Debate both sides logically and emotionally

They have to be planted, grown, picked, packed, shipped and sold.

They have to be planted, grown, picked, packed, shipped and sold.

Often we make decisions based on several factors including logic, facts, our own opinions, the opinions of others, personal experience, how we feel and our emotions. We tend to make these types of decisions for voting, church, jobs and life. As much as we would like to think that we make logical decisions often we end up using our gut feelings to make important decisions. Sometimes this is good and sometimes it is not so good.

Trying to convince someone that they are on the wrong path as far as religion goes is difficult because they may have been in a church or group of people with years or maybe their parents were part of a church before they were even born so it is more of a culture thing than religion. You can’t argue faith based commitments.

A friend of mine told me that they ended up voting for a certain person just because they did not feel good about the other person and it had nothing to do with facts or their voting track record or the issues. The same applies to religion and our personal purchases. It may be better if we did things like SPOCK from Star Trek but it does not work out that way.

I work at a large Alarm company (Peak Alarm) and we are the only company that has a full Guard/Patrol and a Local UL listed Central Station in Utah and there are several other positive aspects about this company as far as them being insured, licensed, factory trained and the list goes on but if your neighbor heard of a negative experience regarding Peak Alarm then logic gets thrown out the window. I know of two such negative experiences that I read on the Internet about Peak Alarm and one of them was posted on several web sites so we investigated and found that this person did not complain to the Better Business Bureau because I assume they did not want both sides investigated. This person had not paid their bill and Peak tried to collect and when accounting did not get a payment plan set up they sent it to collections and the person then got upset.

Another instance of a negative comment was about fire code. The customer wanted Peak Alarm to do the work without contacting the fire marshal and as per Utah and National code for commercial work we are required to notify the local fire marshal and get approval for the work. This customer felt that Peak Alarm through them under the bus and yet we are required to notify the AHJ Fire Marshal. So just these two negative experiences can pass by word of mouth to many other people which can cause people to ignore the real figures and facts about Peak Alarm and go with someone else because they did not study out the information and find out the real truth. One of our competitors has over 3000 complaints in the last year compared with 3 complaints that have been filed against Peak Alarm Better Business Bureau web site

Our management team has read all the negative feedback and used it to put an action plan in place to make Peak Alarm better. Changes were made in our accounting department and we changed who we used to do collections because apparently they were not the nicest people in the world when calling to make the collections. We have given training to all of our employees and we do so on an ongoing basis. Peak overall is a great company with four offices, a Guard/Patrol division, central Station for monitoring, alarm division, AV division and not only are all of our employees licensed but they also go through the FBI background check and if they cannot pass it they lose their job at Peak Alarm.

Our average monthly monitoring rate with interactive services to arm and disarm remotely (We call it Elite control) starts right around $46 dollars a month and most of our competitors start around $49 and go up from there. We can compete well with guard services because you can contract directly with us rather than paying your alarm company who would hire a guard company so we can be competitive in pricing.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love Larry is certified with the State Fire Marshal’s office as a Master Fire Alarm Tech Level 3 and also Larry is NICET II Certified in Fire Alarm, he is an AXIS Certified Camera Professional and Certified in Access Control Systems and is Certified to design UL2050 High Security Systems such as Government SCIFs.

Today March 12 2013

I life fun pictures like this

I life fun pictures like this

CERT: This Friday we will try to hold another Hispanic CERT class at a local church. We had 25 people sign up and only one come last Friday. I teach the CERT class both in English and Spanish. Community Emergency Response Team Training for Disasters. This is sponsored by Salt Lake City.

MY LIFE: Some people seem paranoid that so much information about themselves may be found on the Internet. I don’t worry about it so much, my life is not that interesting that too many people would care much what I am doing or intimate details about my life. My friend’s brother thinks the government is watching him. If the government wants to watch me then have at it. They will have a fairly boring time with my life. No one would want to take my ID because most of the time I only have about 10 dollars in my wallet and not much more in the bank.

FOOD: Food is a big part of my life, cooking and eating. I like to prepare new items on a regular basis and I love to taste different entrees.

MUSIC: Music is also a large part of my life. I used to play the clarinet all the time, I played sax and flute as well. Now mostly I play the piano, sing and sometimes I play my wooden flutes. I also love to listen to music.

I will be in a musical production of The Prodigal Son May 10th and 11th at 7PM on both nights and 3PM on SAT at 1400 West 700 South in Salt Lake City. I will be the Father. The music is all original by Andres Paredes. Daniel Tuutau will be the son and we have a 30 person choir and some instruments as well. We are now practicing 3 to 4 times a week and from what I see so far this production will be well worth anyone’s time. There is no cost to enter and the 3PM performance is the one families are encouraged to attend since we would like the night performances to be more formal without crying kids and such. I also sing in a Tongan Choir from time to time. Years ago I sang in a Filipino choir.

INTERPRETING: I interpret part time for Linguistica and they send me to Hospitals and clinics. I speak Spanish quite well and I am striving to get rid of my Gringo Accent although it is difficult. I have been watching some Spanish NOVELAS with my wife. These are soap operas and many of them are very well done. I can justify the time because they do help improve my language skills.

CHILDREN: My Daughter is in Oklahoma with her husband and 1 year old son getting ready to transfer to a new air force base. They still don’t know where yet so we are excited for their future adventures. My 19 year old Son Josh is still living on his own and learning the lessons of life. I just make dentist appointments for everyone in the family. My 26 year old son is still working in the grocery industry riding his expensive bike to work and in races (since he was 15) and is doing well. His wife will have my second grandchild in May (my first grandaughter) My 17 year old Michelle is way too beautiful and I worry about her, she has been working late at her new job and staying up late to do homework, she is involved in track and wants to play volleyball as well when it comes up. Right now she does not have a boy friend so life is not as complicated but that won’t last long. My 14 year old is having a harder time in high school, he just went shooting with the scouts last week and had fun. I went sledding with him and the scouts last month and he likes the activities but for some reason has no desire to get any of the merit badges.

WORK: I estimate security and fire alarm projects for my work. I just attended a 4 day training class on Bosch Security Systems that was very informative. I have been certified in Bosch for several years now. I am a Master Fire Alarm Tech with the State of Utah and NICET II in Fire Alarm. I was the Chairman of the Alarm Board for the State of Utah for several years I was on the Board from 2004 to 2011. I have 18 years of experience in the security industry and I was a Military Policeman in the Utah National Guard for 7.5 years from 1982 to 1989.

CHURCH: I am active in a local Church and I feel it is a positive influence in my family’s life and in my life. I am a Godfather to one beautiful little girl and soon to be the Godfather of another little girl and I make rosaries as well.

SCOUTS: I am on a scout committee right now and I used to be the Hispanic Scout Master in the area although I am not Hispanic but I am comfortable about Hispanics sometimes more so than other groups of people. I recently wrote an article for a local paper about Gay Scout Masters and apparently they will be putting in the paper this month. I personally am not gay but I don’t see any reason that the scouting program should keep gays from participating as leaders or as scouts. I consider myself a reasonable person. None of the leaders should talk about sexual matters with the boys or girls. This should apply whether the leaders are gay or straight.

CIVIC: I am a local county delegate and I was a State delegate before. I don’t agree with everything that each of the parties say and I really don’t fit well in either party.

STUDY: I like to read and I like to study different topics. Recently I have been studying JOY. Mostly in the scriptures and not only the meaning but what brings people joy and the difference from FUN or Happiness if there is a difference which I believe their is.

CULTURE: I was married to a Filippa for 19 years and so that culture is part of me and will always be. I have been married to my second wife for almost 7 years and I love the Guatemalan culture and that is part of me as well. I have many Mexican friends so I get to taste their food and culture too. I was in the Presidency of a Spanish Church so I met people from all over the world and to me, that experience has enriched my life. I was on a church mission in 1983 and 84 in Guatemala and that has been a blessing in my life as well.

KARATE: I teach free classes to kids every SAT at 8AM at a local church and I have taught karate for years. The styles is seikoshta (saykoshta) you can look it up and see some of my training videos. I don’t claim to be a great master or even an expert although I enjoy the classes and the children seem to as well. I have also taught adults. The main reason I teach is to give people that can’t afford classes the chance to learn.

STUFF: I am not attached to Stuff like I used to be. I love books although things are less important to me than they used to be. I try not to place much importance on physical things. I do love to collect flashlights. I also like to collect wooden flutes when I travel. I love to travel and see new places, learn about new cultures, religions and try new things.

WISDOM: I feel I am becoming more wise and patient in my life as I get older. I seem to listen more and appreciate more. I appreciate flowers, a nice view and life in general. My eyesight is not what it used to be and this makes me think about the afterlife more than I used to. I do believe in the afterlife and God. My brother said to me the other day “How can an intelligent person like you believe in God?”I still do and he tells me negative things about my church and other churches and I have read most of those things already and I still believe. I love life and choose to not be offended at much any more if at all.

Seikoshta lesson 022313 attitude consequences positive thinking motives

Figuring out the consequences beforehand for several actions and then making a wise decision

The glass is half full

Change your thoughts change your life.

What if exercise:

Chess – Think ahead – Be patient, balanced yet act in a reasonable time. Since you have planned things out before hand your thought process has already been decided and therefore your actions can be quick.

Sending an Army to war: They need food, rest, ammo. How much does it cost to get the food there? Is it worth the final result? In the book “The Art of War” they discuss many aspects of risk, preparation and logistics. (Getting men, food and equipment from point A to point B) weigh the costs and the risks of your actions ahead of time.

Eating too much, not eating enough, effect on organs, health, ability to function. Once again, we can’t just tell someone that is bulimic or anorexic to just stop and eat right because there are other aspects that have to be dealt with treating the person as a whole. The thought process has to be changed through therapy and the physical body also has to be treated. When you don’t eat right then your body starts to eat itself so to speak. You can become weak and have major problems when you don’t get the nutrition you need. The same applies to exercise and even to doing too much exercise as well. Find a balance. Avoid apathy, always try to learn something new each day.

Letting things that others say bother you. What effect does it have on you and how does it affect others?
Paying all your bills when you get some extra money. Is this wise? Weigh the options out and have an emergency fund. Using credit wisely. Don’t fall into the trap. Check places charge over 400% interest but if it is only 2wks sometimes it is only 18% but don’t be fooled. If you get a tax refund paying off your bills would be a good thing but if your credit is bad then having an emergency fund is also very important. If your mother dies and she lives in another state then you may need to fly to the funeral so you should have an emergency fund in case of something like a death or if you lose your job.

I learned the above lesson from a college course and although the professor was teaching a class about the housing market and how to buy and sell homes he taught us much more. He also had a PHD in Psychology and would talk about many issues. He explained the poor people have poor ways and rich people have rich ways and it is your thought process. People will try to save money changing their own oil when in fact they end up wasting time that could be used more productively with your family or making much more money that would bring back returns while you were sleeping. Getting money to make money for you whether you are there or not. Those type of investments can turn your life around. It may be hard to move into a home that is not so nice, fix it up for the next two years and then move again but the process can also generate much more income than a normal job. If you are changing your own oil because you enjoy taking care of your car that is one thing but if you buy $20 in oil and a $5 filter yourself rather than paying the extra $10 dollars to have someone else do it then you may be missing opportunities elsewhere.

The classic example of this is someone that makes $10 per hour giving up overtime work where they could be making $15 per hour because they want to leave their job early so they can change their own oil that night. They are not thinking things through. They might save $10 dollars in labor but they will be working on the car on their own time which is also costing them money. Your time is worth more than you think. Milo taught me that along with many other valuable lessons. If you can pay a neighbor boy $10 to mow your lawn you may have just freed up time where you can spend time with your family that you might not otherwise have and at the same time you are helping the neighbor boy earn money he needs and you are also working on your marriage. Use your time wisely, rich people tend to waste less time than poor people. Poor people have poor thoughts.

When you say “I never have any money” this becomes self fulfilling prophesy because you will never have any money. According to the law of attraction you get more about what you talk about, think about and spend your time on. If you are spending your time on non productive things you will get more of that in your life and have a non productive life. Make a priority list and balance it between family, work, church, community, education etc…. Changing your statements into statements of why will make all the difference in the world because it gives your brain something to think about. Why am I such a good neighbor? Why am I such a great businessperson? Why am I such a good student? You mind will work on these statements and begin to look or solutions and answers. Why am I so healthy? You mind tries to answer this and it comes up with things like: Because I exercise, because I eat right, because I take time to rest and so on. When you are not doing the thing you should your mind helps change your course back to a good course of action using the WHY statements. If you just say “I am healthy” you mind has nothing to work on and your mind recognizes this as a LIE so it is really counter productive to use these type of statements. Change it to WHY AM I…….
Let your mind help transform you into a more educated, loving, nice, productive, healthy person.

If you put too much priority on your family and you don’t make enough money to support them then you very well could loose your family. If you spend too much time at work never spending time with your family then you could loose your family. If you don’t stay up on qualifications and training you may not get the promotions at work so getting the education and training you need is also important. If you ignore your social life then you may not feel a sense of well being so try to mix some of the things that will work on more than one item at a time. As an example you could listen to learning MP3 files while you were at the gym. You could go on a walk with your husband or wife or cook dinner together. You could start a family business to make extra money and the list goes on. If you take dancing lessons together you would be working on your exercise, social skills and family all at the same time. Neglecting one or more areas of your life will throw you out of balance.

Karate: If you hit or hurt someone are you willing to deal with the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life? Only use these methods to help and defend in emergency situations. If there is another way out then use it.
Do not use these techniques in school, work or when others can be involved to solve the problem because the consequences of jail and mistrust are not worth it.

Ask yourself if your friends tease you or are goofing off what you need to prove to them…..Nothing, it is not worth hurting someone just to prove you can beat them up or hurt them.

Plan each incident out in your mind first and asking your mind and body to react differently in each situation according to how urgent the fight or conflict is. Does it matter if someone thinks you are weak or a coward? Use this to your advantage. Think it through one step at a time and then several steps at a time. Always ask yourself what your options are and then ask yourself what their options are.

Ask yourself why they are doing what they are doing. What is their motive and once you know this and put yourself in their shoes then you can plan accordingly. Put yourself in their place. Know how blessed you are to be in the spot you are in.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail

If you plan ahead you are setting yourself up for success. Seikoshta (Saykoshta) Successful
Enjoy life, enjoy the hard times because you know it will get better. Enjoy youth because later your eyesight my go, you body does not react as fast or even at all sometimes so feel blessed and share love not hate or bad feelings.

(Newspaper trick) A group of people were called in to do an exercise and they were asked to count how many pictures there were in a newspaper. The people that were positive people or more optimistic not only counted the pictures but they noticed a headline that said if you read this you win $100 dollars. The newspapers was fake and the pessimistic people would only count the pictures and report doing the minimum requirement.

You see we create our own luck with our attitude and our outlook. Those that always look on the bright side of things deal with stress better than others. This simple analysis does not discount those with deep depression or other issues although overall people that tend to read positive things, watch positive uplifting movies and shows tend to think positively and their actions and words also tend to be positive.

You get more of what you give, you get more of what you talk about and think about for the majority of the time. So don’t think about negative things but dwell on the good, the positive and life will change.

Apathy Religion Family and Life

Baby Sharks at Sea World

Family Vacation to create memories of being together

Childhoods are often filled with memories of our closet friends, neighbors,family,baptisms,school,music, major events like vacations or activities such as going to the zoo or movies. Much of my childhood is missing for obvious reasons although I don’t hold any hate or resentment because of this but there is a bit of sadness for what could have been. My wife always says “Hubiera no existe” meaning what could have been does not exist because what happened happened and what is, is.

As we move through life we get involved with projects,education and activities and as we do we make those aspects of our life a priority and often expect others to do the same. Sometimes people become unbalanced and immerse themselves into things forgetting those around them. Two classic examples of this can be found in many families. I remember a family member that constantly read his Bible and granted the Bible is very important and we all can learn many great lessons from it although he would ignore his family and shut himself away reading God’s word. Eventually they got divorced and the family became divided. Another example is a friend of mine that would focus so much on his sports programs that he did not even notice when friends entered the room or his house. I would say hello and he would sometimes nod and other times not even look up. I suppose you could categorize these as addictions although they don’t seem like dangerous addictions.

Many people go through stages where we place great importance and time commitments to activities in our lives such as religion, sports, hunting, reading, music while other portions of our lives spin out of control. I know when I was young I would spend hours escaping to my karate studio to practice while I was ignoring other parts of life. Sometimes you need to say “no” to activities. I love to sing and I am in a new quartet and I have decided to make time for this activity which means other things will have to wait. In the past and even now I have been involved in scouting and although it is not my forte I still try to make time for it whether it is to just spend some time helping. I do appreciate the scout leaders that really throw themselves into that service. Other people tend to escape by sleeping too much or watching soap operas or any given number of activities. Looking for talents in life is a fun and interesting adventure. For a while I tried to learn to paint and my daughter and I played with it and had fun although I learned that is not my strong point. I do consider myself an artist although not that type of artist.

Apathy on the other hand can come because people get tired or too busy and don’t want to add yet another thing to their lives. Apathy to some people may not be exactly that to others. As you watch the news you can only do so much and knowing about all the sadness and suffering in the world can contribute to depression. So being the person at church that is always in the service of others can mean that he or she is a wonderful person or possibly that he or she is really co-dependent and has issues that need to be dealt with. I do believe we can hide behind God, Religion and Church and use them as an excuse to hide or ignore other more important matters.

Being able to drop these words onto a page actually does relieve stress, I don’t claim to be a great writer, nor to be able to solve worldwide problem such as hunger or suffering although as you get older you tend to ponder more and worry less about looks and appearance. When our family was worried we would be separated by immigration issues those things became the most important issues in our lives. When you are in a realm such as that you notice different people, you notice different aspects of life. When you have it all together you worry about what time the movie might start Saturday night but you don’t worry about things like deportation. A good friend of mine fell off a ladder recently and all of his priorities changed when he was put in the hospital. I have one friend in Guatemala that will sacrifice quite a bit taking several busses to get to Church since her Church is quite far from her home. She goes at least twice a week. I have another friend here in the US that was getting a ride to Church and when her friend’s car broke down she stopped going. She could have taken the buss but she uses the broken car as a reason for no going. Each time someone tries to offer a suggestion to her she overcomes it with excuses. It comes down to the fact that she really does not want to go to Church and rather than admit that publicly it is easier to come up with excuses. Being honest is hard even when we try to be honest with ourselves it is hard. Many people say things like “I don’t care what people think” but overwhelmingly most people do care what others think and most people spend hours thinking about what others think about them. I understand that people don’t sit around and think about me because they have many other more important things to be worried about.

So do I have some words of wisdom to wrap this long winded speech up? Not really, just a few words: The most important things in life are not things. When my mother fell down and eventually got moved into a home that was not hers the things left in the house were just that “Things” Nothing of real importance. Sure my sister wants the china cabinet and I took some of the food storage but when it came down to it the most important part of that home are the memories and the essence that my mother took with her and that still lives inside her. With her independence being taken away or better put compromised she lost much of her passion for painting, cooking and even reading although she still does read. She only took a few of her books and I look at my own home and this really hits me where it counts. I have boxes of books in my house and why? I can find most anything on the Internet so why do I hold onto these books? I need to spring clean early. Have a great day tomorrow. Work will win when wishy washy wishing won’t. You can’t change others you can only change yourself.

Talents and hobbies

Lizeth and Michelle

Mother and daughter Lizeth and Michelle my beautiful wire and awesome daughter

Today I went to a facility to interpret and the question came up of what this persons talents were or what they were known for. Some people are known for being great cooks like my neighbor Mercedes Nieto who makes incredible panvasos. Others are known for how well they sing or play an instrument. Others have a talent for making people laugh, being able to decorate or just being a friend or listener. This person’s life is at the point where they could not think of anything of this at all, not one thing. Their life is made up solely of work and sleeping which is very sad. Now on the other hand I have filled my life with too much in some respects and I need to learn to say no. I love some of these things so it is hard to say no and here is an example of some of the things I like to do or participate in.

I love to sing however I am not the best at it but I consider it fun so I sing in a couple of choirs, a Tongan religious choir and now a quartet as well. I got to direct 2 choirs recently and to me this is fun although it did take me away from my family a bit. I also love to play my clarinet and the piano. Once again I taught myself to play the piano so I don’t play the notes as written although it is fun.

I am on a boy scout committee and that is hard for me because it is a bit of work and it also takes me away from my family a bit. I do other things in my church as well and recently my wife and I organized a party at the church and we purchased ICE CREAM for everyone and we had games ready and drinks and we went over to the church and set up early and when the time came for the party that had been on the program for over a month, no one came, not one person showed up so that was a bit of a downer and needless to day we are not really excited about trying it again. I do however have allot of Ice Cream at my house right now in the freezer.

I love to cook so if you see this as a talent great, for me I like to eat and so I have learned to make food that tastes good. I have been trying to make the food choices more healthy as of late by not putting butter or as much butter and using more fruit and Veggies and using less fatty foods. I learned quite a bit from my mother in law who used to have a restaurant. So the kids like my cooking and that is what counts. I do have a harder time cooking for less people now that I have children living out of the house.

I need to learn to say no to different things more often but it is hard to say no. I am currently teaching a womens/girls karate class every SAT at 8AM at the Church nearby and I don’t charge for those classes and I am about ready to wrap it up and possibly start a mixed class in it’s place or a Karate class in Spanish. I get students that like the class but don’t want to practice or don’t take the time to practice. I remember being 15 and spending a couple of hours every day practicing and I have to realize that expecting that from someone is not realistic so I ask them to practice at least once a week and I don’t even get that out of them. I suppose if I were charging them to take the class they may have more of an incentive to practice. I do it because those in my area cannot afford to pay for the classes.

I consider myself an artist and I also appreciate art in all of it’s forms. I love going to plays, musicals and I love to read. So I end up singing at some weddings and funerals and I love doing it. I have been teaching the CERT classes in English and Spanish and I enjoy that as well although that also takes me away from my family so I need to learn to draw the line somewhere to keep a balance because I really love doing the choir, CERT, Karate, Scouts (not so much) and going to my children’s school activities but you can only put so much in your life. Now I suppose if everyone watched less TV we could all put more activities into our lives fairly easily. Any thoughts on the matter?