Salt Lake Regional Hospital Comedy of errors

Our insurance changed starting the new year so we called our insurance company (HSA Healthplan – “A Health Insurance Company under the WISE network) and we were told to schedule the mammogram at Salt Lake Regional Hospital. There are some communication issues within Salt Lake Regional, they are on two different computer systems and they don’t or can’t read each other’s notes and our appointment kept getting canceled. We had to keep calling them back on multiple occasions and it was to say the least a comedy of errors that was not in the least bit funny.

This is what it is like to try and make an appointment at Salt Lake Regional Hospital

We called Salt Lake Regional and made the appointment

1. I called my insurance company (HSA healthplan) “A health insurance company” to pre-verify where I should make the mammogram appointment for my wife since our insurance had changed from Select Health to HAS Healthplan and they told me to call Salt Lake Regional since they are in the WISE network.

2. I called SL Regional and told them our insurance had changed and for that reason we needed to make a new mammogram appointment because he had to cancel an appointment at LDS Hospital because they were not in the WISE network. They did ask me for our Doctors Name which I gave them but we are also having to change doctors since he is not in our network either. They also asked me for the card number which I gave them as well as the verification phone number of 844 234 4472

3. Salt Lake Regional gave us the appointment of January 17th at 4PM and then the next day they just called and left me a message telling me my wife’s appointment was canceled. I made more calls calling my insurance company to verify that SL Regional is in network again and I called scheduling and spoke with two people and got it all straightened out. Each call was around 15 min long.

4. I then got another call the next day canceling the appointment again and then I made 4 more calls talking to Rachel and Melanie with my insurance company and I spoke with Shylo at Salt Lake Regional and I got it all worked out again. It appears that there are 2 different systems within Salt Lake Regional hospital and they don’t read each other’s notes. It appears they were looking at our old insurance information that was in their system and not the new information that I had given them. It appears someone should look at their procedures to see if something can be done to prevent this from happening again. If I am the only patient that has had issues then I could just be a complainer although if others are having the same issues I would hope that administration could take a close look at their processes.

5. I then got a call today 1/11/17 to reschedule because Debbie at 801 617 1919 said we were out of network and I then called my insurance company back, I called Shylo back to confirm that we are in Network. I asked her what type of operation they are running at Salt Lake Regional because it is not a professional operation . Should it take 14 calls to schedule a mammogram? My insurance company said we could go to the University of Utah since they are also in network but I would prefer going to SL Regional since it is closer but if this appointment gets canceled again we will change the mammogram to the U of U assuming that Salt Lake Regional does not want us to come there for services. That is how this appears. It is very frustrating, they used the excuse that they saw my wife in the system with Select Health and they looked up the insurance and found it was not in network. They obviously did not look at the notes that included the new insurance company and that was the whole reason we called in the first place otherwise we would have stayed at LDS Hospital.

6. I write restaurant reviews and if I were to write a review for Salt Lake Regional you would get one star and that is because finally Shylo took ownership of the issue and assured me it was all taken care of. She personally walked to each of the desks in the office to explain because emails and notes may either not be read or understood.

7. SUGGESTED TRAINING: I would suggest that some training be done with Salt Lake Regional personnel to read the notes from the prior calls, call the insurance company verification phone number before canceling an appointment and to call the patient when there is a concern before sending them a message that their appointment has been canceled. This would be a valuable training since it appears that they have two separate systems and two departments involved and they may not have access to each other’s information. They obviously don’t communicate with each other.

8. Many of the people at my wife’s work do not speak English well and if it is this hard to make an appointment to see a doctor or any other appointment at SL Regional it may be best to tell her friends not to go there because of how many issues we have had and if there is a language issue it would be worse. She is disappointed in the lack of professionalism with Salt Lake Regional. I pride myself on being a calm person but after 14 calls just to get an appointment I am frustrated.

9. We even faxed a copy of our insurance card to the Hospital. I would think that one phone call should be all that is needed to verify insurance. The mistakes were made by people that assumed things, they assumed we were covered by the insurance information in the computer system, they assumed that our doctor listed is in the same network as us but that is not correct and we have an appointment to change doctors as well. We told SL Regional that our doctor was not in our network and they said that’s ok we just need a name to put on the chart.

So we will wait to see if they cancel this appointment for the fourth time, there are still a few days before the appointment. I was assured that this is not the normal course of business at Salt Lake Regional Hospital and that this is not the NORM. I certainly hope it’s not because it does not appear to be a very organized operation. If information like this gets confused with an appointment I would hate to imagine problems that can occur if the organization of their staff, hospital facility and patient records are handled the same way.

Perception is reality at least someone’s reality ?

Would you get close to her?

Would you get close to her?

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Some say that perception is reality and really if a person thinks that your company sucks in the service area then this is their perception and they pass on their perceptions to others and this becomes reality for many people whether we like it or not. So we need to strive to keep the perceptions of others positive in order to move forward as a great business. What we think of ourselves matters somewhat although what others think of us in the business world really does matter and perception becomes their reality.

I have looked online for negative information about Peak Alarm and I have found several comments although a few of them appear to be written by the same person. I then started researching these negative comments and found that one person that made several comments had not paid their bill and was upset that Peak Alarm wanted to collect money that was due. After meeting with accounting, the CEO and the President of Peak Alarm I found that Peak takes all of these negative comments seriously and uses them as a way to improve the company. If indeed someone at Peak is speaking in a negative manner to a customer, action will be taken and this will be corrected or they will no longer be able to work here. All of our phone lines are recorded lines and management often goes back for training purposes to listen to conversations we have had with customers to make sure we are treating them in a professional manner. I will say that Accounting can transfer you to a non recorded line and that is to protect your credit card information or your checking account information. Other than that all the other lines are recorded.

When Peak Alarm messes up our CEO explained that we learn from it, we strive to improve and try to not let that same thing happen again in the future. Our President of our company wants Peak Alarm to have a good positive image and he does his best to oversee that the company is moving in a forward direction. Peak Alarm pays their insurance, Peak Alarm pays their use tax and other taxes that are due including workers compensation insurance and liability and auto insurance. Since we have 270 employees Peak ends up dealing with People issues just like any other company. When you have an issue you can actually call our office and speak with the President or CEO or even the owner. With many large companies this is not the case.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In the last 3 years Peak Alarm has had 3 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and all three of them are closed. One complaint was about the product and 2 complaints were billing complaints. One of our competitors has changed their name 3 times and has had over 3490 complaints filed in the last 3 years and over 1200 in the last year alone. Many of our competitors are not BBB accredited. This competitor has had law suits filed against them in multiple states. For this reason we suggest that you check the Better Business Bureau profile of every company that you intend to get pricing from. This company also had hired several lawyers to deal with not only the law suits but with the complaints. They also hired Internet companies to try to improve their image and perception and they have paid quite a bit of money to do just that and it appears to be working when when you do internet searches you get redirects and many of the top page results have been paid results to push the negative down several pages. Here at Peak Alarm we have not paid for those type of services so when we have very few negative comments the perception seems like there are more since we have not suppressed the negative like our competitors.

Peak Alarm is not only learning from our mistakes but we are learning from the mistakes of others so we can become a better more professional company. We have been encouraged to take responsibility for any phone call even if it does not apply to us or our department so we strive to handle or resolve the situation without having to push the person off to other departments. Being a solution based company is our goal so we look for ways to solve our customers challenges.

When a comment is made on the Internet whether positive or negative it can make a real difference in your business. Some companies pay large sums of money to suppress the negative even hiring lawyers or paying people to remove negative comments. Peak Alarm has only had 3 negative complaints filed in the last 3 years on the Better Business Bureau yet we have had other comments posted on the Internet and they did not file them with the BBB because they know that an investigation will be done and what it will turn up. When a person does not pay their bills and gets upset when the company wants to collect they often will make up reasons as to why they don’t want to pay saying the system has never worked or that our employees were rude to them like that would make it ok not to pay your bills. When this happens our management goes back and listens to those conversations to see if any of them are valid or not in order to use these experiences as a training tool.

Review of Peak Alarm in Salt Lake City Utah negative reviews

Peak Alarm review

Peak Alarm review

Peak Alarm has had some positive and some negative reviews posted on the Internet. As with any large company (270 employees) you will end up with some negative comments from time to time.

I recently spoke with the President of Peak Alarm and the CEO of Peak Alarm and they assured me they take the negative comments posted seriously and strive to look for the best way to make positive changes to insure that every customer’s experience is a good one.

Some concerning comments on Peak Alarm’s billing practices were made and those comments were read and changes have been put in place to handle concerns in a reasonable fashion. Peak Alarm is a business and as such, bills for services and when a customer does not pay, the account managers try to call and send letters and if payment is not made, from time to time an account is sent to collections. Peak Alarm has changed the company it uses for collection to another company that provides a better service.

Peak Alarm had a complaint filed which said Peak Alarm broke the trust they had with the customer. According to NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, IFC and R710 local code alarm companies are obligated to report Fire Alarm systems that are red tagged or a danger to public safety to the local AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction (Fire Marshal) Each case is taken on a case by case basis and Peak Alarm strives to work with the customers to get their systems repaired but in cases where life safety is put in danger there is a legal obligation to report on non functional alarms. If the customer does not comply with the code any alarm company would be obligated to report such conditions. Each alarm company that is certified to install Fire Alarm Systems has to pass specific training and tests that encompass these aspects.

You will find that only 5 complaints have been issued against Peak Alarm through the Better Business Bureau in the last 4 years and 1 complaint in the last year has been filed.

Peak Alarm has been in business for 45 years and they are licensed, insured, factory trained and provide their employees with a great benefit package.

Peak Alarm is the only company of it’s type that provides a full Alarm installation company, a Patrol and Guard division and a UL listed Central Station. Peak Alarm also has a full service AV division as well. Peak Alarm is certified to do UL 2050 installations as well.

Peak Alarm does both Commercial and Residential installations.

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Peak Alarm strives to improve their service every year through in house and formal training for employees and certifications.