Smoke Alarms verses Smoke Detectors

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1. Often a new home will come with 120 Volt Smoke alarms with 9V battery backup and normally these are installed in the bedrooms and just outside each bedroom. These smoke alarms do not report to a central station and do not dispatch the fire department when activated.

2. New smoke alarms that have a battery life of 10 years can be purchased and these smoke alarms are made just to wake you up. These do not report to a central station. These smoke alarms normally do not interconnect and allow other smoke alarms to sound simultaneously.

3. Security system wireless or hardwired smoke detectors that tie to your alarm panel often are installed in addition to the ones listed above since they report to a central station and the fire department can be dispatched. When you have system detectors they can wake you up and they also report to the central station even when your not home so the fire department can be dispatched in the event of a fire.

4. For new construction it is recommended to install system smoke detectors in the bedrooms and outside the bedrooms to meet fire code so you can avoid having 2 or 3 different types of smoke alarms or detectors. With system detectors you only change out the large battery or batteries at the panel location not at each smoke detector for hardwired detectors.

5. Quite often your insurance company will request that system detectors be installed and if your home has fire sprinklers, insurance will also want the flow switch monitored. Quite often we can do this with a wireless system.

6. When dealing with existing homes often we will install a DMP wireless option with UL listed wireless smoke detectors. This allows us to give you the protection without the high cost of drilling or installing wiremold in an existing home. DMP high power wireless receivers are also listed for commercial fire alarm and you can install wireless pull stations, smoke detectors and other devices after a building is built.

7. Main panel batteries for system smoke detectors are normally changed every 3 to 5 years and with the wireless system smoke detectors often they will last 5-10 years depending on the batteries and model number. For the 120V smokes with 9V backup it is recommended to change the batteries every 6 months.

8. In our high altitude here in Utah it is best to use photoelectric detectors rather than ION since they work better in this environment.

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Larry has over 20 years in the Fire Alarm industry, he has served on a State Fire Marshal committee, is NICET II Fire Alarm certified and is a Master Fire Alarm Tech with the State Fire Marshal’s office. Larry welcomes suggestions and corrections. This article is meant as a short informative article and not all inclusive when concerning smoke alarms and smoke detectors.

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When someone watches after you peace of mind is there

The most important things in life are not things.

Salt Lake Regional Hospital Comedy of errors

Our insurance changed starting the new year so we called our insurance company (HSA Healthplan – “A Health Insurance Company under the WISE network) and we were told to schedule the mammogram at Salt Lake Regional Hospital. There are some communication issues within Salt Lake Regional, they are on two different computer systems and they don’t or can’t read each other’s notes and our appointment kept getting canceled. We had to keep calling them back on multiple occasions and it was to say the least a comedy of errors that was not in the least bit funny.

This is what it is like to try and make an appointment at Salt Lake Regional Hospital

We called Salt Lake Regional and made the appointment

1. I called my insurance company (HSA healthplan) “A health insurance company” to pre-verify where I should make the mammogram appointment for my wife since our insurance had changed from Select Health to HAS Healthplan and they told me to call Salt Lake Regional since they are in the WISE network.

2. I called SL Regional and told them our insurance had changed and for that reason we needed to make a new mammogram appointment because he had to cancel an appointment at LDS Hospital because they were not in the WISE network. They did ask me for our Doctors Name which I gave them but we are also having to change doctors since he is not in our network either. They also asked me for the card number which I gave them as well as the verification phone number of 844 234 4472

3. Salt Lake Regional gave us the appointment of January 17th at 4PM and then the next day they just called and left me a message telling me my wife’s appointment was canceled. I made more calls calling my insurance company to verify that SL Regional is in network again and I called scheduling and spoke with two people and got it all straightened out. Each call was around 15 min long.

4. I then got another call the next day canceling the appointment again and then I made 4 more calls talking to Rachel and Melanie with my insurance company and I spoke with Shylo at Salt Lake Regional and I got it all worked out again. It appears that there are 2 different systems within Salt Lake Regional hospital and they don’t read each other’s notes. It appears they were looking at our old insurance information that was in their system and not the new information that I had given them. It appears someone should look at their procedures to see if something can be done to prevent this from happening again. If I am the only patient that has had issues then I could just be a complainer although if others are having the same issues I would hope that administration could take a close look at their processes.

5. I then got a call today 1/11/17 to reschedule because Debbie at 801 617 1919 said we were out of network and I then called my insurance company back, I called Shylo back to confirm that we are in Network. I asked her what type of operation they are running at Salt Lake Regional because it is not a professional operation . Should it take 14 calls to schedule a mammogram? My insurance company said we could go to the University of Utah since they are also in network but I would prefer going to SL Regional since it is closer but if this appointment gets canceled again we will change the mammogram to the U of U assuming that Salt Lake Regional does not want us to come there for services. That is how this appears. It is very frustrating, they used the excuse that they saw my wife in the system with Select Health and they looked up the insurance and found it was not in network. They obviously did not look at the notes that included the new insurance company and that was the whole reason we called in the first place otherwise we would have stayed at LDS Hospital.

6. I write restaurant reviews and if I were to write a review for Salt Lake Regional you would get one star and that is because finally Shylo took ownership of the issue and assured me it was all taken care of. She personally walked to each of the desks in the office to explain because emails and notes may either not be read or understood.

7. SUGGESTED TRAINING: I would suggest that some training be done with Salt Lake Regional personnel to read the notes from the prior calls, call the insurance company verification phone number before canceling an appointment and to call the patient when there is a concern before sending them a message that their appointment has been canceled. This would be a valuable training since it appears that they have two separate systems and two departments involved and they may not have access to each other’s information. They obviously don’t communicate with each other.

8. Many of the people at my wife’s work do not speak English well and if it is this hard to make an appointment to see a doctor or any other appointment at SL Regional it may be best to tell her friends not to go there because of how many issues we have had and if there is a language issue it would be worse. She is disappointed in the lack of professionalism with Salt Lake Regional. I pride myself on being a calm person but after 14 calls just to get an appointment I am frustrated.

9. We even faxed a copy of our insurance card to the Hospital. I would think that one phone call should be all that is needed to verify insurance. The mistakes were made by people that assumed things, they assumed we were covered by the insurance information in the computer system, they assumed that our doctor listed is in the same network as us but that is not correct and we have an appointment to change doctors as well. We told SL Regional that our doctor was not in our network and they said that’s ok we just need a name to put on the chart.

So we will wait to see if they cancel this appointment for the fourth time, there are still a few days before the appointment. I was assured that this is not the normal course of business at Salt Lake Regional Hospital and that this is not the NORM. I certainly hope it’s not because it does not appear to be a very organized operation. If information like this gets confused with an appointment I would hate to imagine problems that can occur if the organization of their staff, hospital facility and patient records are handled the same way.

Worst Alarm companies in Utah to avoid

Give us a chance to make it right

Give us a chance to make it right

Worst alarm companies in Utah to avoid. Check the better business bureau before buying from any company.Better Business Bureau Official Site

Alarm companies with very low labor rates often come with one or more of the following issues:

Companies with more than 100 complaints (On the better business bureau there are many of these and some with thousands of complaints)This list is long so make sure you check before you buy.

Companies with complaints that they are not resolving.

Companies that are being sued in several states

Alarm companies that have changed their name to avoid ongoing legal issues

Companies that are not insured. Many smaller alarm companies charge less per hour but don’t pay their insurance.

Alarm Companies that have had their alarm or security licenses revoked, denied or are on administrative hold.Division of Occupational Licensing in Utah Official Site This list is very long so be prudent and check the DOPL web site before you invest with a business.

Companies that don’t have workers compensation insurance. Always ask for the proper insurance paperwork before you sign.

Companies that don’t pay their taxes

Companies that are not factory trained

Companies that don’t pay their car insurance policies

Peak Alarm is a company you can trust

Peak Alarm is insured, licensed, factory trained, only has 3 complaints in the last 3 years with the BBB, has a UL listed central Station, has been in business for over 47 years, is ranked in the top 100 alarm companies in the Nation by SDC magazine, provides local jobs to over 270 people, has 4 offices and Peak pays their taxes.

Peak Alarm has a higher labor rate than some of the smaller companies because they do things the right way. Peak Alarm has a fleet of vehicles that are clearly marked and the maintenance is kept up so our overhead is a bit higher than some smaller companies but many of the smaller companies cannot do the size and type of projects that Peak Alarm can do.

Peak Alarm is a company that works with the local Fire Marshals installing per NFPA 72 code because we care about public safety. One of the complaints listed on the web was because Peak Alarm would not bypass the fire marshal in order to help the customer save money. Peak cannot compromise on safety issues even if we lose a customers. We will try our best and do every thing we can to help save a customer money although safety is very important.

Peak Alarm is a business and if you don’t pay your bills Peak Alarm will try to collect on those bills. There are a few comments on the web dealing with this aspect of Peak Alarm because people did not pay and their accounts were sent to collections. Peak Alarm pays attention to customer concerns so we have changed the way we do collections and it is more professional now although we are still a business and expect to be paid when we provide services. The person making these complaints did not file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because they knew that both sides of the issue would be investigated bringing out the truth.

Peak Alarm is not perfect although Peak is large enough to take on any size project, Peak has been in business long enough to be one of the most stable companies in the State and Peak is the only company with a full service UL listed Central Station, A full Guard and Patrol Division and a full service AV division.

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