and Vault Installations
Full Service AV Company
Full Service Guard and Patrol Company
Full Service Central Station
Drug Testing Programs in place
Full Service Commercial and Residential installations

Call an alarm expert before you buy

Learning about how things are done to harvest bananas in Guatemala 6 days a week for $200 dollars a month on the best paying jobs.

Learning about how things are done to harvest bananas in Guatemala 6 days a week for $200 dollars a month on the best paying jobs.

Take time to speak with an expert before you buy an alarm system of any kind. Larry Love has been in the industry for over 20 years. If you buy inferior equipment or fall for the “free equipment” sales pitch often you will be upset later. Call Larry and go over your options. Peak Alarm offers different contract periods and different lines of equipment depending on your needs.

When an alarm company tells you that they will give you free equipment make sure to check the contract because nothing really ends up being free, you will pay either now or later. Peak offers very competitive monitoring rates. If you pay $35 per month for security monitoring we can subsidize part of the equipment and if you pay a bit more we can subsidize more and if you buy a repair agreement then it can help you avoid hourly labor charges and changing batteries.

Looking for the least expensive service like phone service can often bite you in the butt later on. Often the least expensive service gives you the least service as well. Look for a company that is solid. (47 years in business) look for a company that does not have to go to a third party to provide you alarm response with guards. (Peak has their own guards) Look for a company that has their own central station. (Peak is the only central station in Utah to hold 5 different UL certifications) Peak is certified for UL2050 installation and monitoring.

Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm among the best Monitoring rates in Utah

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for monitoring rates and pricing (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

MONITORING RATES FOR OUR UL LISTED CENTRAL STATION vary with each plan and the equipment that is used. Some common rates so you can compare are as follows although you need to understand if you have a system with 20 zones or a system with 100 zones the time to test those points or zones will vary as will the pricing. Also if we use a Radio or High Supervision Cellular to monitor the prices are different than a normal cellular or phone lines. Rates are subject to change so call Larry for current a current price quote that will be customized for your situation

MONITORING PRICING FOR FIRE ALARM WITH AES RADIO IS $340.00 installation cost and $40.00 per month for 36 months

MONITORING PRICING FOR FIRE ALARM USING HIGH SUPERVISION CELLULAR IS $144.00 installed and $47.00 per month for 36 months


MONITORING FOR A SECURITY PANEL OR A FIRE PANEL USING ANALOG PHONELINES IS ZERO TAKEOVER AND $32.00 per month. Discounts for multiple accounts can be given and takeover fees depend on the exact number of points and if you have over 30 points that need to be tested call Larry and he can visit your site and get you exact pricing on your facility.

ADDING REMOTE ARM/DISARM or what we call ELITE Control or INTERACTIVE adds $5 dollars per month. This only works with Cellular service so if you have Radio and you want Elite control we would need to switch to cellular. If you have Standard Cellular with out Elite that is normally $10 per month so having both adds $15 per month. Additional services such as controlling your lighting adds $4 per month, controlling your thermostat adds $4 per month, adding remote control to your house locks also adds $4 per month. We have package deals that have several of these items together to save you money. Adding cameras to your security system adds $10 per month to the monitoring fee for the first 4 cameras. These cameras can be viewed using the app that also arms and disarms your security system. We have other options for cameras that do not have monthly fees so just ask about cameras and we can come out and go over your questions with you.

ADDING A REPAIR AGREEMENT IS A GOOD IDEA SO YOU DON’T have to pay hourly rates which could be very expensive. This monthly fee will vary depending on how many points you have on your system. A basic system repair agreement only adds $7 per month to the monthly fee.

ALARM RESPONSE is only $10 per month and provides you with Guard response in covered areas up to four times during the year for no additional cost on alarms. That is $120.00 a year and up to 4 Patrol Responses which only comes to $30 per guard response compared with $75 per guard response on a normal dispatch.

KEY RESPONSE IS ONLY $20 per month. This means we will respond to your home or business up to 4 times during the year and we will enter the premise and check the property rather than just driving around it. If it is evident that there was or is a break in Peak Alarm will call the police.

UL2050 High Security Services add things such as Supervised Schedules, openings and closing and UL Certificate to the agreement. Call Larry for a no cost estimate for rates on a UL2050 high security installation or monitoring.

Many of our competitors have higher pricing after all is added into the pricing. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples before you make a decision on your monitoring. Also it is prudent to call or look up the Better Business Bureau since many of our competitors have hundreds or thousands of complaints and Peak Alarm has only had 3 complaints in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm offers 60 month agreements, 48 month agreements, 36 month, 24 month, 12 month or even month to month agreements depending on your needs. When you go with a higher down payment we can lower the length of the agreement, when you want a lower down payment or installation price we can adjust the monthly amount as well as the length of the agreement. The examples above are done using a 36 month agreement. We have pricing for all of the above plans figured up using the different agreement lengths. An example of this would be that you do not want a long term contract because you may only be in the building for 2 years so security monitoring using a standard cell phone communicator on a 2 year agreement would be $185 down and $35 per month or $75 down and $46 dollars per month depending on the plan you would like.

The benefit of using a RADIO is that the monthly charge for two phonelines often exceeds $100 per month for the phone service, the cost of high supervision cellular costs more than radio and if technology changes on the cellular as it just did you may need to purchase new equipment. Example: 2G cellular will no longer be supported by the cell towers so you need to upgrade to 3 or 4G. The Radio is maintained by Peak Alarm and remains property of Peak so if the radio stops working Peak comes out and fixes it.

Peak Alarm holds the STATE MONITORING CONTRACT so if you are a State facility you can take advantage of lower monitoring rates through the State Contract.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 47 years and holds 5 different Certifications with UL for installation and monitoring. Peak Alarm has over 270 employees here in Utah and we have offices in Idaho and Southern Utah as well. Peak Alarm also has a full Guard and Patrol Division and an AV Division.



The Truth About Peak Alarm

It's the combination of different ingredients that make this so good.

It’s the combination of different ingredients that make this so good.

It’s much more than just a sandwich.

When researching any large company online you will find negative comments, reviews and complaints. Every large company is a target for law suits and attacks by competitors. Sorting through the comments and getting at the truth is difficult at times. Deciding to use the lowest bid security company can also have its drawbacks because many times they are low bid because they left something out, they cut corners or they don’t have the proper licensing. Oftimes they don’t pay taxes and insurance or their overhead is much less because they operate out of their home or only have a few employees.

It is less expensive to have a security company like this do your installations although it is more risky. Finding a reliable company that will be in business for years to come, has the cash flow to complete your projects, the proper insurance, the proper licensing and the proper training is very important when you want the job done right.

Let’s look at the Facts before we get into the negative

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Look it up

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years when many competitors come and go.

Peak Alarm pays their taxes, insurance, current licensing, workers compensation, general liability and offers their employees great benefit packages. Recently a local security company was investigated for not paying their taxes, licensing or insurance. You won’t have that problem with Peak Alarm.

In the last 3 years Peak Alarm has only received 5 complaints at the Better Business Bureau and all of them have been closed out. Only one of those five complaints was filed in the last year.

Peak Alarm has over 270 employees and five offices in Utah and Idaho.

When you deal with a large stable company like Peak Alarm you can be assured that they will follow through, have the ability to order and provide the needed equipment and labor for any size project.

When you look up many of our competitors on the Better Business Bureau web site you will find that the complaints filed are copious. Two of the larger Peak Alarm competitors have over 3000 complaints that have been filed in the last 3 years.

Exploring the negative comments about Peak Alarm we have to concede that Peak Alarm is guilty of being a larger company and whenever you deal with a large company sometimes it is more difficult to get your projects scheduled quickly if there are customers waiting for installations. Peak Alarm customers overwhelmingly feel it is worth the wait to get the project done right. When a customer does not pay their bill the Peak Alarm accounting employees call them, send them letters and as a last resort send the account to collections because Peak Alarm is a business and we have not stayed in business by ignoring accounts payable. Customers with valid complaints can file those with Peak and the Better Business Bureau and have them investigated. The owner of Peak Alarm is an honest guy and has refused to cut corners and he insists that the company stays current on all their licensing, insurance and taxes. Peak Alarm listens and reads all the negative complaints, reviews and comments and when they are found to be something that Peak Alarm can improve on, changes are made and at times employees have even been fired if a solution could not be found. Peak strives to become better each year. This month Peak is holding another in house training using Stephen Covey’s teachings about the 7 habits of successful people.

Peak Alarm is in business to make money and sell Security Systems at a fair price. Some customers compare the Peak Alarm pricing to competitors that are offering similar equipment and feel that Peak is charging too much. That is the beauty of a free enterprise system. Those customers are free to go elsewhere and find the cheaper systems. Many times it comes down to what my mother taught me as a child. “You get what you pay for.” Peak is proud to offer much more than just the installed equipment. Peak Alarm offers a whole package: Equipment, Installation, Ongoing Service, A full Guard and Patrol company, A professional AV division, A local UL listed Central Station and a Professional Alarm Company.

Another criticism of Peak Alarm is that we only offer 36 month contracts or agreements. This is not true, Peak Alarm can do a 60 month, 48, 36, 12 or even a month to month contract. When you sign a 36 month contract Peak Alarm can subsidize some of the equipment using the monthly payment allowing us to give you a discounted price for the system. No matter what companies tell you the equipment is not free. You will pay for it now or later but you will pay for it. Read your contracts and work out a deal that you are satisfied with before you sign the contract.

Peak Alarm installs Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Intercoms, Camera Systems and Security Systems. DSX, DMP, Bosch, Axis, Silent Knight, Firelite, Hochiki and Honeywell are some of the brands that we use. Peak is one of the few companies that is certified to do High Security UL 2050 installations. Peak Alarm is one of the only two UL listed local Utah Central Stations. Peak is a solid choice when deciding on your full service security solutions provider.