Press Release Larry Love accepted a position at Peak Alarm

New Professional Alarm Consultant at PEAK ALARM

Larry Love after being with American Security & Fire, Inc. for 16 years has accepted a new position at PEAK ALARM. Larry’s cell phone number is still the same 801 898 6003. If you need to reach American Security & Fire, Inc. call (801)263 6002 or you may call Ron Harry directly at 801 898 6002. The phone number to PEAK ALARM is 801 486 7231 x384

Peak Alarm is an authorized dealer for Hochiki Fire Alarm, DMP, Bosch, Silent Knight and Firelite. Peak Alarm is also a DSX dealer for Access Control and can help you transition into the IP camera world as well with a solid platform that can help you go step by step into the future.

Larry Love starts Aug 18th 2014

Larry Love starts Aug 18th 2014

Both companies are family owned businesses. Peak has been in business since 1969 and has over 250 employees with a full service local UL listed monitoring station and a full service Guard division. Don’t hesitate to call Larry for a professional consultation for Fire Alarm, Security, Camera systems or Access Control.

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ARD-FPBEPIC-OC Biometric fingerprint reader Bosch




COST $834

Peak Alarm is a Bosch Dealer a DMP dealer and a DSX Certified Dealer


45 Years in Business

It's more than just the pricetag

It’s more than just the pricetag

American Security & Fire, Inc. since 1998

American Security & Fire, Inc. since 1998

Security Systems in Utah and Salt Lake City

Bosch Virtual Keypad D1265

Alarm Contractor in Salt Lake City Utah

Basic Fire Alarm information

Basic Fire Alarm information

PEAK ALARM is an established alarm contractor in Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 (801) 898 6003 has been in business for 45 years and they are BOSCH dealers, Hochiki dealers for fire alarm and offering solutions for Fire Alarm Systems,DSX Access Control Systems, DMP Security Intrusion Systems and Salient Camera Systems with Axis cameras or Bosch cameras.

Contact Larry Love at (801) 898 6003 or 801 428 1384 for quotes or to make an appointment to have your security system installed or serviced

Commercial Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring for $26.95 per month

Peak Alarm also offers encrypted security systems DMP and Bosch These cost a bit more but are well worth the investment

Cost of Security Intrusion Systems


To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

We get this question all the time of how much does a security system cost? The answer is very similar if you were to ask this question: How much does a CAR cost? It depends, so I put some basic figures together for an answer.

On a home system the figures are a bit different than for a residential system. The example here is for a home system. Keep in mind that when you purchase from one of these security companies that gives you a free system you still end up paying for the system over time because you are locked into a firm contract of 3 or 5 years.

Option 1 – Bosch B4412 with ATM Style Keypad, siren, 6 Doors and 5 Motions and a keyfob would be about $3,200 *

*******Depending on your home, it could be slightly more or less according to how accessible it is to run the keypad,siren, power, phone or internet wires.

*Option 2 – Bosch B4412 same package but only one motion $2,400

*Option 3 – Bosch B4412 same package but only 2 doors and one motion would be about $1,900

*Option 4 – We have packages that can run around $1,200 but once again it all depends on your home and your needs.

We have a great PeakLink package available with updated prices and the panels are up to date on the technology. Call Larry for current Pricing 801 428 1384

The motions included in this bid are the High Traffic Bosch motions that have a very long battery life compared to other competitors.

Monitoring is $26.95 per month with no set contract
Standard cellular adds $10 per month with Peak Alarm and much more from other companies
High Supervision Cellular for commercial fire alarm costs $22 per month
Elite control costs $5 per month (Smart phone control)

Monitoring that costs $50 per month adds up to $3000 in 5 years
Monitoring that costs $50 per month adds up to $1800 in 3 years
Monitoring that costs $42 per month adds up to $2520 in 5 years
Monitoring that costs $42 per month adds up to $1512 in 3 years

A wireless smoke detector, motion or glass break would be about $200 each programmed and installed. A door contact is about $120. When I say about this all depends on the brand we install and these examples are given using the Bosch B series panel with inovonics wireless. The Radion wireless system is also available.

The wireless fobs to arm and disarm are $115

We can buy panels that cost a bit less than the one listed but they don’t have the IPHONE features nor do the have the same features to send text messages or tie to the Internet the same way. This panel plugs into your router. For many panels you need to purchase a separate module to connect it to the Internet or network.

Apple has said they will be putting out 14 million low cost IPHONES, only issue is that they won’t have all the same features so many people will still want to buy the better IPHONES that have all the features, the same applies to security systems.

PEAK ALARM – Call Larry Love at 801 898 6003

Seismic Shut off valves

Shut off your gas when an emergency happens

Shut off your gas when an emergency happens


Seimic Switch that can shut off a gas valve in the event of an earthquake $1000

Remote Actuator Switch that will shut a valve using a remote panic button. $1,250

Seismic 3 Way Valve $1,590

MS Monitoring Switch will tell you if the valve is open or closed. $350

A qualified plumber should install these valves. The valves can be ordered for different configurations. The 3 way valve is for pneumatic systems.


Why does alarm monitoring vary in cost?

Each panel is a bit different

Each panel is a bit different


We just got a call from one of our customers that had switched their account over to a different company. The new company had switched the old Bosch/Radionics and installed a new DMP brand system. DMP is a good brand, the company is smaller than Bosch and has a different dealer set. .

The short answer is money, they want to get the accounts to have the RMR or recurring monthly revenue. Many times they will drop the price for the first year and then each year after that add a little bit so eventually they may end up paying more than they were with the first company and normally they charge more for labor and parts to make up the difference. In this case they under bid our company by $5 dollars per month or $60 less per year.

Their new company was too busy to go out and service the system so we went out on an Emergency call for them. We still did not have any of the codes nor could we put the system in test without the manger so when you switch to a new company make sure you understand what the consequences of switching are.

The new company is licensed, insured and is a good company although their company has a longer wait for service calls. They gave the customer a lower monthly rate on the monitoring although the service is a bit different and they changed out all the equipment for new equipment and had them sign a contract. Now the employees of that store also have to re-learn how to use the new system since it is a bit different as well in operation.

The $60 dollar savings per year may or may not be worth it to them. Already they are a bit discouraged because we used to go out and do service many times the same day or the next day and now they are put on a waiting list for a week. When you have an issue with one of your alarms it is difficult to wait a week so is it really worth the $60 per year savings? That is up to you.

There are several other factors that you can compare when comparing pricing on monitoring. Some companies want computer access so they can check history and such, others want the system to send all the opening and closing reports to their email so they can see what time the system is being disarmed and armed up each day. Some companies want Smartphone control for their systems and this costs a bit more. Other companies need cellular backup in case their phone lines are cut. So depending on your needs we customize a package that will be affordable and professional.

Peak Alarm – Call Larry Love 801 428 1384

What are the advantages to using a Licensed company?

There is a law firm that deals with Alarm Contracts and he has a newsletter that is very informative. Here is one of the articles

Review your alarm contract closely

Review your alarm contract closely

What are the negative ramifications for a customer that uses a non-licensed alarm installer in the state of New York. I was on an estimate the other day and I got into a conversation with a prospective client about the importance of using a licensed alarm company such as mine. She said that she had done some Internet research on the topic of licensed alarm installers in the State of New York and decided to call only licensed companies as she would assume that they are more qualified to do the job but nowhere could she find what the negative ramifications for the client would be that used a non-licensed installer. She saw the penalties for the alarm company but again nothing about the client. Honestly after all of these years in the business I couldn’t definitively answer her question other then speculation about insurance coverage, etc.
So I ask you – What are the negative ramifications for a customer that uses a non-licensed alarm installer in the State of New York.
Thank you for all you do for our industry.
The issue isn’t limited to New York; it’s a great question for all licensed jurisdictions, which is most states. Considering all of the requirements for getting an Alarm Installer License in New York I’m surprised you couldn’t come up with a few quick responses. So why would a customer care if the alarm dealer was licensed? Maybe price is all the customer should care about, or a suave sales pitch, or immediate installation, a fancy advertisement, or reputation or just a recommendation from a friend. Well I can think of a few responses, and I’m sure there are many more.

Licensing laws generally include some level of competency requirements;
education and testing; maybe continued education or certification levels. The license insures at least some level of competence.
criminal background check for all employees who will have any contact with the customer. Customers don’t do their own background checks and this may be the single most important response you could offer.
Some jurisdictions require licensed dealers to maintain certain minimum standards of operation, such as contracts, insurance and standards.
Most jurisdictions will receive and act upon complaints made against licensed contracts, a remedy that may not be available if the customer chooses to deal with an unlicensed contractor.
A licensed dealer has demonstrated that at a minimum he is willing to abide and conform to the licensing laws. That choose to disobey the licensing law may be ignoring lots of other laws that are designed to protect consumers.

You may want to ask a few questions of your own when confronted with a customer who is making you bid against a non licensed contractor. [and let’s face it, you may have some difficulty competing with an unlicensed contractor – why? because the unlicensed contractor doesn’t have your expenses for license compliance, insurance, employee wages; might even get his equipment at Midnight Alarm Supplies or off a truck]. So ask, would the customer allow his or her kids to be picked up by a school bus employing driver’s without driver’s licenses or vehicle insurance? No? Then why would they allow someone unlicensed into their home and trust them with their security and safety?


Advice on Security and Fire Alarm Systems in Utah

See our facebook page for lots of tips on security and fire alarm systems. This page will give you advice about specific troubles and alarms as well as general advice.

Hints about your commercial security system on our facebook page may help you solve some of your ongoing security issues.

Call Larry Love (801) 898 6003 or Peak Alarm office at 801 428 1384

Use your Security System to it’s full potential with Partitions

Arm and disarm your gun room on your security system. Your kid's codes won't work to disarm this room

Arm and disarm your gun room on your security system. Your kid’s codes won’t work to disarm this room


Many systems have the ability to partition into separate systems, this means you could have a keypad on your office and a keypad on your shop area so the workers could disarm and come into the shop but their codes would not work on the office.

Another practical use for such a feature would be the ability to arm a gun room and your children’s codes would not work on that room so you could have dispatch call you if that room went into alarm during the day when you were at work. The gun room could always be armed and the rest of the house would be disarmed when you were there.

We do this same thing with grocery stores so the main store alarm and the RX alarm are on the same panel but the codes for the store do not work on the Pharmacy and on these panels the Fire Alarm System is also a separate partition. The Bosch D9412GV4 is UL listed for Fire Alarm, Access Control and Security (Intrusion) and you can put several keypads on this panel and divide it into several areas as well.

When you buy a home system you should have the Security company do a needs assessment so you can understand how a security system can benefit you in many areas of your life. You can put sensors in your computer room so the humidity, temperature, air flow can all be monitored.

You can check what time your kids got home from school, you can see if your employees got to work late to open the store or if they left late or early when the armed the system up. You can limit times people can enter the building, store or home with the card access system. Get informed so you can use your system to it full potential. The GV4 panels can also allow you to view, arm and connect to them using your IPHONE. 801 428 1384

Update your security call lists often

Update your lists so dispatchers do not waste time calling wrong numbers

Update your lists so dispatchers do not waste time calling wrong numbers

Every week we call on alarms where we get disconnected phone numbers and these are the numbers that customers provided us.


Update your call lists making sure your security company has current cell phone numbers and email addresses as well.

Take time to make sure you have basic instructions for your security system and if you don’t then go online and get them and print them up.

Take time to make sure your current employees know the password and if it has been a while then change the password.

Take time to update your codes and make sure you don’t have anyone using birth year codes or other combinations that are easily guessed.

Do a test on your system to make sure it is working properly. Call and put the system in test then arm the system and set every contact and every motion into alarm. Then call the Central station to make sure they got all the signals. Most systems have a walk test.

Take time to make sure that the central station number you have is correct and make sure you know your account number. 801 428 1384