Why do security monitoring costs vary so much?

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1. Like cell phone plans you can pay more up front and less per month or less upfront and more per month.

2. There are many additional services such as late to close, early to open, web access, auto arm/disarm, elevator monitoring, schedules, lock control, lighting control, garage door control and the list goes on. Depending on which services you have the rates vary.

3. Analog phone line monitoring could be right around $26.00 dollars per month

4. Cell phone monitoring could be as low as $35.00 per month

5. Interactive monitoring where you can arm and disarm may be as low as $40 per month although if the price is a bit more you can lower the upfront costs.

6. There is no such thing as security companies giving you free equipment. If you lock into a 36 month agreement with Peak Alarm for $44.00 per month and you pay $99 upfront your overall costs add up to $1,683.00 over the 36 months. With a 60 month is it much more money.

7. A company that claims to give you free equipment normally has a 40 or 60 month agreement and normally the interactive starts at $49 per month so over the period of 60 months you are paying $2,940.00 even if it were at the same monitoring rate of $44 it would still be much more $2,640 so the FREE equipment is not really free.

8. Know that if you are getting rid of your landline (analog phone line) to upgrade to a cellular that will give you interactive arm and disarm often you will need to upgrade your alarm panel so the cost to do so varies from system to system depending on how old it is. Radio is another option for monitoring.


Monitoring package deals

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Alarm does it all

Contact Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801)428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com for Monitoring pricing.

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What does Monthly Monitoring cost? It really depends on the options you decide upon but here are some itemized options:

Basic Monitoring using phone lines is normally $32.00 per month
To Add Smart Phone Control (Elite Control) add $15.00 per month ($32.00 plus $15.00 is $47.00 per month)
To add High Supervision Cellular for Fire Alarm add $22.00 per month to the monitoring cost (Sends signals every 6 minutes)
To monitor using an AES Radio add $15.00 per month to the monitoring cost ($32.00 plus $15.00 is $47.00)

When you just want to switch monitoring using your existing system here are some options:

Adding an AES Radio for Security $49.00 installation and $39.00 per month for 36 months
Adding an AES Radio for Fire Alarm $340.00 installation and $39.00 per month for 36 months
Adding a cellular communicator to your system to get rid of your phone lines or upgrade from a 2g unit $39.00 to $44.00 per month for 36 months (0 down)

Email reports $5 per month
Web Access $5 per month
Schedules like openings and closings $10 per month (This lets you know when your system is being armed or disarmed so you can see if employees are coming in too early or leaving too late.)
Partitions – $12 per month (You can have additional partitions and not pay extra as long as you don’t have different call lists)
Lock Control $4 per month
Lighting Control $4 per month
Garage door Control $4 per month
Temperature Control $4 per month
Guard Response (Alarm response) $10 per month (Limited to Guard Patrol areas)
We can monitor your elevators for $15.00 per month.

I can get you pricing for any term such as MONTH TO MONTH, 12 MONTH, 24 MONTH, 36 MONTH, 48 MONTH or 60 MONTH agreements.

Example: Going with a Month to month plan so you will not be under a long term contract installing a cell phone would be $580 installation and as low as $34 per month depending on how you want to structure it. Many people can’t come up with that amount of money right now so we offer the 36 month agreement so you don’t have to. When you add up say $39 dollars a month times 36 months you get $1,404 that you would have paid in that time period. Subtract the cost of the cellular installation of $580 and that leaves $824 that would be the actual cost of the monitoring after the equipment was paid for which ends up being under 23 dollars or less than a $1 per day so letting Peak Alarm subsidize part of the system for you actually works in your favor.

Phone line monitoring when you provide phone lines is normally $32.00 per month. Discounts available for multiple accounts. Each monitoring plan is customized to each company or individual depending on their needs. We can also give you $75 dollars in monitoring credit every time you refer a customer that purchases a system with Peak Alarm.

When you live in an area with a non response policy such as Salt Lake City and the police will not come Peak Alarm will provide you with 4 guard dispatches in a year as part of your Alarm Response package for only $10 per month extra. Responses after the first 4 will be billed at a discounted rate.

Just like cell phone plans you can pay for the equipment upfront and that can change the agreement length and monitoring price can also be adjusted depending on the package.

If you want to pay a higher monthly rate we can lower your installation cost. Peak is not known for doing FREE systems and most people have learned that you get what you pay for. Nothing really ends up being free, when you get something that they tell you is free you end up paying for it somewhere either now or later. Don’t end up paying for it in the service end.

You can also add a repair agreement to your account so you can avoid paying the hourly service rate of $130 per hour commercial and $100 per hour for residential. When we add this small charge to your account Peak will come out and change batteries, fix equipment that wears out etc…Adding a repair agreement to a system with 4 points is only $7.00 per month and $1 for each additional point.

Peak Alarm does not do credit checks and we also don’t offer free systems like other companies. When someone runs a credit check on you understand that can affect your credit score. Peak has been in business for 46 years because we don’t give free systems away. Many of the companies that do this have started up only to go out of business. We pay our technicians and we offer benefits and we employee over 270 people and as a local company that provides jobs we strive to do the prudent things that will keep us in business. Someone that cannot afford a $99 dollar security system most likely should not be purchasing it in the first place.

Every single Peak Alarm dispatcher is 5 Diamond Certified so besides being a UL listed Central Station Peak holds the coveted 5 Diamond Certification that shows our commitment to training. There are only 200 Central Stations in the Nation that have the UL and 5 Diamond Certifications. This means they all have been trained to do their jobs and react calmly even under pressure and in emergency circumstances.

Peak Alarm ranked #61 in the Nation from SDM Magazine and Peak AV ranked #18 in the Nation through CE Pro Magazine.

Peak Alarm also has a special deal right now on PeakEdge which is Access Control which is normally $2000 dollars per door but we have the special where it is $2,000 for two doors and only $30 per month for 36 months which includes the service agreement. This adds up to $1,540 per door although you only have to come up with $2,000 and the $30 a month gives you peace of mind that Peak will keep the system in good working order. Call Larry for additional details.

These prices are valid for 30 days from 102715 so please call Larry Love for updated pricing.

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Monitor your flow and tamper with a fire alarm panel. Keep area clear in front of riser.

Peak Alarm has 5 offices to serve you. We have offices in Idaho and Utah.

Buy Local Buy from Peak Alarm. Family owned business since 1969

Peak Alarm Monitoring options

Home Show Oct 2014

Home Show Oct 2014

Did you know you can control your garage door, lights, security,cameras & thermostat using your smart phone? Call Larry Love for a free consultation
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Basic Rates
36 Month Contract – Systems as low as $99 installed and $39/mo

The $39 per month is $29 monitoring and $10 cellular communication

We can do a 24 month contract or even a 12 month contract although the equipment would cost more because we could not subsidize the cost of the equipment with the monitoring.

Monthly monitoring charges can very depending on several factors:

Normal Monitoring $35/mo (can be less depending on adding other options)

Elite remote control of your arming and disarming including cellular only $5 more which comes to $15/mo.

Alarm response includes 4 guard patrol responses/yr at $10/mo. This is great for Salt Lake because the police do not respond to alarms because of their Non Response Policy.

Remote Camera Control up to 4 Cameras $10/mo with PeakView. We have other camera systems that will allow you remote viewing in other ways. Our Systems come in entry level, mid range and enterprise systems.

Standard Cellular $10 per month

High Supervision Cellular listed for Fire Alarm $22/mo and this sends out signals every 6 minutes.

Elevator Monitoring $15/mo

If you want the cost of the annual fire inspection we can have you pay that monthly so it is not a large charge annually.

Lighting control $4/mo

Garage door control $4/mo

Lock Control $4/mo

Openings and Closings with User ID $5/mo. This is what I have at my home so I get an email every time my home security system is armed or disarmed so I know when the kids get home and when they leave.

Partitions $12/mo when it is a different call list. If it is the same call list then we don’t charge any extra. Partitions allow you to say put in one security panel and rent out 8 units and all would be connected to your same security panel and each keypad would have codes that only work on that keypad allowing your renters to have their own security system and you could charge them say $20 per month and we would only charge you $12. This is a great option when you lease out areas in your building.

Repair agreements allow you to reduce the cost of any future repairs so you would not pay the normal $100/hr residential labor rate or $130/hour commercial rate but if you have a repair agreement we would come and and repair your system without the labor charges. The equipment that we provide and install has a one year warranty and the labor has a 90 day warranty. Keep in mind that acts of God and vandalism do not fall under the repair agreement. If your employee or someone else smashes your motion detector with the fork lift that would be a matter for your insurance company etc…

Service Retainer – When we do not monitor your home or business and you would like Peak Alarm to come out and fix your system we will need $120 and a signed contract or $10 per month for a year so you will then be a Peak Alarm customer.

Schedules $10/mo (Early to open, late to close or late to open) If you have a store and the employees are getting their late you will be notified if the system is not disarmed by a certain time. If they stay to late or open up too early you will be notified.

WEB ACCESS $5 allows you to go into your account and view history events so you could check on these things yourself.

Radio Service $15 per month. Peak Alarm would install an AES radio communicator that would take the place of your phone lines. The great part about a Radio or cellular unit is that if your phone lines are cut the system can still send alarms with the Radio or Cellular. Many businesses pay over $30 per month for analog lines especially if they are dedicated analog lines for fire alarm.

Text or email notification $5/mo

Video Verification $10/mo

PeakLink Image Sensor $15/mo – This camera takes snapshots at the time of the alarm allowing you to view what is happening at that moment. This is separate than the IP Cameras on PeakLink or PeakView systems.

Emailed reports $5/mo

Managed Access for access control systems up to 100 cards $35/mo Peak Alarm would enter new users and delete employees cards that you let go. This small charge will help you manage your access control system. Access control systems allow you to give an employee a prox card and assign them specific doors that they can access and specific hours that they can access those doors. Typically access control doors cost anywhere from $2000 to $3000 each door depending on the system you buy and how far the door is from your system and how difficult the wire is to get from point A to point B. Call Larry 801 428 1384 and he will come out and give you a quote. Peak Alarm has entry level access control systems, midrange systems and enterprise systems that would allow you to control several buildings of access control instead of just one building.

These prices are subject to change so please call to get current pricing. The prices are also subject to special discounts for things such as how many buildings you are monitoring. If you have 34 accounts we can arrange a bulk discount on some of the services. If you add Guard Patrol or Standing Guard service we can arrange a package deal with Don in our Patrol division.

Be careful about purchasing specific systems for your business that might be better suited for a home or a small business. An example would be our PeakLink system which is the 2GiG panel. It allows you to remotely control the system using your smart phone but it cannot partition and has other limitations so if you want those features and your building is larger we have a great higher end option that would still allow remote control of your system using your cell phone.

Email Larry@PeakAlarm.com