Debate both sides logically and emotionally

They have to be planted, grown, picked, packed, shipped and sold.

They have to be planted, grown, picked, packed, shipped and sold.

Often we make decisions based on several factors including logic, facts, our own opinions, the opinions of others, personal experience, how we feel and our emotions. We tend to make these types of decisions for voting, church, jobs and life. As much as we would like to think that we make logical decisions often we end up using our gut feelings to make important decisions. Sometimes this is good and sometimes it is not so good.

Trying to convince someone that they are on the wrong path as far as religion goes is difficult because they may have been in a church or group of people with years or maybe their parents were part of a church before they were even born so it is more of a culture thing than religion. You can’t argue faith based commitments.

A friend of mine told me that they ended up voting for a certain person just because they did not feel good about the other person and it had nothing to do with facts or their voting track record or the issues. The same applies to religion and our personal purchases. It may be better if we did things like SPOCK from Star Trek but it does not work out that way.

I work at a large Alarm company (Peak Alarm) and we are the only company that has a full Guard/Patrol and a Local UL listed Central Station in Utah and there are several other positive aspects about this company as far as them being insured, licensed, factory trained and the list goes on but if your neighbor heard of a negative experience regarding Peak Alarm then logic gets thrown out the window. I know of two such negative experiences that I read on the Internet about Peak Alarm and one of them was posted on several web sites so we investigated and found that this person did not complain to the Better Business Bureau because I assume they did not want both sides investigated. This person had not paid their bill and Peak tried to collect and when accounting did not get a payment plan set up they sent it to collections and the person then got upset.

Another instance of a negative comment was about fire code. The customer wanted Peak Alarm to do the work without contacting the fire marshal and as per Utah and National code for commercial work we are required to notify the local fire marshal and get approval for the work. This customer felt that Peak Alarm through them under the bus and yet we are required to notify the AHJ Fire Marshal. So just these two negative experiences can pass by word of mouth to many other people which can cause people to ignore the real figures and facts about Peak Alarm and go with someone else because they did not study out the information and find out the real truth. One of our competitors has over 3000 complaints in the last year compared with 3 complaints that have been filed against Peak Alarm Better Business Bureau web site

Our management team has read all the negative feedback and used it to put an action plan in place to make Peak Alarm better. Changes were made in our accounting department and we changed who we used to do collections because apparently they were not the nicest people in the world when calling to make the collections. We have given training to all of our employees and we do so on an ongoing basis. Peak overall is a great company with four offices, a Guard/Patrol division, central Station for monitoring, alarm division, AV division and not only are all of our employees licensed but they also go through the FBI background check and if they cannot pass it they lose their job at Peak Alarm.

Our average monthly monitoring rate with interactive services to arm and disarm remotely (We call it Elite control) starts right around $46 dollars a month and most of our competitors start around $49 and go up from there. We can compete well with guard services because you can contract directly with us rather than paying your alarm company who would hire a guard company so we can be competitive in pricing.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love Larry is certified with the State Fire Marshal’s office as a Master Fire Alarm Tech Level 3 and also Larry is NICET II Certified in Fire Alarm, he is an AXIS Certified Camera Professional and Certified in Access Control Systems and is Certified to design UL2050 High Security Systems such as Government SCIFs.

Disappointed with Republican Party

Trying to stay involved in community issues.

Trying to stay involved in community issues.

Not only do I try to say up on the normal news but I try to stay current on political issues which is not always easy and if you ask my children they will tell you it is boring. Many of those involved in politics when referring to the average Joe talk about the people as being uneducated about the issues. That is why the President is not really elected by the people but by the electoral college because they do not trust the people.

The problem arises when those uneducated people as politicians refer to us are the ones that vote and put the politicians in office, at least the local politicians. I have served as a state and county delegate three times now. I am disappointed with how both parties are acting and I have tried to stay involved by attending various events, reading up on the bills and now it seems that all the parties are good for is to introduce politicians to where the money is. Lobbying is a big business. Politicians should not benefit from their short or long time spent in congress as far as getting benefits for the rest of their life. They should serve their time and then go back to a regular life. Right now they serve, get a position lobbying and then continue to get benefits for the rest of their lives. The party platforms used to mean something and now it seems we are so far from those original values. The republicans recently have alienated Hispanics and gays which was not a smart move.

Many times the people that get really involved tend to be extreme type of people like the tea party people. They feel their efforts are needed and they feel they are doing the right thing and since people like that are active they end up getting things done. Many of the moderate people don’t even attend the meetings or caucuses any more because they become apathetic because of all the problems.

The recent changes that the democrats made to the rules about filibusters upset the republicans although they should not be surprised by these changes since they slowed down the process so often it became upsetting to the dems so they did something about it. This time last year congress and the senate were staying late to get things done before Christmas but now the republicans want to slow things down to show their displeasure about the changes. It is all so childish and makes me want to separate myself from both parties.