Focus on what you want more of

Padre e hija

Padre e hija

Focus your attention, your efforts, your energy and your thoughts on things you want more of.

Mother Teresa said she would never attend an anti-war rally although she said if you every have a peace rally “invite me”.

Attitudes that focus solely on the problems such as anti anything focus attention on the problem and the universe increases the problem. My brother has served on the board of directors for a women’s abuse shelter for several years and his company built the building for the shelter donating the materials and labor. I love the name of the shelter because of the focal point. “The Peace House”. This shelter is in Park City Utah and they focus on helping women in the now and assisting them with plans for the future. Their focus helps them separate themselves from danger and put their efforts into positive aspects.

I have friends that focus on being sick and it seems they are always sick. I have other friends that say “I am always broke” and guess what they are. Focus instead of what gives you joy, talk about what brings you lasting happiness rather than putting any energy into the negative. Focus on joy and you will receive more of it.

Often I get the comment that if we ignore the problems they won’t go away, we can’t ignore the hard topics of suicide, abuse, neglect and other topics that we treat as taboo topics. I agree we should not ignore them although it is the way we go about addressing them. We are planning another workshop at our church titled “Love at Home” and the focus is on teaching the people to have love at home and methods to discipline without hitting or yelling. We could have titled the workshop “Discipline without hitting” but our focus would have been misplaced. This week we have a therapist helping us with another workshop with the teens and it will be on “Being Happy Now” rather than depression and suicide. Sure those topics can be addressed but our focal point will be how can we be happy now. We will address the signs of depression and the resources that are available when they have a friend that has the signs of depression or when they have them.