Plan de emergencia de inmigración

Las personas que no están aquí en el país con permiso deben pensar en muchas cosas si algo pasa para poder proteger sus familias y para que los ninos puede ir al doctor, viajar con un familiar o amigo o para registrarse en la escuela. Debemos planear antemano.

Hispanos juntando para cambio

Immigration paperwork

After paying over 1000 dollars for the I-485 form that we submitted along with about 7 other forms at the same time we got a notice that it was denied so now we just applied all over again with the same paperwork and we had to pay the money all over again and submit the other 7 forms all over again as well.
Your not alone

Sometimes it seems like you are all alone

My wife got two official notices to appear and get her biometrics done which in this case consists of her picture being taken and getting her fingerprints taken. She showed up the first day and got the first biometric appointment done. She had to take off work to go to the appointment. Then she took off work to go to the second biometric appointment which was for her work permit. Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. She has had a Utah drivers license for the past 20 years and Utah would only renew it for less than 6 months until the immigration paperwork is done.

Another friend of ours applied for her residency by filling out all the forms, going to the medical appointment and paying the money. Her paperwork also came back denied because her husband who is a legal resident had not registered with the selective service so they had to get a lawyer to straighten it all out. She is applying again and paying the 1070 dollars plus the biometric fee of almost 100 all over again and her husband is applying to be a citizen since he qualifies. We hear story after story about these type of things and complaining does not do anyone any good although you can definitely see the system is broken.

1. Pay any and all fines with the City, State and Country such as parking, speeding, back taxes, child support and any other fine that you may have pending.

2. Do not drive without current valid insurance for your vehicle.

3. Order current birth certificates from your country with the new seals and get a current passport and consular ID from your country.

4. Participate in community programs keeping all certificates. One such program is the CERT Community Emergency Response Team Training.

5. Learn as much English as you can. There are many free programs or low cost programs through churches and community schools and universities.

6. Save up money for your forms and lawyer fees because it is best to hire an experienced immigration lawyer. Many of the forms cost over 1000 to file. Plan on paying about $2,600 if the lawyer has to file 1000 dollar form. You can submit things yourself although it is much more difficult so you can go to some legal workshops that are available through the community and they can help although there is no substitute for getting an experienced immigration lawyer.

When you file your I-485 form for example (for residency) it is best to file several other forms at the same time including your request for a work permit I-765 (not cost to file) and many times you should file your medical exam form to be sent in by a qualified doctor at the same time. You may also be required to file the affidavit of support at this time too so check with your lawyer. Your lawyer will have you sign a form so he or she may represent you. Sometimes you will be required to file paperwork showing that you do not have a criminal back ground so verify this with your lawyer but having all of these things ready will help you be ready to see your lawyer. has all of these forms along with the instructions to each form.

When I filed one of the forms immigration sent a request back that I fill out section B which was the spouse information and I had left it blank because I am a US Citizen and I had included a copy of my passport and birth certificate. So I filled out the section b that they required and sent it in, I then got an official order that required me (a US Citizen) to get my biometrics taken which I did even though I disputed it and USCIS issued me an A# (Alien Registration number) how can that happen you may ask? I asked the same thing from several people. I wrote letters to USCIS and my Senator and I did not get a response from either agency. I understand it was an error and this just goes to show how messed up our system is. My wife says I should not dwell on things like this and she is right although it is a bit nuts that my own government would issues me an alien registration number when I sent in my own birth certificate. SO currently we have spent over $13,000 dollars on immigration forms. ($5,000 on a lawyer and $8,000+ in additional forms that we filled out ourselves) I have learned a thing or two about the system so get your paperwork in order before you ever go to a lawyer and save up some cash so you will have the money needed to file the forms.

Recent USCIS Forms not as simple as it sounds

Don't get in the tangled mess. Most people need the help of a professional lawyer.

Don’t get in the tangled mess. Most people need the help of a professional lawyer.

This weekend I filed PRO SE (Without a lawyer) the I-485 form to apply for residency for my wife. So just so you know when you file this form most of the time you need to file several other forms at the same time. We have already spent over $13,000 dollars on immigration forms which includes the money we spent on our lawyer ($5,000)

We filed the I-485 too early before and the government kept our $1,070.00 so make sure you check the exact dates of when you can file. If you file too early it is denied, if you file too late there could be problems as well because they are several months behind.

So at the same time we filed the I-485 we filed the I-765 employment authorization request and the G-28 form and a copy of the I-130 approval that we got several years ago (2009) then we sent the proof of biometrics that she has already done but most likely she has to do it again. We sent a copy of our marriage license which we have sent several other times before, copy of her Guatemalan birth certificate with a translated copy, Copy of her passport, copy of the I-797A approval of the I-918 and copies of my ID’s, we sent one reference letter from a Senator we know, Form G-325A for both of us which is geographic information that we have already sent before, power of attorney, I-864, I-693 sealed envelope from the approved doctor, 2 passport photos and the check for $1,070 again.

The last form I put together they requested that we file copies of all the other forms that we had previously sent in so once it was done there were 461 pages which had to be sent to 2 locations so just that one filing was almost 1000 pages. Each time we file they require many of the same documents and the government is not set up to pull up your electronic file so we have to keep sending paper in. With the 36 forms we have filed so far we have sent in since 2009 almost 10,000 pages of paper documents to USCIS.

We are now doing the rest of the forms by ourselves because most of the forms the lawyer did were denied and then I started doing it myself and got some of the petitions approved and a temporary visa. My wife has had a valid Utah Drivers license for the past 20 years now and when we went in to renew it they only renewed it till June of this year but told her she could have a permission card to drive but it is not considered a valid ID so we decided to go for the real license but have it expire in June. So we are crossing our fingers that her visa will be issued again and residency will be approved. She has been paying taxes for over 20 years so when we applied for her affidavit of support we included her social security statement for the last 20 years showing she has worked way over the 40 quarters required to show that she is not and will not be a burden to the state or to the federal government. When we met in 2005 she was working 3 jobs to support her family rather than trying to rely on the state. People have no idea how hard it is to apply legally to stay in the US for many people. I don’t agree with it but I do understand why people stay illegally because the process is so expensive to try to apply they just bag it.

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Deportacion Soluciones Deportation solutions

Immigration Advice – Advice in English is after the Spanish in this same document
(Conejos en Ingles están después de consejos en Español) ver 1.2

Mira, no voy a mentir, si entraste este país sin documentos o si quedaste más que su permiso, el camino para arreglar todo es muy largo y muchos van a decir que no hay esperanza pero yo digo que si hay, pero tú tienes que ponerlas pilas como todo depende de ti y ora como todo depende de Dios.

A home or a house

Many people come from places where the cost of living far exceeds what they could ever make so they come to the US for a better life.

Primero, yo no soy abogado y mi consejo a todos que tienen problemas de inmigración es que ellos deben ir con un abogado o abogada que tiene experiencia de inmigración. Si, ellos van a cobrar casi siempre más de $200 dólares por hora. Un amigo mío me dijo que él ha gastado más de $17,000 dólares y todavía tiene problemas. Hemos aprendido algunas cosas de experiencia entonces siempre, siempre debes verificar los datos, precios y usar los formularios vigentes en el sitio de USCIS. (

1. Junta todos sus documentos y cuando piensas que tienes todos, junta mas (Vea la Lista de ejemplos – Cartas de referencia de amigos, su Iglesia, sus trabajos, recibos etc.)
2. Haga copias de todos tus documentos y guárdalos en otro lugar seguro y póngalos en el Internet en una cuenta de CLOUD como MSN, GOOGLE etc.…
3. Escribe su relato en español con fechas lugares y diga la verdad y después paga alguien para traducirlo en Ingles.
4. Paga sus deudas, paga todas las multas y cualquier cosa que tienes pendiente como infracciones de tráfico. Nunca debes manejar sin seguranza.

Cuando encuentran errores en este documento por favor díganos para que podemos hacer correcciones. Las leyes cambian mucho entonces hay que verificar precios y algunos de estos consejos tal vez no van a aplicar en su situación y su abogado puede ayudarles con esto.

Yo no soy abogado ni pretendo ser un abogado o asesor legal de la cuestión de ninguna clase. Sugerimos que guarde el dinero para un abogado y hacer que sus documentos organizados de modo que será menos trabajo para el abogado cuando usted se presenta. Sugiero fuertemente que usted contrata a un abogado de inmigración con experiencia. Muchas personas normales no están en condiciones de contratar a un abogado y hay formularios que puede llenar para sí mismo de la sitio web. (Se llama PRO SE “Por si mismo”) Usted puede presentar más de un formulario al mismo tiempo.

Cuando doy precios en este documento son ejemplos y siempre debes verificar los precios en porque cambien a menudo. Cada situación es diferente entonces es bueno si puedes hablar con un abogado de migración. Este información puede ayudarles preparar y gastar menos tiempo porque Usted va a tener un paquete listo para su abogado.

Dependiendo de los países implicados y su situación los procedimientos pueden cambiar lo que es importante que se reúna con un abogado de inmigración para verificar los pasos. Si el extranjero ha entrado al país sin inspección, y han quedado más de una cierta cantidad de días muchas veces el castigo es que esta persona no puede entrar el país otra vez por 10 años después que salgan. Voluntariamente o deportado. Normalmente los EE.UU. no juzgan estos casos como penal (criminal), pero los tratan como civiles. Si la persona ha sido deportada anteriormente la segunda entrada puede ser un delito grave. Se trata de una cuestión federal, así que no me entiendas mal es grave.

Si el extranjero se casa con un ciudadano de EE.UU. indocumentados puedan tener la Petición Ciudadana EE.UU. para ellos mediante la presentación de un formulario I-130 $ 355 y luego habrá una entrevista matrimonial en el ICE, donde se quieren ver los certificados de bodas, fotos y prueba de una relación válida. Si esta entrevista es aprobada entonces recibirá una notificación para obtener datos biométricos (huellas dactilares electrónicas) y luego se enviará la solicitud I-130 al Centro Nacional de Visas NVC. Cada caso es diferente entonces tal vez tus formularios van a ser mas o menos de los que he dicho.

Un ciudadano de los EE.UU. también puede solicitar un padre, madre, hermano o una hermana, cuando ellos tienen 21 años de edad a partir de la I-130 misma forma. Un ciudadano de los EE.UU. puede solicitar una visa de novia, (I-129) así y esto es una forma diferente, pero cuesta un poco más.

A continuación, las instrucciones vienen en el correo para completar el DS230 y una declaración de apoyo y otros $ 470. No llene estos formularios hasta que se lo indiquen. Si el extranjero ha trabajado más de 40 trimestres mismos es posible para ellos para llenar el formulario I-864W. En caso contrario, será necesaria una declaración de apoyo de alguien para indicar que no será una carga para el país. Aquí es donde se necesita un patrocinador. Verifique con USCIS.

Compruebe normalmente el extranjero tendrá que salir de EE.UU. y regresar a su país para la entrevista en el consulado. Se trata de 9 o más meses, aunque el tiempo varía según el país. Si la persona indocumentada entrara con una visa puede ser posible que la persona para ajustar su situación puede permanecer en los EE.UU.. Esto significa que usted tal vez no tenga que irse.

El extranjero tendrá que tener todas sus vacunas al día y hay que tener una lista de ellos y tendrán que hacerse un examen físico especial que se realiza por un médico autorizado y la forma I-693 se necesidad de ser llenado y presentado con la cartilla de vacunación. Una familia que perdió sus registros de vacunas tenía que tener toda otra vez. (Esto también puede ser caro)

Se va a querer presentar una solicitud I-765 para el permiso de trabajo. Si el extranjero no habla el idioma entonces debe empezar a tomar clases ahora. Si tienen que ir de nuevo a otro país tienen que hablar ese idioma y aprender Inglés también. Si el extranjero no tiene un pasaporte vigente debe ir a su embajada y conseguir un pasaporte. Si no estás en una ciudad grande muchas veces su embajada irá a su ciudad cada 6 meses para hacer estas cosas. Se trata normalmente de alrededor de $ 100. Todo este proceso lleva su tiempo para presentar el I-130 mientras el extranjero sigue siendo en los EE.UU. si es posible. Si el extranjero ha visitado y trabajando sin permiso que le va a querer obtener todos los documentos que puede, como cualquier impuestos pagados, cartas de los vecinos testimonio de su carácter, certificados escolares, certificados voluntarios o cartas de recomendación. Esto demostrará que eran productivas, mientras que estaban aquí en los EE.UU. y no causando problemas.

Usted tendrá que presentar ya sea el I-212 si el extranjero fue deportado o el I-601c si se iban por su propia cuenta. Ambas formas tienen una costa de $ 545 o más y tanto en el extranjero tendrá que admitir lo que hicieron mal y pedir perdón Esto incluye trabajar sin permiso, entrar sin inspección y el trabajo con una tarjeta de seguridad social falso, si corresponde. Es posible recibir perdón de trabajar sin permiso y está en el país sin permiso pero siempre debes hablar con su abogado antes de llenar estos formularios. Estos formularios son muy complicados y solo debes llenarlos con ayuda de un abogado. Si usted tiene antecedentes penales esto afectará la decisión para asegurarse que todas sus multas están pagadas. Si usted ha participado en cualquier programa, como la rehabilitación de drogas incluyen dichos certificados y cartas. No conduzca sin licencia o privilegio. No conduzca sin seguro. Usted no tiene que ser legal para obtener un seguro. Si el extranjero mientras que aquí se abusó de la violencia doméstica puedes usar el formulario I-918 . Esta es una visa U que realmente podría ayudar a la situación. Usted necesitará copias de informes policiales (reportes de la policía), las fotografías de los abusos y la verificación del hospital de las lesiones, etc …. El departamento de policía tendrá que llenar una porción de esta formulario.

No llene ningún formulario con información falsa, ya que realmente puede perjudicar su caso . Comprender al presentar la petición I-130 para un familiar directo que esto podría provocar una deportación de la persona que está aquí sin papeles. Este es un riesgo que usted tendrá que estar dispuesto a tomar para enderezar su situación para estar preparado para ello . Usted puede presentar un formulario I-246 que es una suspensión de deportación 155+ dólares, pero en muchos casos será negada. Usted también puede entablar una acción diferida que es algo que el ICE puede aprobar o negar, se les ha dado autoridad para hablar así que simplemente significa ellos saben que su escucha sin permiso y se esperará antes de deportarlo.

Dependiendo de su situación que le puede permitir permanecer en el país por un período de tiempo mientras usted presenta ciertos trámites, como, los formularios que hemos escrito etc … Muchas veces con las apelaciones sólo el costo de las formas pueden llegar 5,000 o más y los costes de abogado puede ser $ 2.500 a $ 10.000 dependiendo de su situación y posiblemente más alto. Manda los peticiones solo usando fedx o método registrado para enviar sus formularios y mantener un buen registro de todo. Guarde copias de todo y es una buena idea guardar las copias en un lugar secundario en caso de tener un incendio en su casa para que pueda reconstruir todas las aplicaciones si es necesario. Algunos abogados pueden sugerir que usted espera de una reforma migratoria y si, esperamos esto pero hay que planear y preparar todo modos. La espera para una tarjeta verde en México, según USCIS puede ser 8 años a pesar de casarse con un ciudadano de los EE.UU. Sólo les dan 25,000 visas al año. Si su esposo(a) decide regresar a su país de origen debe asistir clases de ingles antes de irse y guarda todos los certificados. Cuidado porque algunos países no reconocen los casamientos en E.U. Nosotros registramos nuestro casamiento con el gobierno de Guatemala y tenemos pruebas de eso y ahorra Guatemala reconoce nuestro casamiento de Utah.

Guatemala reconocerá un matrimonio si envía los documento al consulado (una copia de la licencia de matrimonio y partidas de nacimiento) van a registrar el matrimonio en Guatemala dándole un número de documento. Algunos países cobran una tarifa por ciudadanos de los EE.UU. a vivir allí si se encuentran en el país por tiempo extendido. Averigua de eso para planear bien. Guatemala cobra Ciudadanos de EE.UU. $ 34 por mes después de haber estado allí durante 90 días. Busque su consulado en y llamarlos para obtener respuestas a todos los de este tipo de preguntas.

Espero que esta información te ayude. No confíe en ninguna persona para este tipo de consejos, una vez que usted hable con un abogado es un buen plan para obtener una segunda opinión también de otro abogado. Vale la pena de pagar $50 or $100 para una consulta. Habla con amigos y personas en su Iglesia para asegurar que su abogado tiene una buena reputación. Haga una lista de cosas que hay que hacer y comprobar y también incluye cartas, recibos, certificados y un libro de registro y debes registrar en su diario cada vez que viene or manda algo de USCIS o el ICE.
1. Obtenga copias de todos los certificados de nacimiento, actas de matrimonio, pasaportes, tarjetas de seguridad social para toda la familia y conserva una copia en una ubicación secundaria. Tener todo esto en una carpeta-cuaderno para el abogado. Nunca debes dejar sus originales con nadie, solo deja copias .Asegúrese de tener su pasaporte vigente de su país y puedes conseguir un pasaporte en su consulado. Normalmente cuestan alrededor de $ 100 cada uno, más las fotos que usted necesita tomar. Así que hacer dos copias para usted y otro para su abogado.

2. Pague todas sus multas, multas de tráfico y trata de pagar las deudas también. Si usted tiene juicios en contra de usted o multas de tráfico que no se han pagado esto causará problemas. Lo mejor es presentar una revisión de antecedentes limpios BCI con su formulario I-212 o I-601c.

3. Si la persona fue deportada llena el formulario I-212 en detalle. Si no está hecho bien el formulario va a ser negado. $ 545 o más . Este formulario es para pedir perdón.

4. Si la persona ha regresado a su país sin ser deportados deben llenar el formulario I-601c completamente con todo el material de extra. Esta forma es también cuesta más de $ 545 verifica los precios en USCIS porque cambien amenudo.

5. Si la persona está casada con un ciudadano de los EE.UU. entonces el ciudadano de los EE.UU. tiene que llenar un formulario I-130 $ 355 (o mas) a petición del cónyuge. Sólo lo complete, si es un matrimonio real.

6. Si la persona fue víctima de abuso que aún les queda la posibilidad de llenar un U-Visa I-918, consulte con su abogado sobre estas opciones y usted necesitará los reportes de policia, etc …

7. Después que la I-130 es aprobado y el matrimonio de su entrevista es aprobada luego enviará la información al Centro Nacional de Visas NVC (depende de su caso) y usted recibirá instrucciones para llenar el formulario DS230 y la declaración jurada-864 Este formulario es para mostar que alguien tendrá responsabilidad para ti en los EE.UU… Si la esposa o el esposo no gana suficiente dinero entonces usted puede encontrar un patrocinador. (Una persona que está dispuesta a firmar y decir que van a pagar sus gastos si es necesario. )
8. Antes de salir de los EE.UU. sería prudente de recibir todas sus vacunas en la clínica o el médico. La lista de vacunas que necesitan está en – Guarda los registros de sus vacunas y debes saber que muchas vacunas tienen que ser administrados en etapas. Esto significa que Usted bebe recibir la primera inyección hoy y la segunda en unas meses y a veces otra inyección después. (Una seria)

9. El médico-693 formulario también tendrá que ser completado antes de volver a entrar al país y se necesita un examen médico por un médico acreditado. (Este médico tiene que estar en la lista de USCIS)
10. Usted debe empezar a juntar dinero ya que los formularios son caros y también los abogados cobran mucho. Un abogado cobra como $ 250 por hora, pero se pueden encontrar algunos abogados gratis o abogados que ayudan los pobres pero muchas veces ellos no tienen experiencia en inmigración. Si usted haga la mayoría del trabajo para ellos como conseguir toda la información, hacer las copias le ahorrará dinero. Si la solicitud dice que usted necesita 3 copias de todo, debe tener todas las copias que ya hicieron. Esto le ahorrará dinero. Si usted hace todos sus formularios sin un abogado sabe que muchas veces si las formularios no están llenados correctamente la aplicación puede ser devuelto o rechazado. Por eso lo mejor es contratar a un abogado con experiencia.
11. Usted puede llenar la I-765 que es una solicitud de permiso de trabajo. Hable con su abogado acerca de cuándo se debe presentar este formulario. También puede llenar el-246 para parar deportación. Lo mejor es enviar la tarifa (dinero) adecuada con cada formulario. Si no tiene todo el dinero hay un “Fee Waiver” que puedes pedir con algunos de los formularios. Un fee waiver es una petición que ellos no cobran dinero por la sumisión de un formulario. No debes solicitar los “fee waivers” mucho. Mandando cartas sin un formulario es un mal gasto de tiempo. Las oficinas de USCIS saben cómo procesar los formularios cuando vienen con el dinero apropiado. Cuando ellos reciban formularios sin el dinero o cuando ellos reciban cartas sin un formulario parece que el proceso se para. Escribí varias cartas en 2009 y ahorra en 2013 todavía no he recibido respuesta de estas cartas. Ahora solo mando información con un formulario y dinero.
12. Al llenar I-212 y el 601c-formularios tienes que comprobar que no tener la persona aquí en Estados Unidos contigo va a ser muy mal por tu situación de finanzas y también en otras formas. Los abogados que llenan estos formularios a menudo saben cómo llenarlos y de intentar llenar los formularios por sí mismo es un gran arriesgo. Es una buena idea de incluir un presupuesto de sus cuentas y demostrar cuánto los indocumentados persona paga. Por ejemplo, si sus cuentas se suman a $ 1500 por mes y José paga $ 1.200 de esos billetes que usted necesita para demostrar que sin él no podría vivir, no podía pagar el alquiler, etc. ….
13. Después de obtener una tarjeta verde debes saber que todavía hay mas formularios de llenar despues, hay el I-485 y el I-485a en su caso. $ 1080 y $ 1000 en ese orden. A veces no tienes que llenar el I-485ª pero a veces sí.
14. Tambien hay el formulario N-400 así y el proceso para hacerse ciudadano. Por esto es importante tomar clases de Ingles.

Immigration Advice – Advice in English is after the Spanish (Conejos en Ingles estan despus de consejos en Español) ver 1.2

When you find errors in this document we always welcome correction so please contact us with any errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, accents or content. Laws are also changing on a monthly basis in different states and federal regulations and prices are also in constant flux so verify with your lawyer before putting these suggestions into practice.

********Some of this advice may not even apply to you depending on your circumstances.

I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be a lawyer or for that matter legal counsel of any kind. I do suggest that you save up money for a lawyer and get all your documents organized so it will be less work on the lawyer when you show up. I strongly suggest that you meet with and hire an experienced immigration attorney. Many normal people are not in a position to hire a lawyer and there are forms you can fill out yourself from the web site. You can file more than one form at the same time.

I understand that your situation may seem horrible at the moment especially if your husband or wife may be deported. Having said that you still need to go through the process and having an experienced immigration lawyer is the best way to do it. Personally I spent over 300 hours working on my wife’s paperwork and not everyone is able to do something like that so if you are not it might be worth getting another job so you can pay the lawyer.

Depending on the countries involved and your specific legal situation the forms and the procedures can change so it is important that you meet with an immigration attorney to verify the steps. If the alien entered the country without inspection and stayed over a certain amount of days a 10 year bar or other amount can be issued when such person leaves the US. Sometimes more than one 10 year bar can be applied. Normally the US does not prosecute these cases as criminal but they treat them as civil unless you have been deported and come back in which case that is could be a felony. It is a federal issue so don’t misunderstand me it is serious. If the undocumented alien marries a US Citizen they can have the US Citizen Petition for them by filing an I-130 form $355 . Check the cost because I believe it has gone up in price recently.
(Check current pricing on the site since changes occur frequently so prices are only given as examples)

Having your information in order and ready for your lawyer will save you quite a bit of time when you have a packet put together for the lawyer with the information I have outlined.
There will be a marriage interview at ICE where they will want to see wedding certificates, pictures and proof of a valid relationship. If this interview is approved then they will receive a notice to get biometrics taken (electronic fingerprints) and then they will send the I-130 application to the National Visa Center NVC. This depends on your situation at the time so meet with your lawyer and write the steps down that you need to take. Ask your lawyer what forms you should fill out and in what order.

A US Citizen can also petition a father, mother, brother or a sister when they are 21 years of age using the same I-130 form. A US Citizen can petition for a fiancée visa as well and this is a different form but it costs a bit more. (I-129)

Then instructions will come in the mail to fill out the DS230 and an affidavit of support which is another $470. Do not fill these forms out or mail them until instructed to do so. If the alien has worked over 40 quarters themselves it is possible for them to fill out the I-864w. Otherwise they will need an affidavit of support from someone to indicate they will not be a burden on the country. This is where you will need a sponsor. Verify with ICE. Check normally the alien will need to leave the USA and go back to his or her country for the interview at the consulate. This is 9+ months although the time varies per country. If the undocumented person entered with a visa it may be possible for the person to adjust their status and stay in the US. This means that you may not have to leave.

The alien will need to have all their vaccinations up to date and there is a list of them and they will need to have a special physical done by an approved doctor and the I-693 form will need to be filled out and submitted with the vaccination record. They will most likely want to file an I-765 application for permission to work as well when you file for the waivers. If the alien does not speak the language start having them take classes now and that goes both ways. If they need to go back to another country they need to speak that language and learn English as well. If the alien does not have a current passport then have them go to their embassy and get one as soon as possible. If you’re not in a major city many times your embassy will come to your city every 6 months to process these things. This is normally around $100.

This whole process takes time so file the I-130 while the alien is still in the US if possible. If the alien was here and working without permission you will want to obtain all the documents you can such as any taxes paid, letters from neighbors testifying for their character, school certificates, volunteer certificates or letters of recommendation. This will show that they were productive while here in the US and not causing trouble.
You will need to file either the I-212 if the alien was deported or the I-601c if they left on their own. Both of these forms have a fee of $545 and in both the alien will need to admit to what they did wrong and ask for forgiveness this includes working without permission, coming in without inspection and working with a false social security card if applicable. If a ten year bar is issued one or both of these forms could waive the 10 year bar. They may or may not waive them depending on your situation. If you have a criminal record this will affect their decision so make sure all your fines are paid. If you have been through any programs such as drug rehabilitation include those certificates. Do not drive without a license or privilege card. Do not drive without insurance.
You do not have to be legal to get insurance in some states, check your local laws. If the alien was abused while here from domestic abuse there is the I-918 form that can be filled out. This is a U Visa that could really help the situation. You will need copies of police reports, photographs of the abuse and hospital verification of injuries etc….The police department will need to fill out a portion of this form. Do not fill any forms out with false information since it can really hurt your case. Understand when you file the I-130 petition for an immediate family member this could trigger a deportation of the person that is here undocumented. This is a risk you will need to be willing to take to straighten out your situation so be prepared for it. You can file an I-246 which is a stay of deportation $155 but in many cases it will be denied. You can also file for deferred action which is something ICE can approve or deny, they have been given authority for this which simply means they know your hear without permission and they will wait before they deport you. Depending on your situation they may allow you to stay in the country for a time period while you file certain paperwork such as appeals etc… Many times just the cost of the forms can run up to about 5,000 or more and the lawyer costs can go from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on your situation and possibly higher. 3

Plan on using FEDX or other registered method to send your forms and keep good records of everything. Keep copies of everything and it is a good idea to keep copies at a secondary location in case you have a house fire so you can rebuild all the applications if needed. Some lawyers may suggest that you wait for immigration reform but I would not hold my breath on that one at least for this year. The wait for a Green card in Mexico according to USCIS is up to 8 years although marrying a US Citizen puts you at the front of the line. Understand that only 25,000 visas are issued per year so once they are gone you get put into the line for the next year.
If your spouse decides to move back to your country of origin they might want to prepare for that by taking classes in the language and many countries do not recognize your USA marriage, example: Guatemala will recognize a marriage if you send the consulate a copy of the marriage license and birth certificates and they will register the marriage in Guatemala giving you a document number. Some countries charge a fee for US Citizens to live there if they are in the country for a certain amount of days. Check this out so you won’t be surprised later one. Guatemala charges US Citizens $34 per month after they have been there for 90 days. Look up your consulate on and call them to get answers to all of these type of questions.
I hope this information help you. Don’t trust any one person for this type of advice, once you talk to a lawyer it is a good plan to get a second opinion as well. Make a list of things that you need to get done and check them off keeping copies of everything along the way and a journal entry book every time you get something from USCIS or ICE and every time you send them something along with the tracking numbers. 4

1. Get copies of all birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, social security cards for whole families and keep a copy in a secondary location as well. Have all of these in a folder for the lawyer. Make sure you have your current passport from your country’s consulate. Normally they cost about $100 each plus the pictures you need taken. So make two copies for yourself and one for your lawyer.
2. Pay all your fines, traffic tickets and try to pay off any debts as well. If you have judgments against you or traffic tickets that are not paid this will cause problems. It is best to submit a clean BCI background check with your waiver I-212 or the I-601c.
3. If the person was deported fill out I-212 in detail, only filling it out halfway will almost surely get the form denied. $545 This form is to request forgiveness so be honest.
4. If the person left without being deported have them fill out the I-601c completely with all supporting material. This form is also $545
5. If the person is married to a US Citizen then the US Citizen needs to fill out an I-130 $355 to petition the spouse. Only fill this out if it is a real marriage because if it is not you will be in major trouble.
6. If the person was abused you may still have the possibility of filling out a U-Visa I-918, check with your lawyer on these options and you will need police reports etc…
7. After the I-130 is approved and your marriage interview is approved then they will send the information to the National Visa Center NVC and you will get instructions to fill out the DS230 form and the I-864 affidavit of support showing that someone will take financial responsibility for you in the US. If the wife or husband does not make enough money then you may need to find a sponsor.
8. Before they leave the US it would be prudent to have them get all their vaccinations at the clinic or doctor. The list of vaccinations that they need is on most likely you will need shots now, in 3 months in 6 months and in a year….Verify this with immigration.
9. The I-693 medical form will also have to be filled out before you re-enter the country and you will need a medical exam by an approved doctor.

10. Save your money since the forms are expensive and so are lawyers. A good lawyer charges about $250 per hour but you can find some free lawyers or lower cost lawyers. If you do most of the work for them by getting all your information together then it will save you money. If an application says you need 3 copies of everything, have all the copies already made so the lawyer does not have to waste time doing this step. This will save money. If you do all your forms without a lawyer know that many times if the forms are not filled out correctly the application can be returned or denied. That is why it is best to hire an experienced attorney.
11. You can fill out the I-765 which is a request for permission to work. Talk to your lawyer about when to file this form. You can also fill out the I-246 stay of deportation form. It is best to send the proper fee with each form and if you cannot then there is a waiver form you can download and file with the forms and sometimes they will waive the fees when you prove you do not have the money needed to file the forms.
12. When filling out the I-212 and the I-601c forms you need to show that not having the undocumented person here with you will cause great financial hardship to you. It is wise to include a budget of your bills and show how much the undocumented person pays. Example: If your bills add up to $1500 per month and Jose pays $1,200 of those bills you need to show that without him you could not live, could not pay rent etc….
13. After you get a green card and you want to change your status check with your lawyer but there is a the I-485 and the I-485a when applicable. $1080 and $1000 in that order.
14. Check for the N-400 form as well and the process to become a citizen.

When you find errors in this document we always welcome correction so please contact us with any errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, accents or content. Laws are also changing on a monthly basis in different states and federal regulations and prices are also in constant flux so verify with your lawyer before putting these suggestions into practice. Some of this advice may not even apply to you depending on your circumstances.
Immigration advice (English sheet #1)
Much of this information is repeated from above and I included this since it is in a bit of a different format if you will. This section is only in English.

I am not a lawyer although I recommend that you seek the advice of an immigration attorney and he or she will help you decide the proper action for your individual case. Much of this advice will help you to be prepared when you do visit the attorney’s office. There are allot of people trying to take advantage of the undocumented population by charging them money to help them file forms. I will go over some of the forms but the immigration lawyers will help determine which forms need to be filed and at what time. Getting all the documents together can help save time. Once they order your file from ICE they can start the process.

You can submit forms on your own without a lawyer although it is not recommended. There are other places you can get legal advice such as Catholic Community Services. Many lawyers will give you a free consultation and others may charge $100 or $200 to meet with them. Get references before you decide on a good lawyer.

Get together all of your documents and make copies of them for the attorney and keep the originals in a safe place. It is also a good idea to have a complete set of copies of everything in a different location in case your house burns down etc… View up to date forms at you can print these at the library or off the internet at any location.

Each copy should have your name and you’re A # at the right hand top of the page.
The index list of documents should be something like this:
1. Copy of your Passport from your native country (make an appointment at your consulado- consulate)
2. Copy of your birth certificate and other legal forms. (Consulado ID)
3. Copy of your cedula (The Cedula is a form of ID normally with a picture)
4. Copy of your vaccinations
5. Copies of any classes or certificates you have earned while in the USA
6. Copies of W-2s or other records proving you have been in the country, letters from schools, churches and landlords etc….
7. BCI report showing you have no criminal record
8. Police reports of abuse (Go to individual departments )Normally $5 per report
9. Court reports (be sure to tell them it is for immigration)
10. Journal Entry record by date since you entered the country till now.
11. Copy of marriage certificate
12. Copies of children’s birth certificates and social security cards
13. Copy of your statement notarized of what happened with the translation and proof that the person that translated the statement is qualified to do so.
14. Copy of your budget showing hardship to family members if you are to be deported.

Each time you fill out a form it is best to include all documentation with each form. 13

There are a few ways that you can apply legally to be in the US.
These may not be all the ways so verify this information with your lawyer but having done some research he or she will have an easier time with you when you are prepared with the documents and facts that they need.
1. Be petitioned by a family member that is at least 21 years old and a citizen. Must be father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife. (I-130 $355) There are exceptions to this so go over this with your lawyer. This petition normally takes 12-18 months to process and in most cases the person being petitioned needs to return to their country for the appointment at the US Embassy. It is best to start the process for this while you are here in the US. An appointment will be given to you to meet ICE (Immigration) to prove that your marriage is valid if you are being petitioned by your husband or wife. You will need to take original copies of the marriage certificate and proof that you are really married. Be prepared for an in-depth interview. The person that is being petitioned does not have to be at the interview so the American Citizen can appear without their husband or wife to this interview if the spouse is in their own country.

2. Apply for special work visa (Hard to get) If you’re here undocumented you cannot apply for this visa. Example: If a US Company cannot find a certain skill such as decorative fountain construction they can bring in someone from another country for this job but they need to prove they have advertized for the position here in the US.

3. Apply for vacation visa (Temporary) If you’re here undocumented you cannot apply for this visa. The US Embassy worker need to be assured that you will return to your country when finished with your vacation. You may be asked to provide bank account records and statements and other proof that you will indeed return.

4. Apply for education visa (Temporary) If you’re here undocumented you cannot apply for this visa either. Depending on your situation you may be able to study in the US and then return to work in your own country.

5. Apply for political asylum. If you are undocumented you can apply for this but you must show that returning to your country poses a threat to you because of your political opinion or one of the other criteria listed on the form and in the instructions. This status is very hard to get and you need proof. There are certain countries where processing political asylum is easier than other countries so ask your lawyer about this.

6. Apply for U visa if you were abused here in the US. May forgive deportations and other issues (I-918)

7. Through a US Senator you may apply for a special hardship visa which is normally temporary and given in hardship cases such as death or extreme illness situations. (You can check into this visa by contacting your US Senator) Once again this visa is not normally given for an undocumented person. Sometimes this is referred to as a humanitarian visa.

If you have been in the US illegally /undocumented here are some actions that you can take in order to stay in the US. (Many times these forms and petitions will be denied and you need to keep applying even after you have been denied) There is no guarantee even if a lawyer tells you there is.
1. Apply for a Stay of Deportation. Include reasons such as money hardships, health, danger etc…..

Much of the time these are denied and you must apply and appeal again.
2. Apply for U-Visa if you qualify (If you were abused and have proof such as police reports, court records, pictures, witness statements etc… I-918) Even journal entries help as well as witness statements.
3. Apply for an appeal of their decision (Normally within 30 days of ICE denying something) If they deny your petition then you appeal, after that you have another month or so before they will deport you which will give you time to file another form.
4. If you are deported you will need to fill out the I-212 waiver form to ask for forgiveness and this form costs $545 Fill it out completely and honestly. You need to list everything you did wrong while in this country to be forgiven. Example: I entered the country undocumented and I worked for 8 years without permission to do so.
5. If you leave the country you will also have to fill out the I-601c form, this applies if you left as voluntary departure and in some other cases as well. In some cases you may have to fill out both forms. Ask your lawyer. This form is also $545 and you need to follow the instructions carefully.
6. Filling out all of the applicable forms and giving them to your lawyer so he or she file them for you after you have been deported is also an option. Be careful what you sign and make sure you read everything and tell the truth. Do not make up stories to try to get the forms processed. Many times the forms are investigated and if they find fraud or dishonesty you can be barred from applying for a long time.
7. Keep in mind anytime I give prices I do so only as examples and current prices should be obtained from and your lawyer will obviously add additional money for preparation, mailing and his or her time.

Some of the forms you may have to fill out are as follows;
A. I-918 U Visa if you have been abused $0 cost but there may be an $80 biometric fee
B. I-601c Waiver form to ask for forgiveness (List everything you have done wrong) $545
C. I-212c Waiver form if you have been deported also asking for forgiveness $545
D. I-130 $355 This is the Family Petition form
E. I-881 Application for suspension of deportation $285 plus $80 biometric fee
F. I-693 Medical Exam and Vaccination record
G. I-9 Employment Eligibility form
H. N-400 Application for Naturalization to be citizen $595 + $80 biometric fee
I. I-485 Change of Status $1080
J. I-485A $1000 If you worked here without permission this form may be required
K. I-687 $710 Temp resident application
L. I-698 $1410 Change from TEMP to Permanent resident
M. I-589 (no fee) Application for asylum and withholding of removal (within 1 year)

These are not all the forms, go to and download instructions and forms. 17

Some of the steps you can take to prepare paperwork for your lawyer and case:
1. Go to BCI Bureau of Criminal investigations and get your BCI report that will show if you have a record in UTAH or not. If you do then you will need to explain each and every charge. If you do not then the report will be clean and you can submit a copy to ICE.
2. Go to individual police stations to obtain any police reports. If you were abused you will want to get the pictures as well. Keep in mind that it takes 10 days to order these reports and most of the time they are $5 or $10 dollars each and the pictures come on CD and are normally $10 as well. You will need to fill out a GRAMA request for each report.
3. Go to the Court house where any cases were processed and obtain copies of the court records as well. Be sure to tell them you need the records for immigration and many times there will be no charge or only a small charge. Ask them for the official court stamp so ICE will know they are authentic records.
4. Your lawyer may want you to prove that you have been in the country without leaving for a certain period of time so you will need to provide records of your presence here in the United States such as school records, reference letters from employers or copies of bills in your name such as cable, power bills or anything that can prove you have been here in the US during those years.
5. Keep all papers in order and only send copies to ICE not the originals.
6. When you mail paperwork to ICE (Immigration) it is best to send it FED X overnight and get a tracking number and record the tracking number on your journal entry for your records.
7. Prepare forms ahead of time by filling them out so you are ready to file another form at any time. If you are deported have a family member or trusted friend that you can give power of attorney to so they will have access to all your records
8. Make a family plan as to who will take the children when and if you are deported. Will the children go with you and if so do they have their passports and vaccinations? Do others in your family have access to your bank accounts etc…? Have papers made up so others can take care of car payments, insurance, house payments etc….Keep a list phone numbers and addresses with you and at the home at all times in case you are deported.

9. Send copies of your documentation to your family members in your country so if you are deported you will already have the documents needed to continue the application process from there.
10. As I stated before obtaining an Immigration Lawyer will be helpful because they can help you with the forms and when to file them. Many of the forms are complicated and as an example one of the forms is 7 pages long and the instructions for this form are 14 pages long. If you don’t punch the holes or staple the pages correctly they will be sent back. If you do not send the form to the proper addresses they will be sent back. If you do not make the check out to the proper agency the form will be sent back to you. Pay attention to detail and always make extra copies incase anything is lost.
11. Always have your lawyer provide you with copies of everything he or she files with ICE.
12. It would not be uncommon to spend $5000 or more on forms and $5000 to 10,000 for the lawyer.

A #__________________________________Date you entered the US_____________________
Social Security #_____________________________
Birth date:_________________________________
Have you ever used any different names than the one listed above?______________
Did you enter the US legally with the proper documents? _______________
Do you have any immediate relatives that are US Citizens such as mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wife? _______________________ If so please list them below:
List the information for your children below:
Name:____________________________ Birth date:_________________ US Citizen ____

Preparation questioner (This will help the lawyer be able to analyze your case quickly)
Name:_________________________________ A#___________________________
1. Have you been convicted of any crimes in the US, if so please list those on separate sheet.
2. Have ever been deported?
3. Is there currently or has there ever been a deportation order issued for you?
4. Have you ever ignored a deportation order?
5. Have you ever taken advantage of voluntary departure?
6. Did you comply with voluntary departure?
7. Have you ever been abused while here in the US?
8. If you have, did you call the police and file a report and or charges?
9. Do you have copies of the police reports? If not please get copies ASAP.
10. Do you have copies of court records for any cases you have been involved with? If not please obtain them by going to the court and requesting them.
11. Do you have a current cedula?
12. Do you have a current passport from your country?
13. Have you been involved in your community and if so how?

Disclaimer: The information in the document is available online and mostly through the website. We make no claims of having legal experience therefore all information in this document should be discussed with a legal professional and it is preferred that they be an experienced immigration lawyer that is licensed and has passed the bar. The prices and information on forms change on a regular basis as do the laws so one day certain information can be applicable and the next that may change. The same applies for circumstances. If your circumstances are different than another person’s the forms may be different and may need to be filed at different times.
We have many other products that you can look at on our site that we have put together that may be helpful to you either learning Spanish or information about other areas and products such as handmade items including Rosaries, necklaces etc…We spent so much in lawyer and form fees that we went into debt for thousands of dollars and the construction industry is slow so we are trying to make money and teach our five children to work and earn an honest living. If this information has been more helpful to you than the money that we charged for it we appreciate all donations and there is a donation area in increments of 1 dollar so you can donate one dollar or 100 and we than you ahead of time for your generosity. May God bless you in your efforts to straighten out your situation and possibly even keep your family together like we are doing.

Advertencia :La información en este documento es disponible en el Internet y en Nosotros no somos abogados entonces debes verificar toda la información, ejemplos de precios y números de formularios con un abogado que ha pasado el exanimación en su estado y tiene licencia. Consejo va a ser diferente en cada caso entonces diferentes formularios tal vez van a ser mandados en diferentes tiempos. El segundo parte de este documento es solo disponible en Ingles pero casi toda la información en el segundo parte es información repetida de arriba.

Este información más que nada es para educarlos del proceso y su abogado puede determinar el resto y los formularios que Usted va a necesitar.

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Version 1.2 title: Immigration1_1

Ilegal immigration and deportation

Deporting one person affects many more than one person.

Deporting one person affects many more than one person.

Today I received a call from a man that has had a deportation order issued, earlier he had his political asylum approved and was working using a valid social security number as issued by the U.S. he applied for residency and that triggered a deportation order. These situations get much more complicated as time goes on and many times there is more to the story on many of these situations.

Most of the time these people have US Citizen children living here in the US and deporting them takes their financial and family support system away causing more of the burden to be put on the federal government and the States. The situations are sad and heart wrenching as you see families torn apart. President Obama has deported more people than any other president so far and although he stated he was going to concentrate on criminals about half of all deportations are non criminals.

1. Lawyers are very expensive, a good immigration lawyer with experience normally charges at least $250 per hour. Many of these people feel that lawyers take advantage of them whether they can be helped or not.

2. Coming across the border without permission is not criminal offense but it is a civil infraction and the government can pursue it as a criminal offense although most of the time they do not unless it is combined with drugs or human trafficking.

3. The Immigration system has many challenges because we have rules in place for a reason and it is not fair that all of the people that come in without permission get in line ahead of anyone that has applied legally.

4. Every one of these cases being individual has a story and many of them are very compelling. ICE has one job and that is to deport people and if they don’t deport their quota of 400,000 per year they have their budget cut so they have exceeded their goals. USCIS processes the applications and our lawyer told us ICE denies and lawyers reapply. I have written letters to USCIS back in 2009 that have still not been answered. I wrote my senators and congressmen and even the President knowing full well that my letter would go into a stack of thousands of letters. USCIS will only process a piece of mail it appears if it has a check attached to it and a formal application. When I understood that I began filing one application per month and most of them were denied.

5. The current proposals have ideas both from the Republicans and from Democrats and any way you look at it, it won’t be an easy fix. I have some ideas that I feel are reasonable although you can never please everyone.

Ayuda Con inmigracion

No deja esta niña sin padres

No deja esta niña sin padres

Ayuda con inmigracion es muy dificil para encontrar en el momento porque hay mucho estres cuando ICE lleva alguen de tu familia. Llame varios abogados el dia que mi esposa fui arestada.

Llame la Iglesia Catolica pero habia muchos esperando entonces tube que encontrar un abogado este dia y casi todos cobraron mas de $200 por hora

No debes esperar para un emergencia para conseguir un abogado de migracion o para conseguir AYUDA CON INMIGRACION.

Ayuda con papeles de inmigracion

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ICE toco nuestra puerta un día muy temprano y arrestó mi esposa. El hecho que soy Ciudadano no significo nada. ICE no nos mostro un orden de deportación ni un orden de arresto firmado por un juez pero a pesar de eso ella estaba en un lio. Ni pueden complir con sus proprias reglas pero ellos si queren que nosotros lo hacen.

Esto paso en Marso de 2009 y apenas conseguimos una visa U después de llenar 29 formularios y entregamos más de diez mil páginas de papeles.

Hablamos de este proceso, lo que aprendimos de todo y el proceso con nuestro abogado quien es un buen hombre pero el solo puede hacer lo que puede hacer.

Puedes comprar el reporte y también comprar el MP3 audio.
Nuestros productos no quiten la necesidad de tener un abogado pero si ayuda en muchas areas. Ayuda con papeles de inmigracion.