Peak Alarm designs fire alarm systems

Plenum wire needs to be used when you run wire in plenum spaces

Peak Alarm designs fire alarm systems for commercial buildings to current IFC and NFPA 72 code requirements. in business since 1969 and the only alarm company with a UL listed Central Station and a Full Guard and Patrol Company that can meet your needs.

>Peak Alarm has NICET techs that can do these designs and the DWG CAD work needed that is required by the AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction. (Fire Marshal) Contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or cell (801) 898 6003 and Larry can come to your business and do a site visit to help you do an upgrade, entirely new system or help design the fire alarm for a building that is not built yet buy working with your design team and architect using the plans and specifications for your project.

Peak Alarm is a local company that hires over 300 employees in Utah and Idaho buy local and help the local economy. This is a family business that does things right.

Currently Peak Alarm does not have any complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. check all companies that you may do business with since many companies have complaints. Some of our competitors have over 3000 complaints and you should know before you sign anything with them.

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced

Electrical Engineers Utah

Peak Alarm

Ken Garner Engineering – 420 E So Temple, STE 370, SLC, UT 84111- 801 328 8800 Paris LeLacheur and Ken Garner .

ECE – Electrical Consulting Engineers 939 S West Temple, SLC, UT 84101 – Akbar Matinkhah (Boss) and Enayat Nawabi and John Michie. 801 521 8007

BNA – 635 S State, SLC, UT 84111 Attn: Gary Mesker PE. 801 532 2196

Envision – 240 Morris Ave STE 200, SLC, UT 84115-Jeff Owen and Scott Kingery ET II 801 534 1130 or 801 924 5540

Heath Engineering – 377 W 800 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 – Nolan Johnson PE 801 322 0487 (I have known many of these Engineers for many years)

PVE- 1040 N 2200 W #100, SLC, UT 84116 -. 801 359 3158 Jareth Smith (This is a very nice setup, don’t skip this one)
Case, Lowe & Hart – 2484 Washington Blvd, Ogden Ut 84401 – Kevin Lewis – 801 399 5821
Royal Engineering in PROVO – 2335 S State, Provo, UT 84606 Steve Griffiths 801 375 2228
TASCO 3381 Mayflower Way Lehi UT 84043 801 766 3812 Small office
Beazer Engineering 525 E 3700 S Logan Utah 84321 435 753 1250 (Small office but if you happen to go to logan it would be prudent to stop in.)

Spectrum Engineering 324 South State, SLC, UT 84111 801 328 5151 Call Larry Love for more information 801 428 1384

When you have corrections to this information please contact me and I can add or delete or correct the information.

I have worked with many Engineers over the years and here are some of them. If you would like to be added to this list and you are an Engineer please let me know.

Have a clear picture of what you want

Get it done right not cheap

It might be free but most of the time the free systems work out costing much more than getting it done right.

Write down an outline of what you wish to accomplish. Have clear end results listed.

Have a plan drawn up with the device locations of where you think things should be installed

Hire a alarm consultant to go over your outline and plans with you to refine and make educated professional suggestions.

Be clear about your budget so you can stick to a system that will fit within your budget.

You don’t need motion detectors in every room unless you have a specific plan that requires this, you can have trap areas where motions are placed strategically, decide if glass break sensors would be appropriate for your application, consider water, temperature, air flow, humidity, panic buttons, door and window contacts and other sensors that may be a good fit for your installation. Don’t forget to put overhead door contacts on your OHD Overhead doors.

Consider separating the areas of your company so they can be armed and disarmed in different partitions. The shop could be disarmed say at 5AM but the shop employees could not disarm the office. The room where the accounting records is could be armed and disarmed separately as well.

Peak Alarm can help you with a design that would work for your circumstances. Each business is different so we can come out and do a no cost evaluation on the Wasatch front areas, Saint George, Boise, Idaho Falls, and Park City area and help you with the details.

Get online and check each and every company on the Better Business Bureau web site. Be sure to look up their history because several of the companies that compete against us have changed their name several times. Currently one of the companies that has done this has over 3499 complaints on the better business bureau web site. So be sure to check the different listings, check to see if they are BBB accredited or not, check their reviews. Peak Alarm has had 3 complaints filed in the last year compared to hundreds or thousands from our competitors. Don’t get caught listening to their low prices and fancy talk. Check them out first.

Official Better Business Bureau web site. Enter Zip then company names.

Steer clear of proprietary products that only one company in your state can provide, program, install and service.

Go for something in between the extremes. One extreme is a product that only one company can provide therefore you are locked into their higher labor rate and their higher parts rates. The other extreme is a product that every alarm dealer can install which leaves you open to companies that are not experienced, companies that may not do a professional installation.

Peak Alarm installs brands such as DMP, DSX, Bosch, Hochiki, Silent Knight, Firelite, AXIS and others. These products are not exclusive although all of these products require special factory training so the installers need to be a cut above the rest. Some of these products have limited their distribution to a few companies although you are more likely to get a professional installation yet there is still competition with pricing because you are not limited to just one company. DMP has I believe 5 Alarm dealers in Salt Lake City right now. DSX has 4 the last time I checked and Bosch had about 6 dealers.

Consider a professional camera installation rather than a system from a big box store that ends up costing you about $50 to $100 per camera. When you spend $100 on a camera that is exactly what you get is a hundred dollar camera. You spend seven times that on your cell phone and a security system should Merritt you taking the equipment seriously. There is a big difference between a 700 TVL analog camera and a 3MP camera. Learn the differences. There are cameras that are 3MP from an overseas company that cost 1/2 of what a Bosch 3MP camera or AXIS camera cost and there are reasons for that. Be careful when trying to cut corners on price because most of the time you will end up cutting on quality and features as well as warranty.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years, has an A+ rating with the BBB and has their own local UL listed Central Station, their own AV division, their own Alarm division, their own Guard and Patrol division and offices in 5 cities in Utah and Idaho.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or email Larry at

Peak Alarm web site

Bid procedure for alarm systems Utah

What is the right way to make your favorite hot drink?

What is the right way to make your favorite hot drink?

When getting bids for your new building keep in mind the following points:

1. Prepare a scope of work of exactly what you want your system to do and the counts.

2. Provide a set of drawings or plans even if it is a simple MAP with locations and distances

3. Invite qualified companies that you have checked out as far as insurance, licensing, Better Business Report

4. Avoid proprietary equipment. Many times a specific company is the only dealer in the State for a specific Security or fire panel and once you have that equipment in you are locked into using that company along with their higher labor and equipment rate. Many times they will get in with a low bid so they will have the service and equipment later on. Some school districts here in the State have taken those types of products out of their specifications so the schools don’t get locked into this type of situation.

5. If you don’t know how many devices and appliances you need it would be prudent to hire a professional company to do the design that will meet code and your needs. Explain to them that you don’t want to use proprietary equipment and that they will be paid whether they win the bid or not. Several of the larger security companies will provide this service and discount the rate or even deduct the cost if they win the bid.

6. Get a third party review of the system design to make sure it is not over designed. This may seem like quite a bit of work and you should know this will simplify your process later on.

7. Look up each companies Better Business Bureau report

8. Look at the results and some companies throw out very low bids knowing that if you have one company that bid the project at $5,000 and three other companies that all come in around $8,000 then most likely the low bid left something out so if you are going to go with low bid, have an interview with them and go over all the equipment, wire, conduit and work to be done.

9. CHANGE ORDER GAME: Many companies bid very low, get the job and then try to get lots of change orders. Sometimes Engineers will put together performance specifications so the bidders understand that they need to provide equipment that will meet code and that order changes will not be accepted unless the owner is requesting additional items that were not on the drawings etc….

10. Consider hiring a professional Engineer to get your job designed and specified. On very large jobs this is recommended. Running your project through an architect, electrical engineer and a general contractor can lessen the pressure that is on you.

11. Consider the requirement for the designer to be a NICET III in Fire Alarm to do your Alarm system. NICET is a National organization and people have to pass a very hard test and qualify with years of work experience in order to get this certification. For a camera job there are certifications such as the AXIS CERTIFIED TECH which also require training and you can be assured that your project will be designed properly. Another certification that could be required is the State of Utah Fire Alarm Tech certification. (Three levels) This is required for testing and certification.

12. Understand that the least expensive products are not always the best. You get what you pay for. The camera may be a 2.1MP camera although if you are paying $200 for this camera and you compare it to a $1,300 dollar Axis camera they are not the same. Just like comparing an entry level new car to a BMV or other more expensive car. (801) 428 1384