Fine Print in Security System contracts

Read the fine print

Today I looked at one of my competitors advertisements and it says They are giving away a FREE SYSTEM, FREE SENSORS and even a FREE GIFT CARD. I looked at the fine print and found a few items that may be helpful to you as a customer.

This is valid only with home systems.
This offer includes up to 15 sensors free for pre wired homes or upto 7 free sensors for wireless but labor charges MAY apply.
This offer with the lower monitoring rate does not include a cellular connection but is contingent upon the customer paying for a landline.
This offer does not include interactive control or remote arm and disarm (Elite)
This offer does not include the extended warranty. (Service Plan – Repair agreement etc…) Hourly rates will apply for repairs.
Gift card is through a 3rd Party and they charge a shipping and handling fee.
The system is apparently free but there is a $99 dollar installation fee.
There is a 36 month agreement that has to be signed
Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account.
Termination fee applies
This offer is contingent upon the customer passing a CREDIT CHECK. (Peak Alarm does NOT do CREDIT CHECKS)
This offer is to get the salesman in the door because this offer cannot be combined with other offers so the low monitoring rate may not apply

Review your alarm contract closely

Check the BBB Better Business Bureau on every company that you get pricing from. Some of our competitors even the ones that are running ads similar to this add have thousands of complaints filed. Two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints on the BBB. Peak Alarm has had one complaint filed with the BBB in the last 3 years. That is a real issue because you might sign up and then find out you signed a 60 month agreement or if you don’t have a phone line you end up paying over $50 per month for monitoring. Often if you are in SLC they sign you up for monitoring and since the police don’t respond you have to end up paying a guard service which costs much more than the $10 per month that Peak Charges. Get the facts. Peak Alarm is the only local company that has both a Guard Service, an alarm company and a UL listed Central station to do your monitoring. Many of the others have out of state monitoring stations and no guard service or a 3rd party guard service.

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Respuestas acerca de sistemas de Alarmas

foto chistoso de mis hijos

foto chistoso de mis hijos

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Llame Larry Love 801 428 1384 Puedo contestar sus preguntas en espanol acerca de alarmas y monitoreo.

Cuando tienes una compañía de alarmas debes confiar en la gente. Peak Alarm es local y tiene mas de 47 años en este negocio. Podemos ayudar a comprarlo y podemos poner su sistema en espanol (Las teclas y panal de seguridad)

Que es el mejor precio de monitoreo?

Tenemos precios tan bajo como $27 dolares al mes usando su linea de telefono (analog)
Usando celular los precios empiezan en $39 al mes
Para tener control con su teléfono para armar y desarmar el precio es $44 al mes
Para tener garantía de reparaciones es otro $7 mas
Para tener control de cameras en su sistema es otro $10 mas
Para tener servicio de patrulla es solo $10 al mes ($120 al año ) Vas a tener 4 alarmas pagadas al año y podemos dar un descuento después de esto
Precios de negocio y casas es un poco diferente depende de sus necesidades.

Cuando una compañía dice que van a darme cosas gratis es verdad? Nada es gratis, ellos van a cobrarles hoy o manana o vas a pagar mas cada mes.

Hay que saber varias cosas antes de comprar:

1. Muchas companias de alarmas tienen mas de 1000 quejas en el sitio y Peak Alarm solo tiene 2 en 3 anos.
2. Muchas compañías van a darte un contrato de 5 años. Peak casi siempre solo hace contractos de 3.
3. Casi todas las companias van a checar tu credito y Peak Alarm no va a chequear su credito.
4. Compañías que quieren instalarlo hoy no quieren que puedes cambiar tu decisión. Peak toma como una semana a menos que tienes prisa y puedes cambiar después de firmar entre de tres días.

Comparing Alarm Companies in Utah

deciding on an alarm company

deciding on an alarm company

I will list come criteria below and then some of the Alarm companies here in Utah for comparison. I have listed the DOPL web site below and you can look up current licensing information on that web site to verify a company’s current status. If there are any errors on this blog please email and I will correct those errors. This is not a complete list of companies. Low price is not the best criteria when looking for a solid professional alarm company.

AAA Security 1/12/13/14
Alarm Control 1/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13
ADT (Protection One and ADT are now one company) 1/5/6/7/8/13/14
Alpha Security 1/6/
Anchor Alarm 1/12/13
AMP Alarm 1/10/F score on Better Business Bureau
DELTA FIRE SYSTEMS aka 3D Fire Protection 1/6/7/8/12/13/14
Elite Home Security LLC 1/6/10
Gray Security 1/2/6/7/
Peak Alarm 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/12/13/14 Only 3 complaints listed in the last 3 years (All three BBB complaints have dropped off as of 12/11/17 so they have 0)
Platinum Security Solutions 1/6/12/13
SIMPLEXGRINNELL -Multiple offices 1/5/6/7/8/
STONE SECURITY 1/6/12/13 Zero Complaints in the last 3 years
TRI-CITY ALARM 1/6/12/13 Only one complaint in the last 3 years
TYCO INTEGRATED SECURITY LLC (TYCO merged with Johnson Controls) 1/5/6/7/8/10 C- on BBB Score
UTAH CONTROLS 1/6/7/8/12/13 Zero Complaints in the last 3 years

1.Licensed and Insured
2.Local UL listed Central Station
3.Local UL2050 listed Central Station for high Security
4.Full Guard and Patrol Division
5.Several Offices to serve you
6.Factory Trained and Certified
7.Fire Alarm Certified for commerical systems including inspections and installations
8.NICET technicians on staff
9.Under 1000 complaints on the BBB web site Better Business Bureau web site in the last 3 years
10.Under 100 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years
11.Under 10 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years
12. Under 5 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years
13. A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
14. BBB Accredited

Some of the listed companies concentrate on residential home security systems and other companies do more commercial security. Some of the companies do Fire Alarm and some don’t so trying to compare is difficult. Trying to find a company that meets all of your requirements is possible and some people like to buy or support local companies which is another factor to consider.

When you have updated information please contact Larry Love at and he can update your company information on this post. If there is incorrect information please make us aware of this as well. On the below web site you can look up Burglar Alarm companies or Contract Security Companies (Guard/Patrol) and you will find many companies that have had their licenses expire, some have been revoked and just in the list of Contract Security Companies 20 of those licenses have been denied. Do your research before you buy or invest with an Alarm company or Security Company.

This is not a complete list of companies so you can see the complete licensed list on the site below.

Verify a Utah DOPL Alarm company license

3-Mountain Communications RENEWAL DENIED
5 Diamond Home Protection LLC REVOKED
Absolute Alarm LLC DENIED
ADSCO Administrative hold
Advance Protection Services DENIED
Advanced Security Systems Administrative hold
AES Systems, Inc. DENIED
Affiliated Central Inc. DENIED
Alarm Services Inc. Administrative Hold
Alert Center Inc. Administrative Hold
Alert Electronic Alarm Company Administrative Hold
Alert Technologies Administrative Hold
All West/Utah Inc. Administrative Hold
Allied Security Administrative Hold
American Alarm Systems Administrative Hold
Ampition Home LLC – REVOKED
Anser-fone, Inc. RENEWAL DENIED
Any Hour Inc DENIED
Apartment Protection Sys Inc DENIED
Automated Security LLC DENIED
AVI Security Renewal DENIED

As you can see from this small sample of just the A letters that many of the licenses get denied or revoked. I did not list the expired licenses which just on the first 4 pages were 16 of the approximate 44 companies which is 36%. There are several reasons that a company could be put on administrative hold and you would need to check with DOPL to verify individual companies. Also the citations that DOPL gives out our public record and can be viewed on their web site. DOPL is The Division of Occupational Licensing. To get a State of Utah license companies have to show that they have current insurance, training and they need to have a qualifying agent that works for them. You can look on the same web site to see a list of items you would need to apply as a burglar alarm company or company agent. There are tests that need to be passed and an application process that does take some time. Trying to wade through the hundreds of companies is a chore.

Very few of the above companies have the entire list of services. Some of the National Companies such as TYCO and ADT do have most of the services but their central stations are out of state but they are UL listed, licensed, factory trained and they do have insurance.

Many web site say TOP 10 companies or the best 5 or top 5 companies but what you need to understand is to be on those lists you simply need to pay to get on those lists. You don’t have a have a good BBB Better Business Bureau report or even be licensed. That is why I suggest you looking at a few other criteria other than a top ten list to decide which company to use.

In the above list there is a company that has been in business since 1969,is licensed, insured, factory trained, BBB accredited with an A+ rating,has a UL listed Local Central Station to monitor your security and fire accounts, has the UL2050 listings from UL for high security, has a full Guard and Patrol Division and offices in Idaho and Utah to serve you. Peak Alarm is a clear choice when you need to decide on a security company to do your commercial or residential installations. Call Larry Love 801 428 1384 for more information or with corrections to this article.

Large Security companies merge

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

Apollo now owns ADT and Protection one so essentially they are the same company but they are currently still operating as two different companies. Always check the better business bureau on the current and the older companies names before you purchase.

TYCO and Johnson Controls recently merged. Often the engineering specifications will list one of these installing companies as a brand name rather than an installer and the engineers list them as manufacturers. TYCO does manufacture products but those are separate from this business as far as I know.

Tyco and ADT were together and now that they are separate

Normally these companies purchase OEM products and put their name on them. Some other examples of Companies buying other companies:

Bosch bought Phillips and they also bought Detection Systems and Radionics several years ago.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for all your Security, Fire Alarm, Access Control, Cameras, Intercoms & Mass Notification needs.(801) 428 1384 at the office or cell is (801) 898 6003 Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Alarm companies in Utah

Quality food is not cheap nor are the systems we install.

Quality food is not cheap nor are the systems we install.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm email Sales,Installation,service,cameras, security, fire alarm, access control, Guards, Patrol, AV, Nurse Call, Intercom, Area of Refuge and more. CAD department, NICET Qualified Techs, Licensed and Insured.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Existing Systems, upgrading, repair or new alarm systems.

Peak Alarm has been in business for 47 years, we have offices in Salt Lake, Boise, Idaho Falls and Saint George to service you. Peak Alarm has a full Guard and Patrol Service as well as an AV department.

Alarmas en Utah y Idaho

Alarmas pueden protejer su familia

Alarmas pueden protejer su familia

Alarmas de fuego, alarmas de seguridad, cameras y mas por Peak Alarm. Larry Love habla espanol (801) 428 1384 celular 801 898 6003 podemos ayudar en espanol.

Pregunta por Larry Love x384

Peak Alarm es una compañía local y líder con experiencia en el sector. Los sistemas de monitoreo de seguridad de Peak Alarm ayudan a proteger a miles de clientes en Utah y Idaho . Peak Alarm tiene 46 años instalando sistemas de seguridad.

Tecnologia :

Peak Alarm usa el mejor tecnología en la industria.


Peak Alarm tiene la certificación de UL para su centro de monitorización. Nuestro Centro de Monitorizacion esta abierto 24 horas al dia 365 dias al ano.


Peak Alarm puede hacer contratos de 60,48,36,24,12 o mes al mes según sus necesidades. Podemos ayudarles a escojer las mejores opciones para su edificio o casa.

Alarmas de sistemas de seguridad en Utah Salt Lake con Peak Alarm habla con Larry Love (801) 428 1384 para obtener precios mas bajos de monitorizacion monitoreo. Sitio de Peak Alarm en web

Busca en Sitio de quejas de negocios Peak Alarm solo tiene 3 quejas en los ultimos 3 anos en otros companias tienen mas de mil (1000) entonces ten cuidado cuando Usted esta buscando una compania de ayudar con su seguridad y alarmas.