Challenges and practical applications for closed rooms and SCIFs

UL2050 certifications can be challenging

UL2050 certifications can be challenging

Challenges and practical applications for closed rooms and SCIFs is an article from TYCO that I am sharing below in it’s entirety including the TYCO contact information.

In Utah there are only 5 UL listed Central Stations that hold the CRZH UL listing that the article refers to. Peak Alarm, L3 Communications, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, The Boeing Company and Tyco Integrated Security.

L3 Communications Web site
Tyco Official Web site
Stanley Convergent Security Solutions web site

There are only two companies in Utah that hold the CRZM listing specifically to handle signals covered by the CRZH and those are Peak Alarm and Avantguard.

Avantguard Monitoring Web site

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801) 428 1384 for more information about UL2050, SCIF pricing and High Security systems information.

The accreditation of a government facility can be a challenging task. It is imperative that Federal agencies and Government contractors consider the requirements developed by the Interagency Security Committee for federally owned or leased facilities. Delays in getting a facility accredited can cost valuable resources, time and money. Even further challenges arise when facility assessments are required in order to keep up your certification and accreditation.

Consider the following three challenges and pitfalls facing Government contractors, and learn practical applications for avoiding them.

1. Contracting with an Alarm Service Provider that is not certified to meet the UL 2050 standard.

This is typically one of the most common and costly mistakes for a Facility Security Officer, or FSO, who is tasked with a tremendous amount of responsibilities in order to get a space accredited in a specified period of time. The proper certification for protecting facilities that process classified material is the National Industrial Security Systems, or CRZH listing. A security company that has CRZH certification is authorized to consult, construct, inspect, monitor and certify a Closed Room or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) within a specified radius of about a 4-hour response time, or 200 miles.

Key application points:

When contacting an Alarm Service Provider or Security Services Company for a quote, be sure that the company has UL 2050 certification, which is different from a UL certification or a provider of UL alarm systems.

If a problem with the system is uncovered during the inspection, which is performed by a certified company, the issue could require the equipment to be removed and reinstalled by a certified company.

This process can delay the project and the accreditation, and could mean costly expenses for the FSO.

A listing of National Industrial Security Systems CRZH-listed companies can be found on

2. Failing to obtain approval from the Cognizant Security Office and Cognizant Security Agency, or CSO/CSA, on an Intrusion Detection or Access Control system design prior to installation.

This process is a requirement in DCID 6/9 Annex B 3.1.6 and the NSIPOM section 5-901. By obtaining approval prior to installation, you can potentially avoid additional costs and time delays associated with changing the design and/or parts of the system after installation.

Key application points:

Obtain approval from the CSO/CSA for an Intrusion Detection or Access Control system prior to installation.
Since the Defense Security Service (DSS) requires a copy of the alarm company’s CRZH compliance certificate, obtain this early on in the project.
3. Utilizing the Intrusion Detection or Access Control systems for areas other than the accredited space.

Secure spaces are required not to be left with communication that is not 128 bit encrypted. Because of limitations with the hardware that most security companies use, it prevents the connection of hardware outside of the secure space.

Key application points:

Choose a company that is UL 2050 certified and familiar with the government standard so that the project is properly installed. If a technical evaluation is performed and improper wiring was installed, facility operations could be shut down until the problem is corrected, causing project delays and costs.
If there is cause for concern that an existing system is in violation, contact your provider for an examination. If the systems are connected and the communication is not encrypted, the problem should be resolved as quickly as possible in order to stay in compliance. A proactive Facility Service Officer will stay on top of possible system violations quickly.
For more information on how Tyco Integrated Security can help your agency with integrated security solutions for Closed Rooms and SCIFs, call 1.888.721.6612.

Tyco article on SCIF challenges

Security companies in Utah and getting bids

Reputable Security Companies in Utah

Reputable Security Companies in Utah

When you need to get at least three bids for your security system don’t hesitate to call any of the following best Alarm Companies in Utah.

ADT 800-200-7049- ADT is licensed and insured and is a very large national company. ADT has for the most part stayed in the residential market and small commercial market but has recently made the decision to expand into more commercial projects as well. ADT is licensed with DOPL here in the State of Utah. ADT has 7 UL listed Central Stations in the United States and over 6 million accounts.

Mountain Alarm 801 363 9696 or 888 349-3455- Mountain Alarm is licensed, insured and is a stable Security Alarm company. Scott Sessions has served on the DOPL Licensing Alarm board in the past and Mountain Alarm installs quality equipment and uses one of the 2 UL listed Central Stations in the State of Utah. Mountain Alarm is also certified in Fire Alarm systems and that division of their company is called FPS or Fire Protection Services.

Peak Alarm 801 428 1384 is licensed, insured and has been in business for over 46+ years. Peak Alarm installs top brands of security equipment including DMP, Bosch, Linear as well as Honeywell. Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station here in Utah and we placed #61 in the top 100 security companies in the Nation (SDC magazine 2015). Peak Alarm also has a Patrol and Guard division that can assist you in a full package deal from the same company. 888-445-5731 Peak Alarm is also certified in Fire Alarm Systems and carries Firelite, Silent Knight and Hochiki Fire Alarm with a capability to do any size project. Peak Alarm also has a very capable AV division that took 18th in the Nation in 2015. 385-234-5454

When you need 3 bids for your security system who are the best Alarm companies to call? This is a question I hear often enough and it is very important that you call 3 companies that meet the following requirements:

A. The Security Company should be licensed with a business license and a State of Utah DOPL Burglar Alarm Company license and they should have experience in the security industry not just with residential wireless systems but in the commercial field and with hardwired systems, camera systems,fire alarm, security and access control.

B. The Security company should be insured and have liability and workers compensation insurance. DOPL requires proof of both of these policies in order to get the DOPL license.

C. The Salesmen and the installers should carry on their person the blue and white DOPL Burglar Alarm agent license that shows they are approved by DOPL and have been through the FBI background check. Otherwise I would not let them into my home or business.

D. The company should have been in business enough years to prove themselves and have a reputation one way or the other.

E. Know that all large companies will have had some complaints filed against them. The recorded complaints on the BBB site for Peak Alarm for example have all been resolved and there were only 5 in the last 3 years. Better Business Bureau

F. Many companies install your security system and sign you up for a monitoring contract and imediately or shortly thereafter sell your monitoring contract to a third party company so they won’t be involved on an ongoing basis. Check and find out if the company that you are interested in will be selling your monitoring contract or keeping the accounts in house.

G. Make sure the company will be using a UL listed Central Station. This insures that the dispatch center has met the highest regulations and they will have back up generators, backup receivers in case one fails and many other requirements have to be met to meet UL standards. All the companies listed here use UL listed Central Stations and they are also licensed.

Larry Love put this article together. If there is anything that is not correct or if any of the companies listed would like the information edited or removed please contact Larry at 801 898 6003 and he will take the information off the blog or edit and correct the information.

Larry Love and Peak Alarm are not associated with any of the other security companies listed in this article. Getting at least three prices when looking for a security system is a prudent move and getting pricing from reputable, licensed companies that carry the proper insurance is also a very wise move. If you would like your company to be added to this and you meet the requirements, have a good reputation contact me. (801) 428 1384

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure

Get the same great service for monitoring but you will be even more secure

Home Show Oct 2014

Home Show Oct 2014

Looking for pricing

Which company should we call.

Quick responses from Peak Monitoring and Peak Security save lives

Francisco Meza from Peak Security was working a shift at Living Planet Aquarium on Saturday November 1st and his actions really highlighted the kind of above and beyond work we pride ourselves in. There was a massive windstorm that hit the area and forced everybody attending the Scales and Tails fundraiser to move inside. Everybody except Francisco that is, as he tried to secure some of the large free standing poles that were used to keep the tents and awnings up that would be used for this gala. Had Francisco not stepped in, some of these poles would have broken from their supports and these would have easily crashed through the glass causing major damage, but more importantly could have threatened the people who had already crowded inside. The phone calls we received thanking Peak Alarm, and Francisco, pointed out that his actions helped to save lives. He went above and beyond!

Ana Franco with Peak Alarm also went above and beyond when she took charge of a gas alarm that came in to Central Station on October 31st at 4:00 am. Ana called the customer as we received a carbon monoxide alarm. She told the client that we received a gas alarm and wanted to know if we should send the fire department. The person on site declined, saying they were home and all was well. Ana could have left it at that, but instead she talked to BOTH husband and wife until she could convince them to allow us to send help if they weren’t sure. She made sure to emphasize the fact that we don’t know what the fire department charges to respond but no matter what the price, it would be worth it if there was a problem. We later found out that this act saved this family as there indeed was a leak in the house and the homeowners had no idea. They were unbelievably grateful for Ana and the rest of us and they told us that Peak Alarm saved their lives.

Our thoughts may be all over the place as the holidays approach, whether it be snowy roads, family at the house, what to do with pets and the cold, or if you are like me, most importantly, what is for lunch? But let’s make sure that our thoughts are with the people we are here to protect. It can happen at any moment and at any time, and we are in a unique position where everything we do can make a difference. Stay safe and keep vigilant! We each have a time to go above and beyond to help!

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 for more information about Peak Alarm or email

Eliminate your analog phone lines for fire alarm



High Supervision Cellular or AES Radio communicators will allow the owner of a business that has a Fire Alarm System to eliminate their analog phonelines which can save them the cost of the dedicated line and they can cancel their analog lines.

The cost of these units will vary slightly depending on the location of the service but a close estimate here in Salt Lake is right around $600 for either unit.

Central Station Monitoring is as low as $25 per month

AES Radio Monitoring is $15 per month

High Supervision Cellular that communicates every 6 minutes is only $22 per month. (Normal cellular is only $10 per month through Peak Alarm)

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 today to switch your monitoring to Peak Alarm.

Peak Alarm contracts are normally 36 month contracts because it allows us to subsidize some of the cost of the equipment into the monitoring. We can do 24 month or 12 month contracts although the cost of the equipment is a bit more.


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